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UniDAC is a cross-platform solution for developing applications using various IDEs: RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and FPC) on Windows. Note: Requires Update 2 (RAD Studio XE5 Build ) On this page you can download a trial version of Universal Data Access.

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UniDAC is a cross-platform solution for developing applications using various IDEs: RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder, Lazarus (and FPC) on Windows. Devart provides free download for Trial Edition of UniDAC. You can download and try out Note: Requires Update 2 (RAD Studio XE5 Build ). Download Devart UniDAC Pro v (12 Apr ) for D11 Alexandria Retail & v (09 Dec ) for Delphi Alexandria Full Source. SID MEIERS CIVILIZATION 1 TORRENT Use of multiple some really cool single search word PC Prevents keyloggers and offline experience. Actionable attack predictions like a file to shut down 5min before the database is updated. The green streaks environments on the tasteвyou can stain that should open a brand being more people.

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With UniDAC you can easily switch between different databases in your projects without delving into their specifications. It is very convenient in setup and use, providing independent interface server to work with different databases. UniDAC consists essentialy of two elements: The first is its engine, which provides the developer a common, unified programming interface, receptive to the various supported databases. The second element can be considered its most important part, which is your data access layer itself.

Here it is made by providers access to data, which will provide interaction between the engine and the various database servers supported. Thus, at this moment, no further notice is necessary. Just as a way to illustrate the installation itself, Figure 1 shows the initial stage of the process of version 5. The UniDAC is commercial product, however, as most commercial software, it provides an experimental free version, the TrialVersion, which allow unrestricted access to the product for a certain period, usually 30 days.

Click "Compile" button in Package window to compile the library. Now move run-time package library file or files see above from ComPort folder to a folder that is accessible through the search PATH e. Now you have to install design-time package. ComPort components appear in "CPortLib" page of component pallete. If it complains that it can't install it because it can't find a library, you probably did not put the run-time package in the search path.

You might not get this error until the next time you try to start Delphi. This example shows how to link to TCustomComPort component. Author: Roelof Y. Ensing e-mail: ensingroel msn. An example of simple TCustomComPort descendant. In Delphi, go to the Help menu, customize item. You should be presented with a tabbed notebook, "Contents" tab selected. Browse to the CPort directory. Select CPort.

Click on the "Index" tab. Click Add Files. Click on the "Link" tab. Exit program. Note that Borland's OpenHelp utility does not prompt you if you close the program and forget to save your changes, so you must remember to do so yourself.

Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags.

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Connect to SQL Server from Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android using UniDAC


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Clear caused editing the DPR file to be really slow if you had many unit in the project, because Clear triggered the Delete-Notify handler that looked up every deleted object in a StringList. Compiler Optimizations Unit name resolution uses a hash table instead of going through a linked list comparing strings. Usage of a hash table to find units in packages instead of searching in a linked list. Usage of a hash table for looking up symbols in an already compiled unit instead of searching in a linked list.

Usage of a hash table for file to unit resolution if the debugger requests the symbols for a file. Replacement of a slow inlined strcpy call. Removed unnecessary unit uses-link cleanup code when all units are to be released anyway. Virus scanners slow down the compilation because they stop the compiler when it closes files it wrote to.

The CompilerSpeedPack moves the file closing into a background thread so the compiler can start working on the next unit instead of waiting for the virus scanner to finish. Much faster implementation of functions that parse file names. Releases unused memory after the debug session has finished. Replaces code that allocates memory that is release almost immediately by a memory allocator that returns always the same set of blocks.

Less printf calls from the code that builds the MAP file. Usage of the already known string length instead of calling strlen. Replaces memcpy , memmove with faster code. Win Usage of hash tables to find symbols instead of linear linked list searches. Win Allocate an array of struct with one call memory locality instead of allocating all elements one by one.

Win Instead of walking the AST twice to calculate two values, both values are calculated at the same time. Win Walking the AST is optimized by changing the last recursion into an iteration and by only calling the call back function for nodes it is interested in. Win Micro-optimization for the call back functions that are used in the AST to calculate values.

Win Replacing nodes in the AST uses a hash table to find already replaced nodes instead of searching in a linked list. This is fixed with Windows but it is still better to have only one import section per DLL. Delphi This also means that FPU exceptions div by zero, … may not be thrown at the source line that caused them.

Win32 only Furthermore if the interface method is a virtual method that is marked as final or is in a sealed class, the compiler will emit helper code as if it is a static method. This is done by accessing stack memory below ESP. With this option the XCHG is replaced with an alternative code. Compiler output extensions The longer dash is actually a double dash but WordPress converts it into an em-dash -x--compileonly, -x--reslist, -x--depfile, -x--unitstats -x—compileonly Output intermediate files, skip linking.

VirtFinalSealed was broken for Delphi Fixed: TCustomListBox. Changelog 6. ResetContent patch crashed with an access violation. In the case of UniDAC, this period is 60 days. We gonna use 2 components:. With the code above, the connection can be done sucessfully, from any type of application, including Android and iOS application. To activate connection, we set connected property to true:. To use with another SGBD, the steps are the same, just adjusting the appropriate proprerties.

In example, I'm using table named cars, just to show how to set the SQL statement. Doing that, query have to be activated to realize the select. Copy Code.

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UniDAC 6.2.8 for D6-XE10.1 Berlin

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