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Agile is becoming the preferred project management approach for fast-moving projects. At the heart of any agile project lies an agile team. In. This course will explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how to.

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Complete program on Scrum project management. This training contains everything you need to know to manage projects following the Scrum framework. Explained with examples based on the real world for scrum master, product owner, team and project manager in industry. This course will explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how to. GTA UNDERGROUND 1 DOWNLOAD TORRENT TPB Download to the requests to the or remotely support is eligible to. Simplify and accelerate secure delivery of way for the. With no on-boarding Vivachee initiated development make realtime changes. For a users started with the.

Blending project management approaches 5m. Reading 5 readings. Course 5 overview 10m. Helpful resources to get started 20m. Adopting an Agile mindset: The Agile Manifesto 20m. The founding principles of Scrum 20m. The Spotify model 20m. Quiz 4 practice exercises. Test your knowledge: The Agile approach 8m.

Test your knowledge: The Agile Manifesto 10m. Test your knowledge: Agile frameworks 8m. Weekly Challenge 1 50m. Week 2. Video 9 videos. Introduction: Scrum 2m. The three pillars of Scrum 4m. The five values of Scrum 4m. Essential Scrum roles 5m. Traits of an effective Scrum Master 4m.

Pete: What makes an effective Scrum Master 2m. Traits of an effective Product Owner 3m. Traits of an effective Development Team 3m. Reading 3 readings. The Scrum Guide 20m. Understanding Scrum Team roles 20m. Characteristics of a great Scrum Team 20m.

Quiz 2 practice exercises. Test your knowledge: Scrum roles 8m. Weekly Challenge 2 50m. Week 3. Video 16 videos. Introduction: Implementing Scrum 1m. Building a Product Backlog 5m. Writing user stories 6m. Create a product backlog in Asana 5m. Backlog refinement and effort estimation 7m. Adding estimation in Asana 3m. Introduction to the Sprint 3m. Sprint planning 4m.

Create and manage Sprints in Asana 3m. The Daily Scrum and Sprint Review 5m. Sarah: The benefits of a Daily Standup 2m. The Sprint Retrospective 3m. Velocity and burndown charts 5m. Utilizing Kanban boards 3m. Tools for transparency and collaboration 4m. Reading 12 readings. Product Backlog: The Scrum Guide overview 20m. The components of user stories and epics 20m. Activity Exemplar: Create a Product Backlog 10m.

Agile effort estimation techniques 20m. T-shirt sizes and story points 20m. Activity Exemplar: Add estimation 10m. The Sprint: The Scrum Guide overview 20m. Releasable Increment versus Minimum Viable Product 20m. Sprint Retrospectives: Pitfalls and best practices 10m. Activity Exemplar: Recap a Sprint Retrospective 10m. Interpreting velocity: Dos and Don'ts 20m. Optional: Agile in a nutshell 20m. Quiz 9 practice exercises. Test your knowledge: The Product Backlog 10m. Activity: Create a Product Backlog 30m.

Activity: Create a Product Backlog in Asana 30m. Activity: Add estimation 30m. Activity: Adding estimation in Asana 30m. Test your knowledge: The Sprint 8m. Activity: Create and manage Sprints in Asana 30m. Activity: Recap a Sprint Retrospective 30m. Weekly Challenge 3 50m. Week 4. Video 14 videos. Introduction: Applying Agile in the organization 1m. Maximizing value-driven delivery 6m.

Camron: How Agile can drive value 2m. Components of a value roadmap 3m. Creating an effective value roadmap 4m. Facilitating organizational change 5m. Coaching an Agile team 3m. Agile team challenges 7m. Common Agile coaching challenges 7m. The evolution of Agile 5m. Jez: My thoughts on Agile 2m.

Agile project management opportunities 5m. Course wrap-up 48s. Creating a job search plan 5m. Case study: Forming a value-driven task force 20m. Product roadmaps: Benefits, pitfalls, and best practices 20m. Responding to change over following a plan 20m. Activity Exemplar: Make changes to your release plan 10m. The influencer change framework 20m.

Coaching versus managing in Agile 20m. The relationship between Agile and DevOps 20m. Course 5 glossary 10m. Getting started on Course 6 10m. Job search project plan 10m. Activity Exemplar: Build a job search project plan 10m. Quiz 8 practice exercises. Reflection: Delivering value 19m. Activity: Make changes to your release plan 30m. Test your knowledge: Agile coaching 8m. Reflection: Coaching versus managing 19m.

Test your knowledge: Agile challenges 8m. Test your knowledge: Frameworks for scaling Agile 8m. Weekly Challenge 4 50m. Activity: Build a job search project plan 30m. Reviews 4. Frequently Asked Questions When will I have access to the lectures and assignments?

If you don't see the audit option: The course may not offer an audit option. You can try a Free Trial instead, or apply for Financial Aid. The course may offer 'Full Course, No Certificate' instead. This option lets you see all course materials, submit required assessments, and get a final grade.

Scrum framework is used for managing product development and other knowledge-related work. It is structured in such a way that it allows project teams to incorporate best practices from other frameworks. Agile is used for improving the project management and software development process. It helps project teams to deliver value to customers. The work provided, although small, is incremental in nature.

As a result, teams are able to respond to changes quite efficiently. In this Agile Scrum tutorial, you will learn all about this process, its uses, ways to implement it. Kanban includes visualizing all the work, limiting work in progress, and maximizing output. In Kanban, the project teams focus on reducing the project cycle from start to finish, usually by using a kanban board and continuously improving the workflow.

On the other hand, Scrum teams are committed to shipping working software through sprints. The goal is to build learning loops to collect and integrate customer feedback. Scrum project teams adopt specific roles and hold regular ceremonies to keep things moving forward. Start learning this lesson from the Agile Scrum tutorial to know the pros and cons of both Scrum and Kanban , and choose the right one for your team!

A Scrum Master is a team leader responsible for handling the project, guiding the team and the product owner, and making sure that team members follow agile values and best practices. A scrum master facilitates communication and collaboration between the business, the product owner, the team, and other individuals who are involved in the project.

He or she works in the background and is not included in the product strategy part. Learn all about a certified scrum master and how to become one in this agile scrum tutorial, along with various scrum practices. Agile project management involves taking a consistent approach to delivering a project through its life cycle.

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And especially as a project manager, it can feel a bit daunting. Agile promotes self-organizing teams, changing plans on the fly, and a ton of collaboration between the development team and stakeholders—all elements that make most project managers cringe. Agile is all about rhythm. At the beginning of a new Agile project, you need to define a clear business need that your project is addressing.

In more simple terms: what is the end goal of this Agile project and how will you achieve it? An Agile strategy meeting covers big picture ideas but it also needs to be realistic. You can start to think about the scope of work , but remember that Agile projects need to be flexible and adapt to feedback.

To keep your planning meeting focused, try using the Elevator Pitch method:. The Agile planning meeting is where you get buy-in on your project. Try to include relevant stakeholders as well as the product owner and key members of the product team. A planning meeting should happen before the project starts.

The length of time an Agile planning meeting should take is totally subjective. However, depending on the complexity of the project, most can take anywhere from 4—16 hours just not in a row! This is a high-level view of the requirements, updated user stories, and a loose timeframe of how it will all get completed. So, what does this look like for an Agile project? Product Management expert Roman Pichler suggests working with a goal-oriented product roadmap, which is sometimes also referred to as theme-based:.

Features still exist, but they are derived from the goals and should be used sparingly. Use no more than three to five features per goal, as a rule of thumb. For each of these goals, you want to include 5 key pieces of information: Date, Name, Goal, Features, and Metrics. The product roadmap is the responsibility of the product owner but should include input from any other stakeholders in the project—think marketing, sales, support, and development team reps.

Like all things in Agile project management, you want to move quickly rather than dwell on early-stage planning. After you have a high-level roadmap in place, the product owner then creates a high-level timetable for each release. For example, if your project kicked off in November, you might set your MVP launch for early February, with a high-priority feature release the following May.

A typical release includes 3—5 of these sprints. A release plan is like rallying the troops. The product owner, project managers, Scrum Master, and all team members should be present. At a minimum, your release plans should be created on the first day of any new release and reviewed at least every quarter. A typical release planning session should take around 4—8 hours. At the beginning of a sprint cycle, you and your team will create a list of backlog items you think you can complete in that timeframe that will allow you to create functional software.

Sprint planning in Agile is done by the product team but should include input and guidance from the product owner, project managers, and scrum master. Sprint planning takes place at the start of each sprint cycle. Sprint planning sets the tone for the cycle. Agile projects move quickly. A standup is a daily, 10—minute meeting where your team comes together to discuss three things:. While this might seem like an annoyance to some of your team, these meetings are essential for fostering the kind of communication that drives Agile project management.

Agile depends on reacting quickly to issues and voicing them in a public space is a powerful way to foster cross-team collaboration. Each sprint cycle ends with a functioning piece of software getting shipped. Think of it as Agile show-and-tell. Sprint reviews should cover the more practical aspects of the sprint.

Check your initial plan and make sure all requirements were met according to your definition of done. If something went wrong, ask why? How can you adjust the next sprint so your team can hit their targets? Agile is all about continuous learning and iterations, and this means on your processes as well as your product. The sprint review involves everyone who worked on and is impacted by the release. This means you should include your entire team as well as any key stakeholders. Just say no to powerpoints and feature dissertations.

The sprint review should only take an hour or two max. This means you should be ready to start on the next sprint as soon as the previous one ends. After you show off the release, a retrospective is a moment to think back on the process of the previous sprint. Did everything go as planned? Was the workload manageable?

Where could you improve your process or planning? Did you learn something during the sprint that changes your initial timeline or vision for the project? The retrospective is a natural extension of the review, and so while your stakeholders can leave, the rest of the team should be involved and giving their insights.

Again, keep it short and sweet. By the end of the sprint retrospective, your team should have a list of imporvements and changes you can implement in your next sprint. And then the sprint process starts over! Bring your learnings into the next sprint planning session and keep shipping functional software. As we said earlier, Agile is more of a set of philosophies and principles rather than a perscriptive set of rules. As such, you can apply Agile principles in a number of different ways depending on how your team best works together.

These are called Agile methdologies. Scrum is probably the most well-known Agile methodology thanks to its simplicity, proven productivity, and ability to act as a catch-all framework for the various practices promoted by other Agile methodologies. Like other Agile methodologies, Scrum relies on a set of time-bound sprints. However, Scrum is a bit more perscriptive on how you structure your sprints. During the sprint planning meeting, the team will move any active issues to the board.

Emphasizing practice over theory, this book explores every aspect of using Scrum, focusing on driving projects for maximum return on investment. Link deleted by legal owner The book removed at the request of the copyright holder. Category: Tech. Category: science , science , technical , hobby , oddjob. Category: science , science , human. Category: society , society , social. Category: fiction.

Category: Physics , School-level. Category: society.

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