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With over built-in and extended graph types and point-and-click customization of all elements, Origin makes it easy to create and customize publication-quality graphs. You can add additional axes and panels, add, remove plots, etc. Batch plot new graphs with similar data structure, or save the customized graph as graph template or save customized elements as graph themes for future use. This is a box plot with mean points connected. The user can also connect median points, data points or other percentiles, using controls on the Connect Lines tab of the Plot Details dialog.

The graph has been customized by assigning a unique plot style and a custom Z offset to each surface. Some surfaces are also rendered as flat. New Density Dots plot of 2 million data points. Colormap represents data density computed using a fast algorithm. In addition to build-in graph types, Origin also provides extended templates which can be found and installed from the OriginLab Website using the Template Center.

This Set Layer Height by Common Scale option is available when merging individual graphs into one graph and when adjusting layers in an existing graph. A similar option controls layer width. When merging individual graphs, check Treat Each Source Graph as a Unit to maintain the proper relationship of layers in individual graphs.

In this example, each inset graph remains with its parent layer. An add labels option is also available to facilitate adding labels to each unit in the merged graph. Options in Plot Details Layer tab enable users to automatically apply Layer, Plot, or Axis customizations made to one graph layer, to other layers on the page.

Note that the Y axis line and label color matches the data plot. Origin's Graph toolbar lets you add layers to your graph, merge selected graphs, or extract data plots to separate layers or layers to separate graph windows, with the click of a button.

With multiple layers selected pressing Ctrl key to select , Origin's Object Edit toolbar enables you to align or evenly distribute the layers with the click of a button. A multi-panel graph combining several layers of contour and line plots arranged flexibly. Note the inset layer on the bottom right panel. The top panel displays stacked lines by y offset allowing for easy comparison of multiple data plots. Using grouped data, you can easily create multi-panelled graphs in Origin with a single click on the plot menu.

Multi-layer Cluster Plot with option for independent X and Y scales. Easily change formatting of plots and other attributes in all layers by editing properties in one layer. Grouped plots now support scatter plot with subgroup spacing. Scatter can then be combined with other plot types such as the column plot in this example.

The interactive, multi-panel Plot Details dialog box allows for quick editing of many important properties of your Origin graph. Because the data is dense, every other point is skipped using the Skip Points settings in Plot Details. The other two datasets are plotted as grouped line plots for easy customization.

Their corresponding error bars are drawn as transparent bands. Vertical and Horizontal drop lines are drawn from a point to the axes, with the x and y values labeled. After finding all peaks in this graph, X positions of each peak are labeled.

Origin auto re-positions the labels in the Y direction to avoid overlapping, and adds dashed blue leader lines to connect the label and its peak. The highest peak is customized to show as a red star, with both x and y values displayed. Data Labels. Origin supports offsetting plots in the X and Y directions with no change in data values. Offset options include auto, cumulative, incremental, constant, and individual.

In this graph we stacked curves with a pattern such as 0 so each data pair stayed together. The color and style were customized to use repeated patterns. For such graphs, you can also drag a single curve to reposition it for comparison with another curve.

The Legend is arranged in two columns and placed beside each plot pair. A color mapped bubble chart. This is essentially a scatter plot with modifiers for symbol size and color, set using other data columns. Notice the bubble legend on the top left of the graph. This unique feature in Origin allows for various configurations for this legend.

The powerful Color Chooser dialog is displayed on the right side. This dialog has several options including the ability to load a list of pre-defined colors. This graph displays the relative quantities of size fractions of unconsolidated sedimentary materials with depth below the ground surface.

Hatch Fill pattern selection has been enhanced for Origin , including the addition of entirely new "Geology" fill patterns. The graph is an example of a sunburst chart. A sunburst has multiple levels represented by different rings , across which you can see how a category is split into contributing sub-categories. The color-indexing of the rings is done by values from the same "Browser" column in the worksheet.

A surface plot created from XYZ data where the color map was based on a 4th data column. A custom XY boundary has also been applied to the plot. A Double-Y plot allowing for easy comparison of two datasets. Note that the Y axes ticks and labels have the same color as the data plot they represent. Other features include scientific notation for labels in the right Y axis, special tick labels at user-specified axis positions, and an axis break in the X axis. Origin supports multiple special ticks and axes breaks.

In addition to support for multiple axis scale types such as linear, log10, and reciprocal, Origin supports creating scales using a custom formula. In this graph , the X axis scale was set using sqrt x. Notice the X axis where in addition to the yearly tick marks, special ticks and labels have been placed to mark significant events during that time period.

Each special tick label can be individually formatted. Engine torque speed map where performance is plotted as a contour plot with custom boundary defined by maximum torque line. The axis type is also set to non-linear with a custom formula. In this grouped box chart , labels representing the group variables have been created using a table format. Options for customizing the table include placement above and below the layer, merging labels between subgroups, flexible border options, ticks, and fill colors.

Origin grants you the possibility to simply update or construct the legend for data plots. Some commonly used options are:. Create one combined legend or separate legends for each set of data plots in a multi-layer graph. In addition, there are shortcut menu options to rearrange, reorder, or further customize the data plot legend. Origin also has several special legends used with certain graph types.

These legends and scales can be customized and updated similarly with a dialog. This box chart includes a special box chart legend. This legend is auto-generated for box charts. Each legend entry refers to a box plot component: the box, whiskers, median or mean lines, percentiles, etc.

In addition, the Legend Properties dialog lets you add custom entries to your legend for symbols and lines, by building the desired syntax using a dialog. The Piper diagram or Trilinear diagram is used to plot chemistry of water samples for hydro-geological studies. Scatter point shape and color change for each sample. Sample ID is displayed next to each point and its color is matched to the sample point. A colorblind-safe color list is used Origin includes two such built-in color lists.

A bubble scale relates bubble size to total dissolved solids. A point-by-point legend identifies each sample point. A scatter plot with modifiers for color and size, set using other data columns. Note the nested bubble scale legend at bottom left.

The map of the continental USA was added to the graph using the Insert: Continental USA Map menu entry The menu entry will be shown when the scale matches the range of the map's latitude and longitude. Worksheet column label row cells can display and store LaTeX strings.

These strings can then be easily added to graph text objects, such as graph axis titles and legends. Origin also provides a simplified Symbol Map dialog, with multiple tabs with commonly used and popular symbols, to enable users to find and insert symbols quickly when editing text labels. Editing the Objects. The OpenGL graphic technology brought unltrafast performance and more flexibility to customize your 3D graphs. This graph displays the topology of Mount St.

Helens before and after the volcanic eruption in The data are plotted as two color map surface plots in the same OpenGL graph layer, with the top surface offset along the Z axis. A light source has been added to illuminate the surface.

Isometric scaling has been applied so that the X, Y and Z axis lengths reflect true relative distances. This graph displays the population of different counties by fetching map data from a new WMS server and then plotting 3D bars on top of the map plane. The Maps Online app offers a few built-in map data sources for users to choose from.

You can also add your own map source. With Origin, it is very easy to place 3D bars on a map using the Layer Contents dialog. This graph displays a 3D color map surface plot of Lake Ontario region. A second dataset has been added as a transparent plane at the Z value corresponding to the water level. Origin supports free rotation of OpenGL graphs by simply holding down the R key and using the mouse. Additional options for rotating, resizing, stretching and skewing are available when the 3D graph layer is selected.

This plot shows a 3D scatter plot with x, y, z errors, and projections on three axis planes. The 3D scatter symbol is colormapped to another data column population density. Symbols and error bars in each projection can be customized independently. This is a 3D Colormap Surface with Projection , made possible by plotting the data twice: once as a 3D surface plot and a second time as a flat surface. The flat surface can be offset arbitrarily in the Z direction.

Using a transparent surface and drop lines to surface instead of the bottom plane, you can show distances between the points and the surface. These toolbars are sensitive to the type of object selected. The buttons in the pop up provide access to all of the common customization options, so you can perform quick changes without opening complex dialogs. Import speed in Origin is a factor of 10 or more compared to Excel , and compared to older versions of Origin. The gain in speed has been achieved by making full use of the processor's multi-core architecture.

You can drag-and-drop data files onto the Origin interface to import them. Drag-and-drop is supported for most common file types, and can be further customized for additional or custom file types. Starting with Origin , you no longer need to have MS Excel installed to import these file types. Origin provides the following options for Excel file import:. Excel workbooks can also be opened directly within Origin.

The Excel file can be saved with file path relative to the Origin Project file, for easy sharing of the project along with related Excel files. We recommend importing your Excel data, so that you have full access to Origin's powerful graphing and analysis environment. Origin supports importing data from a database using Database Connector.

Options include:. Origin supports importing from a database , and then saving the query in the worksheet for easy editing and re-importing. The Digitizer tool in Origin allows you to perform manual or semi-automated digitizing of graph images. Features include:. The Digitizer tool in Origin lets you generate data from images of graphs. Cartesian, ternary, and polar coordinates are supported.

Digitizing methods include manual or semi-automated operations. Multiple curves can be digitized, and points can be reordered and visualized in the result graphing and data worksheet. In a Zoom graph, a zoomed portion of a larger graph is added to explore a region of interest. Moving the cyan rectangle updates that portion of the graph shown by the inset. Press the Z or X keys and scroll the mouse wheel to quickly and interactively zoom and pan data in graph layers.

The new Data Slicer feature allows you to change filter conditions directly on a graph for easy data exploration. Simply set up filters on desired worksheet columns, create a graph with one or more layers, and turn on the Data Slicer panel to control the filters. Features include: Mini Toolbar to toggle Data Slicer panel Directly disable or enable filters from the graph Text filter has option for single entry allowing for easy switch of filter conditon Numeric filters allow several conditions including combinations with AND or OR.

Highlight a particular data plot in a graph. Also works with complex graph types such as Parallel plot. You can customize the display to include information from other columns of the worksheet, including images embedded in worksheet cells. Use Vertical Cursor for exploring data in stacked graphs in multiple graph windows simultaneously.

You can find information of one cursor or compare two cursors such as the distance. Origin and OriginPro provide a rich set of tools for performing exploratory and advanced analysis of your data. Please view the following sections for details. Origin provides several gadgets to perform exploratory analysis by interacting with data plotted in a graph. Origin provides a selection of Gadgets to perform exploratory analysis of data from a graph. A region of interest ROI control allows you to interactively specify the subset of data to be analyzed.

Results from the analysis are dynamically updated on top of the ROI as it is resized or moved. This image shows peak fitting being performed using the Quick Fit gadget. Two statistics gadgets are applied to this graph to report statistics in two regions of interest ROI. The Y axis is moved to separate the two regions.

Yellow ROI boxes are hidden so that they do not show in printouts. The "S" button on upper-right corner re-displays the ROI boxes when clicked. Use the Quick Peak Gadget to interactively perform peak finding, baseline subtraction, and peak integration of data from a graph. The Quick Fit Gadget lets you perform linear, polynomial, or nonlinear curve fitting on data plots in a graph. Notice the label on top of the ROI displaying the slope and Pearson's r from a linear fit.

The label updates dynamically as the ROI is moved or resized. The ROI can be rectangular, elliptical, polygon or arbitrary hand-draw shape. The tool provides statistics on data inside and outside the ROI, and also lets you copy, clear, mask or delete selected data. Origin provides various tools for linear, polynomial and nonlinear curve and surface fitting.

Fitting routines use state-of-the-art algorithms. The sections below provide a summary of key features. Graph displaying result of linear regression. Graph displaying result of polynomial regression.

Origin supports Global Fitting with Parameter Sharing , where you can simultaneously fit multiple datasets with the same function and optionally share one or more fitting parameters across all datasets. The report sheet will provide a summary table with all parameter values and errors, and a single set of fit statistics from the global fit.

OriginPro supports fitting with implicit functions using the Orthogonal Distance Regression algorithm which minimizes the orthogonal distance from data to the fit curve. Errors and weighting for both X and Y data are supported. Implicit functions can have two or more variables. Result of an Apparent Linear Fit on data plotted with logarithmic Y axis scale. The latter supports weights for both X and Y data.

Select from over 12 weighting methods including instrumental, statistical, direct, arbitrary dataset, and variance. When working with replicate data, Origin can perform a Concatenated Fit where the replicates are combined internally to a single dataset. The graph included in the report sheet can either represent the data in replicate form, or as mean values with SD or SE error bars.

A Quick Sigmoidal Fit Gadget is also available. The Rank Models tool in OriginPro can fit and rank multiple functions to a dataset. Use OriginPro to perform nonlinear surface fitting of data organized in XYZ worksheet columns , a matrix , or a virtual matrix.

Select from over 20 surface functions or create your own function. For peak functions, find peaks using local maximum, partial derivative, or contour consolidation. The raw data is plotted as a color-filled contour plot, and the fit results are plotted as contour lines. Do you need to fit an implicit function to your data? Implicit Fitting uses the Orthogonal Distance Regression algorithm to find optimal values for the fit parameters.

Errors or weights are supported for both X and Y data. Origin provides several features for peak analysis, from baseline correction to peak finding, peak integration, peak deconvolution and fitting. The following sections list the key features for peak analysis. This is a preview graph for performing peak integration using the Peak Analyzer tool.

The integration range can be applied for all peaks, or modified individually and interactively for each peak. Once you have performed baseline detection and peak finding, Origin provides several options for peak fitting: Select from over 25 built-in peak functions, or create your own peak function Fit all peaks with same function form, or assign different functions to specific peaks Peak deconvolution to resolve overlapping or hidden peaks Fix peak centers or allow them to vary by a set percentage or within a set range of values Specify bounds and constraints on peak parameters Share parameters across peaks Full control of fitting process including step-by-step iterations Detailed report including fit statistics, residuals, and graph of individual and cumulative fit lines Over 25 peak properties for reporting, including peak area by percentage, variance, skewness and peak excess Fit summary graph with customizable peak properties table.

There are several options for batch peak analysis of multiple datasets in Origin: Use integration and peak gadgets to analyze multiple curves in a graph within or across layers Use a predefined peak analysis theme to analyze multiple datasets or files Output a custom report table with peak parameters from each dataset or file.

The Quick Peaks Gadget provides a quick and interactive way to perform peak analysis from a graph, using a region of interest ROI control. Batch operations such as integration of multiple curves over a desired range are also possible from this gadget. The Peak Analyzer tool in Origin supports baseline detection, peak picking, and peak integration. In OriginPro, this tool also supports fitting multiple peaks. Peak detection methods include 2nd derivative search to detect overlapping or hidden peaks.

The interface guides you step-by-step, allowing you to customize settings at each stage, and then save the settings as a theme for repeat use on similar data. Android Live wallpaper Maker. Android Manager WiFi. Android Studio. Aneesoft 3D Flash Gallery. Animated Screensaver Maker. Animated SnowFlakes Screensaver. Animated Wallpaper Maker. Animation Workshop. Anonymizer Universal. Ant Commander. Ant Download Manager. Ant Movie Catalog.

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