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Offices Association; in a joint i response, say that the life assur-! Department of Trade. I The associations defend the i sale of life contracts in the homes of individuals, pointing out that the greatest number of families obtain life assurance protection by that means.

They point out that selling in. Ihe home enables the family to dis- cuss its savings needs and often the agent creates a lasting rela- j tranship with the family. The present codes of selling practice are defended by the associations as providing effec- tive ways to regulate marketing methods. But they admit that, if the codes, which are volun- tary, were found to be unwork- able, then life companies would prefer a self-regulatory system, as suggested by Prof Gower, 1 rather than full-scale govern- ment control.

The associations would be prepared to examine agreed standards of competence for all. The r accident was at the V The gas;; mainly methane. The report recommends further --research into frictional sparking, and that firedamp dispersal be given priority. The Explosion at C enodowan Colliery ,. The commission says, in a paper published yesterday, that minors may not need the pro- tection from imprudent con- tracts- which they have under present law.

A person under 18 cannot, with certain exceptions, be sued for breach of contract although he. That says the Commission, is because the law considers that minors need to be protected from their lack of maturity and worldly experience.

The present law may be Inappropriate to modern condi- tions, the commission says. It offers two suggestions and invites comments from older schoolchildren, teachers and others able to advise on the maturity of 16 and year- oMs. The first broadly, is to main- tain the present situation; the second, to reduce the age of contractual capacity to The commission suggests dividing minors into two groups: those aged 16 and IT.

It had been in decline for some years and at the end there was only the nucleus of the staff — four hoatbuOders and engi- neers — to be laid off. Nine months later the four are build- ing boats again at the bead of Newton Creek. The yard is in the black and, until recently, was working a. The transformation came about because of Atan Burn, a former director of management information at EMI.

He was made redundant following the Thorn takeover and decided at the age of 60 to buy the yard and run it along co-operative Unes. The yard has the capacity to build ton ships and, already this year, it has turned out a 21ft Drascomhe longboat and several dinghys. His plans for the yard are more ambitious. He has just :.

He will travel by Land Rover to the nearest point on land and then use an inflatable dinghy to tow damaged yachts to harbour or repair them at sea. Mr Burn. Mr Burn believes the service is the first of its kind. He plans to run it on an annual subscrip- tion basis next year. Eddystone Marine Services is also planning to enter the yacht chartering market and is hop- ing to get the fitting-out con- tract for a new fast racing yacht to be produced locally. Alan Burn has been involved in four takeover battles and won all but the last.

He was a navigator and gunnery officer in sloops and destroyers in the Second World War. One he was even part-time chair- man. He chose the West Country for an eight-month search for the ri gh t yard because of his connections with the area. Sir Clive Bum, his father, was secretary of the Duchy of Corn- wall from Alan Burn went on an experi- mental week course on co- operatives before setting up on his own.

His fellow students included a black pop group, shoemakers from Wales a nri a health food cooperative. Alan Burn decided to run the Eddystone Marine Services as a cooperative because he thought working relationships would be better and because he wanted to share profits but, most important, he wanted to ensure it was impossible to be taken over.

He is now considering taking on an extra band under the Youth Opportunities Pro- gramme. Trade and Marine denies that it defaulted on ihe hire pay- ments, and the case will involve consideration: of both banking practice and methods of- pay- ment of -charter hire.

TTie other seven agents said only anti-malaria pifis were seeded when visiting the NQe delta between Jose and October, ' The magazine says there has not. Step into an air-conditioned room there and you step into the control room of an oil platform miles out in the North Sea. Even operational noise has been recreated by a Redimision Simulator. The sim ulato r allows Conoco operators to gain experience in dealing with any type of production situation, including emergencies, without risk to personnel or to , the pbttfortn and without losing valuable oilproduction.

As an additional benefit, it can be used to assess the likely effects of changes in plant and procedures as more becomes known about the performance of the oil field itself. Ifyou would like to know more about Rediflmsion, write for a brochure to the address below. Altianr e Building Society, the UK continental shelf which cation in the eighth-round of field by the end of March.

The docu- sn-ietv investors, by the announcement. It said that it was often dlffi- d ep art m e n tal officials and could Th e of the investment. The two materials Commons by Mr Nigel Lawson, were often found togettor. Index- linked Certificate, - win be increased in line wife fee Retail Price Index over a. It is the latest of a series being developed by the Depart- ment to boost investment in advanced technologies.

Other work, areas and flow of components and tooling are also controlled by the computer. Baker, Industry Minis- ter responsible for information ness, not just national prided- - mated between,. About 20 projects have been submitted, for approval. It is UK. However, overseas, invest- cent reduction in fee number However, the volume of services exported fell more sharply, by neariy 4 per cent, in the period. The By contrast, fee volume of im- was a 5 per cent u ports of services has risen by fee number of o verse 12 per cent since , and by to fee UK, although about 4 per cent since The b.

Tasf from dry cargo. Under depletion measures outlined in by Mr Enc announced feat production from meet initial demand. The amount of net exports is It is engaged in a broad spread Mr Lawson said that freedom expected to Increase in the next of exploration, construction and from depletion controls would few , years.

Most of its base for its exploration of and the Government expects output many investors seeking a simple approach to index-linked schemes. He said the decision was also and to between 95m and m tonnes in The narrow definition of money, Ml, which includes. In the. The output will fall In the late s. Provisional estimates from the DoE suggest that a start was made on 18, homes dur- ing April, fee fourth successive : monthly increase. The bank will contend that all requests for pany fixed-interest securities.

OOQ compared Pi ran in March. That injunction Jitoe 4, fee amount of damages claimed is as yet unspecified. Production of A year earlier, the total was 14, It Dencora pic than a year earlier. W illiams and Mr Leonard, who has a ' nuro- fee venture. War Risk Association. Maritime Enterprises: Cor- poration,'' was anchored ' in Bangladesh territorial waters, 3 miles offshore-, in the Gbit- tagong. The hearing continues today. London VMS. Dencora pic, Liayda Sank Houaa.

Exdianpa Sqnan. The nationalised group has reduced its trading losses -to recent years. There was a deficit of film a year earlier. Mr Atkinson said British Shipbuilders was having to fight for the few world ship- building orders available at absurd prices.

That was after a year In which the order inflow had risen by some 50 per cent The remain- ing orders were for engines and oil rigs. The company has. The group experts further orders for its 42,tonne efficiency bulk carrier intro- duced last year. It badly needs more orders to keep-' meeting government targets. Talks about possible orders are going nn in Brazil.

But nn new larco ai'cr- dtant orders have been announced for. Dated this 28di day of May. Your regard' for a departed friend fives on If you make a donation in their name to Help the Aged's work— towards a Day Centre far the lonely, medical treatment or research for the. Send to; The Hon.

Id unusual aort unudhil l. QuUta, D ecoys, e tc. Sutherland, Lawiv. Sf ear. Ktt Wood. D 1 OWv Until 17 June. Id, Old Bond' St-. B29 Tire. New Faina ngx. UiK e? The General Directorate of Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration ISKI is responsible for die preparation and execution of a sewerage and aawage disposal project in the Greeter Istanbul Municipality area, which has been scheduled for execution during Z The project regarding Its major contracts has been or is being prepared with the aseisiencs of The Engineering Consultants who will also contribute to the pre-qualification of contractors.

Tha project comprises the construction of Oswego disposal facilities for tfwr Yeniicapi drainage area, located in tha city of Istanbul' at tha 'European side of the Bosphorus betwobn the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. The sewage disposal facilities comprise interceptors about 27 km, of which about 4 km aa tunnel , a pre-treatment plant aerated grit chambers with Influent and effluent pumping stations mex.

Contractors ere allowed to act In joint venture or joint operation with other contractors for this project. Istanbul Su ve Kansllzasyon I da ms i. Documents' can be obtained from the office of. Jaly for contracts A Two 2-bedroom Penthouses, together with a unique single- bedroom duplex featuring a spiral saircase, are also to let. The Penthouses all have roof terraces and reception rooms ideal for entertaining. Kitchens and bathrooms are exceptional.

Box 62, VUlars-sur-Ollon, Swit zerland. Cerooe near Geneva. Les Dfoblcrets. Lenin, etc. Advise proa preform. WMte toe Dnelmr. Switzerland TeU arn 22JS5. VILLA with sq. Constructed In Mora Ira. De luxe construction with dif- ferent inside levels, tolly equipped, de luxe kitchen, central water and heatlna. Price 17 mflflan pesetas, 20 million fully tarnished. Write: Mr Psallno Martin.

Obispo Bactundls, 5-Aicorta Vizcaya Spain. Usual fees reqnired. CHW, Porterage. Car Parking. The British Bank erf the Middle East. Ere Road, Abu Oh»W. United Arab Emlrana or. Securities Department, 99 UsMungue. Accordingly Bearer shares should deposit their shares on or the first item on the Agenda will deal with the before 26th June, with the Banks listed m amendment to our Article 8 so that right to the Notice convening the Meeting.

ThismUembfettoMmemW W. Should such quorum condition not be fulfilled or should the Board so decide for other reasons, a second meeting which will not be subject to such quorum requirement will be called by additional notices. In such event the vote on all items of the agenda will be adjourned to such second meeting. Dividend warrants will be posted on or ebout 3 August Standard conditions reining to the payment of dividends are obtainable et tha share transfer offices end the London office of the companies.

Requests for payment of the dividende In South African currency by members on the United Kingdom registers, must ba received by the companies concamad on or before 25 June in accordance with tha ebovamentfonsd conditions. Tha registers of member a of tha above companies will ba closed from 26 June to 2 July , inclusive. London Office: 49 Moorgata.

By order of tho boards. Approval of revision of the Articles of Incorporation. Approval of revision of remuneration for Directors and Statutory Auditors of the Company. Shareholders who wish to csterctse tholr voting rig Ms most rftposft their cartirtcates not later than June 15, , at tha odices of the Depositary.

Citibank, NA. WC2R 1HB. Citibank Luxembourg 5. Loxembounii to- o ether with Instructions indicating the way the shares be voted. General Meeting I flam -Ai- l! The public offer for subscription of 2X87 , new Parts Sociales of- n.

The 25, parts Sociales reserved for the staff of the above mentioned two Companies have been fully subscribed. The preferential rights not exercised, i. These new Parts Sociales will have the benefit of aff the fiscal advantages provided by the Royal Decree No. These advantages indude: — Exemption, for individuals, of tax on dividends paid in respect of the years to —Freedom from deceased estate and gift taxes for 10 years from the date of subscription.

She made dear that Argen- be respeeted. Ambassador in London last the first time since the Whitsun It Is equally important to up- week, and praised the police recess. So far we have had no positive response. It is important for the Falk- lands and for the Palestinian people. If they would not withdraw or negotiate then they would have to withdraw, through force. Be argued tiiat to Argentines could have with- Westminster.

Even -today they had only to contact the British commander in the field and withdrawal could be agreed before the battle for Port Stanley. Significantly, Mr Sid Weigh ell, railway workshops and of the Western leaders, told him If that was so.

While pay until negotiations are held' divided into good guys and acceptance of flexible rostering they stress that the sectional with BR next Wednesday. How- bad buys, to the Whate by guards depots. The union conference cannot formulate ever, it will consider a meeting House. Arinmne neer turned tbe behind Britain in the action we achieve a negotiated settlement on undertakings which Britain are raking in the Falklands, and for eight weeks.

The only thing had previously given to the is giving us very substantial standing in the way was tbe Security Council, practical help— as we would Argentine refusal to withdraw In common with moth of the Dame Judith said the U. Argentine refusal to withdraw In common with moth of the had said the Argentine offer without retaining some of the other countries at the Versailles was made during the UN summit.

If the Argentines agreed Secretary, a petition signed by afterwards was that Mr the Security Council resolution the U. Secretary of State, and to withdraw then there could 26, people calling for a R eaea n was reading from a last Friday on the grounds that through tbe Security Council, be peace very very quickly. It ceasefire. He also sard that which gives an 8 per cent rise BTs 2, labourers were the all-round but includes a 5. Large and clear technical and manual grades.

But new? Versailles brought lower. Fundamental There was a sceptical reaction deficits. MP for mid-Sussex and presi- Bill that one of the main aims pr? Ued fj. Earlier Mr Renton called in pany or a subsidiary. This safeguard is embodied to satisfy the conditions laid stituencies. At the next general down in the clause. Sir William Clark Con Croy- increased to 17 and the don South , chairman of the boundary commission now Tory back bench finance com- suggests that any new assembly mittee. Seven-and-a-half 1?

It involves after BA suspended Mr Gale wonld not disclose the options under consideration. Barclays' meets -Its. Barclays plans to. These were: the terms of part-timers; redundancy pay- ments: an. Sd tiS conducted into the gallery. MGM extravaganza. SS He defended the offer of 6. Socialist chivalry. He also -painted a gloomy picture of the chances of an economic recovery in Britain. House of Commons clerics firmed. Outside the infirmary pickets dressed for the occasion in so pleased when they see the per!

Knight C immunity from proceedings for world in very black and white B ut. E l5 eri' t! Mr Justice Staughton so held wheo giving judgment for the shipowners, Jadranstca Slobodna Piovidba, on an appeal from an interim arbitration award, in their claim for damages against the charterers. The vessel was delivered for service on Decem- ber 8 By mid-November it was the charterers' firm intention to use the vessel after the Far East cargo had been discharged, to carry a cargo of cement to Lagos.

It was reasonably expected that the vessel would complete dis- charge in Lagos on January 9 That would have enabled the charterers to redeliver the vessel 12 or 14 days later, prob- ably on January 22, the very last day of the charterparty period. Both races could well develop into matches near home for Swift Wing— now thought to be hack to her best — and More Kisses should have the pace to shake off rivals in the closing Stages of the Twyford.

The hat- trick seeking Miss Realm and Those expectations failed to materialise. The vessel was delayed and was hot redelivered until April L. The charterers sought to resist the owners' claim for damages by reason. The first was that, if a time charter provided for that, was apparently a fixed and -definite period, there Was nevertheless a certain flexibility which would permit redelivery a few days late. Thus a time charter "for a period of two years " was not broken if.

The second proposition was that charterers were entitled to order a vessel on a last voyage under a - time charter if they reasonably anticipated that the voyage would- be completed within the charter period, either according to the literal wording of that period, or as extended by the effect of the first proposition. Both those propositions were well-established. They gave flexibilty and business efficacy te what would otherwise be an intolerably rigid contract The arbitrator found 'that by early December the charterers were committed to lifting the cement; that on December 7 the charterers ordered the owners to perform the voyage to Lagos: and that the voyage, under foresee- able circumstances at the start of loading on December 10, was not a legitimate voyage, but that by theu the ship was already com- mitted to lifting the cement.

He evidently concluded that the date at which the legitimacy of the last voyage must be tested was December 10, when loading began. He decided the issue in favour of the owners. Two questions arose in the present argument. Henry Candy, whose long wait for e first English -classic victory ended on Saturday, must be hopeful that in More Kisses he has another filly to follow Time Charter's example in the major middle-distance event. On her only appearance to date More Kisses left no-one in doubt at Salisbury recently that she is capable of running with distinction on the grade one courses when forging to victory in a division of.

If, as seems likely. More Kisses has come on a few Williams O-! Interest Rates Grindlays Bank p. Or was the 45 days itself thq toler- ance to be applied? It was also established by binding authority that where the parties provided their own.. See: the Dione [ 1 Lloyd's Rep His Lordship considered that he was bound by decisions of higher authority as to whether a given form of words in a com-, monly used form of contract was sufficient to exclude an implica- tion which the law. Mr Justice KetT was of tile same opinion fa the Mareva.

When shipowners or charterers or their broker, or even their lawyers, needed to decide rapidly whether a prospective voyage would or would not be within the limits of time permitted by a charterparty, it could well be understood that they would wish to have those limits clearly defined.

Tbey already had to hazard an estimate of how long the prospective voyage would take, without also having to guess what an arbitrator or judge would assess as a reasonable tolerance, at some distant date. It should not be made too difficult for them to avoid the second of those perils by the terms of their contract In the result the latest ter- minal date of the charterparty was January 22 , without any additional tolerance.

The second question was, at what date did one judge the legitimacy of the last voyage? Miss Realm, a four-lengths winner at a recent Ripon evening meeting after scraping home at York, seems sure to make a bold bid to keep the Hilary Needier Trophy in Yorkshire.

I doubt if the Easterby filly will be November , - or when tbey were committed to. The formation 6f a firm inten- tion by the charterers as to the use of the vessel Was not by itself sufficient to establish a legitim- ate last voyage. The reason, was, again, business convenience. A shipowner at some later date. By that date the. When the shipowner protested, -.

On the other hand, if the charterer ; really did form a firm intention, there was nothing whatever to stop him communicating that intention forthwith to the ship- owner in the shape of an order. If he chose to keep it secret, then be did so at his own risk. A firm intention on the part of the charterer was by itself, in- sufficient to establish the date of the legitimacy of a last voyage.

The charterparty expired on January 22 and the charterers were liable to the owners in damages. For the charterers: V. Veeder Lloyd, Denby Neal. By mid July, my season far this pleasant task will reach Us peak. Oot-of -flower good parents are easy to miss, so I am marking the best varieties m my mind: 1 am sure to forget them in the deluge of roses, mock orange blossom and campanulas which distract us in a month's time. At the lower levels, beneath sunny walls or in the forward rose of a border, the winter has left some serious losses.

I have been filling up with' violas, punk hardy geraniums and boxes of tobacco plants. The cistus is that shrub of the Mediterranean maquis whose leaves are too aromatic for the diet of goats and whose saucer shaped flowers come in shades of pink or white, marked with attractive blotches.

By clearing off her tall trees and grazing her soft shrubs with flocks, man made the Mediterranean into a dry sunny desert which the cistus invaded and appreciated.. Once, Sicily and Cyprus were thick with trees,, now they are thick with eastus and some of the best are among my favourite garden shrubs. The winter confirmed conven- tional views of their hardiness. The toughest cleariy is the white flowered Laurifolius which survived.

This is an upright citrus, not the boldest but the most reliable. J would bet on it in cold gardens and like its freedom of flower and its thin shape to a height of 6 ft However, it cannot compare with the glorious tall form called Cyprius; This is a shrub with white flowers blotched with chocolate brown in their centres. It grows quickly, spreads to a. I lost my old plant hut retained a young one which was growing in the centre of an unprotected border.

The leaves have the resinous tang of a delicious cistus and although they. I would want this rewarding shrub in the middle of any new sunny border, especially cm a lime soil. The flowers fall quickly after opening, but they appear so freely that the shrub persists in colour for several weeks. Its only rival among die pinks is the lovely Purtureus.

This is. It reaches a height just below Cyprius and pairs prettily with its taller white relation. The dullest sister, as often, is among the most widely bought. Called Silver Link it is a. Under tall trees in Wisley gardens I was surprised to find a good spread of the big white flowered cistus called Palinbae. It reaches 2 ft. The flowers are memorably large and fresh so the plant's slight tenderness deserves to be overlooked: At the same height the beautiful spreading farm : of Lusitanicus is more, tender but even more desirable.

Besides ; a - house' or do a- terrace I would choose this tong flowering shrub : wherever "-I could. There is. In -botanical'' col-. Give a cistus st dry. If -your older plants have been partly killed, cut their bark iLOY to the first signs of green oh k. Remember, - however, that they will never sprout a gafo from brown wood. Castle Court Trust Ltd. Schools, Colleges. L00 pm News After Noon. Where Are You?

L50 Number. One: Pat Jennings recalls his foot- ball life. They also promise a preview of Gerry Cooney's fight for the heavyweight championship of the world against Larry Holmes in Las Vegas on Friday. That will he televised by BBC 1 on Saturday night. Earlier BBC 2 repeats The Englishwoman And The Horse, a splendid documentary made by Edward Mirzeoff featuring- not so much the predictable horsey females of the county set though they appear but much more bizarre enthusiasts 6.

Corinthian Secs. OOO IN. First Nat. First Nat Secs. What's On Where and Weather. RADIO 2 5. ZOO Ed Stewart a. Clarke' 3 Mysterious World. HTV 1. As HTV West except:— E 30 Down to Earth. TSW pm. TSW News Headlines. TVS 1. Good News of the Week. Court 2. Six ; Million DoHariMan,. Coast con- tinued. RADIO 3 6. Schoenberg fs. A Mozart Pilgrimage s. RADIO 4 8. B33 Yesterday In - Par- liament.

Henry JColly W-. TlJt Today In Parliament. Registered in England No. Gthan bus and truck manufac? It is based on the. The system can be run at speeds up to kph. Dkimler-Benz started work on the O-Babn about 15 years ago. It has done most of the develop- ment work- using its own re- sources at an estimated cost of DM SQm, but has also received a Federal Government grant for development of the guided track system.

The best view of the system's flexibility is to be seen at the company's test facilities at Rsstatt, close to Baden-Baden in south west Germany. But the flrst application of the O-Bahn is a 1. The Essen experiment is be- ing followed up in Regensburg, where a m long tunnel under the old city is planned: but more important, in- prestige terms, is the decision by Adelaide In Australia to opt for the O-Bahn to link the north- eastern suburbs with the eily centre.

Plus point Adelaide-chosc the O-Bahn as against a light rail system pri- marily on grounds of cost; al- though more expensive than a Conventional bus system, Daiiuier-Benz says the O-Bahn was preferable on a number of considerations such as maximum safety al speeds of km per hour, low noise emission, com- fort. The mumifaoturers claim that the biggest plus point of the O-Bahn is the opportunity it offers of starting with a limited system whch can be extended to a much more sophsticaled sysleraf at a later date.

Guided tracks, which make more efficient use of the amount Df road space in busy dly centres, need be laid only where they arc needed. Where the volume of traffic lessens and the road space increases, the bus can revert to being a conventional bus. Haworth Lana, Chertscy. This is already being done at the test centre. The vehicles are controlled anti mon- itored by a control -centre for speed and safe distance between vehicles. Communication between the control centre and the vehicles -is by means uf a line wire, which will determine the positon of the vehde accurate to 25m.

Fine positioning is achieved by count- ing the wheel revoimons. A computer system in the vehicle compares the nominal and actual speeds, transmitting signals to the actuating links of the brake system anti ibe en- gine. Daimler-Benz is extending its ' research work in the guidance of public transport vehicles into private transport, although the benefits of efficiency gamed by automated public transport will be less apparent in private transport, the main advantages being the support it will offer lu the driver and greater safety.

Daimler - Benz executives admit that selling the O-Bahn in a world where prestige- underground projects reign supreme is a tough assignment. For the company, acceptance of the O-Bahn — which, in spile of the Essen pilot project, is more likely io lie outside West tier- many — would provide a ready market for its buses.

The Adelaide achievement, however, could prove to he the turning. The tool is a new enzyme, one of the proteins which - initiates and - ' catalyses chemical reactions in living r cells. This particular. Many enzymes they are termed restriction endonu- cleases are able to snip out pieces 'of genetic material the count is. Why should that be Important?

The new enzyme. Aba III; will help In that task. It has been isolated io quantity by P and S Bio- chemicals in Liverpool, a small company linked with Liverpool University. It is extracted from a blue- green alga which lives in the salt lakes or the Sinai Desert. Dr Dean's first job was to grow the algae in bulk, which be achieved by mimicking Its living environment very accurately.

Isolation was achieved using affinity chromatography, a technique which Dr Dean has perfected over many years. It Involves finding a material to which the desired enzyme has an affinity, and so ean be used to separate the enzyme from all other protein in the pool — the biological analogy to magnetic separation of metals. Lockheed is providing 24, tiles and supplying material to Rockwell International which will manufacture the remaining 5, Columbia, the first space shuttle and Challenger will have used tiles to protect them from the frictional heat of re- entry to atmosphere comprised of pure silica, commonly known as Lf and LI The material consists of 80 per cent pure silica fibre and 20 per cent of a fibre known as Nextel.

This contains -a small amount of boron which welds the two substances into a rigid structure during high-tempera- ture sintering. Bud Alue. Thermal Protec- tion Systems Manager of Lock- heed Corporation, said that the lessons learned since the first Columbia flight had resulted in the Corporation now being able to manufacture tiles in about half the time required earlier. Columbia has. The conference, aimed chiefly at would-be enirepreneiirs in the computer business, is designed to explain how money can be raised to support new ventures.

It will be chaired by Sir. Kensington Close Hotel, June 17 — more details on More on Rixhon or G. Buol Cocker! B Sera Inn Belgium Tel: Own means. Uantamam Park. And we've a package of grants and incentives that will give you relief from todays financial pressures As any business here will tell you, Cwmbran is a great place to get things done - and a beautiful place to live.

And we're close to major roads, rail links, docks and airport Formore information, send us the coupon today. Gwent House. Tel; Cwmbran The driver. What has happened at the Manchester plant marks it out. Changes in working practices are much more fundamental than have been achieved ait most other companies. More' impor- tant, managers at the plant view the changes in the way people now work not as a goal in them- selves but as a kind of staging post towards a time when tra- ditional union-management rela- tions wiH have been replaced by something quite different It is a programme, though, which contains potential difficulties.

Bob Hackett, the assembly works manager, believes there will come a tune when wages at the Manchester site will no longer be bargained over in the normal sense, and when the manual workforce win not be required to clock on. What makes that remark unusual is that Hackett was a convenor for the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers at Eaton when the working atmosphere was far removed from what it is now.

The period from , when Eaton Corporation bought it, to , was marked by some of the classic symptom; of low productivity and unpleasant management - union relations' then common in many- engineer- hag factories, and possibly still prevalent in much of that in- dustry.

Then, in a few hours in that September, virtually the whole plant was destroyed by fire. The re-opening of a new plant on the same site last year was accom- panied by new -pay arrange- ments and a new labour -con- tract involving wide-sweeping changes in shopfloor practices. Before , Eaton employed 1, people in Manchester, of them blue-coDar workers.

The site had relatively old equip- ment and was riddled witih nasty labour problems. There was a hierarchical and detached, paternalistic management struc- ture. It was not open and there was very little reaching out to the workforce. Apart from a general air of bel- ligerence and a virtual absence of communication, there was a host of specific problems.

Throughout the corporate headquarters; And soothes away our worried frowns. Across the business ups and dooms. With wards of fatherly good cheer , For fifty-one weeks of the year. But sometime m the fifty-second. Even he will fall, instead, Victim to some inner dread: And brood upon the now impending Prospect of the fiscal ending And a ritualistic beating At the Annual General Meeting. The annual event portends A day of unremitting terror. And pained acknowledgement of error; When pension-funds and institutions Exact their doleful retributions.

And vitriolic widows brandish Their share-certificates in anguish. While some, with well-rehearsed finesse. And eyes upon the watching press. Will make pejorative assessments Of home or overseas investments ; Or use their kdLf-adozen shares To catch the chairman unawares. Enough to give the board the vapours When they read tomorrow's papers. Or revel in this king of sports — Delaying company reports — Until, the final insult parried, The annual report is carried!

Or for another year suspended, A double-brandy on the shelf. Is visibly his former self! And offers, to relieve the tension. In words I wouldn't care to mention, A fete, wed-chosen apothegms. On shareholders and AG Ms. Bertie Ramsbottom Next week: Corporate Communications. Restrictive practices designed around craft demarcation, which is all too familiar to engineering managers, had a virtual stranglehold — - skilled turners would only work a lathe, for instance, and filters had to have mates.

That inevitably bred overmanning. Introduction of new equipment was a touchy and awkward business. The use of an outside demonstrator to show the shopfloor the opera- tion of a new lathe itself sparked off a strike, one of a number suffered by the plant As in many companies, the pay system was faulty. It was made up of a high, non-variable basic ' wage element together with a payment-by-results bonus system, which provided up to a further 25 per cent That placed artificial restraints on output and was.

Productivity was catastrophic at basepay level, so during disputes workers could slash output dramatically simply by carrying out industrial action in such a way as to lose only their bonus. The levels of output related to payments were negotiable. But this frequently resulted in management settling for soft options in an attempt simply to keep the plant running. Supervisors, believing. In late Manchester facility, and insti- gated a.

He Was working with another recruit. Fat Tunney, - the employee -. Where there is a lack of communica- tion, there tends to be censor- ship of information by stewards. Tighter discip- lines were imposed and staff and hourly-paid 'workers coming back late from the pub were sacked.

Brinks in management board meetings were removed. Productivity arrangements were revised, allowing some plant-wide measurement based on parts of the factory, as well as individual incentives, which was better than the previous system, though by no means satisfactory, and some of the separate bits of paper making up the confusingly-worded labour agreements were tidied up.

Some new -equipment was installed. This led to a powerful bid by Best to per- suade the Baton Corporation to sanction a new plant at Man- chester. It was coupled with a promise that the management and workforce could deliver the necessary productivity.

The workforce was Involved fn a series of meetings at which the position was laid bn the line. Tbe operating agreement was to be the framework of tbe new business. It gave virtually total vertical and lateral labour flexi- bility within the ability of the individual.

For example, a skilled turner may be expected to do stacker driving; operators may do all the main tenance work they are capable of; and electricians can carry out some mechanical repairs. The company also wanted to take out of the arena points of likely aggression, so the bedding-in process , could be got on with undisturbed.

As a result, a three-year pay agree- ment was negotiated Unking wage rises directly to tile cost of living and providing in- creases lower than the KPI to a strict formula. At the same tame, the bonus system was swept away and measured day working intro- duced with the standard tones to do each specific job being non-negotiaWe. The company Is aiming to build on this fry empha s i s in g teamwork, and encouraging self -manage- ment, such as the scheduling of materials.

Groundwork Best says the "Ol R for all thSs was at the preparatory stage before the fire,. It is a recognition- of people; if you like. They have got to have some enjoyment in coming to work. There ere some worries which the- company can see, however. H union power is negated to such an extent Eaton couM. AOnUe investment targets. Determining afair price. Negotiating a workable transaction. Smith Square, earlier in the year, the New London Chamber Choir brought a programme culled from that series to the Spitalfields Festival on Monday bight.

It was a finely. The astringency of Gesualdn was a necessary antidote to the sometimes lingering sweet- ness of Wood's Ode to St Michael, completed in for Che Schola Cantorum of Oxford. Wood is an outstanding percus- sionist and.

Yet Bouiangpr's elegance and concern fnr surface appears 10 have left its mark on Wood's music subcutaneously, if at all. The principal influence hehind the ode was the Messiaen of Cinq Rechxnls. This seeing of Psalm and two pass-ges from Revelation is -lavish n its use «f resources: a doubli choir, two soprano soloists, wn sets of gongs, and a tape c organ, another choir and ganehm.

One wished -they could hve all been more gain- fully mployed. In the sevre nave of Christ Church. Spalfi elds. The Davies Sia'a. By ordinary' concert stan- dards. Pruslin is anyth? That is won hear- ing, but a trial too pay tin s Sonata in C. Probably Pruslin was nor aiming to be definitive. The Davies Sonata was another matter: " definitive " is exactly what one expects Prus- lin to be with it. It is long, knotty and taxing, and he applied himself heroically.

Broad lines were made bravely articulate, and snme dramatic detail was powerfully telling. It is good to hear that he is about to record the work — the document was needed. But there were also some complex metrical passages in which note-values scarcely approximated to those written in the score: was that licensed , rubs to. There were washes of neo- i Impressionist arpeggiations which seemed to cry out for the.

Prusi in's association with the Sonata is established for good, but it will be salutary to hear what another sort of performer may make of it. This is something mo than an exer- cise in exhuation, fur the dewy charms t'he music are real, the perfiners are stylish and the curre weather induces a mood in win these inventive and. Winsome ies. The high register -f 'be piano is deTichiec explored, over and over agi. That isn't to say that the expressive means are trivial, still less brittle.

If the com- poser's little world of feeling is a matter of gentle palpita- tions and shy confessions, it has an original stamp — even the passage-work has a fresh- ness beyond the routines upon which his immediate successors traded. Mr Kraemer and the orchestra make a sensitive match for him. The last three concertos can be heard tomor- row and Friday.

This production was first seen at Sintiford last year sponsored by National Westminster Bank. The scramble is on. From Mary Whitehou. Mary Whilehoutse is calling for yet another public body specially to control cable TV. Professor Eh re n berg and T. Barwise of the LBS declare there must be a national supervisory framework. Nanny may think she knows best, and she and her friends may stick their fingers In a number of holes in the dyke for a while, but sooner rather than later they will find the elec- tronic information flood no longer spurting nut of holes bur coming straight over the top in tidal waves.

If the American experience is any- thing to go by. But won't most of the pro- grammes in that torrent be rubbish? No doubt they will. However, as with newspapers and magazines, music and books, the blessing of freedom entails the responsibility and the chore of wading past the 90 per cent of rubbish to settle upon the 10 per cent of worth- while material. In any case, given the choice, most people prefer rubbish as the ratings prove every week.

Television Chris Dunkley Freedom — even if it means rubbish constantly hangs over Lebanon " said last night's commentary. Taylor Downing who produced and directed doesn't believe in babying his audience, as we learned with the series on Northern Ireland The Troubles. If telling the story means a succession of talking heads with precious little visual relief then you can be sure that talk- ing heads is what you will get. And we did. Since they included Yassir Arafat and his brother the doctor Leila Kaled look- ing more beautiful and more bourgeois than ever and a suc- cession of other Palestinians whose heartfelt assertions of determination to regain their homeland were frequently backed by poignant mood music, and considerable talk of Zionism, there will no doubt be considerable Jewish fury this morning.

Thames can point to Ihe impeccable Jewish credentials of executive pro- ducer David Elstein and, in fairness, claim that Downing's use of music is unusually thoughtful and wholly impartial. He ha 5 la ken his cue from Richard Broad whose earlier series on Palestine also for Thames established the useful trick of having common snatches of music for the home- less of any nationality, for the victors of any nationality, and for the vanquisher!

In a letter published in the FT last Thursday. And truth is by far the best weapon. For several weeks it seemed pretty clear that Britain was losing that war on screen and pane. Further on Mr Gunn inexplic- ably brackets together the immediate dissemination of news about what has already happened with speculation on future moves, seeing both as a hazard to the troops.. No sensible woman will endure taming and my principal problem in responding to this otherwise highly enjoyable pro- duction, is that Kate O Mara j makes an unconvincing shrew and a horribly convincing, docile, bride.

Christopher Neame's Petru- ehio reeks a Mephistophelean charm, looking like a Chicago gangster in his white waistcoat and pinstripe suit. He sneers and snarls his lines through a wide, knowing grin, at his best when easing into intimacy with the audience, addressing them in challenge. Can anyone suggest a better way of curbing a headstrong mistress?

No offers. Half the menfolk and their servants appear to have defected to the American army, and arrive in Padua on leave from Florida, instead of Florence. Vrrrfiraeeable 5u. James Cairncross makes a solid central figure as the ouf ness-Iike father. Attention to numerous such tiny details adds up to an eminently watch able "P e. What is most worrying, how- ever.

If not for a society in which an electorate well informed by the mass media controls among other things its own military arm via elected representatives, then what on earth for? HvyMetal 9 years ago. Hacklol 13 years ago. KissyChaotica 13 years ago. Polack 6 years ago. KillianDarkwater 13 years ago. Joe 14 years ago. Grobeh 14 years ago. Don't download this. The episode isn't complete.

Based on the date it aired, this is the pilot episode. Just FYI for those who may be uncertain. HevcFanClub 4 years ago. Elev8r 13 years ago. DrifterSK 13 years ago. Need r00 reloaded. Bearserker 8 years ago. Demonoid4Ever 8 years ago. VinceMcMahon 13 years ago. Sparespanner 13 years ago. Umaga 13 years ago. I spit in the face, of people who don't like to eat food! SixOneNine 13 years ago. QborT 9 years ago. You could always start over again frostyon Go to the forum and request deletion here: If you do that, you might also want to consider putting these in a pack together instead of singles.

Iszzy 12 years ago. People are downloading as cocksuckers but no one seems to seed??? Well I gave up one this one, as it's been several hours and no seeds :. VitalogyPJ 12 years ago. BotFreak 12 years ago. IronAngel 12 years ago. Got stuck at AvBNeO 12 years ago. Davkar2 8 years ago. Don't worry folks, this is the game from Nepotu 5 years ago.

The grid girls alone make me want a better quality for my bigger screen ; You are the best! This has been one show that's really hard to get in decent quality. Mtnlss69 8 years ago. Are you crazy? This is a fine upload. Didn't notice the issue with the previous incarnation of this torrent and hit that roadblock watching the series as a result : Will definitely seed this myself for a good long while, visual quality is phenomenal.

Morsita 8 years ago. Creszens 8 years ago. I'm seeding this for at least another week so hop on it while you can. Thanks for unraring! Sharing is caring! Legend mate, thanks very much for this. AlphaOmega 13 years ago. DaveB 11 years ago. Excellent quality, you are my anime hero man. CaptainPo 8 years ago. KirkBauer 7 years ago.

Must not be scene Which ones did you choose to omit!? Perene 8 years ago. Thaaank uuuuu! Why do stupid people comment? Thanks a lot. Now I have first 4 episodes. I will enjoy all of them at the weekend : thx. Shabbi 13 years ago. Thanks man!! Love these p torrents. Any chance you got a HD of episode 4 as well? Ok, so this is the 4th show aired in season 2?

Ok, thanks for clearing this up. Great upload. Love the quality. Keep'em coming. Homicidal 13 years ago. Can anyone verfy that this is the real deal? Weird that its out here and not on usenet :o. Just finished downloading and i can confirm that its the real deal, thanks once more netviper :.

Ah, fair enough. So any chance of full p encodes in the future? Oh well, never mind anyway. Still, if you can figure out how to do it, it'd be cool! I'll try one though and test it out on mine to see what it does. This is episode 4!!!! Sorry for the mistake on the title. Can you please post the pilot as well?

Ep20 "Child of pain" is the "Survival" episode Ep "Child of pain" is missing" Video resolution is x, not p as advertised, but close.. JMan1c 12 years ago. RedInception 8 years ago. JustAnotherApprentice 8 years ago. Thanks sire, Downloading and seeding! Cxranger 13 years ago.

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