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Unable to control the crime, the police constructed a colossal containment wall around this area to protect the rest of the city. For undercover cop Damien Collier Paul Walker every day is a battle against corruption. In a dystopian Detroit, abandoned brick mansions left from better times now house only the most dangerous criminals.

For Lino David Belle , every day is a fight to live an honest life. Director: Camille Delamarre. Genre s : Action , Drama , Crime. Rating: PG Runtime: 90 min. See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Stream On. Buy on. Critic Reviews. Stephen Whitty Apr 25, See it for Belle. See it for the parkour. And for the wonderfully magical spectacle of a man flying.

Read full review. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky Apr 24, Scott Apr 24, Brawny, dumb and preposterous, it nonetheless comes tantalizingly close to being a high-impact allegory of race, class and real estate in a postindustrial, new-Gilded Age America.

Jamie Neish May 3, It's essentially a collection of shoddily edited action sequences, underpinned by a monotonous narrative that has no purpose, let alone moral heart to reward viewers' waning attention. Liam Lacey Apr 24, Michael O'Sullivan Apr 30, Joe Neumaier Apr 24, The film is put together too choppily to appreciate the bounce-off-walls athleticism of parkour.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. GamerStream May 17, But it's good to see Paul Walker back in action. The trancheur French-parkour, David Belle's action was still hardcore than District RZA was just another good looking villain trying to changed the roles to good-guys. The minor villain such as K2 was really a bad idea for "What a loss. The minor villain such as K2 was really a bad idea for Luc Besson. Hope there is a sequel coming up HealingToolbox Nov 12, This is a remake of the French film District 13, in which Belle had also starred.

Tony Scott of NT Times nails it: "Brawny, dumb and preposterous, Brick Mansions nonetheless comes tantalizingly close to being a high-impact fable of race, class and real estate in a postindustrial, This is a remake of the French film District 13, in which Belle had also starred.

Tony Scott of NT Times nails it: "Brawny, dumb and preposterous, Brick Mansions nonetheless comes tantalizingly close to being a high-impact fable of race, class and real estate in a postindustrial, new-Gilded Age America. Brick mansions comes across as classic Luc Besson scripting with action and surprises galore. Forrestgump1 Jul 31, Even if we saw this movie a few years ago entitled "District B13" an interesting indie film that introduced the world in a small portion to the depth and creativity that parkour stunts captivate.

So where does that leave us? District B13 dubbed in French is actually called.. The most notable, is that this is the final completed role of the late, Paul Walker before his tragic death in an automobile accident last November. Bittersweet is not the word I would use, more like, sad and empathy.

Paul Walker does turn in a more than humble performance and his stunts are top notch. While the film requires a multitude of suspended disbelief, as most action films of this caliber do. Aside from some poorly dubbed lines from French co-star, and co-founder of Parkour David Belle, and a more laughable and cheesy performance from rapper, RZA.

This is the more impressive Luc Besson adaptation to come along in a while. Mainly due in part to the devoted dedication of this crew and the cool and hip stunts. In a dystopian Detroit, there are abandoned Brick Mansions, left from a better times, but now house only the most notorious and ruthless criminals Unable to control the crime spree, the city sanctioned off the town with huge barricades and secluded them from the rest of the world.

Undercover narcotics cop, Damian Collier Walker every day is a struggle against corruption and for Lino Belle is just to survive. As stated above the film is a remake of the film "District B13" and quite honestly if you watch that film, you will be surprised how eerily similar the films are.

I had a few quarrels with the film's nonchalant plot, if there was any. French Director,Camille Delamarre choppy edits the film to lengths where you barely understand what's happening. Some of the artistic choices were muffled on a path of obscurity. Did you know Edit. Goofs When the camera pans out from Detroit at aroun 1hr 5mins, it is actually panning out from a suburb of Chicago.

Quotes Tremaine Alexander : Where I come from, cash rule everything around me. Alternate versions Unrated Cut: Found on the blu-ray released in the U. Runs minutes. Connections Edited from Last Call User reviews Review. Top review. A bad yet still enjoyable action flick in Paul Walker's final film. Dystopian Detroit. Criminal exploits. No name thugs. Guns and drugs. These are probably words, phrases, and tags seen before in other movies, and apt descriptors of Brick Mansions.

For about a year, Damien has been undercover looking to take down Tremaine RZA , a kingpin who also killed Damien's father while he was in the line of duty. Tremaine and crew reside in Brick Mansions, a place so dangerous they built a wall around it to protect the rest of the city. Brick Mansions, once a place of great prosperity, is now a hellhole no man or woman should venture into.

To take down Tremaine though, Damien will need help. Lino Dupree is an in and out con who isn't really a bad guy, but more of a victim of circumstance. As a resident, he knows Brick Mansions like the back of his hand. For Lino, it becomes personal when his girlfriend is taken hostage by Tremaine.

To save Detroit and exact revenge, the reluctant duo must come together for a common cause. Brick Mansions is not going to blow anyone away, which should not be appalling looking at the trailers. It really does possess a straight to home media vibe, from the cast to the direction. But you know what? I did not think it was completely terrible and dare I say I was still kind of entertained, all because I knew what I was getting into. In no way does this absolve the film's problems, and it was not worth 11 dollars, but I have felt much worse spending my hard earned cash on other cinema films.

Let's get right down to the acting, specifically Paul Walker's in his last full role. It is not controversial to call Mr. Walker an average actor, and many of the roles and movies he starred in were never that acclaimed. He knew his limitations, and there is no fault in that. One thing he often had in most roles though was screen presence and silent charisma, which is evident here. It may sound politically correct, but he really is the best thing about Brick Mansions.

Likable, endearing, and just a good guy to pull for. As for the rest of the acting, it is downright abysmal. Maybe a quarter of this is due to the dreadful dialogue, which falls into the typical hard sounding thug talk that is supposed to be realistic and fear- invoking, but comes off as dated and hilarious. David Belle, one of the founders of Parkour, brings amazing physical feats to the silver screen, but his acting chops are nonexistent.

To add insult to injury, he clearly struggles with the English language which ends up resulting in horribly dubbed dialogue. Still, he is not the worst actor in this movie. That title indisputably belongs to RZA. His Tremaine is supposed to be menacing and unflinching, but time and time again he brings the same facial expression to the character, and the dialogue delivered by him may be the worst heard all year.

He has no thespian talent, plain and simple, and it is time that Hollywood stop giving this man so many chances. Honestly, there are worse actors present, especially RZA's main henchman who is just as offensive, but none have the billing that RZA does in this. The plot itself is nothing to write home about, and is somewhat absurd and slightly predictable.

Just take it for what it is. There are times late when the movie makes thinly veiled allusions to present day Detroit and the Occupy Wall Street movement, but it basically is a popcorn movie existing to showcase guns, stunts, and fisticuffs. The only big issue had is that everything wraps up too nicely given that the movie was a full on war moments before.

As a whole, it is nothing that hasn't been done or seen previously and better at that , but at least it only last 90 minutes. There really are some well done set pieces from time to time. Parkour may be a passing fad now, but when done right, it is still a treat to witness, and David Belle moves effortlessly between chasms and rooftops seamlessly.

Paul Walker provides more hand to hand and firearm combat, and he looks right at home in this element. Problem is, director Camille Delamarre Taken 2, Transporter 3, Columbiana uses terrible framing and janky editing during a lot of these scenes. It is quite sad, as Belle and Walker are clearly doing some good things.

For some asinine reason though, this man insists that wobbly framing, needless zooms and archaic Matrix-like slow motion is needed. Not all looked bad, but a more consistent steady hand could have worked wonders. Brick Mansions is unimpressive, but crazy to say, also enjoyable.

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