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He may take drugs to help deal with it as seen in with the line "huge eyes. At the end he's amazed at the way at which they those with depression "televise" their condition aka through suicide. Maybe it's more literal meaning he hates the way suicide is televised to be good or such. So he decides to fight against the "gunman. No Replies Log in to reply.

The gunman is the person behind the camera, and they're responsible for creating controversy in musicians' lives where there is none. Lots of references to lights, cameras and shooting and 'the way we televise' Interesting thought! Link s The lyrics submitted here are incorrect, but in all honesty the only reason I know for sure is because I watched the official lyric video posted to the ChevelleVEVO channel on Youtube.

I had no freaking clue what they were saying, and for the record I think Meta4 made a great stab at it, and got most of it right. Here are the videos according to the official video which can be found here: youtube. Seems like it's from the perspective of someone trying to fight back, and a bit of a comment on the somewhat frightening fascination the general public has with violent tragic events.

There's an old saying in journalism: "If it bleeds, it leads". But, it's just a general guess. The "gunmen" are people that feel alone and ignored, and that leads them to anger, resentment, and disassociation. No one cares, until they are made to care.

Our society and media just makes is worse, giving them all the attention they want after becoming the gunman. My Interpretation To me, knowing the kind of topics Chevelle finds important enough to write about, this song is about standing against a corrupt leader. The part about the "blinding riot," to me, means the hyped up followers of this leader who see him as the good guy the leader either once was, or lead his followers to believe he was :so amazed at the way it was televised".

Pete is saying he was once one of these followers, but one morning he woke up and realized this person is leading them to destruction, so he decides to stand against the Gunman. Song Meaning I think this song is not about "an evil gunman" but the process of society creating one and how we label someone "crazy as a straw" and not realize what it could cause Strfox on February 06, Link.

My Interpretation If anyone has corrections to these lyrics let me know. They are not official, they are just my interpretation. I got the "just need a bit of the camera" part from ambi over at ambilyrics. I originally thought he was saying "Just need a bit of luck, get em up. I changed it because I think there's no way he's saying "camera. No, you are right. I watch the official lyric video and there's no mention of camera anywhere. TheLibby on March 03, General Comment The first verse "Awoke when the light Hit me right in the temple Felt something cold Touch my toes as it passed" Makes me feel like the singer was killed at the start.

Could be a reference to dying, soul leaving the body, ect. Guilitine on March 03, Link. Artists - C. Rate These Lyrics. Moshpit - We Carry The Heart Silent Season - Breaking Me Down Smile Empty Soul - 3's Anberlin - Vital Social Suicide - A Genetic Hoax Evolve Thru Scars - On the Outside Headplate - Grinspoon - Black Rabbits TOP Dreamshade - The Gift Of Life 5. Heaven Shall Burn - Veto 6. Blacklistt - Blacklistt 7.

Sponge - Stop The Bleeding 9. Norma Jean - Wrongdoers Falling Up - Hours My Ticket Home - Strangers Only Nothing More - Nothing More Degradead - The Monster Within We Die Tonight - The Answer Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire Mest - Not What You Expected Airbourne - Black Dog Barking Numic - Self Inflicted Numbness. Raised Fist - From The North 2. Fightstar - Behind The Devil's Back 3. Saturate - The Separation Effect 4.

The Dreaming - Rise Again 5.

Chevelle lyrics take-out the gunman torrent torrent hindi movie 2015

Chevelle - Take Out The Gunman Lyrics chevelle lyrics take-out the gunman torrent

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