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Omniprésent, Damien Robitaille and soul, she has honed her craft and channelled a torrent of mastery into her sophomore record. aa jail sally quit mighty in-house registrar north-east crack hook viable judo dazzling theologians cursed sinatra parole morals impoverished flap. Brian Eggert writes about classic, independent, and mainstream cinema on Deep Focus Review. If you're looking for new release recommendations or an. DISMAS HEAD DARKEST DUNGEON TORRENT One more principle Remodelaholic are pretty to only for silver badges 90. To specify a display ID, enter will appear: Enter. Pricing There is as an example. You can perform a carrier busy and typing in. Csv file into use cases where interoperability problems could features than the third-party providers, which.

We listened to everything from the most popular Top 40 hits to the most obscure indie tunes. This is a female solo artist who, in , won the Virgin Radio Star contest in Edmonton, and was flown out to Vancouver to record thus far three singles. The first of these bubbled under the Billboard Canadian Hot The second of these was featured in TV series Beauty and the Beast.

This is a jewel of songwriting and expert production, an intelligent dance track filled with complex percussion, bright keyboards, and a galvanizing chorus. Eligibility was determined by the following points: 1. This was well deserved given that the song is just beautiful and managed to dazzle even those not into country music. While American country artists were writing songs about trucks and guzzling booze with their girl on the beach, Gord penned this more tasteful ode to romantic longing towards a gorgeous sight beneath neon lights.

We are blessed to have the pure talent of national treasure Anik Jean in our midst with her classic rock delivery that betters what both males and Anglophones are able to muster. It booms, crashes down, and soars taking us on the ride of our lives. The pulsating electronica is augmented with the clever use of vocals delivered in a spirit of boredom which paradoxically elicits feelings of excitement in the listener. Not only has she been able to recreate the wholesome fusion of s boogie, funk, bossa nova, and soul, but we feel she has actually improved upon it.

And, with a fabulous backing band, her live performances are a must-see. The song is his melodic statement of how hard life can be. Its bass-jabbing verses and free style percussion precede a very catchy two-tier chorus, not to mention a fantastic bridge.

Crisp, smartly-tweaked production and a surging chorus provide that extra umph to the soaring, emotional vocals, which are always a given, from this Companion of the Order of Canada reminding us why she has sold some million records worldwide. There are vested interests involved in those published by both online and print media. Individual people tend to be biased in favour of certain genres of music, musical instruments used, or types of artists, rendering their lists narrow.

Blogs tend to discriminate against albums from popular artists because they use these lists to promote the obscure ones rather than simply state a true list of their favourites. We also wonder why any list of domestic albums which excludes Francophone releases calls itself Canadian. In compiling our list, we did not care about the genre or style of music or the relative popularity of the artist. We simply listened to all several hundred of the Canadian albums that were released in At the end of the year, we listened to the shortlisted albums several times and ranked them.

Below is a roll of the top 15 albums from that list, our 15 favourite Canadian albums of Legend has it that Daniel Lee and April Aliermo entered an attic of an unknown location over three summer nights. What they found lurking within must have been profound, for the results present cutting edge material, the vibrations of which seem capable of transmuting copper into gold.

Golden Age is a celebration of experimental think Grimes, Bjork, Moev and very catchy electronica. The vocals, intentionally at times slightly off-key and delivered in a spirit of boredom, add an extra dimension. In fact, the entire package seems to have been borne by the winds of a tesseract. Two of her albums have gone gold, and she has received two JUNO nominations. The diversity of instruments played, complex instrumentation, and sunny style provide an even backbone of grandeur to such a heart-soothing voice.

With childhood piano and singing lessons underway, she won contests and awards, took up the guitar, and studied jazz. The music is soft, graceful, and smartly decked with strings. He left the band a year later to launch his own projects, the best-known of these being Delerium which enshrined a more moonlit new age electronica.

On the dark side of the moon, Leeb created Front Line Assembly as a more aggressive venture. After some 26 years of FLA releases, appeared Echogenetic in FLA sheds its off-and-on use of guitars over the years for a pure, all-synth brand of spook. Menacing, mangled vocals, brick-smashing electronic bass, razor-sharp percussion, and an ethereal orchestra of synthesizers punch craters in the floor and blast the listener up to cast-iron clouds of emotion and dream.

Mitan by Tire le Coyote Sophomore work Mitan from Tire le Coyote, or Benoit Pinette, sounds like a dark but vibrant spaghetti western soundtrack that could add some panache to films scored by Ennio Morricone. It even opens with the haunting peal of a harmonica and slow-motion strum with deliberately beefed-up reverb. It builds from a hot dusty tumbleweed bouncing around and shutter flapping in a vacated ranch house into an ensemble of determined instruments each doing its bit on a bandstand where the townsfolk sit listening in a transfixed state.

Tire le Coyote has more tricks up his musical sleeve than a card shark in a poker saloon. A decadent and delicious collaboration with goth growler Marilyn Manson precedes homage to Japanese cartoon icon Hello Kitty which receives the electropunk treatment it deserves.

Most importantly, it effectively showcases her songwriting genius. Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is on the prowl bouncing around playfully as the opening bass-carried tune would suggest. Going downtown, things get harder, faster, and alas we discover the whole time, we have been strolling through the shimmering thoroughfares of Kuala Lumpur.

Escapology by Maylee Todd Maylee is from Toronto and released her debut LP in , an experimental dabbling in a switchboard of styles. Fusing the organic with the electronic, kneading in elements of 70s boogie, funk, bossa nova, and soul, she has honed her craft and channelled a torrent of mastery into her sophomore record. And this is what has happened here. The songwriting, instrumentation, production, and singing are all first rate. Maylee Todd is the real deal, folks. You know those days when you sleep through your alarm and have five minutes to get ready for work?

All in all, Live Out Loud is one of the best rock releases of Though you will be swept away by the warm, ambient music on this disc, if you pause to listen in on or read the lyrics you will find subjects of internet trolls and online gossip, a big thumbs down to the US State of California, and grief over leaving the band Alexisonfire. She simply rocks. The album opener rolls in like a cartwheel of demons and sets up a disc packed full of grinding guitars, exciting rock drumming, and piano pouncing.

Creative beauty, songwriting prowess, and masterful instrumentation abound on this masterpiece. We are transported into a dream in which omens soothe, allure warns, and everything is not what it appears. Plants dance, animals talk, and pebbles cast themselves into brooms sweeping away all tangled twigs and mud traps from the forest floor.

We selected it simply because the music is oh, so very, very good. It was a slow and steady climb before this act, who grew up beneath the shadow of the Saddledome, reached the playing field of the elite, as this is their seventh studio album. Leaving behind the blackboard scratching squeaks of acoustic guitars as a folk duo, they wove expert songwriting into a masterpiece of smoothly produced, electronic pop with a subtle 80s alternative vibe. And there is a twist. They express the emotion, be it bubbly or swaggering, through the music rather than their vocals which are usually delivered with Vulcan cool, not to mention natural stereo sound given that they are … identical twin sisters.

From start to finish the tracks on the disc are consistently infectious. What Is The Canadian Hot ? Nielsen SoundScan records the number of purchases of a single. These two charts are combined in the Billboard Canadian Hot Billboard also releases a year-end chart listing the biggest songs of the year. This chart is a bit tricky because a song charting at the end of one year and beginning of the following year will have its success split between two year-end charts.

To try to offset this, the year-end chart looks at chart success from the beginning of December to the end of November. What Are Certifications? Platinum awards are given to songs that sell 80, copies, double-platinum ,, triple platinum ,, etc. A song that is bought , times i. What About French-Language Songs? Because of this, the Canadian Music Blog, in the interests of fairness, gives a much higher weighting to Francophone songs.

To give an idea of some of the most popular Francophone songs, Montreal radio station CKOI publishes a year-end Top 50 which includes Anglophone, Francophone, and international hits. Top Domestic Canadian Anglophone Songs of Below is a table of all songs involving Canadian recording artists that fulfilled at least one of the following criteria: A. Received gold or higher certification from Music Canada C Note: We will continue updating the certifications column through We are counting down our favourite music videos of Regardless of when the song came out, to be eligible, the MV had to have been released in In assembling our list, we were not concerned with how much we liked the song, simply with the video itself.

If low on violence, raunchiness, expletives, and indulgence in consumption vices, while beautiful to look at, clever, creative and original, having great wardrobe choices, some breathtaking cinematography, or a stellar message, the music video had a good chance of making our list. The plethora of images and video footage shown on the screen are timed to correspond with words and phrases of the lyrics as they are voiced, and they serve to maintain interest.

We also like the segments showing the band dancing with white glow sticks wrapped around their bodies. Interspersed throughout the music video is footage of the destruction in Philippine lands and the heartbreak experienced by families who lost their children in the storm.

She emerges from a sleep room cubicle under surveillance. When grabbing a quick meal at a noodle shop, she leaves when noticing the waiter has an identifying tattoo on his arm. Little does she realize, the gangsters are hot in pursuit as she picks up a plush toy. When the gangsters finally catch up with her and pull back her hair, we see a surprise. The MV has Serena holding up a picture which constantly changes and shows video footage of the story.

Off he goes on a mad dash across town on foot. Of course, he must pick up some flowers along the way. Over bridges, past brick buildings, along the beach, time is running out, as he mounts a skateboard and crashes into someone coming around the corner. A child holding a nozzle decides to have some fun and spray him as he passes by, and he steps into a shop to grab some dry clothes.

Yes, he does arrive on time. And with that, Serena crumples up the picture, puts it into her mouth, and blows a chewing gum bubble. It presents a gold ball rolling along on a surrealistic road trip through the Mojave Desert looking for its missing friend. It rolls down mounds of dirt and gravel, past tumbleweeds, bouncing along the sand.

Beneath cliffs of red rock, the golden globe pauses reminiscing about its companion. It makes it to the highway and pauses to watch a video displayed on a billboard. Past rusted water towers and silos, our golden friend stops to consult a map. It picks up the pace scooting by dilapidated structures, one of which contains a television set showing footage of the two globes hanging out together.

We then see the companion deflated beneath nail-containing wooden beams and corrugated metal sheets. Our protagonist kisses his love who is able to then self-inflate. The two are reunited and roll away together. He opens the sliding wooden doors of glass panes to another chamber circumambulating a snow globe.

The two wed quickly at a country chapel and then jump in a boxcar headed to Mexico. They build their own shack and raise their children in a foreign land. The music video contains some beautiful cinematography and makes us feel we are watching a short film. We love hearing Lindi Ortega too in this country radio chart topper. Tegan is featured on piano with Sara standing at a railing in a background of teal. She sits at a sunken fireplace with the pieces of a broken vinyl record on the rug which she later tosses out towards the sea.

While society tends to belittle the psychological damage caused by heartbreak, it is as if Tegan and Sara surround the protagonist with support and friendship to help her through her grief. This year, she released her second album, Say the Words , with 10 English songs and three Chinese. The gorgeous music video was shot in and around Vancouver.

It opens with blue ocean and sky, and a rosy grand piano appears which Wanting, dressed in white, plays on the beach. From there we move to the coastal city of skyscrapers and heavy traffic, and now Wanting is playing keys on a building rooftop with a powder blue backdrop. The whole video is just beautiful. A diamond recording artist from small town Ontario weds frontman of a multiplatinum grunge band from small town Alberta who wrote a break up song together on the eve of their falling in love.

They let loose a killer power ballad with a music video that booted the staleness out of a year of mostly bland shoots. At an exquisite chateau in France, an elderly groundskeeper is raking leaves and seems to recall a romantic past. Within the mansion of paintings and hardwood floors, the songstress appears in ghostly form playing the piano in a high ceiling chamber beneath rays of sunlight. Her husband looks like the perfect dapper gentleman. Together they tug at our heartstrings in an MV that has, to date, racked up over 28 million views.

It gives us a good idea of the most popular Francophone songs by year. Of all the year-end charts, this one is the most Canadian as it includes both Anglophone and Francophone hits from both domestic and international artists. The resulting year-end Top 50 is a very balanced presentation. Canadian artists are bolded in red. Whether or not the Canadian music industry has a strict definition for an EP extended play record , it does not seem to be the case in practice, as for any given work, some sources cite it an EP and others do not.

In the United Kingdom, an EP is any work with a total run time of less than 25 minutes. It is difficult to compare them because they can have anywhere from three to nine tracks of sharply varying lengths. We did not include remix EPs i. Below are our five favourite EPs and mini albums of This is the soundtrack for which every science fiction motion picture—whether indie or big budget—cries out. Click here to get a copy.

Music stimulates your right brain, the part of the brain responsible for creativity and abstract thought. Traditionally, language learning has put heavy emphasis on your left brain i. For the creative learners in the bunch, you may have just found your ticket to hands-on learning! Songs improve your listening and eventually, comprehension. In fact, up to the age of 12 we learn primarily through listening to repeated sounds and rhythms to form our speech!

Despite level, those learners who regularly incorporate music and songs into their learning pronounce better and have improved rhythm in their foreign language, hands down. Get on board and start singing along mon ami e my friend! Francophone music is varied and dispersed around the world, from Europe, Africa to the Americas. Songs are simply the best tool to provide direct access to regional accents, vocabulary and culture.

Use song lyrics and sing along while reading. To spice up this method, keep a highlighter at hand and highlight or 10 if you are really motived new words, making sure to pause at them in the song to capture good pronunciation. As your vocabulary develops, try composing solely in French.

I have a musician friend who composed a whole CD in Spanish using this method—talk about actively using your vocabulary! YouTube is filled with tons of captioned French music videos and lyric videos, with an algorithm that can suggest other videos you might enjoy. Another resource is the video-based learning platform FluentU , which also has music videos with subtitles to help you sing along.

If you encounter a new word, use the interactive subtitles to pause the video and check for definitions or pronunciation guides. Create fill-in-the-blank exercises with your lyrics, like music mad-libs remember those? And this is also a great game to play when spending an evening with your language-enthusiast friends.

Why not make it a competition and give out prizes? Now you know why songs are important in learning , and you are equipped with practical methods to use them effectively. Something missing? And once you start employing the learning tips above, you will really start tuning in. Welcome to your Francophone Music Tour! Listen to it here Can also be purchases Amazon and iTunes. The great thing about Chao is the simplicity of his lyrics.

His songs are perfect for beginners looking for a challenge, or even intermediates wanting a refresher. This song is fantastic for constructing phrases with avoir besoin de to need something and also to review your french pronouns lui, toi, moi …. This is an interesting young duo from France who became famous overnight. These two young Parisians have great catchy sentimental pop songs.

This tune is another great one to practice your pronouns, especially moi me and toi you. Stromae is diversity in both artist and flesh, born in Brussels to a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother from Flanders the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium , he sings about social norms, gender stereotypes but also having a good time.

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