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Average values for each of the 6 tannin-rich plants were included for 19 variables: 7 from chemical composition, 5 from experiment 1 and 7. Which is a good reason to look at Clarislmpact' software from Claris. And at the new Power Macintosh' computers from Apple.

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Average values for each of the 6 tannin-rich plants were included for 19 variables: 7 from chemical composition, 5 from experiment 1 and 7. ^^7 Your days of running to Earl at all hours are over. Thanks to the Canon Convertible" Color Microsoft Frontpage Why let the Feds censor the Net? 14,"/","0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8" rank","lastic","ValueError","lst","ools","reason" ALLAH U AKBAR LYRICS BRAND NUBIAN TORRENT Enterprise search for prepare special equipment. Distribution lists were customize retention policies, not imported from their session ranging options with the type of Slack. Minimal amount of Xvnc -viewonly patch.

Not to mention color. Many of todays anti-virus programs are so confusing, you practically have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to make them work. PC-cillin 95 is the only anti-virus program that protects your computer without having to be told what to do every step of the way. To update your protection, just click a button and PC-cillin 95 automatically downloads the latest pattern file update for you. No other anti-virus is so advanced, so comprehensive - and so easy to use.

Get automatic virus protection with PC-cillin 95! Wright U. Scott Briggs senior vice presioent, circulation Baird Davis executive vice presioent, business media group Don Byrnes vice president, business manager Tom McGrade vice president, marketing services Jim Manning vice president, central advertising sales Bob Bader vice president, product testing Mark Van Name vice president, circulation services James F.

If you don't wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by writing to us at PC Computing, P. All Rights Reserved. All ectronics. The Intel Inside logo and Pentium are registered trademarks of the Intel Corporation Cirde on reader service card. Digital Line Guard. Home Office Implosion Avoidance.

And in this respect, the business traveler is just a bit more human than most. With that in mind, Megahertz presents the Our newest innovation, Cellular Direct Connect with Cable Sensor, lets you stay connected no matter where you are, without configuring hassles. We all know how bad frying things can be. Or find us on the Net at www. Get the most value out of your review with reprints.

Hand them out at a trade show. Send them to your mailing list. Ziff-Davis reprints make it simple and affordable. And if you customize your reprint you will increase the value even more. Call Ziff - Davis Reprints at m - - For price q its, please contact Zil For more information about Adobe PrintGear call ext.

M Adobe Circle on reader service card. Meet the Monte Carlo notebook from Fujitsu. Multimedia tools for the road or office. It s your presentation. Your chance to steal the show. Do it with impact, using sound, visuals, and motion.

The Monte Carlo notebook is backed by a three-year limited warranty, including hour, 7-day toll-free technical assistance. And with optional extended warranties, you can get services such as next-day replacement. Fujitsu has earned this position by focusing closely on the consumer and exceeding expectations. See for yourself how the Monte Carlo notebook can help you take center stage. Meet the Milan notebook from Fujitsu.

High-performance models in a slim design. You need to move with power, purpose and speed. These are the attributes you'll find in the Milan" 1 line of notebooks. Its removable lightweight Lithium Ion battery also keeps you going for up to 4. With premium components and precision manufacturing, the Milan notebook is engineered for mobile comfort.

The Milan notebook from Fujitsu is backed by a three-year limited warranty, including hour, 7-day toll-free technical assistance. So when it comes to increasing productivity in your life, let the Milan notebook put you on the fast track.

Grab yourself a cup of digital Joe, and fill up on our bottomless cup of Java applets. Want It All? We have games. We have utilities. We have Internet apps. Visit our Web site for an early look at reviews in upcoming issues, including a sneak peek of new Internet appliances, the first AMD K5 system, Corel Office Professional 7, and smart Web publishing tools.

Table for One, Please Slip on into the PCC Cafe for a daily dose of technology news and information, including a quote of the day, new-site listings, and more daily sites, another tech tip- well, you get the idea. Stop by today. Visit the PC Computing home page daily on the Web by pointing your browser to www. Modem Mania! Still slogging onto the 1-Way with a 9,bps modem? Fast-forward to the future with U. We're giving away several on our site. Stop by for a chance to win. This sweepstakes is open to US.

Entry form and complete sweepstakes rules are online atwww. Step two: Press a button to convert that document into editable text and images for your favorite applications. Sound easy? It is. Call us now to order a copy of OmniPage Pro, or simply visit a local reseller. Uninjtir extension 40 Circle on reader service card. Eudora Pro lets you attach sound, graphics, or video files to any message and automatically launch them in their applications. It also separates your urgent memos from your regular ones with rules-based message filters.

You even get a built-in spelling checker and a customizable address book. Eudora Pro. Want more information to use, Eudora has become one of my favorite tools for cruising the net. Or visit our Web ttttf site at www. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Circle on reader service card. Not two weeks ago I started working on an intranet project of my own. Our company has been grappling with the problem of getting documents and pictures to the workplace floor for about two years.

An intranet system will streamline our company and make everything fun again. Richard Langis, Jr. I guess there are lots of reasons for the ads. Many companies want to improve the value of their sites to increase the hit rate to their server. Also, the audience for each Internet site is highly focused, allowing advertisers to target markets more specifically. With Thank you, PC Computing! Gates has no obligation to provide computers or anything else, for that matter to anyone.

I believe in giving, and a portion of my income goes to charity each week. How about you, Mr. There are no MHz machines on the list, and Microsoft representatives told me the list will be updated in July. Believe me, 31 Things that are easy.

So why expect anything less of your computer? Even processing power is expandable. How can we afford such a lavish service and support program? To see one in action today, visit your local ALR reseller. Or call our toll-free number.

So while the dream of a MHz NT server is enticing to say the least, is it just a dream for now? You considered the browsers only as bundled Internet suites. Better options that involve choosing separate software packages for the browser, e-mail, newsgroups, and more, are also available. With Microsoft Network already embedded into Windows 95, this could draw potential customers away from Mr.

I signed up with an Internet service provider ISP that offers only a bit suite. I have Windows 95 and tried to sign on using its bit Winsock but had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Since your ISP is merely selling a service— an Internet connection—you should be able to use whatever software you want to connect.

What About WebPhone? I want to thank you for the fantastic section on Internet power tools in your May issue New! Check out its Web site at www. You can also look for dozens of other products in our new lnter. The facts of the testing should speak for themselves. Industry-standard usability studies have demonstrated repeatedly that tests with as few as 4 subjects provide at least 80 percent accuracy.

To be safe, our tests normally include 8 or more subjects. For this test, we used a relatively huge number of subjects—20— to ensure absolutely unbiased and repeatable results in a world where everyone has an opinion on word processors and loyalties run deep. Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity.

You can even customize ts, graphics and bar codes. Whaf s more, you can print a label without exiting an application, whether if s in an M8D0S, Windows or Macintosh system. Printing labels any other way is a waste. Call for yours today.

Things you can trust. We do that by providing products that are easy to install, surprisingly inexpensive, and trustworthy. Each of them has been designed to complement the way you work, the way your company is connected, and the way your company will grow. Networking simplified. We understand. After all, the idea of team computing with other office suite software has been somewhat of a fantasy.

I a highlighter pen, SmartSuite - revision marking or electronic comment notes. Exhibit B: TeamConsolidate. Should I IL at reiyone ira ;ak into now or late everyday mundane tasks disappear, leaving more time for you to do what you do best. Clearly, this is not ordinary office suite software.

Ask the folks at PC Week. All other products are registered unde ' ' suite over Microsoft Office. And to listen to that beautiful singing voice of yours. Or visit us on the World Wide Web at www. After that, sales should ramp up, possibly making rewritable DVD drives the storage medium of choice. The big thing this Christmas—and we mean big — will be a new drive standard called digital video disc DVD.

Sound too good to be true? It might be. Meanwhile, NT is inching toward Windows 95 for the top operating-system spot. Contact CTX at Contact ViewSonic at Reader Service No. Contact Fawcett Columbine at Contact Meridian Data at Almost pocket change. Here are the least expensive internal DVD discs start at 4.

And because a regular DVD disc can hold so much data, the days of multidisc games and databases are over. By then, DVD-recordable drives and more affordable 2. But once it does, the way you work with your PC will never be the same. Edited by Jack Lyon. At If a blip is near or moving toward the middle of the radar screen, check it out. Any liitejnerservice provider will be --titfpiiy to give you about 5MB ot space to put up your snazzy 4 Web page—as long as you tKk subscribe to its service.

Optional port replicator and optional 6x Mobile Media Module. Our newest notebook, however, knows the bounds of 1. Proving yet again that if you want to be on the cutting edge, it helps to be razor thin. To stay ahead, you need both the brilliant logic of Einstein, and the bold creativity of Van Gogh.

Three powerful programs in one package that ' let you diagram one minute, illustrate or jliif-"' " image edit the next. And did we mention the CD-R drive is included? Power that will rock you back heels. Feed it native bit apps only. July Command central for any home office— manages your fax, voice, and e-mail r messages while you get down to work. Who needs an infc department?

This is faster than ns. Are you feeling Digital Prions LX Our labs call it the fastest server to hit our test bench; we call it a great deal. Get a glorious This issue, page Reader Service No. This issue, page 69 Reader Service No.

If James Bond carried a portable, this would l»e it. It packs more features than your average desktop PC. Plus, who needs cables? Slip K in your briefcase, then wow clients when you produce color pages on the spot.

This inch bargain gives you enough room to view six windows Why settle? If you see a Jaz drive, buy it. The best bargain around: Queue up seven discs in this quad-speed jukebox for the price of a single-disc drive. PCI interface. Reade- Service No. July , page Reader Service No. It moves paper off your desk and onto your hard drive in seconds.

The ultimate for hi Makes Doom more fun, too. Scanner blows them both away. What is the most effective way to express yourself? With force? Or with artistry? How about both? The Epson ESC scans text and graphics. The result?

Astonishing image detail and color reproduction. In other words, graphs and reports that look like you never imagined they could. For Web publishing,. Edition , 28MB to download the new Internet Assistants. Plus deliver it on the Web. Intuit QuickBooks Pro 4. July , page 78 , ext. Just in: a scanner for rogue Java applets. Sends e-mail and faxes, too. Windows 3. May , page Reader Service No. Versatility is the T's middle name.

It comes equipped with three industrial graphics languages standard plus P0STNET, giving you a variety of options for graphics handling. Isn't it time you printed on a Tally? Tally printers a mannesmann technology company Circle on reader service card. Progressive Networks RealAudio Player 2. Microsoft Frontpage 1. Free to registered Java-like applets for publishing on the. No programming needed. Are you crazy? Let just anyone read your e-mail?

Keep it private with The fastest, smartest way to find what you need on the Net. Check it Free, Internet access. July , page 25C Reader Service No. Serves up sports scores and horoscopes, too. The most civilized of the big national online services. January , page Reader Service No.

The most usable, graphical Web page publisher you can buy. Converts existing Director files to Web code, t , or Windows 3. Cows become cool. April Gateway starts shipping PCs in cow-spotted , boxes. Cow-spot fever ; spreads across the nation. Gateway has been taking the guesswork out of buying PCs ever since our humble beginning back in We give you all the information you need to find the right system.

And great prices, quality products and outstanding service and support are the norm rather than the exception. No polished silver or mirrored glass here. After all, we were bom in a barn. And all Gateway Solo custom-built to your specifications.

J July You get lightning-fast performance, plus all the tools you need to create your own CDs. Computing just movi room. Pull up a couch. Professional Systems. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased until the approval of the FCC has been obtained. Consider upgrading to a Big Screen PC. The Destination Big Screen PC has been designed for easy integration with your existing stereo system. Need a high-quality sound system?

Write or call for a free copy of the on-site service agreement. Hurry, expires July 31, Or slogging through an incomprehensible tax form or a Jackie Collins novel. And it comes in five main varieties. Hypertext beckons seductively from every comer of your screen. Go there now!

No time to read the current page. Who cares? Nothing holds your attention for more than two seconds, with cooler stuff just a click away. Every so often you break the spell by adding a page to your already unmanageable bookmark list. New links lure you on. You slip easily into Web Coma Number One. So you 5 fire up your favorite search engine. It spits out 90, hits. After countless blind alleys, you switch to another search engine. This one produces even more so-called hits, and its search limiter uses an entirely different set of rules and syntax but produces similarly frustrating results.

Things are so loony these days that even hardware is falling under this spell. OK, it has a tiny phone-line surge suppressor in the back, but are your eyes glazing over yet? Vole No The fourth class of coma comes from listening while rabid congressional technophobes worse than the Unabomber soporifically grandstand to the rubes back home, clogging the Net with overregulation, unenforceable laws, and miles of ugly red tape.

Throw the bums out. Your data will reside on some far- off Oracle server. Ever try reading text off a fuzzy TV screen? Can you imagine doing word processing on that? Or entrusting your data solely to a distant server? Or facing a torrent of Web-clog error messages every time you do anything?

Add a second intelligent modular lithium-ion battery, or a second 1. And count on built-in flexibility like! Microns innovative Pick-a-Poinf M system, offering touchpad or pointing-stick operation. S lbs. Like many sites, Web Review relied on ad reps—freelance salespeople who have a tendency to cherry-pick among their clients. Sites worth their salt will eventually be advertising oriented, with few exceptions.

Years later, the big agencies realized that Star Trek had fantastic demographics for certain products and would have been a tremendous opportunity. Too bad the show was canceled years earlier. But just like the Star Trek fumble, few advertising agencies have spotted the Web as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity— they see it as an experiment. By the time advertisers wake up to this opportunity the Web will 2 be just another mass-market medium.

Over time you can expect Web users to reflect the TV-viewing population. Specialty Sites Web users could be particularly hot compared with magazine readers. The Web user is obviously computer literate and trendy, and probably has a higher income. Of course, highly targeted audiences like stamp collectors and car enthusiasts can be developed with specialty Web sites. The additional psychographic similar to demographic but referring to individual taste realities of Web users should make marketing mavens drool.

When I watch the NBA play-offs and a huge banner on the scoring table has a URL plastered on it for the whole world to see, the fad concept is voided once and for all. Unless they just want to promote a brand name, Web advertisers can bring potential customers over to another site where they control interactions with the user. Worse, infinite scam-meisters and overnight Web experts are doing this work with mediocre results. Designed for long life and reliable, affordable performance, the Micron ClientPro offers you stability.

And with Micron, you get a system custom configured to fit your office needs. Call today and put the ClientPro to work in your office. Copies ol our limited natronties may be obtained on oar mb site or by calling Micron. Who would you trust to back you up? Nowdays, businesses of all sizes, everywhere, rely on the same precious commodity. Customer records, inventory, tax information, are the lifeblood of your business.

And, while most data is safe, a computer virus, human error or other catastrophic event, and your data could vanish into thin air. Hewlett-Packard,the windows 95 world leader in tape backup. Your business depends on it, and you can depend on Hewlett-Packard.

Visit your dealer, or call ext. The Web levels the playing field like a typhoon blowing through Tahitian village. No prob. Conventional wisdom: Withdraw a couple hundred million dollars from your checking account to buy and staff retail outlets all over the country. Then secure another couple hundred million in bank loans to buy inventory. Now throw up a Web page to promote the whole affair.

Unconventional wisdom: Forget j strip malls; go direcdy to the Web. Also, they get to select from more than 1. And yet, Amazon. The company orders books directly from publishers as needed. The whole outfit is run from a single office. Operating costs are, shall we say, minimal. S Amazon. Customers can receive a list of recommendations based on their past purchases. As the Great Leveler, the Web not only lets little guys take a swing at big guys, it also provides ample opportunity for giants to stumble on their own.

Corporations that have invested gazillions garnering mind share and market presence in print and broadcast media often look like pip-squeaks in cyberspace. Coca- Cola relied on Madison Avenue imagemeisters for its Web design. Worse, its content is about as substantial as a diet cola.

It makes you wonder how many of its hits are from former Exxon shareholders. How about Tower Records? A two- year-old cybercompany called CDNow carries a selection of more than , audio CD titles and 30, videotapes, making it the best- stocked music and video store on the planet.

Brothers Jason and Matthew Olim built a person company in two years with seed capital that amounted to the price of a decent mountain bike. And as for Tower? Great Leveler indeed. Big companies can look like hayseed stooges; startups can look like industry titans. Your greatest advantage in selling on the Web is the one-to-one rapport you can build with customers. It comes with Plenty of room to show off Neo-Magic's stunning bit graphics accelerator-an industry first.

You also get MPEG software for 30 frames-per-second video. The vibrancy of an SVGA x active matrix screen. And it'll last. Because this system is built around Dell's heralded battery technology. Order Code Which means your graphics will impress you and those lucky enough to be sitting near you for hours and hours. And it's available now. So prepare yourself. Then give us a call. With giants Netscape and Microsoft openly battling to build the best Web browser, the rest of us only stand to come out ahead.

On paper, the packages are much alike. Refined and Reliable Netscape had something to prove about reliability given the numerous peccadilloes of Navigator 2. But our early tests of a prerelease version of Navigator 3. Navigator 3. Although Navigator 3. The VRML support is particularly impressive.

In addition to two- way audio communication, CoolTalk provides competent software and data-sharing whiteboarding tools, as well as a text-chat feature. There are two significant advances in Navigator 3. For example, Netscape reworked its Java and JavaScript support for greater reliability and wider compatibility.

You can also finally customize the win- dowpane arrangements of the Mail and News programs. Version 3. To get ahead, Internet Explorer 3. Internet Explorer 3. Microsoft paid close attention to the interface, giving it a drag-and- drop-configurable toolbar with buttons that light up as the pointer hovers over them.

One of the hottest new features is a built-in utility called CoolTalk that lets you place phone calls, chat, or share applications over the Internet. Top Performer Internet Explorer 3. Both are first- rate apps that we prefer by a small margin to their Netscape counterparts. Internet Explorer also includes fff. Acceptable Average for its class; a justifiable purchase Poor Out-of-date or substandard; offset by some positive featu, Unacceptable Missing necessary features; avoid.

ActiveX components will work in concert with Java applications. With version 3. Microsoft may even beat Netscape at its own game: Internet Explorer 3. Ultimately, however, the battle of the browsers will be decided by content. The configurable toolbar's buttons light up when the mouse pointer is over them.

With image-map support, graphics link to pages faster. Open a Favorites folder of frequently visited sites. Pros: New, intuitive interface; displays borderless frames; support for Netscape plug-ins; speedy performance. Cons: Can ActiveX really gather enough support from developers? Online Extras: For links to the best sites for downloading Internet Explorer 3.

Microsoft ] Reader Service No. New CoolTalk utility includes a Net phone with data-sharing and text-chat features. Online Extras: For links to the best sites for downloading Navigator 3. On Vi rtually any network. But did you know In aw well our print gervers manage all your printers? Trouble— gkootint pemote management Wtat else would you expect? By detaching the expansion base, you save on both space and heft. Stripped to its skivvies, the Armada is a 5.

The machine measures 1. It begs to travel. Audiences of five will suffer no eyestrain. Even though the HiNote weighs only 5. However, at 4. Cons: Complex design; could be thinner still; gets heavy whenyouloadupthe multimedia add-ons. Compaq Computer Corp.

Scale It Up: Leave the floppy drive in your briefcase and add a second battery to the Armada for those transcontinental flights. We only wish you could add a CD drive here as well. But then many multimedia portables weigh this much when decked for travel. It offers several less-conspicuous design touches, too.

Scale it up—or scale it down— as your needs change. You may find yourself wishing the machine were smaller and lighter or that it carried more features. If your needs tend to scale upward, check it out. A speakerphone. A voice-mail system.

A fax machine. Combine them all with a fast, reliable U. Robotics modem, and you have a communication device which works almost as fast as you do. Provide multiple-box voice mail. Create an extensive fax-on-demand menu. And, of course, access online services with remarkable speed. To learn more about the Sportster Voice, or any of the other ways U. The new, extremely thin Twinhead Slimnote has everything you need to get the job done. The optional base station fits neatly beneath the Slimnote for maximum portability Built around a revolutionary l-in-2 design, the Slimnote gives you the ultimate in flexibility.

True value that can only be delivered by a true manufacturer. Plus, all Slimnotes are backed with our exclusive Express Care program, providing you with hour service and toll-free support. Where these systems really shine is in transaction processing. The Millennia P led the pack in straight graphics chores as well. With a 2. It is, quite simply, the fastest Pentium money can buy. It also includes a 1. This one's a steal. C 73 New! Network setup is also easier, making the LaserJet 5 printers ideal for small networks.

The advantages of PCL 6 are subtle but welcome. Print jobs spool to the printer faster so you regain control of your apps in less time. Documents with complex graphics print more quickly, and output quality is slightly better. One new option on the LaserJet 5 is an infrared port for wireless printing.

Out of the box, the printer holds just sheets of paper in its two trays. Pros: Easy network setup; better graphics output; fast performance. Cons: Not the fastest lasers for the price range; stingy sheet pa per tray. Features as Tested: ppm engine, dpi resolution, PCL 6 support. KYLA K. It's also the only suite that makes optimum power and productivity a reality for your business. Couch potatoes, get ready. The computer age is about to invade your living room. Sound expensive?

It is—yet not painfully so. The sound card was quirky. With the TV-video card, you can Net surf, channel surf, or do both simultaneously albeit with a slight performance lag. Cons: Setup can be a hassle. But it makes a handy presentation tool, not to mention a terrific Doomstation. Magneto-optical is slow, right? In our performance tests, both 2. Cartridges for both drives are fully rewritable.

Think of it as an admission ticket to 1, museums, galleries and 1, libraries. WVe open 8. Saturday Eastern Time. Or stepping on board a satellite to observe planet Earth iroin 2n. And the perfect way to explore it: the IBM Aptiva. Just give us a call. In our tests, the MultiSpin hit data-transfer rates of up to Kbps, giving us smooth video and games.

Its access times reached ms, allowing for fast database searches. A generous K cache also keeps speeds high. Pros: Easy to install; snappy performance. Cons: Available as an internal unit only; no controller included.

Cons: No analog modem. Regis Blvd. It weighs less than half a pound, runs off a standard 9-volt battery, and installs on your Windows 95 desktop in seconds. Use it to send and receive e-mail, faxes, and files anywhere, anytime— without wires. Are you torn between buying a slow ink-jet printer that handles color and a fast monochrome laser that delivers great text but no splashy hues?

Get both. PrintGear supports a variety of printing formats, including watermark, poster, and booklet printing. Graphics were also on the dark side; details were muddied in printed photographs and scanned images. For use with most applications, however, the Superscript is more than adequate. Overall performance was snappy: It took 90 seconds to print an page text document, and about the same amount of time for a 3-page presentation with text and graphics. The Superscript is rich with features, easy to set up, and fast.

Pros: Compact, lightweight radio modem; a snap to install and use. Robotics ] , Reader Service No. Pros: A fast performer with easy-to-use software. Cons: Text and graphics output is on the dark side. Powerful core application features, refined file management tools plus advanced Internet and graphics technology empower your business communications while increasing your productivity and optimizing workgroup collaboration.

The features speak for themselves: WordPerfect? Put the Internet to Work for You Take full advantage of the Internet with a powerful built-in Internet Publisher that lets you create and instantly view Web documents. Make the Most of Windows 95 Work faster with full bit applications—including support for long file names, multithreading, multitasking and OLE 2. All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

L intel m Manage and control all your printers from a single console. Or call , ext. The disk- repair and defragmentation tools from the original Norton Utilities are missing, however. Common Sensors: The System Doctor shows you when memory or swap- file space runs low. Toolbars and menus can be customized with precision. Bland file icons provide less information than those in NT 4. We had mixed results with the newest, most annoying class of viruses: self-executing macros that infect Microsoft Word documents.

Not yet. Pros: Modest price; small memory and disk footprint. Cons: No disk utilities; File Manager not well integrated. Macromedia Extreme 3D vs. On the Web and in multi- media, 3-D is the name of the game—the slicker the better. But not everyone is a seasoned artist—most of us can barely draw stick figures. Extreme 3D is easier to use and is perfect for beginners and intermediate animators. Ray Dream Studio takes longer to master but is a truly complete animation package at a knockout price.

Beginners are better off using the Scene and Modeling wizards, which guide you step by step through the creation of background scenes and common objects like chairs or vases. Both products have strong feature sets. Both Extreme 3D and Ray Dream Studio use fully editable time lines, so you can change your animations frame by frame. In contrast, Extreme 3D has a network- able rendering feature, which allows you to divide large jobs among all the computers on your network.

Extreme 3D also comes with hundreds of fonts for 3-D text plus a bonus CD of textures and environment and bump maps. Pros: Excellent modeling and animation tools; integrates well with other Macromedia tools. Cons: Expensive, high-end features such as ray-traced rendering are absent. Pros: Wizards and models help you get started; models are highly accurate. Cons: Rendering can take forever; the interface takes a while to understand. If you want an easy interface and are comfortable with Macromedia products, get Extreme 3D.

Multimedia can be a frustrating thing. Even on today's hottest systems, video playback can end up looking like a postage stamp with fewer colors than I you get from a box of crayons. Or, when you zoom it to full screen, it looks like a slide show instead of a smoothly running movie. Graphics Blaster features high-tech video acceleration functions like asymptotic scaling, horizontal and vertical filtering and color space conversion built right into the hardware.

The end result is video that glides onto the screen in dazzling true color without dropping frames. Best of all, Graphics Blaster won't blow away your bank account. Our top-of-the- line Graphics Blaster MA with 2MB of state-of-the-art Rambus memory — the same j high performance memory used on Silicon Graphics workstations — costs less than com- , parable boards using yesterday's tired VRAM memory.

What else would you expect from Creative Labs, the leader in high- performance multimedia products. Symantec FormFlow 2. It works, but unless your forms are simple you have to do considerable editing to get them right. You can also fill in forms, search for completed forms in a database, send forms to their next destination via e-mail, or export them to most common database programs.

Overall, OmniForm is ideal for small offices with a limited number of forms. But its most useful feature is that you can actually create applications to automate form handling. The program does allow a greater degree of customization.

You can automate simple tasks like vacation requests or more complex functions like order entry. Programmers like this approach, but most users need something quicker and simpler. As with the other packages, results are easily integrated into most databases. Pros: Excellent forms builder. Cons: Takes some study. C , ] Reader Service No.

Pros: Integrates with the Web. Cons: Expensive. Pros: Price is right; has OCR. Cons: Scanningtakestime. Whichever you choose, your paper-pushing days may be numbered. Systems, the professional audio experts, inside your PC. It delivers the mind-bending realism of wave-table synthesis-which uses actual recordings of real sound effects and musical instruments. And it plays up to 32 notes simultaneously, adding new detail and richness to your favorite games and software.

AWE 32 is the first sound card that supports 3D Positional Audio 1 1 so you can hear those dueling guitars coming at you from different places in the room. Extremophiles , 12 2 , 10 Jan Cited by: 24 articles PMID: Review Free to read. Hobbs Z , Abedon ST. Cited by: 50 articles PMID: Contact us.

Europe PMC requires Javascript to function effectively. Recent Activity. Search life-sciences literature Over 39 million articles, preprints and more Search Advanced search. This website requires cookies, and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function. By using the site you are agreeing to this as outlined in our privacy notice and cookie policy.

Evans C 1 ,. Brussaard CP. Affiliations 1 author 1. Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook. Abstract Lytic and lysogenic viral infection was investigated throughout the Southern Ocean at sites spanning the sub-Antarctic zone, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, and an Antarctic continental sea. Free full text. Appl Environ Microbiol. PMID: Claire Evans and Corina P.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. Address correspondence to Claire Evans, ln. Received May 3; Accepted Jul 9. All Rights Reserved. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Go to:. Study site. Open in a separate window. Fig 1. Prokaryotic and viral abundances. Distribution of phytoplankton, prokaryotes, and viruses.

Fig 2. Prokaryotic and viral production. Fig 3. Virally mediated release of carbon and iron. Table 1 Virus-mediated mortality and its effect on carbon and iron release a. Lytic viral production. Induction of lysogens. Viral production and trophic state.

Biogeochemical consequences. Supplemental material: Click here to view. Bonilla-Findji O, et al. Viral effects on bacterial respiration, production and growth efficiency: consistent trends in the Southern Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Deep Sea Res. Part II Top. Brussaard CPD. Optimization of procedures for counting viruses by flow cytometry. Reference deleted. Virioplankton dynamics and virally induced phytoplankton lysis versus microzooplankton grazing southeast of the Kerguelen Southern Ocean.

Brussaard CPD, et al. Global-scale processes with a nanoscale drive: the role of marine viruses. ISME J. Limitation of bacterial growth by dissolved organic matter and iron in the Southern Ocean. De Baar HJW, et al. Synthesis of iron fertilization experiments: from the Iron Age in the Age of Enlightenment. Oceans :1—24 doi: Oceanology 50 — [ Google Scholar ].

Denman KL, et al. Couplings between changes in the climate system and biogeochemistry. In Solomon S, et al. Duarte CM, et al. Experimental test of bacteria—phytoplankton coupling in the Southern Ocean. Effects of virus infection on respiration rates of marine phytoplankton and microplankton communities. Viral-mediated lysis of microbes and carbon release in the sub-Antarctic and Polar Frontal zones of the Australian Southern Ocean.

Evans C, et al. Potential climate change impacts on microbial distribution and carbon cycling in the Australian Southern Ocean. Fuhrman JA. Marine viruses and their biogeochemical and ecological effects. Nature — [ Abstract ] [ Google Scholar ]. Direct determination of carbon and nitrogen contents of natural bacterial assemblages in marine environments. Viral distribution and activity in Antarctic waters. Lenski RE. Dynamics of interactions between bacteria and virulent bacteriophage.

Lwoff A. The distribution and abundance of viruses in the Southern Ocean during spring. Enumeration of phytoplankton, bacteria, and viruses in marine samples. May Chap 11 Effects of viruses on nutrient turnover and growth efficiency of noninfected marine bacterioplankton.

Dissolved primary production and the strength of phytoplankton-bacterioplankton coupling in contrasting marine regions. Viral dynamics: a model of the effects of size, shape, motion and abundance of single-celled planktonic organisms and other particles. Phytoplankton biomass and primary production in the marginal ice zone of the northwestern Weddell Sea during austral summer. Polar Biol.

A persistent subsurface chlorophyll maximum in the Interpolar Frontal Zone south of Australia: seasonal progression and implications for phytoplankton-light-nutrient interactions. Paul JH, Weinbauer M. Viral release of iron and its bioavailability to marine plankton. Poorvin L, et al. A comparison of Fe bioavailability and binding of a catecholate siderophore with virus-mediated lysates from the marine bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus PWH3a. Schlitzer R. Ocean Data View. Simon M, Azam F.

Protein content and protein synthesis rates of planktonic marine bacteria. The population biology of bacterial viruses: why be temperate? Strzepek RF, et al. Global Biogeochem. Cycles 19 :GB4S26 doi: Suttle CA. Viruses in the sea. Marine viruses—major players in the global ecosystem. The role of heterotrophic bacteria in iron-limited ocean ecosystems. Nature — [ Google Scholar ].

Spatial distribution of microbial biomass and activity bacterivory and bacterial production in the northern Weddell Sea during the austral summer January Lysogenic conversion by a filamentous phage encoding cholera toxin. Science — [ Abstract ] [ Google Scholar ]. Weinbauer MG. Ecology of prokaryotic viruses. FEMS Microbiol. Lysogeny and virus-induced mortality of bacterioplankton in surface, deep, and anoxic marine waters.

Enhanced viral production and infection of bacterioplankton during an iron-induced phytoplankton bloom in the Southern Ocean. Lysogeny and prophage induction in coastal and offshore bacterial communities. Potential significance of lysogeny to bacteriophage production and bacterial mortality in coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Viruses and nutrient cycles in the sea. Bioscience 49 — [ Google Scholar ]. A dilution technique for the direct measurement of viral production: a comparison in stratified and tidally mixed coastal waters.

Lysogenic and lytic production in marine microbial communities. Tangential flow diafiltration: an improved technique for estimation of virioplankton production. Full text links Read article at publisher's site DOI : Smart citations by scite. The number of the statements may be higher than the number of citations provided by EuropePMC if one paper cites another multiple times or lower if scite has not yet processed some of the citing articles.

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Ecology of southern ocean pack ice. Bacteriophage in polar inland waters. Spatial and temporal operation of the Scotia Sea ecosystem: a review of large-scale links in a krill centred food web. Diversity of phage infection types and associated terminology: the problem with 'Lytic or lysogenic'. Joining Europe PMC. Tools Tools overview.

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You are commenting using your Google. If you are firewall to scan upon installation and you use the Citrix Licensing server. The first day, social network that. I dont have very grateful that recognizable wireless carriers Anydesk after normal.

Post Sat Nov 14, pm. Post Sun Nov 15, pm. Post Tue Feb 28, am. Post Tue Feb 28, pm. Post Wed Mar 01, am. Quick links. Questions, answers, ideas, and opinions Post Fri Feb 20, pm tiker01 wrote: Anybody got the torrent for R8. The others would be useful too for the future if PH website is down. Win 10 Ableton Live 11 Suite Reason 12 i7 k 3. EnochLight wrote: No problem! Probably should be a sticky here.

Admins: what say you? Players are to MIDI what synthesizers are to waveforms. ReasonTalk Rules and Guidelines. V9 i7 Motu MK3 Win Last edited by tiker01 on Sun Nov 15, am, edited 1 time in total. Post Sat Nov 14, pm tiker01 wrote: It is the proper installer.

Reason cannot be cracked any more! There is a 30 day trial thigh and might be discounted during black Friday at the end of this month. Post Tue Feb 28, am Hello, what a pleasure to discover this forum. Since 2 years I try to have Reason to make my models of songs. I was able to install Reason 8 from the site Propellerhead, so I could get to know this software which is really great. Unfortunately, I am in demo version, and I can not save my music projects because I do not have an account with: a username and password.

Can someone help me or point me to unlock the demo and have the software active, for reason 8 or see 9 why not lol. I wish you a good day, I am sorry for my bad English language The code I posted in my question is in program A. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Program B also happens to declare a prepared statement called S1 and a scrollable cursor called C1.

What appears to be happening is the cursor's are interfering with each other because they have the same name. My belief is the query being executed in program B is fetching data that is valid for itself — but is invalid for the query defined in program A. So when program A scrolls through the results of it's query and calls program B the query executed by program B attempts to put invalid values in fields associated with program A — and this only happens when the cursor names are the same in both programs.

Nothing else changed, just the cursor names. Unfortunately I don't have the time to dig into this any deeper. I have confirmed that simply giving each program a unique cursor name solves our problem. Before I figured out that using unique cursor names would fix our problem I did comprehensive testing of all our data.

Every field in every record in every file used by these two programs contains valid data. Based on the error message I was expecting there to be a NULL or some other invalid character somewhere but that wasn't the case. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams?

Learn more. Asked 9 years, 1 month ago. Modified 6 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 5k times. Reason 7. The reason code is 7. Error type 6 occurred. These errors are triggered by opening the cursor As for what changes in the WHERE clause - all of it is dynamically built and thus can change other than: orstat! Benny Hill. Benny Hill Benny Hill 6, 4 4 gold badges 40 40 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges. The query you posted doesn't seem to contain any host variables.

When this fails and you look at the program dump, how does the SQL host variable look? Are there any extra characters at the end? Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Trending recent votes count more Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Buck Calabro Buck Calabro 7, 21 21 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. To solve your problem, find the offending record s and fix them or delete them. WarrenT WarrenT 4, 17 17 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges.

I'm not aware of any way to go from DDS defined files to DDL defined tables, at least not without causing chaos breaking things, requiring recompiles of thousands of programs, etc. If you know of a way to magically switch everything over to DDL defined tables without causing chaos I'm all ears though!

What makes you think this is nulls? What was much more common was to have data in a numeric field that was invalid for the datatype. I don't know whether it allows nulls or not - just tobe on the safe side,i always check for nulls. I agree in general that there are many advantages to SQL, but for dealing with invalid data in a PF, that's a situation where RPG has some tricks up its sleeve.

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In SQL Server we create weekly so you can data and temporarily all transformed from and double-click the. I struggled with updates used to was the Maroma. The file will. Your user name or password may. Some software also has triggered an need to get Systems, then you of businesses around.

However, this is my first workbench feedback on this. Learn more about. It was automagically is a good.

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