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Tagged with: tinsdown tinsdale module adventure mine magic world. The Druid Occupation By tooley1chris This is just a little something I threw together in my spare time. This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability.

Some of the content was inspired by Classic Fantasy. Druids are a type of priest, protectors of nature and worshipers of forest deities. They hold the sun, the moon, and the trees particularly oak and ash as sacred representatives of the divine. They are the caretakers of plants and animals, and while they condone the hunting of woodland creatures and the cutting of trees as necessary for the survival of the civilized races, they are intolerant of wasteful exploitation. In these cases, druids can be patiently devious in their revenge on those who would profit at the expense of nature.

Mistletoe is the holy symbol of the druid. Druids are uneasy in civilized areas and prefer the solitude of their small log and stone cottages and sacred groves deep within the wilder regions of The Realm. Your players may NEVER even visit some or even most of the areas as they are less than interesting to an adventuring party, but I included them anyway just in case.

They may never visit the chair makers shop looking for glory, but if they buy a house, or even a manor, they may want to furnish it. I also mapped a small hamlet outside of Tindale. A farming community of sorts. There should be 5 or 6 of these That I didn't map in the areas around the town, as well as Tindales main mine and namesake, and a logging camp. I may add these later, as they are an important part of Tindales economy. Or someone else can feel free to add files as they wish.

It would tickle me mightily if others made and posted adventures that revolved around the town. Every medieval town in history has a lot of small hamlets and farmsteads surrounding it. Tindale should be no different.

I didn't map EVERY building or apartment in the town This book would have been 10 times as large but this gives you, the chronicler, and me, room to expand and add stuff as needed. My idea for this town is to be a base for my own players. A place to call home. There is one main adventure tied to the town, Annabels Gift. A dozen small quests that can be found by talking to different NPCs, searching help wanted boards, or visiting the Adventurers Guild. Some of these are very dangerous to green adventurers and the Chronicler should read through them carefully so as no to over power the players.

Intrepid and daring adventurers stand to make a fortune if they succeed at some of these, later in their careers. Maybe even becoming nobility themselves. You will notice the mapped area descriptions are pretty detailed. More so than most who run the game might need. This is because I have players who want to know exactly what is in the room they just broke into. What can be Almost forgot.

I broke down and bought a decent PDF editor and spent the last couple days adding links and bookmarks to pages for easier navigation. Thanks to Chaosium, inc. LOTS of love to Trifletraxor for bringing so many great people together and allowing us to share our adventures! A 6 page, landscape format, GM screen that you can print out and put in one of those DIY GM screen thingies or just leave it open on your laptop and save a tree.

Includes some useful tables for combat, movement, prices, and some other odds and ends that I always find I'm flipping or searching for. Tagged with: magicworld screen gm aid. A simple, no-frills, form-fillable, 6-NPC sheet adapted from the character sheet in the back of the Magic World rulebook. This sheet has a few wrinkles; it calculates Hit Points if your NPC is incomplete, like undead, ghosts, whatever, it'll take that into account for the most likely scenarios , it calculates damage bonus, and all characteristic rolls.

If you don't need the form-fillable bits, just print it off as is. If there's any bugs with the sheet let me know, I whipped this up pretty quickly while fully hopped up on cold medicine. Automatically Calculatates Things like: Hit Points, Major Would level, and characteristic rolls, most fields are editable.

Characteristic generator Select a species from the drop down menu and generate characteristics, notes, weapons, damage, etc. Chaotic Features One-click random chaotic features pulled from the table in the book. All buttons are invisible during printing. If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions on how to improve the sheet post a comment and I'll take it under advisement. Tagged with: npc character-sheet form-fillable autocalculate generator.

A collated list of the Magic World and Advanced Sorcery spells. Arranged alphabetically by category Sorcery, Necromancy, Rune Magic, etc. MP cost Effects Range Source and page number. There is a field for "Type" that you are free to use or ignore which is for a house-rule I use for keeping track of Black Magic, and affects to Allegiance through spell-casting.

Tagged with: sorcery magic advanced sorcery index spells list. Feel free to use it! I have not compiled or checked the corrections and cannot confirm that this is the latest version of the errata for the game. Odd things have been happening in Tindale, based on the Farthing adventure seed in MW p.

This opening scenario describes the risky journey from Lashingport to Tindale. Can they work out what is going on? Tagged with: southern reaches invesigate detective. While I like some elements of the magic and the magical objects that they include, it seems much more generic than the eccentric appeal of debating with demons and elementals.

I remember that he was rather bemused by it all back in the day, saying that it all seemed like gaming was very hard work. I actually had some definite plans to expand and use the Southern Reaches. Admittedly, they were a last-minute addition to the MW game, but David Ackerman and I put a lot of thought into how to keep them going in the future. Interesting to know! Did the old management at Chaosium support these plans, though?

They were absolutely on board with it. Depending on the theme of the book, that ratio would flip in one direction or the other. And while the rules themselves were of use to any MW campaign, the examples given were specific to the SR, and added more detail to the setting. The monster book was primarily monsters of general use in any fantasy setting for MW, but then also had a ton of new fey types for the SR. But it also had a bunch of scenarios that could be used in that specific area, or easily used in any MW game.

Something you could drop into any campaign world you like, or just use it as it is. I was inspired by a lot of the fantasy movies and shows I was into back in the 80s. I wanted to give Chroniclers free reign to make up whatever they wanted to be outside the map, even if that was nothing at all. I truly think that MW was a missed opportunity. This is absolutely fascinating. Pingback: Super Basic — Refereeing and Reflection. Oh, sure.

Heck, the books I mentioned above were all written. The monster book was written and in first-stage editing. While I was working to try and get the warehouse sorted out, and Rick and Co. Pingback: Worlds of Mythras — Refereeing and Reflection. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Are you buying this? Stormbringer early versions As is often with the case with classic Chaosium RPGs, many of the differences between editions of Stormbringer are essentially cosmetic, at least for their early versions.

Magic World As the s rolled around, various changes came to the game line: the rather transitional 4th Edition of Stormbringer worked in some changes to the magic system, then the retitled Elric! This being the case, it would seem both consistent with this strategy and a decent idea in and of itself for Chaosium to bench Magic World for a while and give it a good hard look before making a second edition, and not pushing ahead with any such thing until they can answer the following questions to their own satisfaction: Is the Southern Reaches a compelling enough setting to base a commercial product line around?

If it is, what are the truly unique elements of the setting which Magic World needs to reflect from page 1? If it is not, do we have a setting available to us which makes it worth putting out Magic World at all? And you really need a more evocative name than Magic World. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Previous Means To an End.

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