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Cyrus (32) Stuart Chatwood (11) Sub Urban (2) Taylor, Corey (1) Page 14 Out (1) Boysetsfire (5) Boz Scaggs (1) Bracha, Omer (3) Brad Paisley (1) Brahms. Boz Scaggs Toto - Century Hall, Nagoya, Japan 27 Mar Disc 1 Boz Scaggs set: 1 intro 2 Lowdown 3 Jojo 4 Slow Dancer 5 Desire.

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The album's heavy sound includes elements of metal, rap, and techno. Like Korn, Vid- eodrone is 1 origi- nally from Bakers- field, Calif. But Elam says the two bands don't really have simi- lar audiences. Country singer Kelly Willis begins a U.

Tour dates include Dallas Feb. Atlanta April ThtFryt Holiday Man 3. DMna Fairy Tales 7. Ehria Cm pc Suaveinente 4. DMna fairy Tain 7. Godsnuck Godvnaek 9. Tatyana All Kiss The Sky band members as into "sci- ence fiction and technology, not skateboards and testos- terone. Elam explains, "For ex- ample, the song 'Ty Jonathan Down' is about the period a lot of people go through when they start to question their sexuality.

It's like we — I have a lot more cheerleaders on our —J side. In addition, Den- nis' son, David, is featured playing ukulele on several tracks. Uprisings, Billboard, Jan. Duke is best-known for such songs as "I Can't Get Started" not on this set , "April In Paris," and "Autumn In New York," and his creativity stretched from pop art- songs to swinging numbers that jazzists could take to heart.

Upshaw is, of course, no longer a sur- prise away from concert hall repertoire. That is a happy given, but this set has the added pleasures of bringing Duke back from commercial slumbers. Slicker and tighter, with no commercial interruptions, "The Professional" captures that party's most inspired moments.

Follow- ing Skaggs' brilliant release "Blue- grass Rules," "Ancient Tunes" relies main- ly on bluegrass evergreens from the pioneers of the genre. Distributed by DNA. Even though the Georgia band's previous release, "Disciplined Breakdown," didn't measure up to the sales levels of I its two predecessors, the band has plenty of equity among fans, and its latest album should deliver the goods.

Highlights include the Bowie-esque single "Run," which also appeared on the "Varsity Blues" soundtrack; the hard-rocking cut "Heavy. No matter what the fate of the musical is, the album stands on its own as both a collection of great rock songs and a bona fide opera, with elements of Iggy, Ziggy, "Tommy," and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cheater, the album flows effortlessly from stinging rockers to bluesy shufflers to pop ballads.

Tim Wilson does stand-up and is good at it. Here, he tackles such subjects as Bill Clinton. Cheese, assault weapons, beer bellies, and the "gay" tornado in the movie "Twister. And if, year after year, they out- did themselves by presenting their music in fresh, dynamic settings, they'd be the pre-eminent ambas- sadors of their music to the world. Somehow they manage to do all three, and they're better at it than anyone else. On their latest outing, the Chief- tains — a six-person troupe led by the indefatigable Paddy Moloney — are joined by some of the world's most tal- ented female singers and players, including Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Mer- chant, Joni Mitchell, Loreena McKen- nitt.

The songs are about women and love, and the collab- orations among the Chieftains and their guests are characteristically astonishing. A project that deserves every bit of praise it will undoubtedly receive. Holliger's ECM set devoted to Veress is an under- valued gem, but this latest effort — with the cultured pianist Andras Schiff — is even better. The booklet boasts excellent notes and full -color reproduc- tions of the Paul Klee paintings that in- spired Veress.

This set is the epitome of a "relevant" classical recording: exciting, unusual music performed to the utmost by world-class artists and packaged with imagination and taste. Bravo Teidec. Badawi also weaves some texture pieces like "Arrival," with string players Erich Shoen-Itene and Ralph Farris playing drones and pizzicato lines against each other. There is some DJ mixing fodder: hare bones percussion workouts that might be better off on a "Middle Eastern Percussion " album.

Tom Dowd. Rhino and Atlantic are releasing "Dusty In London. They range Bran the. But u col- lection of tracks that shtrweases Spring- field's ease with a tune, anil her indelible voice. On the 40th anniversary of his debut album, the label that origi- nally releaser it. Jamie, issues it on CD for the first time.

Although most of this material has appeared on other CD releases — notably Rhino's two-disc, l! A landmark release whose influence is still felt today. Contact: wwwjamguy. All albums commercially available in the U. Send review copies to Paul Verna. Louisville, KY A "scrub," as we're told, is a buster, the kind of guy who hangs out the passenger window of his best friend's car, hollering at the ladies. He's also a dude who's "not gonna get no love from me.

While notably different, either would suit the pop side of radio, which is sure to give this a careful listen. Mya's voice is not the most robust around — and this song per- haps makes that clearer than before — but "My First Night With You" totally works that Backstreet Boys-ballad vibe that's so hot right now. For that reason and in light of the song's universal lyric about the first touch of love, it's quite likely that the song could continue this budding artist's hot streak, even crossing her over to AC.

Reiss flex- es his Tone Loc-Itke rap style to maxi- mum sensual effect. Although this jam would stand tall on its own merits, its future is nicely aided by inclusion on the soundtrack to Sarah Michelle Cellar's "Simply Irresistible," Use this single as an excuse to investigate Reiss' fine debut disc, "The Vibe Of Life. Sweetened background vocals here from Babjface, Shanice, and Usher only add to the appeal. Also watch for his home video, coming in April.

He segues from sounding like a country Barry White on the spoken portions of the record to an anguished Roy Orbison elsewhere. Keith is a more than able vocal acrobat, and the overall result is a solid record that echoes with the hurt a man feels when his woman leaves him "twisting in the wind.

It's a well-written song, complemented by deft production and Keith's emotional vocal. Following on the heels of the quirky "Getcha Some," this powerful tune should further enhance Keith's status as a core artist at country radio in the '90s. Perhaps this will be the single that wins over the folks at country radio. It's a simple, straightforward, traditional country ballad with loLs of weeping steel guitar and a killer heartbreak lyric, penned hy Moorer and husband Butch Primm.

The centerpiece of the record, however, is Moorer's sultry, smoky voice. She has a powerful vocal pres- ence and Buperb country phrasing. Here's hoping this is her breakthrough tune. She's a worthy talent just waiting for her moment. The fact that the killer heartbreak ballad "Leaving October" wasn't a huge hit is a major crime. How- ever, the boys are hack after nearly a year's absence with a great new single previewing their May sophomore album. McGraw is a fan of the band; the Sons have opened for him on his Every- where tour.

This record should remind country programmers of the tal- ent in this outfit and how deserving it is of a break — today. Amare is the latest Strictly Rhythm dis- covery noised for crossover success. Hail- ing from Miami, Amare, along with her producer Kevin Michael, has created a funky track that is equal parts freestyle, electro, bass, and trance. On the surface, the mixing of these various musical styles may seem disastrous, but when inter- twined properly, they ably complement each other — as is the case here.

A rubbery bassline and squiggly synth patterns pro- vide the wicked foundation from which all else emanates — most important, the sen- sual voice of Amare. Club punters, who may find the Club mix too pop, shoultl look no further than the minute-plus Club Dub mix. It goes way deep.

In their place are kinetic industrial beats and edgy, alternative-leaning soulful vocals. Who is this man? His name is Eminem pronounced like "M'n'M" , though he also goes by Slim Shady, which is the title of his debut album, due Feb.

And boy, does this man deliver, with a schtick that will leave fans of "South Park's" humor in stitch- es. His ability to poke fun at current trends in our culture will leave both male and female listeners on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what or w hom he will pick on next, Eminem's clip has already gained favor as a Buzz Clip and a most-requested video at MTV; now it's radio's turn to run with the ball will fit nicely with the latest Johnny Vicious or Armand Van Helden creation.

Roy B. BMI Reprise CO promo Chicago pulls a new track from its won- derful release "The Heart Of Chica- go, , Volume II," offering a pleasant trip down memory lane for fans of the enduring band's earlier days, This one is guided by those oh-so- familiar brand-name horns, focusing more on an organic-instrumentation presentation than on the silky strings and glossy pro- duction of latter-day Chicago.

Written by longtime band member James Pankow with Greg O'Connor, the song asks whether there's a trace of love left, assur- ing that if the woman will just show a sign, there's plenty to build a dream upon. As ever, the hook is striking here, and the voices are as familiar as an old friend calling after a year or so out of touch.

Soft ACs will likely welcome this staple act back into the fold with a track that sounds as fresh and inspired as the many hits found on the band's current collection. It offers the child's perspective on being abducted and losing faith when the posters that used to hang all over town are replaced with another child's. This is unbearably sad to the point of becoming gruesome. Perhaps it will do some good, but who in the world would dare to listen to these agonizing songs more than once?

The lyric tells the story of a dangerous, slithery personality — "She's got the truth and her tongue for a sling- shot" — and the vocal melody slides from one note to another like a snake, com- pleting the image. Drawing from the swing craze, a bouncy high hat traipses » along over this track's rumbling bassline and distorted organ and guitar, temper- ing its straight rock tendencies with a bit of kitsch.

This song's hook sticks like glue, and it should soon be scaling the charts in the tradition of other recent soundtrack hits. Fans of Sheik will consider this one of the best from "Hum- ming " while Atlantic is placing its hopes on triple-A radio. It's certainly a departure from the literate pop of "Circles," the first single from "El Oso" and a modern rock hit; but the hard, abstract groove of "Rolling" is more com- pelling with repeated play.

The rhythm of language and the language of rhythm are the focus here, to hypnotic effect. The man is determined to guide his own course here: He wrote, arranged, and co-pro- duced this tasty single. Columbia will release Bachman's debut album April S Carter. It showcases the sexpot rapper settling comfortably into the structure of the late Gwen Guthrie's 19H J No. Miss Brown tells her man that's she's taking no more of his lazi- ness because she needs "a few carats" and Carrier; all he needs to do is find himself a J.

It's a clever — albeit much less subtle "I'm a red-carpet bitch" — take on the original anthem that demands care and nurturing from a man. Fun, replete with street cred, and cool as ice. Cassette, vinyl or CD singles equally appropriate for more than one format are reviewed in the category with the broadest audience. Contributors: Dylan Siegler N. Filmed during the Madison Square Garden stop of her Velvet Rope tour, the video includes more than 27 songs from that album, as well as previous hits — and there are many — from "Rhythm Nation " and "janet.

Contact: The six mini-stories and one music video step on familiar "Thomas" ground, covering subjects such as getting along with those who are different from you and rising to the occasion in adverse situa- tions. The title story features a nasty new crane who learns to have respect for the smaller engines when they come to rescue him after a rough storm. None have previ- ously aired on TV There's a vignette about the importance of teamwork when the gang has to get Sir Topham Hatt to his wife's birthday party on time and another about an old engine destined to become scrap metal that gets a new lease on life as a shelter for workers fixing the track.

This tape focuses on several famous archaeological specimens, which thousands of years after their interment continue to shed light on ancient civiliza- tions. Included are an Ampato maiden sacrificed on an Andes mountaintop; the Alpine Ice Man, believed to be the oldest frozen mummy ever found; the U.

KVs 9,year-old Cheddar Man; and hun- dreds of 7,year-old mummies un- earthed in Chile that predate their Egypt- ian counterparts. The program also provides fascinating new insights from renowned Egyptologist Bob Brier, who explains how he cracked the puzzle of the mummification process by replicating it from start to finish.

One in a series of programs airing on the Learning Channel, "Cheating Death" brings viewers into real accident scenes, emergency transport vehicles, and operat- ing rooms at some of the busiest E Rs in the U. Some of the footage is pretty graphic and is loaded with emotion as view- ers get to know family members of those fighting for their lives. Between and some- times during procedures, attending physi- cians talk about their jobs, in which routine is unheard of and confidence is a necessity.

From the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus to the current-day contributions of filmmaker Quentin Taran- tino, it leaves few cultural stones unturned. Viewers are bound to take some of these Italian links for granted, but other connec- tions aren't that well known, Italian-Ameri- can achievements are put together on a loose time line, providing an excellent histo- ry of Italian immigration to the U. Archival photographs, film footage, and speech excerpts are intercut with inter- views with current Italian-American news- makers, including Tommy Lasorda, Robert Loggia, Geraldine Ferraro, Jack Scalia, and Joe Paterno.

Get ready for St. Executive -produced by Sonny Bono's widow, Mary Bono, "And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny And Cher Story" paints the late singer and congressman as a hard-work- ing, tenacious hustler who wanted to make his dreams — and the dreams of others' — come true.

Sonny's story starts when, upon meeting and romancing the exotic- looking, wisecracking Cher, he knows his dreams are about to come true. When he's not banging out tunes on a beat-up old piano in the garage, Sonny eagerly absorbs all he can learn about the music busi- ness while working at a small indie label. After getting fired, he hounds his idol, Phil Spector, and becomes his personal assistant.

One night, when Cher is visiting Sonny at a recording session, Spec- tor needs someone to sing some practice takes. Sonny immediately suggests Cher, and the couple sings a duet. Thinking they're onto some- thing, Sonny puts together an act. The duo's self-dep- recating banter attracts two bowlers — who just happen to be sical music's larger-than-life greats, and his legend was stoked not only by his top-notch interpretive skills but by the sphinx-like aura that surrounded him.

Shortly before Richter's death, Bruno Monsaingeon persuaded the obdurate artist to reminisce a bit from his diaries, and the director put these compelling moments together with some fascinat- ing archival footage to produce this biography, which is one of the finest ever made on a classical musician, The film shows Richter in solo performances stretching back decades, as well as per- formances with such peers as David Oistrakh and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau.

Two-and-a-half hours fly by, and there are particular segments that viewers will want to watch again, such as the episode in which Richter dishes dirt on his encounter with the vainglorious Herbert von Karajan for the famous EMI Beethoven Triple Concerto record- ing with Oistrakh and Mstislav Ros- tropovich.

Exalted music-making, subtle psychological insight, and the weight of history are all present here. Hollywood hangouts sure have changed since the '60s. As can be expected, things go downhill from there. Not exactly a pillar of support and comfort, Cher becomes in- creasingly bitter about the duo's sound and look — as well as about being with Sonny, whom she refers to as her "horny toad. She flaunts her well-chronicled affairs in front of him and at one point demands that Sonny leave their hotel room so she can sleep with someone in the band.

While Cher is cruel, Sonny goes to great lengths to keep her happy. Of course, the board is now completely animated, and appropriate music of the era accompanies game play. In addition, you no longer have to bother sticking those pesky pink and blue pegs into your plastic transportation. Up to six people can join the family- appropriate fun. The computer acts as a banker, cutting back on human error and cheating.

The enhanced game fea- ture allows players to exact revenge on opponents through their savings accounts and also lets players earn more money by doing well on one of six side games of chance, such as "Safecracker" or "Up Or Down. His most desperate act involves sinking their money into a film that stars her. It nearly bankrupts them; to survive, he books an extended engagement in Las Vegas. She, of course, hates it.

Still she feels con- trolled by Sonny and sues him for divorce. This uneven film is rounded out by real-life clips of Sonny's swear- ing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill, his funeral, and Cher's tearful eulogy. Unknown ingenue Renee Faia is quite good at capturing Cher's famous look, sound, and manner- isms.

She looks so much like Cher that even the best Cher imperson- ator would stop dead in her tracks. But aside from vacant stares, hair-tossing, and general bitchi- ness, Faia isn't given much of a chance to explore her character, particularly her good side.

Most likely, the producers wouldn't allow it. On the other hand, Jay Under- wood doesn't look anything like Sonny and plays him like a sweet, bumbling fool. If Sonny was con- trolling, you don't see it here. He's portrayed as being more ambitious for Cher than for himself. Fortunately, the producers used sound-alikes to sing the duo's hits. Singers Jess Harnell and Kelly Van Hoose Smith have done their home- work, and their covers are the film's biggest strength.

Overall, though, "And The Beat Goes On" is missing too many de- tails and much of the heart that made Sonny one of entertainment's most interesting characters. Maxis has updated its popular urban-simula- tion strategy game for the second time since it released the original game in This version is even more complicated, detailed, and inter- esting than 's edition, "SimCity ," although the basic rules, tools, and goals remain the same.

Now, play- ers are also expected to pay attention to pollution, waste management, busi- ness deals with growing outside com- panies, and a handful of grumpy and pushy advisers and petitioners. A landmark building option has also been added to allow gamers to locate famous structures like Big Ben or the Sphinx in their metropolises. A new zoom function allows builders to ex- amine the cityscape up close and per- sonal.

Built- in starter cities aid beginners, but for those with time, patience, and a knack for city planning, it's a well-thought- out puzzle that's never solved the same way twice. Thus begins Grippan- do's hrisk, fast-paced thriller, which, though short on characterization, has enough twists, turns, and surprise reve- lations to satisfy fans of the genre.

Blum's reading is not particularly spe- cial, but he does keep the pace moving and differentiates the voices enough that listeners know who's speaking. But Joe and his friends, Sam and Fred, don't quite have the knack of controlling the book. Soon they're facing the sword of an evil Black Knight, trying to convince King Ar- thur and the knights of the Round Table that they're really wizards, and battling dragons and giants.

In the second story, Fred wishes for buried treasure, and quick as a wink, the boys are on a desert island and be- come captives of Blackbcard the pirate. The stories are both adventur- ous and funny, with lots of witty one- liners.

Sciezka also gets a lot of comic mileage from the reactions of his medieval characters to the modern slang and attitudes of three kids from the '90s. Narrator William Dufris gives a terrific performance, hamming it up with a squeaky, nervous voice for Joe's friend Sam; a goofy, dopey voice for the thick-headed giant; and a rau- cous, classic "Long John Silver" voice for Blackbeard.

Alexandria, Va. Los Angeles. Brooklyn, N Y I know that may sound odd, but it reas- sured us that we were going in the right direction. And thus the pressure. You don't, so crossing is important. We want to get to the core audience first, and the audiences in the other genres will pick up on who we are and what we're about. Blige, 8th Ave. It's about working together. He goes from unknown to superstar without any effort, mak- ing him one of the most accessible and creative producers alive," Young says.

The new single will do phenomenal- ly well at radio, thanks in part to using one of the hottest kids around, Jah Rule. Riley really knows how to pick 'em. Janet is like gravy to the mashed potatoes; it's awesome. But we can't depend on others to get where we want to go; we have to always believe in No. The track goes to radio on Tuesday 16 , with a video following Feb. Directed by Joseph Kahn, it again mirrors Riley's desire to keep things progressive. There are no plans to release the single commercially.

A ineh sin- gle may be serviced to clubs and dance outlets, due in part to Jack- son's involvement. Jackson's influence is also felt on two other album tracks, "Can U Feel It" and "Take Me There," both of which feature a heavy sampling of beats from Jackson songs. The goal is for the music to reach "the level of being guided the right way to the right path," Riley says.

They just talk too much about love, love, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex all day. This album is a guide for men out there, moreso than women this time. There are a lot of men in the ghetto, in the streets — gangbangers, hustlers — and they don't have a way out. They need a guide on how to act, how to behave, how to have a relationship — a real relationship.

LIT Man is busy changing that with innovative marketing plans. People get tired of you, get burned out on seeing your face. We don't want to be overex- posed. We're trying to climb and build something that is going to be around as long as the Temptations. The formula is to not overexpose yourself. Sure, I'll be busy being involved in both, but I wouldn't hare it any other way. Seuss," and a children's version of the group's hit "Rapper's Delight. Once I got in the studio, we just ran with the idea and came up with a whole album.

When we were on tour last year, we would often have to do two shows a day — one early for the kids, and then one for the adults at night. We were even surprised to see how these 8-, 9-, and year-olds were singing all the words to our songs, and they weren't even born when the songs were out. The video will be for the entire album, as opposed to individual song videos. The group is also working on plans for a children's TV show and adult and children's clothing lines, using the Sugarhill brand name.

During February and March, the DJ will play various Los Angeles high schools during lunch period and at school assemblies, performing his rapid style of scratching and mixing. Cazel often utilizes body parts, such as his elbow, nose, chin, or tongue, to scratch.

The L-A native was invited to perform the tour by the Los Angeles school board because of his positive image. Cazel's latest album, "DJ Cazel E. R," came out last year. The line, initially available on the label's World Wide Web site www. The pair have recently signed a publishing deal with Dream- Works Music. The film, which is executive-produced, co-directed, and stars Master R is the story of three friends wrongly impris- oned.

The movie will be produced by Chris Black- well's Palm Pictures. ISOS ,S. C D MJJ. DUPRl J. Wi7 XSVmT. K IFlLL. M ril '. R RICE. KANE S. MARY J. BONO, R. IT Vinyl maii-single available. V vinyl single available. FX CD maw -single available. Catalog number is for Di. A RIAA certifies tic-i lor sales of 1 million units. D CO single available, M Cassette man-single available.

T Vinyl maxi-slngle available. V Vinyl ungte availabe. X CD man single availabe. Catalog number is tor 0. Thankfully, two other projects that generated excitement the moment their MCA contracts were signed are proceeding as scheduled. Although they only played out regionally. Relativity [Common's previous label] didn't fight to keep the name. Common's album will come out on his own Madame Zenobia imprint.

People love Common. We're just starting the record now; he's going to try to work very quickly, with? I won't deliver an album that doesn't have classic material. God willing, that's what I'm going to do. One aspect of the plan, region- al pre-releases, will be a first. We'll do at least four white labels that won't be on the album. If any of them get really big, we may put out a four-track CD. I don't see no problem with that Everybody won't like everything; that's diversity, and you can pick the hat that fits you or switch hats every' day if you want.

We lose some of the purity within the music by labeling stuff. On the overall panel, "Heartbreak Hotel" is No. The entry of "No Scrubs" is based solely on its airplay; it gathered Last issue. Broadcast Data Systems showed the song having fewer than half a million listeners. To debut at No. The song also picks up the Greatest Gainer trophies for major increases in both sales and airplay. IO Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase.

Pacesetter indicates A RIAA certification for shipment of 1 million units, with multiplatinum titles indicated by a numeral following me symbol, For boxed sets, indicates LP is available. Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD biggest percentage growth.

Heatseeker Impact shows albums removed from Heatseekers this week. U indicates past or present Heatseeker title. The two men grew up as close friends, and the big buzz around Sauce results from his guest appearances on Jay-Z's albums and his reputation as an ace lyricist — not only in his collab- orations with Jay-Z but also the rhymes he's penned for Puff Daddy the lyrics to "Missing You" , BLACK- street, and Shaquille O'Neal.

I want to be accepted for Sauce, and no mat- ter what I'm wearing, they'll love my music. My music is raw, but I can come from underground and hit you with a real MTV banger. I think my album is very much in tune, not all over the place. I have different feelings, and there are dif- ferent feels to the album, but when I get intimate it might be a rugged intimacy, emotionally intense.

The sec- ond single, "Pace Off ," featur- ing Sauce and Jay-Z, drops sometime in March, right before the album's release. Hard Knock Life," will also be included on "Middle. Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed by aoss- nAmndng exact times of airplay with ArbrLron listener data. A- 7 F-". M'1 M. BMLN,,ir Ltr. U'i'ii- I;,.. BMttMl Blackwood.

Wr Manatt. BMIAooo Assassim. BWMr Manatb. Ul U Lu. BMltMl Blackwood. BMVlanice Combs. BMLflrads Other. BML'kjseph s Dream. BMlOrgarwed Not! To say that the artist served would be an under- statement To paraphrase one of her many cherished songs, she worked hard for her clamoring fans. Walking onto the stage wearing a flowing black gown and a Whitney- by-way-of-Faith wig. Summer, who recently signed to Epic Records, looked ever the consummate artist. Standing center stage, she followed the band's lead as it introduced the opening notes to "MacArthur Park.

By the time she arrived at "On The Radio," the fourth song of the evening, her face was glowing. Before easing into the heartfelt ballad "If There Is Music There," Summer explained that the song arrives at a point in the musical when issues of "following your dreams" are confronted. As she hit the last note of the song, there wasn't a dry eye in the house — including hers. And, truth be told, Arena ably held her own as she embodied Streisand's role. Consider this the genius [wiring of the year!

Fortunately, and as we mentioned last issue, the concert was being filmed for a VH1 special that will air in the summer. Could it be that Armand Van Helden is that knight in shining armor that the dance community has been waiting for? Could it be that the producer who shook dancefloors with the bass-intense dubby remixes of Tori Amos' "Professional Widow" and Sneaker Pimps' "Spin Spin Sugar" is softening his hard edge?

Could it be that he's realized some- thing that the other players in club- land haven't? Well, if his two pro- ductions making their way through clubland — "You Don't Know Me" and "Flowerz" — are any indication, the answers are yes, yes, and yes. Issued on ffrr U. More important, it's poised for success similar to that of "You Don't Know Me. Could it be that he's realized what many oth- ers haven't? That the seriously Billboard. Per- haps he's realized that it's possible to please the hardcore underground heads while also making a musical and commercial leap forward.

Or perhaps he's come to the real- ization that without change there is only stagnation. And with stagnation comes boredom. Whatever the rea- son, we offer our congratulations to Van Helden for having the courage to take a chance — and not depend sole- ly on his past achievements. Now, about his forthcoming album. This is according to Dave Lambert, who now helms the label.

The label has had a great couple of years, and my goal is to continue its level of achievement into the next millennium. As in the past, I will focus on developing relevant artists into album acts. Pictured, from left, are Stranka, Palmer, and Gellner. Parting glances: On Feb. In fact, while others in his shoes might feel the need to discuss the implications of such a nod, the Queens, N. I'm hoping it's the next step for our music to progress, grow, and reach a larger audience. Encompassing his love of early house, hip-hop, disco, and electro, he soon ventured into the world of production.

His hreakthrough hit occurred in ] with the Strictly Rhythm- issued and Loose Joints-sampled "Luv Dancin' " by the Underground Solution, one of Sanchez's many re- curding monikers. Power Pick on Club Play is awarded for the largest point increase anywhere in the top Catalog number is for vinyl maxi single, or CD maxi-single it vinyl is unavailable.

Greatest Gainer on Maxi-Singtes Sales is awarded for the largest sales increase among singles Sales chart: M Cassette mam single availability. T Vinyl maxi-single availability. X CD maxi-single availability. I feel very comfortable in the booth. Something takes over me where I lose myself. As for his as-yet-untitled album scheduled for summer release , Sanchez confirms that it will be issued by Sony in the U.

Domes- tically, he is in negotiations with a few labels. Of course, according to Sanchez, the "autobiographical pro- ject" may even appear on Narcotic. For lack of a better word, it's like a 'musicorial. That's why I love Kathy Sledge's voice. It's so rich and so different. I also like quirky, weird, and ethereal vocals.

Which may explain why I wanted Sharleen on the album. Sanchez is booked by Cream in the U. On the album, the unifying element is that all tracks are rooted in dance. Basical- ly, it's my history of dance music and musical influences.

Tampa [Fla. And El Paso was a fill-in city. I think, at bottom, country music is in pretty good shape. That's what George wanted," he says. And we've got the fair outside, with bands playing out there. Performances will begin at 1 p.

While the show was broadcast on clear channel WSM, that station's signal did not cover the entire US. The book had its genesis in an interview Wolfe did in with former Opry regular Herman Crook, of the Crook Brothers. He went on to publish a history of the Opry in in the U. The book is illustrated with 50 photographs and contains a detailed Opry roster and discography.

Their second album is tentatively scheduled for release in Sep- tember. We said, 'Well, we kind of play fiddle all over it You might as well just edit out the banjo and the Nashville Scene by Chet Flippo steel guitar as well and just make it a whole new song. There'd be no song left without the fiddle. Take us as we are. It marks the first such digital distri- bution by a2b MAIL. Rogers rush-recorded the Don Schlitz composition — about a young boy playing baseball — and it will be out April 6 on Rogers' new Dreamcatcher label.

Belmont University, which has a flourishing undergraduate music business program, will offer a similar MBA degree. An information session on the program will be held 5 p. Tues- day Hi at BMI. Suzy Bogguss has left Capitol Nashville after 1 1 years and nine albums. Billy Dean will follow her out the door. Jeff Foxworthy ankles Warner Nashville. Daryle Singletary departs Giant Records. Kevin Sharp exits Asylum. Johnny PayCheck has left St. Joseph Hos- pital in Atlanta and entered a rehabilitation center.

The singer is recovering from a lung infection. Trace Adkins is recuperating from surgery for a severe ankle fracture. Van Stephenson of the group Blackllawk will miss a few tour dates while recuperating from surgery for a malignant melanoma in a lymph node. Faith In The Library. Hill, left, is shown with Donna Nicely, director of the Public Library. I don't know if I've found it yet, but we're not going to hand in an album until we make it," he says.

The result is his April 13 self- titled set. Country programmers and listeners are getting their first taste of Griggs' sound with his debut single, "You Won't Ever Be Lonely," which is No. He's sweet, and the music is there.

We're getting good response to the single. We start- ed getting fabulous feedback right away. Meld- ing those into his own style was a challenge for him. I was after the rough and tough Springsteen kind of feel, but also I was wanting a '70s outlaw-ish kind of thing. Of course, Waylon [Jennings] helped that out a whole lot when he appeared on there with me. The result is "Shine On Me. This could eas- ily be a gospel song. He knew me well enough to write it right on the line.

It could be directed toward a woman or God. He had been in awe of his brother Mason's musical as talent and says he was never the musical one in the family. After his brother passed away, he eventually ended up joining Mason's band. When the Sullivans were perform- ing in a Nashville church, manager J. Gary Smith heard Griggs and was so impressed with his talent that he approached him afterward and gave him his card.

Griggs sent Smith a custom album he had made, and Smith encouraged him to move to Nashville. Griggs did in He started singing demos for Smith, and that led to a meeting with producer David Malloy. R C'WEN. PircE p. B,-; '. J LEO. Airpower awarded to those records whcti attain detections tor Ttie first; me.

M Cassette maio-si''g'« avai'abil-ty. T Vinyl masi-single availability. V Vinyl single availability. X CD max-single availability. Although Chesnutt's prior radio chart successes span the tempo spectrum and have primarily been uptempo fare, he's given the for- mat a significant supply of powerful ballad material.

Later that year, his emotional "Almost Goodbye" rose all the way to No. Chesnutt is still comfortably ahead of fellow Texan and labelmate George Strait, whose "Meanwhile" scans more than 10, units, up 3, On The Billboard Hot Chesnutt's single dips to No. Gill's set scans more than 12, copies to shoot 9 on the country chart, and it re-enters The Billboard at No.

Our new recurrent rule will remove descending titles below No. The new rule will decrease the number of those tenacious descend- ing titles that currently linger between Nos. However, the chart will still reflect country radio's relatively conservative nature right now. In our ongoing effort to provide the most comprehensive and active radio charts in the industry, your comments and feedback are wel- comed.

Wade Jessen can be reached via E-mail at wjessen billboard. Even though he doesn't move around, it's really something. Now I'll be onstage with him! It's only taken me 10 years to go from the back row to the stage.

George is cool. The great thing about this lineup is that it cov- ers the entire spectrum of country music. It's so easy and so much fun when it's not your tour. He echoes Jo Dee Messina's assessment of the broad appeal of the talent lineup. This crosses a lot of boundaries. Two stages are being built so that one can leapfrog ahead to the next city. The tour is also being supported by Strait's World Wide Web site, www. It features the tour schedule and information, biographies and pictures of the acts, a ticket-purchase icon, and a contest with a grand prize of a trip to Pitts- burgh for two for the final show.

There's also the strait. March 27 ; Clemson, S. May 9 ; Washington, D. May 29 ; Louisville, Ky. May 30 ; Detroit June 5 ; and Pittsburgh June 6. He'll be performing this spring on Alan Jackson's tour. I'm honored to be a part of it. Griggs will do a satellite radio tour to support the launch of the album, and Waugh says RCA will secure lis- tening posts at retail to familiarize consumers with the music.

Every song means something special to Andy. When he sings, you can tell these songs are important to him and mean some- thing to him. That's going to come across. If it wasn't for the music, me and you'd be stocking shelves at Wal-Mart. Someone asked me where I envi- sioned myself in five years. My reply was I'll be right here with a guitar in my lap.

I'm in this thing for the music. BMI HI. BMfStew Wanner. B»Bab Mae. BMWoii»i a. BMLHanistein Cumbenand. BMWike Curb. Iamer lane. Of America. BMI H.. ASW Red Tractor. BMl-Blind Spanow. BMW ta. BMLDins Waters. BMeToryGram Ireamatonal. BMlMo Fuzzy Dace. SB tWlI. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 millkin unite, with multimillion sellers indicated by a numeral loltowing the symbol.

Tape prices marked EQ, and all other CD prices, are equivalent prices, which are projected Irom wholesale pnces, Greatest Gainer shows chart's largest unit increase. A' CURS 6. The British company has been known under the hallowed Decca mime everywhere but the U.

The shift also dis- pels potential confusion between the classical label and Universal's London pop imprint. The Decca designation will be inaugurated March 9 in the U. The long-term conse- quences of the name change will begin to take effect in April, its more titles from the Lon- don-lwsed Decca will see full release in the States than ever before. The wave of Decca product includes new albums and reissues in the sharply designed "Decca Early Music" line, which began subsuming the contents and concept of the label's late L'Oiseau-Lyre imprint last year in Europe.

The first of these discs include a set of Scarlatti sonatas from young French harpsichordist Christ ophe Kousset and a sublime album of Marin Marais suites featuring Christophe Coin on bass viol. While Jeff Melancon isn't so sure that the Decca name will lend the label's offerings any additional cachet in the American marketplace, the classical manager at the Lincoln Center Tower Records in New York says he does look forward to Decca being able to bring more con- noisseur titles into the U.

Violinist Pamela Frank is also on her own, even though Decca just issued her first two solo recordings: a singing account of the Dvorak concerto and Suk fantasy with Sir Charles Mackerras and a reading of the Brahms sonatas in which she is aptly paired with piano poet Peter Scrkin who, incredibly, was let go from RCA not long ago. Pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet still has a significant deal with Decca since his efforts encompass the occasional crossover project and accompaniment for singers, as well as virtuoso repertoire; his album of Duke Ellington transcriptions comes out April fi.

In other Universal Classics news, the post of Decca president — left vacant since Roger Lewis decamped last fall to head up the U. In heading up both labels, Pilavachi will shuttle back and forth between London and Philips' Amsterdam headquarters, reporting to Universal Classics chief Chris Roberts. Beyond being one of the better tributes to George Gershwin's centenary last year, the hit Sony disc helped expand the violin repertoire with "Fantasy On 'Porgy And Bess' " arranged for violin and orchestra by Alexander Courage and a brace of songs transcribed for violin and piano.

A class act all the way. Bell plays the new-model Gershwin with a vintage sense of style. Every bit the equal of his extraordinary "Mozart: A Life" Harper Perennial , Solomon's Bee- thoven bio takes into account recent scholarship that overturns some long-held suppositions about the com- poser's tumultuous, ever-fascinating life.

Another writer of style and substance on music has given us a sequel: Michael Steinberg with "The Con- certo: A Listener's Guide" pages. Concerto primers are perhaps more rare than their symphonic counterparts, so Steinberg's essays are welcome in that regard. More scholarly yet no less engaging are two titles from WW.

This all may sound academic, but for anyone interested in Bach's music or Baroque-era history , it is absorbing. Overseen by the City University of New York's Leo Treitler, the new, improved "Stnink's Source Readings In Music History" is a must for any music student, as it reproduces letters, articles, and Ixtok chapters from the overlapping worlds of scholarship, criticism, and polemics. The hardback tome is broken up into seven sub- ject areas — from "Greek Views Of Music" to "The Twen- tieth Century" — and each of those sections has also been published as a separate paperback book.

B indicates past or present Neatseeker title. A RIAA certification for sales of 1 million units with each additional mllhon IndKated by a numeral following the symbol For boxed sets, and double albums with a running time that exceeds two hours, tne RIAA multi- plies shipments by the numbei rjf discs anoVor tapes.

All alburns available on cassette 8nd CD 'Asterisk indicates vinyl available Hindcates pas] or present Heatseeker title. The music that I grew up on — that I learned and was influenced by — is my ethnomu- sicology, and it encompasses all forms of black music. Gunn Fu, who has "chart- ed a curriculum that most students find difficult to understand.

It's hurt- ful because, to me, all black music is hasically the same. The rhythm might be different, but the spirit is the same. He's like another instrument" But make no mistake. For all its hip-hop inflections, "Ethnomusicolo- gy" is a true jazz record. It reflects the musical climate of late-"90s Amer- ica — particularly of the New York neighborhood where Gunn lived for several years.

In time-honored tradi- tion, Gunn has taken musical ele- ments from the culture around him, adding them to his jazz palette to cre- ate a sound that pays homage to the music of the past while firmly plant- ing itself in the present. Louis, There's stuff coming out of the windows, the ears, the storefronts. There were all types of people, so you hear all kinds of stuff at all hours of the day. It would sound hip, so I'd have to check it out.

It definitely influ- enced my own music. In addition, I wanted more of a raw, organic feel. There's a trend in mak- ing records today where everything is too perfect. That spells out a direction for me. He adds that what reveals artists' musi- cal perspectives "is when they take something familiar and do it their own way. TAVi Oiiginally worded in the '70s by Gordon Jensen, its author, the song is ivell-knoicn in Christian nuteic circles. I used to sing it when I was a kid in church.

We had recorded it eight years ago on an album that we did that was never released. So I had always wanted to recut it, and when I found out we were going to record with the symphony, I thought, 'What a great time to do this song'. I'm the same with music, in that I can go for months without playing a radio or a CD, but when I do, it's usually to hear something like Rachmaninov's 'Piano So- nata No. Irish folk milieu attracting a U.

Dance music editor Larry Flick has the story. Correspondent Tom Phalen reports. Babcock Jr. Martin R. One Astor Plaza, Broaihay. Japan Sac end a ass postage paid at New York. Route , Millwood. Printed in the U. Dance Trax 57 Country 59 Latin Notas fi. Chet Hippo Nashville. Y , Ed Chnstman. Retail NY. Editor N. Retail: Dan Jeffrey. Associate Ed. Gilten, Editor LA. Radio: Chuck Taylor. Fred Branson, Lisa Collins. Larry LeBlanc, Jim Mscnie. Moira McCormtck. R«cardo Compamonl Dance.

Datu Farson RapvJazz'Gosoei. Steven Graybow Adult Contemporary. Wade Jessen Country. John Lannert Latin. Rod Jennings. Alex Vitoulis Classified N. Anthony T. Stallings Dlrector. Tokyo With an unprecedented increase in the number of blues clubs, magazines, recordings, and tours, the music seems to be on track to gaining acceptance among the mainstream audience.

Many of the major record companies either haw a blues line or are planning to introduce one into their catalogs. Census Bureau report conducted for the National Endowment for the Arts that tracks changing tastes in American music from 1IMS, blues showed the most dra- matic percentage change in popularity. Billboard's new Top Blues Albums chart, and B. Unfortunately, the truth is that B. King still tours constantly, and heir apparent Buddy Guy has yet to break out with the com- mercial success enjoyed by younger acts whose music is often derivative of these blues innovators.

The number of professional man- agers, agents, club owners, producers, and record labels that earn their income exclu- sively from blues is surprisingly small. Even the House of Blues is forced to book main- stream commercial talent due to the appar- ent lack of support for blues acts. Ultimately, blues music can become an industry in the same manner that pop. It is important that the entertain- ment community strive to provide a source of adequate income for these pioneers in Amer- 'Blues music can become an industry.

While most of today's music stems from the blues, many of the innovators of blues are living in substandard housing and lack adequate medical care and insurance. The introduction of Billboard's Top Blues Albums chart is a significant first step toward that goal. Blues music is used in com- mercials for everything from beer to candy to macaroni and cheese. King, Buddy Guy, and Koko Taylor.

Contemporary blues artists are accessible to the mainstream listener and usually deliv- er solid performances that encourage danc- ing. Nightclubs that offer blues often report low cover charges but high food and beverage revenues and strong merchandise sales. But the music is still most often presented in cluhs. Only a few blues acts play large halls in concert settings. Perhaps blues will never produce the sales revenues that pop, rap, and country music generate.

It is important to remember that rap began as a grass-roots musical form, and country has been experiencing its main- stream popularity for less than 10 years. It is good business to anticipate trends and devel- op audiences for records, tours, and mer- chandise. There is also a moral obligation to support the artists that haw allowed our busi- ness to grow. Several nonprofit organizations are work- ing to establish financial security and recog- nition for blues artists.

You focused on many wonderful and diverse artists, and the writers did a fine job of covering the many aspects of this industry, including one huge dilemma: lack of radio airplay. Folk music seems to be a "special" genre, yet its appeal is massive. Why do folk music artists have a hard time getting radio air- play? Perhaps their brutal honesty will never be able to co-exist with the commercialized way of most radio in America today. As your writ- ers pointed out, live performances are the best marketing for their recordings.

Folk musicians spend their summers play- ing at music festivals to large crowds so they can come hack and tour all winter, and they sell a lot of merchandise at festivals. And since there is a lack of exposure from radio, the promoters in certain areas are dependent on festivals in order to "supply" an audience. Our festival, the Rocky Mountain Folks Fes- tival in Colorado, is one of the premier folk festivals in the world today. We also have an intensive seminar, held before the festival each year, called the Song School, which is designed for aspiring songwriters.

This year, our faculty includes artists you mentioned. My mint is the incredible importance of all music fes- tivals for folk music artists; it seems that most successful modern troubadours work their way through the festival circuit. Giovanna Giofire Planet Bluegrass Lyons. It is gratifying to be recog- nized for the work we have done and will con- tinue to do and especially gratifying since it has, for the most part, been in a field that has customarily been considered "marginal.

Traditionally, when the industry looks at folk music they do it from the outside, with writ- ers who seldom know, understand, or respect what they are reporting on. Our hats are off to you for not falling victim to that trap and, in doing so, perhaps opening the eyes of many people. I especially appreciated the diverse pro- files of performers, laltels, and organizations.

The labels both major and independent , broadcasters, and Billboard's reporters deserve credit for exposing folk music to broader audiences in recent years. The efforts of another singular organiza- tion, the North American Folk Music Alliance, haw benefited folk music.

The Alliance was founded in , with offices in Washington, D. C, to increase public awareness of the vital importance of folk music — contemporary, tra- ditional, and multicultural. Moreover, the Alliance brings together the entire interna- tional folk music community — musicians, pre- senters, promoters, broadcasters, historians, and others.

Through this membership and its efforts at advocacy, the Alliance is able to cre- ate new opportunities for all who make folk music possible. Van Dyke Parks' brilliant and stunning masterwork makes a compelling case that, on vocal merits alone, Brian Wil- son has no equal.

And when you combine Brian's abilities as a composer, arranger, pro- ducer, vocalist, and lyricist, he is the best who has yet lived. Jerry Weiss Valley Forge, Pa. Articles awl fetters iipiieahiiK on this page serve as a forum fur the exjiressioii of views of general interest. CA Dec. IL Dec. DC Dec. NY Dec. N»rt Record.

Sources indicate that the chain, second in size to Wal-Mart, has decided to focus more of its atten- tion on hit movies and less on nontheatrical children's titles and special-interest releases. The change could be bad news to vendors that have spent the better part of L trying to find a place in Wal-Mart's new hierarchy of video purchases. The chain be- gan buying direct from favored suppliers earlier this year, start- ing with the studios and extending the relationship to major indepen- dents.

Supermarkets, however, are coming to the rescue with year- round sell-through programs to take the place of spot promotions geared to the holidays. New York- based Promotional Concepts Group has created a display to be changed every four weeks by part- ner Distribution Services, which currently stocks grocery stores with The National Enquirer and The Star.

But grocery stores don't give sell-through the respect it has re- ceived from the mass merchants, whose actions have suppliers con- cerned. That, in turn, could bring about in- creases at retail, reversing the steady decline of sell-through prices. The studios have fought off any suggestion of an increase. We ignore this at our peril. Coated tape comes in three formu- lations, ranging from B grade at 8.

Because of pric- ing pressures, says Lueck, "you see more B grade than ever before. Collins states that he never read Anderson's article prior to writing his Commentary for Billboard. Collins' Commentary, which ap- peared in the Oct.

Michael Fuchs. A Classic Month. Instead, NRA will continue to pursue harsher federal legislation to chop the fees that compose a ma- jor part of music licensing revenue. However, the compromise agree- ment makes the passage of the harsher bill unlikely, say sources close to the issue. That Oct. Dissatisfied with the central li- censing practices of existing soci- eties, EMI has set up its own inter- national collection agency.

This agreement does not per- mit any variation. MRSE has already served its pur- pose, though, in that it has brought central licensing to the top of the music industry's agenda and has caused other publishers to watch the issue closely. John Brands, managing director of MCA Music in the Netherlands, says, "It's an interesting test case, and that could lead to something positive.

Speaking personally, I would love to start a collection soci- ety tomorrow specializing in the cream, collecting for million-selling acts and letting someone else collect for the rest. He says, "This has nothing to do with the ef- Continucd on page fee exemptions of establishments that play "incidental" background music on radio or TV, based on spe- cific business-space size and sound- system size Billboard, Nov.

The NRA says the agreement does not go far enough. A tentative meeting to discuss the acceptability of the compromise agreement was scheduled between restaurant and music industry par- ties and Sen. Hank Brown, R-Colo. Sources close to the issue say that Brown may decide to move forward with his original bill, which would exempt all restaurant and bar own- ers from paying fees for "inciden- tal" background music over radio and TV and would require rights so- cieties to provide access to reper- toire, and disclosure of fees paid by neighboring establishments.

If passed, that bill and its House version, could put a dent in general music-licensing income, according to the performing rights societies. Brown has introduced another wrinkle to the controversy by hold- ing up action on separate legislation of vital interest to the performing rights societies — the copyright- term extension from the current life of the author plus 50 years to life plus 70 — until the matter of music- licensing reform is settled.

Only ROCKnROM shows the relationships and never-ending cycle of the world of music where a Writer composes a Work, which an Artist makes into a Recording, which are grouped together as a Product, which either climbs the Popularity Charts or does not - causing a Writer to pen another song - and on and on it goes. Like Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll itself, you're going to love it, it's absolutely addictive.

Just try to do it for less. There is simply nothing like it. One fact, idea or analysis may return the price many times over. Have ROCKnROM rushed to you by ordering on our Telephone hotline and receive a 14 day trial with full money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Or why not call for your FREE demo disc.

Thanks to our sponsors CD release of a powerful recording session and a full-length home video that details the street musi- cian's remarkable history. Hawkins, who plied his trade for years on the Venice, Calif. Evidence Music in Conshohocken, Pa. On Monday 20 , Geffen Home Video will issue "Ted Hawkins: Amazing Grace," a minute program contain- ing a bounty of rare performance and interview footage. The show, which will be broadcast live on Fox, will feature the presen- tation of special awards to Joni Mitchell and Janet Jackson.

Mitchell will receive the Century Award, Billboard's highest honor for creative achievement. Peter Gabriel will present the award to Mitchell. Jackson, who has spent a total of weeks at No. The Billboard Music Awards hon- or the year's No. Complete year-end Continued on jtaqe 10?

First, radio programmers com- plained that there were too many sound-alike records and artists out there. Now, a slew of "different sounding" singles has met with resis- tance at radio, re-opening the age-old debate about which records sound "country" enough. Labels feel that pro- grammers should let listeners decide; PDs feel that they're hostages to artists' attempts to experiment and expand their cores.

Signed on to perform in Phoenix during the week preceding the Jan. However, Steve Robertson of the Humanity Federation, the event's creator and executive director, still has a long way to go. Corporate sponsors, a television carrier to air the event, and more than a dozen artists still need to be secured for the six-hour concert. Robertson and Mike Mitchell, who was the exec- utive producer of Live Aid, will serve as executive producers of the event.

Despite its name, the event is not a gathering of world music artists. Rather, the show, which Robertson hopes to have televised international- ly, is aimed at raising awareness of the violence in our society and its effects WoRLD MkSiC on children worldwide. The label, owned by Roberts and Young, will be marketed in part by Reprise and distributed independent- ly through the Alternative Distribu- tion Alliance.

Vapor will bow Feb. However, Young's future al- bums will be released by Reprise, which recently re-signed the veteran artist, who began his solo career with the label in Vapor will introduce its first sign- ing with the release of the self-titled album by Minneapolis-based quartet Stonecutters on Feb.

In ad- dition, Vapor is close to signing two other acts, Roberts says. One such act was Stonecutters, which have im- proved dramatically over an month period, Roberts says. Depp's recital of Blake's poetry was later overdubbed onto the tapes. Roberts calls Richman "one of the most important figures in music. The movie "Goldeneye" premiered Nov.

First, Turner will perform "Goldeneye" Dec. On Dec. A video for the "Goldeneye" single, incorporating footage from the movie, is in medium rotation on VH1. Venues have yet to be determined. The winning bands from each local showcase will be flown to New York or Los Angeles, depending on where they are based, for regional competi- tions in those cities in early February.

Those winners will advance to the na- tional showcase on Feb. The winner will receive a produc- tion deal from a yet-to-be-named ma- jor label and will attend the Grammy Awards and participate in other Grammy-week celebrations, such as the nominee receptions and the Grammy in the Schools events. He was VP of promotion. They were, respectively, director of urban promotion at Capi- tol and national director of rap pro- motions at RCA.

He was national promotion director for MCA. He was director of artist development. Bille Woodruff is promoted to se- nior national director of video pro- duction at LaFace Records in At- lanta. He was director of video production. He was senior director of legal affairs at Poly Gram. She was asso- ciate director of artist development.

They were, respective- ly, co-founder of Big Kidz Entertain- ment, manager of national rap pro- motion at RCA, and account executive at the Harvey Group. He was a representative for Perspec- tive Records. She was director of talent acquisition.

He was creative director at All Nations Music Publishing. She was president of International Investments Inc. These days, pop, country, and even dance hits regularly pepper daytime dramas, creating fertile ground for the exposure of new releases to an audience that does not normally tune in to radio or frequent record stores.

For example, we have always gotten countless requests on how to track down songs from wed- dings that happen on the show all the time. The result is what Behr calls "more realistic tex- ture and colors" on the overall canvas of a scene. For Raines, the common denomina- tor in dealing with diverse talents is finding the strengths of each creative personality and building on that foundation. Raines is respon- sible for the success of the eontempo- raines rary Christian mar- ket's top artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, who has three Grammy awards, 27 Gospel Music Assn.

Dove Awards, and three gold albums to his credit. In recent years, Raines has expanded the scope of Creative Trust to handle clients outside the con- temporary Christian genre. Management is the same thing. If a man- ager is good in the CCM business, and he has relationships in the country business, hell be real good in the country- business. All the elements are the same. It's man- agement, and that's how we approach it So I really want the company to be known as a Nashville company.

Over the last few years, the show has fre- quently showcased the talents of sax- Continued on page 16 Songs In The Road. Carpenter won the honor, which recognizes artists whose songs highlight the spirit of music ther- apy, for her song "John Doe No. Pictured with Carpenter are Dr. But I think all of us will be mak- ing music in some form; we're not going back to, you know, washing dishes or anything. But the Jay- hawks as they stood are no more. But there will probably be some- thing in some form coming out somewhere at some time, to be vague enough for you.

So a sad farewell to one of the bands that we all rooted for and who made the days pass a little faster. Although everyone grooved on their original tunes, I personally felt that the band's remake of Grand Funk Railroad's "Bad Time," featured on its most recent American recording, "Tomorrow The Great Grass," was one of the all-time great covers.

Said band routinely played at New York nightspot Nightingales in the '80s, when regular openers were Blues Travelers and the Spin Doctors. Dogstar, which features Keanu Reeves on bass, has signed with Zoo Entertainment.

Look for a spring release. Polish the chandelier. To commemo- rate what would have been Liberace's 60th anniversary in show business. Foundation Records is releasing "Lib- erace Unplugged," a collection of hits from his syndi- cated television program, "The Liberace Show;" as well as seven previously unreleased Liberace nuggets.

The liner notes include contributions from Doc Severinsen and Boy George. Except, perhaps, Latin. But the wait is over. Musicol- ogist Dr. Additional artists will be announced as the event draws closer. Anthrax starts a tour Nov. The large club tour is in support of the band's new Elektra album, "Stomp The Rentals are on the road with Alanis Morissette through the end of Novem- ber.

Assistance in preparing this column wax provided by Craig Rosen. Soaps bring in all kinds of people: older women in their 40s and 50s. It is especially effective when the act appears, because it helps in identi- fication. The choice of music that will make it onto the air is based on a variety of elements.

The next step, featuring the per- former of a song that has become identified with a storyline or char- acter, is taken only when it suits the show's context. It could translate to added listeners to your station, listeners who might not normally be there but are inter- ested in hearing a specific song they heard on one of these shows.

The returns could lie well worth the effort. The Beatles and Sony Signatures are developing the highest quality licenses in a wide range of product categories. A his- tory of the James Bond character anti movies was broadcast on Fox in early November. And from Dec.

According to Bruzzone, Virgin plans to coordi- nate promotions with Turner affili- ates in 10 major markets across the country, providing soundtracks for giveaway programs. Targeting colleges, Virgin has made it a priority for its campus reps to throw Bond parties at pubs and bookshops with giveaways of the soundtrack and movie passes.

Entrants stood the chance to win a BMW Z3 roadster as well as exotic vacations and hi-tech gadgets from retailer Sharper Image. At Tower Records in Atlanta, the "Goldeneye" single is already in the store's top five and, according to su- pervisor Ron Hancock, should con- tinue to do well with the movie's opening.

Turner is on record as a fan of the Bond movies and of U2. And Bono is reportedly a major Bond fan — he even honeymooned at Bond creator Ian Fleming's Jamaican estate, which is known as Goldeneye. That song peaked at No. I didn't have to watch the movies again before I started writing the music.

I had already seen them all 10 times. Serra, whose soundtrack al- bum for "The Big Blue" went to No. He in- terrupted work on his debut solo al- bum to score "Goldeneye" and plans to resume work on the record with producer Rupert Hine soon. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Serra has a vocal track that closes the soundtrack album and is featured over the movie's ending credits. The Turner song plays over the opening credits.

If it goes well, there's no reason we can't expand this to 30 markets. At press time, no sta- tions had been confirmed. Bands are asked to submit to NARAS two cassettes with no more than three original songs, a one- page biography, and a photo by Dec. Five bands from each market will be invited to perform at the showcases. This unique collection features new art and images from the band's upcoming Anthology program and from all periods of the group's existence.

He began his career with a management company in Los Angeles, which led to working with Pat Boone and daughter Debby in their pro- duction and publishing companies. I had a great time. And then I came back and farmed for a couple of years. By the time I came back, I really had a vision of what I wanted to do. My whole idea was develop- ment and growth, and Mike was getting to the point where he wanted to slow down.

I find I can't help people who want to slow down very well. We're not as good at maintenance as we are at development I think we do a good job at maintenance, but it just doesn't drive us. What are the top markets? Let's take all of our marketing dollars and slide it into those top markets. Let's go in and tour. Let's put together a show that can't be beat Let's go in and develop your draw.

We wanted to go in and own the room. After going into a city, they didn't go back in for a while, in order herever your listeners celebrate the holidays, they' 11 enjoy a special gift from the Air Force and Reba. On this free hour-long program, she sings songs of the season and some selections from her new album.

Starting Over. Licensed country music stations will receive this holiday program on CD the first week in December. If you're not on our Country Music Time mailing list, or a country station, fax to request your copy. When they did go back, it was to a larger wnue. We went into rooms I knew we could fill. I wanted a sellout every time. That's what we did with "The Great Adventure" tour. Then we just kept making it bigger each time and developing the draw.

Though Raines has his share of success stories, like all artist managers, he's made some mistakes. I did a Charlie Peacock tour too quickly based on his critical acclaim. I put him out there way too fast and in halls that were too big. I didn't spend enough time getting to know what the essence of that artist was before I did a tour on him. It was my mistake and an injustice to Charlie as well. That's proba- bly one of my biggest regrets over the last seven years.

What is it that, when you do it just feels right? And the second part is that we take a very focused strategic emphasis. It's not about maximizing short-term success. The approach we want to take is about a long- term career that lasts at least a lifetime. SM 13S S0 11,01 s J Tacoma.

Wasn , cs 33 BUI Calif SC Phone: Fax: For research information and pricing, call Mane Ratliff. A deal was finally struck for "Songs From Venice Beach. I was impressed by the range of the material that he did. To promote the record, Evidence will conduct in-store contests at retail; Gor- don says one promotion involves giving away a folk guitar.

The label is also doing mailings to press and triple-A radio. PD Mike Morrison notes that Hawkins played live on the station's "Music Hall" artist showcase and per- formed last year at Gimme Shelter, a benefit show for low-income and home- less family programs co-sponsored by the station. This year's concert, on Mon- day 20 at the Palace in Hollywood, Calif. Meyer says, " Galloway's idea was, We've got this great footage, let's see what else is out there. Can we put to- gether a documentary on Ted?

Besides a large helping of Hawkins' Universal Amphitheatre set, the video includes several performances captured on the Venice boardwalk, an intimate glimpse of Hawkins and Pete Seeger playing together backstage at New York's Bottom Line in , and footage of Hawkins in England shot by Granada Television during the singer's late-'SOs sojourn in the U.

He knew the subject matter. A few years ago, in the Super Bowl host city, the league started the NFL Expe- rience, a temporary theme park with concerts, appearances by players, amusement games, and a variety of fes- tivities. The performances under the concert- series umbrella will be separately ticket- ed events not included in the NFL Ex- perience admission.

One reason for the NFL's expan- sion into concerts is simply to keep lo- cal promoters from taking advantage of the Super Bowl. For years, rights to use the local venues have been included in a city's bid- ding process to attract the game. How- ever, Garber says, the league never uti- lized that benefit until now.

To that ques- tion, Garber happily replies yes. Smith says, "If we get really excellent press on the home video, I think, of course, we'll get some ancillai-y sales of the CD itself. Again, that's not why we put it out — we put it out because it's an important document" According to Smith, Geffen will ini- tially promote "Amazing Grace" to the press, which enthusiastically embraced "The Next Hundred Years.

Strange Fruit Records in the U. They never do independent licensing, but they had such success with Ted's The Next Hun- dred Years,' which was a top 20 Bill- hoard-charted record in Australia, that they're definitely interested. Which is whv we're as respected Tor our sales and marketing as we are known lor our music.

With timely payments. Innovative promotions. Creative marketing. Thoroughness and accessibility. If Allegro sounds like the kind of name you want representing your name, simply call us today. You get over 16, listings in the U. Order multiple copies for your entire staff! NJ, CA. I ot copies. Check enclosed tor S. Cardholder please print. Name Company Address City. Box NJ For fastest service call or In NY call In NJ call In addition, Westwood One radio personality Casey Kasem, who says he applauds Robertson's efforts in "trying to change the world through music," and actor Ed Asner will be among the celebrity hosts.

Contrary to published reports, Kit- aro and Kenny Loggins have not committed to performing at the con- cert, according to their representa- tives. However, the artists' respec- tive representatives say both have expressed interest in the event. Anita Baker is also reported as a scheduled performer, but her representatives could not be reached at press time to confirm.

The common thread these artists have, according to Robertson, is "they are about promoting inner peace. Until you have that, you can't have outer peace. We are in a spiritual crisis, and that's what this event is about. I've been involved with that for a long time with the music I do, which is very positive. Anything that can bring out awareness is a good idea.

Robertson, whose background is in sales and the process control industry, says the money raised will be used to convert defunct U. The initial goal is to convert one base in California as a test model, then tar- get the available bases nationwide, he says. DeLores Tucker, chairwoman of the National Political Congress of Black Women, has shown her support for the World Music Festival and also supports the concept of converting mil- itary bases to train youth. Robertson says he plans to give away 20, tickets to children through a corporate sponsor.

Representatives from the Coliseum, which seats approximately ,, did not return calls at press time. Jonathan is the real shit, and that's the kind of artist we want to be involved in. We aren't going to put out five albums a year, hoping two get airplay, so we could follow those two and drop the other three. Although Vapor will utilize Reprise for graphics, marketing, and publicity, it plans to assemble its own indepen- dent promotional network.

Somers says the labels' initial pro- motional efforts behind "Dead Men" and "Stonecutters" will be on a mar- ket-to-market basis. However, Somers says, if one of the albums takes off, Vapor may call on Reprise for promotional support. Reprise president Howie Klein says, "We have a long history of working with Neil and Elliot and we work very well together.

This is a working part- nership based on mutual respect and trust that is going to evolve. Sebadoh of Port Apache Studios tame. X For more info - irsinfo aol. AG When an album reaches this level, the album and [he artist's subsequent albums are immediately ineligible to appear on the Heatseekers cnart. All albums are available on cassette and CD. Albums with the greatest sales gains. Communications and SoundScan. Come Dec. Right now, it's difficult to find. The al- bum has been a hit for such key indie ur- ban accounts as George's Music in Chicago, Shantique in Detroit, and De- troit-based urban one-stop Angotts.

IZZ De- troit to various other markets. Doug Wilkins, senior director of national promotion at GRP. Heading West. Idaho hits the road for a West Coast swing with Lifter from Nov. Die L. Mr" 1. Heather Nova. Oyiler 2. Bryan While. Bryan While 2. Garbage, Garbage 3. Tarn Clark, Tern Ofk 3.

Mendy Patmkin, Oscar 4 Steve 4. Oyster S. The Com. Forgiven, Hot Forgotten 6. Jimil, Lait Chance. No Breaks 7. Blood Si Da t f u HifJfli 7. Caplefon, Prapriecy 8. Garbage 8. Cdwyn CoNini, Gorgeous G«-arge 9. Jeff Carton. Seven Mary Three, Arnerican Standard 1 0. Anderson says GRP will tag the radio spots with ma- jor chains two weeks after the in- die-store spots run. Raw Stylus, which made waves in the U.

The band, which expands to a pieee entou- rage for its live shows, calls its brand of hip-hop, old-school funk, pop, and jazz "street soul," rather than acid jazz Dance Trax, Oct. Its first single, "Believe In Me," which is gaining momen- tum at top The band is touring Europe with the Connells and plans to tour the U.

The label plans to bring the band to the U. The band will likely embark on a tour in early 1D! Dee says, "There are people who are not blessed to be able to do what I do. So I want to bring something back to the 'hood, and computers are going to be even more important in the next four to five years. G-Vine, which man- ages Dee, is soliciting support from Capitol to match the funds that will be donated by Dee and its other artists.

Construction for the centers will begin in late Sheppard says, "Dazzie has been a front-line soldier. He's been a Crip for the past 14 years. His music offers something other than negativ- ity. Dee says the album was recorded with the underground rap communi- ty in mind. I want radio to come to us. He's not talking about killing or drive-bys [ and asking young peo- ple to think about what's really going on.

He's telling people there ain't no glory in this. Louis, and Cleveland — markets in which West Coast rap sales are high- est. In October, Capitol street teams distributed stickers and a three-song cassette sampler to mix-show DJs, record-pool directors, and neighbor- hood venues, such as barber shops and liquor and grocery stores. Dee says, "By working with G- Vine [which has other gang members signed to its roster], we're showing that [rival gangs can work together].

No Half-Stepping. I use the same scenario on my album. I say, 'OK, I represent this, but peace to this side. With gangs, the only time vio- lence comes is when one side of a gang feels disrespected. It was directed by comedian Ricky Harris and puts a lighthearted, poignant spin on the eagerness with which Continued on ggflg 27 Ringing In Bell.

The artist will begin recording his debut solo set later this fall. An Alternative Black Radio Format? We received nearly a dozen phone calls, faxes, letters, and pull-asides regarding the concept for an alternative black radio format mentioned in this space last week. Unfortunately, none of the respondents were radio station owners or programmers.

For those serious about the so-called black alternative format, from label execs to consumers, it's probably a good idea to organize some sort of campaign geared toward gaining the attention of those responsible for what we hear on our audio pleasure boxes. Because a format change is a costly and risky undertaking, perhaps stations would initial- ly be more open to airing an alternative show during a late daypart Black alternative acts will never see the light of day on a mass scale unless black radio comes to the table.

Unless consumers complain about sta- tions' current practices, it will take more than a few music journalists writing about the issue to get black radio there. Rhythm and the by. In addition, she supervises all business and legal affaire matters pertaining to Per- spective. Irby was formerly business affairs senior VP at Motown. The show will be held Feb. The award winners will be announced in January. The Washington, D. Suzan Jenkins remains the foundation's executive director. Stewart currently man- ages Tommy Boy artists L.

However, Loud president Steven Rifkind is confident that Stewart will experience success in the new venture. No word yet on the label's debut act or when it will be released. The evening kicked off a comedy film festival Nov. The album was recorded earlier this year during the artist's Natural Wonder world concert tour with the Tokyo Sym- phony Orchestra, conducted by Dr.

Henry Panion III. A RIAA certification for shipment c4 1 million units , for EPs , with multiplatinum titles indicated by a numetal fol- lowing the symbol. It con- tains the Year End charts, chronicling the year's best releases. Plus, expanded editorial coverage recaptures the impactful trends and happenings of the past year. A Collector's Issue, it remains on the newsstand for two weeks.

This January 6 spotlight is anchored around the year-end positions of Billboard's home video charts, including Top video sales, Top video rentals and Top kid video. In addition. Billboard takes you through the major trends of 1 as well as taking a look at predictions for trends and developments. Billboard's spotlight on France offers readers a comprehensive current overviewiew of the French music market. In addition to listing key contenders in the various categories for the awards, the January 20 issue also explores the revitalization of French popular music, featuring capsule reports on French acts, music video production and always important French radio!

Contact Francois Millet Reach Billboard s As a follow-up, our January 27 issue highlights the event's activities including in-depth coverage of European licensing, music publishing and the Asian Pacific and Latin American music explosions. Billboard's January 27th spotlight brings you up-to date on Canada's music market with a special emphasis on the international success of Canadian talent.

Our editorial coverage includes a look at label releases, emerging talent, musical successes and the overall growth of the Canadian marketplace. This comprehensive overview of the UK's market- place takes an authoritative look at the resurgence of British pop from the viewpoint of the new corps of international executives at the UK labels. Olher topics include British acts who experienced chart success this year and case histories on '95's most notable UK breakthrough stories.

The only publication that delivers your message around the globe, Billboard's worldwide reach is unrivaled. Put it to work for you. The decline in sales doesn't mean that the record is over; it's just that it is almost impossible to maintain the same level of sales when a record blows out of the stores in its first week- Next week, "Exhale" could well find itself in the same situation as "You Remind. L It should be very interesting to see who prevails. The complete single stalls at No. This surge in sales helps give it a huge boost up the chart At radio, "Still In Love" is just getting started.

It is developing equally at radio and retail. This week it is No. As Christmas approaches, it is not unusual to see more releases than normal. Quincy Jones is at No. Other hot ones include "Soul Food" No. Tommy Boy , and "Mood" No. The clip portrays a kid watching a TV commercial selling a "gangster starter kit" that contains gang-asso- ciated paraphernalia, including a pair of Converse sneakers, khaki pants, a pager, an Oakland Raiders cap, and a 'How To Be A Gangster' manual.

The next day, he goes to school and passes by a corner where he used to watch older guys play dominos, but now in that spot is a [police] chalk outline of a body. He just shakes his head and walks away. The video and the song is like a wake- up call. The label is also investigating concert packages with other West Coast artists. Dee currently has no booking agent. At press time, the label had not scheduled an international release date for "Where's My Receipt?

Little Ones. This set is soft, easy, and sensuous. We're talkin' bal- lad central here. Forget Miller time. Instead, pour some cabernet and light the candles. Earlier this year, the label tried to run a bus-bench ad campaign for the group's album "The Real" through- out Inglewood but was prohibited from doing so by city officials Billboard, Sept.

Solid Team. Robinson has produced the last nine clips directed by Cube. Cl' Dl. A RIAA certification tor sales of 1 million units. Catalog no. T Vinyl maxi-singie availability. V Vinyl single availability. AS FSOf. E'Es Eea-. T'JE P. SSE'S', S s ;:,-'-, i , - e issr! AMN3 R -iT. Tf M- 1. ALLEN RilEvi '. J 1 [-r't. CKDi V! BLiTZZ LEV '. CI ,0 l. A RIAA certification tor sales of 1 million units, with additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol.

Catalog number is for cassette single. D CD single availability. T Vinyl maxi-single availability. IV Vinyl single availability. Songs ranked by gross impressions, computed by cross- referencing exact times of airplay with Artrtron listener data. M-WfW i". EMU rend! Lick, BUlToo Brmn. TJtg Poppa. BM11MI Blackwood. Funky Noble. Of America. Warner- Tamerlane.

BMiyWamer Chappell. WI Apnl. BOf v! BMLDicarn Team. LWMM Shirt. IPalyCram Irrt l. BMllanee Combs. Accurate as of press time. Overall sales fell 1. Not too may new acts have become supcrsrars; some like Jemini lhe Gifted One — wett even dropped belorc all hip-hoj writers got the chance to review their albums; and fewer urban stations arc play- ing rap, opting for plush RcjB and classic soul instead. Most rap performers these days aren't blowing up. Those who manage to pop often become victims of the "sophomore slump," swiftly los ing their holds on the market place.

For one, the culture responsible for them remains dom- inant in mainstream society — witness the fact that television advertisers are still exploiting it big-time, pay- ing big bucks during prime- time, attempting to reach the masses.

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