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GA EP. This week netwaves is bringing an anthology of their catalogue. Netwaves is a weekly radio-broadcast, stream, podcast and a free netlabel compilation. Our live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio , the first independent radio in Belgium. Visit the netwaves blog. Topics: 8bitpeoples, 8bit, chiptunes. Another Pixelated Audio Expansion Pack! Episode 50 reaches deep into VGM from a range of different systems and eras. Join in for our 50th episode.

Topics: VGM, video game music, retro gaming, video games, bgm, game audio, chiptunes, 8bit, 16bit, Including remixes of tracks by Kero Kero Bonito and Starbox. Artwork by iloveui. Topics: 8bit, chiptunes. Dance Diego Dance! Healing My Lola The drum sounds included have been extracted from games while others have been converted using classic analog drum machines as source.

Accurate software emulation of the NES sound chip has been used to get that original crunchy drum sounds typical of classic games such as Super Mario Bros 3 , Lifeforce , Super C and Kid Most of the songs are made completely with either Commodore 64 or Amiga, but his remix of Signal Electrique has effects added to the wobbly evil bass sounds of the C Fasten your heatbelts!

Trashy overdosed 8-bit shitekno from Lithuania in tamil. Topics: shitcore, pichismo, shitekno, lithuania, chiptunes, noise, amphetamine. Gypsy Circus Whimsical Exuberance Over The Bridge Stoner's Art Earth Worm Jim 2 : Game [8-bit Remix] Gimn Of Russia X-Files [8-bit] Open Door Play I Don't Have Any Children Bashat Looking At The Shores One Day Originally planned as a ten-track single, Walter Hunt has crafted a full-length album of 8Bit chiptunes and experimental electronica.

Walter has been a fan of electronic music for ages, often recording the The debut album from premier Vocaloid artist, Sonika, and her longtime collaborator and producer, SeriousMF. A veritable 'coup des sentiments', The Sonika Topics: sonika, sonika's 1st album, sonika album, the sonika album, vocaloid, engloid, engloid album, Source: SeriousMF.

AceMan - Starslug. This material is strictly intended for consumption by any mechanical or virtual intelligence agent or any robotic automaton with sapience or sentience or self-awareness that has compliant audio analysis systems.

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