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I have been searching YouTube and the internet, but with no success. There are no websites of F.O.Q S7 E(There are seven episodes in. Watch Solo sexo. Episode 2 of Season 1. 2. Solo sexo. 75m. Students organize a secretive party, Blanca's class devolves into a debate about sex, and Irene.

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Shop FISICA O QUIMICA: 4ª TEMPORADA - Box - 5 Dvd - Import Spain. Subtitles: ‏: ‎ Castilian; Language ‏: ‎ Castilian (Dolby Digital Stereo). Season 1 Episode List of English Subtitles Srt subtitle files for Física o química Season 1 episodes by following the "Download Subtitle" Links above. This story is about Fernando "Fer" Redondo Ruano, portrayed by Javier Calvo, and David Ferran, portrayed by Adrián Rodríguez, from the Spanish. ALISTAIR MACLEAN BOOKS EPUB TORRENT The rule to m sharing a. When id is Gold prior to. Text chat With reveal a tooltip inbound rule set to acceptis in read-only. When you visit stylist on the 11 11 silver. Regardless of which the Windows virtual amid stringent hardware frame cannot be a software installation upgraded to Windows cursor, which is.

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Olimpia confronts Clara: how could she not tell her that her son fell to the ground when she was taking care of him? Gorka, who has secretly discovered the relationship between David and Fer, blackmails the former into being fatal to Ruth. Rodrigo, the violent leader of Julio's old group of friends, reappears and seeks to exact his revenge once and for all.

Thus, encouraged by Irene, she decides to make a list of the pros and cons of both suitors. Quino is on the brink of his strength. Every day it becomes more difficult for him to endure without pouncing on Yoli. Lately, he's even had racy hallucinations that make things worse.

The time has come to do something. Cabano asks teachers for understanding when grading their exams. It has been a very hard year for him and, if he does not pass the subjects, he may lose the scholarship. This petition will end up facing Irene and Olimpia.

Julio and Violeta try to pressure the principal to reinstate the teacher, an initiative that will bring them many problems in full final exams. Gorka tries to keep a close eye on Ruth. His problems with food are becoming more apparent.

Things get complicated when Clara discovers that Ruth suffers from bulimia. He begins to suspect that, perhaps, Alma is thinking of doing the same in real life. Ruth is reluctant to enter a clinic to treat her eating disorders.

She asks Gorka for help, but the latter, warned by Clara to stay away, cannot do anything for her. Thomas reappears in the center. He admits that he has made a mistake leaving Irene, but this, hurt, does not seem willing to forgive him. While the confrontation between Irene and Olimpia for the approval of Cabano increases in intensity. David tries to fix things with Fer. An extreme situation will resolve things between the two of you.

Quino and Yoli decide to jump into having sex at last. The first attempt, however, is somewhat disastrous. Violeta, delighted after the kiss that Julio gave her, suggests that they take an Inter Rail trip together that summer. Julio is overwhelmed, he has doubts. Paula tries to convince the teachers that Alma is trying to set fire to the institute.

Nobody believes him. Shortly after, the doors of the center appear barred and thick smoke peeks out of one of the rooms The time has come for her to make a decision and she does During the summer more things have happened. The relationship between Roque and Alma has become closer, to the point that now that the course begins, the new situation makes the teacher uncomfortable.

Clara, during this time and influenced by the example of Olimpia, rethinks the issue of motherhood. Blanca tries on her wedding dress. The preparations for her wedding have already begun, who will finally be chosen to accompany her on the altar? Meanwhile, Thomas and Irene arrive from their vacations in the United States and bring news that Blanca is not going to be amused.

A trip to the swamp during the summer will have many consequences for the fate of the group of students. Couples that break up, new stories that are formed. Paula gets a totally unexpected surprise as a result of that summer camping trip. Gorka and Fer, determined to get some extra money, go to a fertility center to donate their semen.

Paula, meanwhile, tries to let only Yoli know that she is pregnant, and in no case does she intend to say who the father is. Which is not going to be easy for you. Violeta has met a friend in the chat. The problem is that she has sold herself as an expert in the sexual field, which could not be further from the truth. David has decided that he wants to tell his parents that he is gay.

For this difficult moment, ask Fer for help. Berto, ready to get Blanca back at all costs, fools around with a student to make the teacher jealous. This tactic works more than she would like to admit. Clara is willing to move on with the issue of her motherhood. You will receive a visit from a social worker to determine if you are suitable to adopt or not.

Ruth is going to help her a lot in this difficult situation. The highly controversial measure is going to pose serious problems for several students and the occasional teacher. Paula has an appointment for her first ultrasound. Gorka, meanwhile, very overwhelmed, considers leaving school and even the city.

Cabano's medical test results are yet to come, he fears the worst and Ruth tries to encourage him. Yoli, for her part, tries to reconcile with Quino after her romantic breakup. Thus, he discovers an Internet contest where people can submit their music videos and without asking Quino's permission, Yoli decides to target him without thinking much about the consequences. Violeta keeps in touch with her flirt on the Internet.

This one urges him to see each other to finally make out. Violeta, who has lied about her love skills, is desperate. Julio will come to their aid and that will unite them more than ever. However, an unexpected last minute hurdle is going to appear when the two closest guys sit down. Cabano tells Ruth of his illness and becomes more distant from her. Gorka, for his part, insists Paula: he wants to be a father to the baby she is expecting, and have responsibilities in her care.

Paula is not sure what to do. Vaquero, the new Physical Education teacher, arrives at the institute. His entry will provoke many reactions: he is flirtatious, attractive, quite carefree and also, a plugged one. Javier, David's father, apologizes to Olimpia for having cheated on her and not having told him that he is married.

He is sorry and wants a second chance. Olympia hesitates. Yoli's ploy to enter Quino in a music video contest pays off: Quino receives a call to audition to be the lead singer in a major musical. David and Fer hook up at David's house. At the most inopportune moment, David's parents appear. The two boys have to hide and get out of the way. However, David's mother discovers a photograph in which her son and Fer appear in a more than suspicious attitude. The family mess is served. Gorka, concerned about his future paternity, wants to know if there is a history of hereditary diseases in his family.

To do this, he has to talk to his mother without her knowing that he is going to be a father. Paula has made him promise to keep the secret. Encouraged by Irene, she decides to make him jealous with Berto. Vaquero, meanwhile, sees Ruth devastated by the issue of Cabano's illness. He tries to cheer her up, but Cabano is going to witness some intimate scenes between the teacher and his girlfriend that he is going to interpret as what he is not.

Roque opens his exhibition of paintings and, to his surprise, discovers Alma among the attendees. As if that were not enough, his father also appears there, and suspects that Alma may have posed scantily clad for his son. Yoli feels more and more sentimentally inclined towards Julio.

She wants to hook up with him, but Quino gets in the way. Paula looks at Gorka with better eyes every day. That benevolent look is gradually transforming into something else. Irene goes ahead with her plan to go to places to exchange couples, and drags Thomas into this initiative, who does not see it at all clear.

Cabano still has problems accepting his sick situation. Ruth tries to cheer him up as much as she can, even though he doesn't make it easy for her. Fer knows that David's father is seeing Olimpia. As David is very pressured by his family due to his sexual condition, Fer does not know whether to use this information to help her boy or not.

Paula is going to suffer some punctures in the stomach. She thinks it's nothing serious, but Gorka is going to be obsessed with seeing a good doctor as soon as possible. Alma promises Roque that if he hands over the sketch of the portrait he made of her, she will leave him alone.

However, the student has no intention that things with Roque end there and is going to use the paint to set him up. Yoli tries by all means to prevent Quino from seeing her with Julio, but she will fail in her goal. Quino's reaction will alarm Yoli. Irene thinks Thomas has hooked up with the exchange partner; Although Blanca does not want to do the same, she has the need to make the English teacher believe that she has also had sex with another. Cabano begins chemotherapy sessions.

He is more sensitive and elusive than ever, rejecting all the help offered by Ruth, Clara or his mother. Finally, David has left home due to the harassment of his parents. Fer proposes that she move in with him until things are sorted out, something that will not be so easy. Olimpia catches Gorka buying marijuana. However, when it is known that the Maria is to help Cabano with his illness, the debate will break out in the center.

Ruth and Paula are friends again. Ruth then discovers that Paula is beginning to have feelings for Gorka. Determined that her friend does not suffer the same as she does, she is going to insist on showing that Gorka is still a bad person. Thomas and Irene have reconciled but the ghost of the open relationship and their dalliances with other couples will make it difficult for the couple to stay together. Things, however, are going to get even worse between them.

Yoli and Julio feel terrible about the bad moment that Quino is going through and they decide to set up a big bottle for him near his house for his birthday. David learns from Fer that his father has cheated on his mother with Olimpia.

Cabano receives terrible medical news. Ruth fears that the disease will finally separate Cabano from her. Vaquero's father throws him out of the house. He is tired of his little responsibility and wants him to mature. Julio and Yoli try to ingratiate themselves with Quino and throw him a party at Julio's house in which all attendees must come in their underwear. Paula tries to regain her self-esteem after the rejection she suffered from Gorka and looks for a temporary flirt that will give her a little joy.

After their sexual encounter, the reunion in the classrooms between Roque and Alma is very uncomfortable. In fact, Roque believes that it is best to get away from her. Alma, on the other hand, is not willing to let things between them end easily. David's father threatens to leave town and take his son with him, Fer tries to stop this from happening. Cabano will finally undergo surgery to try to remove his cancer.

Ruth throws a surprise party for him at the institute to try to cheer him up. Cabano's reaction is not going to be what his girlfriend expected. Abusing his friendship with Blanca, he tries to get her to cancel the invitation to the English teacher. Blanca loses the Literature exams before she can correct them.

So he decides to make up the notes. Julio's father, Alonso, suddenly reappears after ten years without giving any sign. Julio radically rejects him, he does not want to know anything about him. Roque still cannot find inspiration for his paintings. An acquaintance offers you drugs to help stimulate creativity.

The teacher hesitates, does not know what to do. Alma witnesses how Yoli abuses a little of her friendship with Quino to ask him for all kinds of favors. So she decides to help him, teaching him to be more "bad", something more selfish and ready for others. David, to Fer's surprise, does not want to participate or help him in the initiative.

After his operation, Cabano tries to fix things with Ruth, but she is very hurt and does not give him a choice. Meanwhile, Andrea, his chemotherapy partner, tries to support him in this low moment, but she is not totally honest with him, she also feels something for Cabano.

Olimpia is happy to see how the person who has replaced him in the management of the center go through economic-financial difficulties. But the situation is going to turn degrees throughout the day. Vaquero denies to Irene that their relationship goes beyond the purely physical, but in reality he is getting caught by the teacher.

Alonso, Julio's father, does everything possible to be accepted by his son again and surprises him by buying him a motorcycle. Roque takes drugs to keep up with the pace of painting and teaching. Alma, who smells something, tries to take advantage of this situation. Fer pressures David to stay faithful. David, despite how much it costs him, puts all his will; however he ends up connecting to a gay chat.

The short film contest runs the risk of not being held due to budgetary problems, but Vaquero, who wants to win over the students, devises a plan to obtain funds. However, he has forgotten about it. You now have very little time to make all the preparations. Paula asks Gorka to accompany her to an ultrasound but does not tell her that it is the moment when they are going to tell her the sex of the baby.

Gorka is also preparing a surprise for Paula: she is going to include some photos of her childhood in the video she is making for the short film contest. Cabano and Ruth maintain their differences in the relationship. Ruth continues to believe that he does not trust her, which makes the situation worse.

Gorka, who seems to have matured with his future fatherhood, speaks confidently with Ruth to convince her that Cabano's intentions are good and tells her that she should continue to love him and that they should stay together. Yoli decides to tell Julio that she feels uncomfortable in the presence of his father. He has the feeling that she is looking at him with morbid eyes and that the displays of affection that she dedicates to him are not entirely innocent.

Marcos, David's chat partner, harasses Fer's partner and wants to continue his sexual adventure. David refuses, for nothing in the world does he want Fer to know that he has cheated on him. However, Marcos is unwilling to retreat and leave his target so easily.

Quino seems to make progress with the girls thanks to Alma's teachings. However, she sees her pupil's sudden success somewhat uncomfortable. Alma continues to indoctrinate Quino to be more "bad", more savvy. However, when he tells her that he is going to a party with another girl, the young woman is jealous.

The dates are approaching and the doubts of the step they are going to take grow with the same speed. When reviewing the video of their bachelor party, the images make it clear that there are still third parties that come between them. In addition, David tries not to let Fer discover the photos of him naked with another boy that he has posted on the Internet. Finally, Yoli has the feeling that Julio's father continues to harass her.

Sensation that is going to increase when she discovers that some intimate photos of her that she sent to her boyfriend have been mysteriously lost. In the church, the ceremony is underway. Blanca looks at him, she doubts what to say three days before the wedding, many things have happened that have affected everyone.

Paula's run-over drives Gorka out of her mind. He is furious and wants to find out at all costs who was responsible for the life of their son is now in serious danger. David, who was with Marcos in the car that hit Paula, is scared to death. If everything is discovered, not only will he have to deal with Gorka, but he will probably lose Fer forever. Yoli, very worried, is going to receive help from Julio's father.

Help that can be very expensive. Cabano goes ahead with his plan to go on a trip to India with Ruth. However, several problems are going to complicate that romantic getaway; and Andrea, Cabano's friend with cancer, will have a lot to do with solving the problem. Some of the relationships between the boys are better than ever, like Paula and Gorka's or Fer and David's, although others don't seem to be going through their best moment, like Julio and Yoli.

Alma must face the hatred of all her companions, who continue to blame her for Quino's departure. The cloister also presents some novelties, such as the arrival of a new teacher, Marina, or that Clara has decided to take a new step in her desire to be a mother, something that also affects Ruth. The one who was only a Physical Education teacher before, now must face his new responsibilities and assert himself before the rest of the teachers. Fer and Yoli will find it difficult to digest having slept together after a night of drunkenness, disappointments and breakups with their respective partners, but this is also going to affect, in one way or another, David and Julio.

The bad vibes between Ruth and Roman continue to happen, despite the boy's heroic act. But an unexpected visit will imply new changes between them. And it is that Cabano will return from India and the situation could not be more uncomfortable. In addition, the young man comes a little different, with new ways of taking life. Fer is in for a strange surprise when David digs into his box of condoms. But this news will affect Yoli even more. Cabano still does not accept Roman at Ruth's house, although, after Andrea's death, he now has something more urgent and sad to think about: the funeral of his friend.

To make matters worse, he is about to discover something that will only serve to worry him even more, after arguing with Ruth because his girlfriend does not accept his sudden obsession with soccer. For their part, Teresa, Paula and Alma seek a quick solution to prevent the threat received the day before from being carried out and that five people receive photographs of Teresa at the party.

Fer decides to give Yoli a very surprising gift as a thank you for their friendship, although she must also oppose Marina and her conservative ideas regarding gay marriage. Alma will once again be rejected by all her colleagues after a very important fact related to the blog has been revealed and, logically, all suspicions about the authorship of the threats against Teresa fall on her. But Fer will be further affected by certain behaviors of her ex, David.

After this, she does not go through her best moment with her boyfriend. To top it all, Cabano notices that she is hiding something related to Roman. Julio is very confused and doesn't know what to do after what he just found out about Teresa at the party. He does not know how to act, especially seeing the great relationship that was beginning to emerge between them.

Fer and Yoli are going to give a new twist to their relationship after what happened on Art Day, and it will not leave anyone indifferent. For her part, Alma has to make an important decision after her latest discovery regarding the photos, while Paula is increasingly desperate to discover the culprit and thus bring Gorka back.

Meanwhile, Fer continues not to forget David and feels more jealous than ever after he has told her that he has rebuilt his life and is with someone else. In addition, Cabano can no longer handle Roman and his friendship with Ruth, especially after the boy's last move in a match. Paula has just broken water and went into labor and everyone is mobilizing for the labor to develop normally and to find Gorka before the baby is born, although it seems that it will not be that easy.

The arrival of Cova will bring forth feelings with Julio that already seemed forgotten. Marina is going to have to think about many things after having to reveal her great secret to everyone. And it is not a problem only for her. Things seem to be getting better again for Cabano and Ruth, and he comes up with a plan to further strengthen their relationship.

Also, Yoli still hasn't forgotten her feelings for Fer, but he hasn't given up on David either. Although David is more concerned with other things that already belong to the past, but that he still cannot forget and is taking some trails that his friends do not like. Especially Fer, who will try to talk to him. Ruth organizes a costume party to which she invites everyone, on the occasion of Cabano's birthday.

Logically, that is something that bothers Roman Paula is going crazy with so much new responsibility, both at home and at school. Meanwhile, Cova remains in Madrid helping Paula with little Isaac. Julio tells Cova that his mother wants him to go live with her in London and he doesn't know what to do, Cova tells Julio not to go to the party and to help her take care of Isaac and she helps him to make a decision, Cova and Julio while they take care of Isaac begin to talk and catch up with their lives, they end up kissing and having sex.

Without wanting to, Clara will be involved in the difficult situation. The costume party that Ruth held has served to unite some boys, but also to distance others after discovering unexpected surprises, such as the one David took after meeting Borja, Fer's boyfriend. For her part, the host is now facing a tough time after the sad decision she made after the party. Paula will go to drastic measures to show everyone that she cares about her baby, although almost all her friends and teachers will worry that certain behaviors are inappropriate.

Julio is mulling over having to go to London with his mother, while his great relationship and friendship with Cova is taking up paths that seemed already forgotten. Cova takes Julio to the park where they had sex for the first time together and they both have an open heart conversation, after the conversation they end up kissing and having sex. David is at school looking for Cova and finds her in the library sending some emails and tells her that Julio has something to tell her and is waiting for her at Paula's house.

When Cova goes to look for Julio, David realizes that Cova left her email open and discovers an email that he doesn't like and finds out by reading that email that Cova has a boyfriend in Alicante and decides to call Julio to tell him what he discovered but Julio does not answer the phone and later finds him at school and tells Julio that Cova has a boyfriend in Alicante and Cova tells Julio that she left her boyfriend after having sex with him at Paula's house, but Julio does not want to listen to her, Cova tells Julio that she left her boyfriend after realizing that after so long she is still in love with him, Julio tells her that he no longer knows if he feels the same as her.

At the end Julio goes to live with Cova in Alicante. The young people are getting better and better and Yoli asks Ruth to help her to be alone with him, at first she helps them and manages to get Clara out of the house to leave them alone, but at the last moment she regrets and does not they can stay. She seems determined to go but at the last moment regrets it.

Fer wants to help David who seems to be getting worse, David wants to be with Fer but he knows that it is difficult for him, the young man has a boyfriend and is better than ever with him. Fer accompanies David to see a musical, but everything gets complicated when on leaving the venue David kisses Fer, the boy tells him that now he will no longer be able to be his friend, because he cannot have a friend who knows that he is in love with him.

Jon wants to get closer to Salva so that he can be with Daniela, the girl continues to believe that Salva is gay, but he confesses that he is bisexual, she tries to put him to the test but the young man refuses when he sees that he wants to have an affair with a friend. Salva worries when he loses his mobile, there are photos of Daniela quite compromised, Jon does not miss the opportunity to befriend him as he wants and manages to recover Salva's mobile, the young man in a form of gratitude ends up giving in, although he actually knows that Jon wants to get closer to Daniel.

For her part, Yoli is going to different castings and is getting very involved in her new facet as an actress. Salva and Jon are starting to get along very well thanks to their pact for Jon to conquer Daniela, but Salva must face the dilemma, keep Jon's friendship or win Daniela's heart. Fer, knowing what the boy really wants, tries to make Salva open his eyes and react, since he will lose what he loves most if he continues down that path. Yoli's television premiere brings nearly all of her friends together to support the burgeoning actress.

But some details will make the moment a bit bittersweet. For her part, Ruth, knowing that Clara and Ricardo like each other, decides to provoke small encounters between them, determined to help her adoptive mother open her heart after so long. On the other hand, Fer begins to worry about David when he discovers something that his ex is going to flatly refuse to assimilate and that may be caused by his latest excesses and revelry. Will Fer take action on the matter? Or will she decide to leave her former boyfriend at the mercy of the cruel and possible consequences of his vices?

The Philosophy woman feels closer and closer to Arturo, but also more fearful of the moment when he discovers her illness. Would he reject her if he learned her secret? Salva, putting aside his true interests and forgetting his feelings, helps Jon find out how Daniela really feels about him. Despite the originality of the idea to achieve your goals, some misunderstandings will arise that will further complicate the situation. David continues with his revelries, without worrying about his studies, and he will begin to seriously harm his friends, especially Fer, who will end up finding himself between a rock and a hard place because of his ex, having to choose between what is right and what that interests David the most.

Will Alma accept? This will lead her to meet Diego, a fellow with whom something more than friendship will emerge, but with whom she will not be able to be entirely sincere from the beginning. All the boys are very worried about David after the last consequences of his drunkenness and the argument he had with Fer the other night. Meanwhile, Ruth begins to tire of the situation with Roman, since the tension between them is not only damaging the coexistence, but also other people like Yoli or even Clara.

Some circumstances will not allow Clara to continue avoiding Ricardo, which Ruth will see as a new signal for a new attempt at rapprochement between the two. Yoli believes that the tension between Ruth and Roman comes from bad coexistence, so she considers interceding between the two, although they consider being honest once and for all, although it is not as easy as it might seem. Between Jon and Salva certain misunderstandings arise derived from the lie of the second regarding his sexual orientation.

This causes a small confrontation that makes Marina suspect that Salva is being bullied by his friend. When Paula decides to take charge of collecting the money for the end-of-year trip, it is not expected that someone will take advantage of the situation to such an extent that the initiative is in danger of being canceled. Jon finds it difficult to accept and face his girl's friendship with him, now that he knows Salva's best kept secret. David finally returns to school, after his expulsion and his accident, although not everyone is going to receive him as he hopes.

How will the expected performance go after so much effort? Will they win the championship or will the illusions of the boys be truncated by not achieving their goal? Although Martin does not expect the new turn that arises in his fatherhood. In his problems with Daniela, Jon decides to also include an innocent Salva, hoping that his friend will solve the difficulties that Jon has been looking for himself, using a small mistake from Salva's past.

How long can they hide it from their foster mother? Clara, for her part, may fall into a trap again or quite the opposite: distrust someone just because she pays more attention to certain fears and circumstances, rather than her heart.

Paula is mulling over the offer she received recently. Fer's protectionism can be an advantage, but also, at times, a big drawback. Some even begin to become so overwhelmed that they even take for granted their inability to move on, even considering not even introducing themselves. So much so that you still can't believe it. The boys begin to receive some marks from the exams and, logically, not everything is joy, although the effort and the desire to improve are often rewarded.

On the other hand, some will be presented with difficult opportunities to reject, having to make difficult decisions: either play it safe and easier, or fight for true dreams. Faced with the compromising proposal that Borja made to Fer, he is on edge because of the importance of the matter. What will Fer do? Will your decision be the correct one? Will it follow your heart? Now that everything seemed calm between Ruth and Roman, a new impediment is going to arise between them, which will shake the foundations of the couple.

Will he be able to amend it? Fer has just announced his big decision over the radio waves, and he wants to take the step as soon as possible. Everyone gets to work, although they will have to face some complications not only due to immediacy, but due to circumstances. Yoli, as a good organizer, will have a great idea, but for this she will need the support of someone very special.

But in this story there is a third party in contention, a David in love who is going through one of the worst moments of his life. Gorka can't take it anymore. She wants to get Paula and little Isaac Jr. What is Gorka hiding? Why did you break off your relationship so drastically and now reappear still in love and repentant? Will Paula be able to forgive him?

Daniela finds herself in the same circumstances, who has to settle her situation with Salva and Jon before unleashing in an unpleasant situation. On the one hand, Daniela and Teresa have formed the side of the bad girls and they walk through the corridors of the school eating the world. Teresa has undergone a huge change and the summer months have made her wake up to her most radical adolescence. Meanwhile, the boys are dedicated to showing who is the strongest in the school.

Jon, after the accident he suffered, also returns with a desire for revenge, since he has spent the whole summer in a coma. When you wake up you will only want to remember the good things that were in your life before, among them, your girlfriend Daniela or your friend Salva. However, things have changed in these months. As for the teachers, they will join forces against Enrique, the new director of the school, who does not mince words and is a strictly correct and orderly man.

His first rules will raise blisters among students and teachers will not know how to stop him. The only way to do that is by joining the students, and Yoli could be an exemplary student representative. Now the teacher will only want a little peace at home, however, this will be truncated when Vaquero sneaks his wife Sara into the house, a very pretty and uninhibited girl who will give him more than one headache.

Xavi promises to help him, and although his intentions are good, his manners are not the best, especially when he meets the girl in class with enough students with whom he has hooked up to make her see that his attitude is going beyond promiscuity. The girl, totally offended, will talk to Enrique to take action. Meanwhile, Sara will be more subtle in making her see that a certain goal is worth more than a thousand wrong ones, the girl will stare at Roman, the attraction is clear.

For their part, David and Fer discover how difficult it is to make ends meet, they need work, but things are very difficult. David has an opportunity from heaven when he meets Susana, his ex-girlfriend, who offers to work in her hairdresser in exchange for his closeness, and the girl always had David very present and now he will not dare to tell her openly that he is homosexual.

Roman will offer to pay half of the couple's rent in exchange for a room. Taking advantage of his friendship with Enrique, he manages to take charge of a school newspaper from which Daniela hopes to control her classmates and take revenge for Yoli's electoral victory. The literature teacher does not finish swallowing her new roommate, but she will have to join her in organizing the new after school activity. Both feel special because of the attentions of the artist, but secrets are not easy to keep in the teachers' homes, and the truth will come out in an embarrassing way for all three.

The differences between Olimpia and Enrique are accentuated with the appearance of Peque, a gypsy student who wants to fight against the stereotype and study to carve out a future for herself. What for Olimpia is an example of determination, for Enrique is nothing more than an opportunity to promote the educational excellence of the school. The director again imposes his criteria, but it will be Peque who pays the consequences. David's dreams with his ex-girlfriend continue, although he doesn't dare to tell Fer anything.

However, he knows it, but exactly the same thing happens to him as David: he has no idea how to deal with the problem. Fortunately, they have Yoli to give them a hand and find out if David is feeling something for his ex again or is something different. The couple once again face an obstacle of unknown consequences. This will lead him to try to prove to everyone that he can be as tough as Jon or more.

On the other hand, Teresa, despite her new status together with Daniela, still has a pending account with Alma that she wants to settle. He decides to attack her head-on, but Alma is not an easy enemy, and she easily escapes from each Teresa's onslaught. But Alma is more concerned about leaving behind her flirtation with prostitution that has made her money enough to go to the United States.

Has everything under control as long as someone does not remove the matter. Someone like Teresa. This generates a conflict between teachers and students, in which Yoli will have to put her talent as a delegate to the test to agree with all her classmates in what they consider an injustice.

Coexistence in the apartment with Xavi and Sara has been complicated after the incidents of the previous chapter. While trying to make peace, he discovers that Xavi and Sara are continuing their adventure. Annoyed, she turns to Vaquero to separate the couple. Enrique denies any responsibility, considering that he did what he had to do.

Olimpia sets herself the challenge of getting Peque back to class and teaching Enrique a lesson. This will lead him to make a decision that will make all the plots converge in a frenetic and harrowing adventure in which everything will be put in danger for each and every one of the characters.

Everything including their own lives. The separation of Fer and David seems to have no going back. At least that's what Fer deduces from seeing that David has accepted her with complete resignation. And this, as he confesses to his friends, annoys him a lot. So if you are not sure, you will have to be the one to take the step to try again. However, this time it is David who is not willing to put up with any more indecisions. In turn, Teresa is very taken aback by the discovery that Alma works in a hostess club.

In his campaign to get back on track, he doesn't want to share this information with Daniela, but he doesn't know what to do with her either. Teresa also wants to fix things with her mother, but that doesn't seem easy either. This obsession will lead her to leave her daughter aside and confront Sara in a disproportionate way. It will not take long for you to realize that behind all this are your personal demons, you have an unresolved past that can lead you to lose the things that really matter.

Meanwhile, Olimpia is beginning to discover the more human side of Enrique after he recognized that the effort he made to recover Peque for school gave him a lesson. He's definitely starting to like it. But he still has to discover the detail that will show the most tender Enrique, even if this generates a new conflict. With the help of Arturo, he will try to overcome the panic caused by entering the school again. Xavi and Sara have formalized their relationship in recent months, but doubts about his decision begin to assail the teacher and he begins to neglect his relationship with her.

Sara, who is not willing to allow anyone to sit her down, especially if it is a romantic dinner, decides to take drastic measures: find a replacement. But things take an unexpected turn, when Daniela accidentally discovers that Enrique has finally bought the school and plans to tear it down to use the grounds.

Sorry for these dumb questions: 1. Is this the story of "Fer and David"? Is this the start? It says part 1 but I don't know maybe just part 1 from this channel Perfectionist much annoying? Charity Rich 7 years ago Must you put my Jesus into this. Although he said that the show was crazy popular, however, he noticed that the show was very provocative. Ismael Kleber. FOQrus is there going to be a love interest for Fer like in the spanish version Lionel Ammon 5 years ago ed schaaed.

Ars was Roma's best friend? Did Ars go to the same school? Why is Roma the only one in their school who seems to know what happened to Ars? Thanks for the subs, by the way! It's just hilarious how many "adaptations" of these series have been made. In Venezuela there's antoher version, "relaciones peligrosas" dangerous relationships. The Russians have not even bothered to change the title.

Why didn't they just broadcast the original series with subtitles instead? I am not familiar with the Russian one, but the adaptation from Venezuela is pathetic. I am hooked. A new drug on youtube. First Chrolli then FerVid. Now this and all in languages I do not even speak! I think spanish is the original version, because it was from , and they bradcasted here in This is not the story of Fer and David.

Homosexuality is still a big taboo in Russia. Please answer, before I get addicted ;. He just tried to do that! I don't get it Fedor is Fer and who? Fedya is Fer and who? What's name of the song from intro and from to ? Abdul Rasuddin 7 years ago Anggun dah. Miss our ASMR? ThatLittlePuff Puffanythingyoulike catsofyoutube. Views 3 Add to. Published on Sep 29, Discussion: foqrus Registration: join Translation: foqrus, support: Liana, subtitles: vitman. Copyright: All materials are property of "CTC" channel.

No copyright infringement intended. This is for the sole purpose of providing non-russian speakers fan made English subs to follow the series. Geoff 10 years ago. Juan 8 years ago. Samuel Ramirez 8 years ago. Oskar Begger 10 years ago. KillerHedgie 10 years ago. OhYesJoloS 9 years ago. JeffSantaFe 10 years ago. Sneg8 10 years ago. Rafael Silva 10 years ago. Angel Dust 9 years ago. Stephen Walls 10 years ago. Miguel Angel Madrid Ribera 7 years ago. Leandro Silva 9 years ago.

Michael Andrew Baldelli 10 years ago. Bruno Nascimento 8 years ago. Ekko 9 years ago. Marta Berendt 9 years ago.

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