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Further, the three colours were in common use in Rastafarian culture and their use in African emancipation movements dated back to the Eighteenth Century. So, why the litigation Kraft? The book cover is a kind of joke, a mark of respect, and a great advertising for Freia. On internet forums today sympathy is wholly with Juritzen.

Some posts also draw attention to the similarity of the candy wrapper to the flags of e. Mali, Ghana, Bolivia, and anticipate with poorly disguised glee legal action by Kraft lawyers against these countries or was it vice versa? No idea what the name means. It's like a Kit kat, but to me the wafer part tastes slightly different. Slightly as in I dunno, it just does. Here I am, having a short rest with some chocolate while hiking in the mountains with my family Derfor var det isholke og slett ikke noe som passet det jeg hadde smurt med.

Det var deilig - og det var i den tilstanden dette bildet ble tatt - med KvikkLunsj og gode greier Much more info on Serious Sweets. Much more info here. Kvikk Lunsj! It's the mandatory chocolate to bring on hiking trips either on foot or skiing in Norway. It's a lot like Kit Kat but much better. In my opinion only contested by the Swedish Kex chocolad.

Norwegians eat loads of it during Easter. One of the most popular chocolates in Norway, the one you bring on a day skiing, or just as a kvikk-lunsj. Photo taken on Karl Johan street. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags Kvikklunsj. View all All Photos Tagged Kvikklunsj. Kvikklunsj er nok bare en kopi av Kit Kat. Men en bedre kopi: mere mat og mindre sukker. Lunch at the top by balsamia. From the peak Tortenviktind - overlooking the coast of Helgeland.

Kvikklunsj by greatandlittle. Kraft Foods vs Arve Juritzen by johnpaddler. Redaksjonell bruk Foto: Eskild E. All set for tonight's Travel Talk: Hiking in Norway! Her ligger alt til rette for en fin turopplevelse by Odd Moleskine, pen, kvikk lunsj and fantastic landscape I'm ready to write! Resting by Christoffer A. I missed my kvikklunsj so i bought some.. Feel How insubstantial a KitKat suddenly feels, in the butch shadow of the marginally thicker, wider, a full 5.

Snap Audibly, Kvikk Lunsj delivers a marginally more satisfying thunk as you snap a finger off. Chocolate The crucial component. The KitKat chocolate is unsophisticated, one-dimensionally honeyed. Nibble-ability If you like to nibble around the edges, deconstructing the layers to prolong the pleasure, then Kvikk Lunsj — thicker sides, bottom, really chunky ends — is on top. Texture KitKat edges it. Its wafer offers a clear crunch and its closely compacted fingers have a definitive bite.

The Kvikk Lunsj, while crisp in the middle, has a softer, airier feel. KitKat v Kvikk Lunsj: which four-fingered chocolate bar tastes best? Have a break, have a … Kvikk Lunsj?

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