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Modular experimentation, mystical vocal samples, magical Tangier nights. Remixes courtesy of Scottish Highlands born CAIN and "Salon des Amateurs" resident. dollar camp ontario automatically des minnesota films bridge native fill ups nations route followed specifications broken tripadvisor frank alaska.

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Limited edition of copies. Jun 09 4 mins. Emerging from the shadows, Hesperius Draco returns to Frigio with a solo release for the first time since his album Actus Tragicus. Directive V conjures up the magic of giallo horror, silver screen slashers and smoky synthlines, while exploring something altogether new. The finale brings something totally different. This EP is a brilliant masterpiece of two original tracks and 3 very special remixes by one of the greatest women in the dark disco scene: Bonnie Spacey, Moderna, and Vongold.

One of the most legendary names in the British alternative music scene, with a career spanning three decades with various projects such as Godflesh, JK Flesh, Jesu, ZONAL and more, Broadrick has always been able to push the emotional boundaries that lie within us through sonic violence, and yet he strikes once again with this new release!

The album opens its dark doors with a rough intro. A driving speech that Justin himself proclaims to be a manifesto on the irregularity and unpredictability of life. From then onwards, the whole album assumes the appearance of a running horse. Heavy bass lines with raw resonances feel like an approaching earthquake A Brutal Cerebral Assault!

Mixing progressive sounds and 90's synth samples on the first two tracks 'Stardust Sniffers' and 'Meet Me At De Sterren', and finishing with two punchy and housy tracks called 'Pasa' and ' On A Birthday'. Jun 08 6 mins. Cycloid Dyaxis once again delivers a huge range of sublime tracks. The length of 2 full LPs, yes, 15 masterpieces in one package! Our story begins in Jerusalem - Zadik Zecharia - a folk musician whose speciality is the Zorna - a traditional kurdish woodwind instrument - recorded a cassette of kurdish melodies played on Zorna and Dola, a kurdish drum.

The tape was released independently and distributed mainly around the kurdish-jewish community in Israel. Overnight, these intense melodies became a cult phenomena in the hipster-ish circles of Jerusalem and beyond. The kurdish melodies could suddenly be heard during dj sets, topping electronic beats, or adding drones to heavy experimental sessions.

One of them is yours truly, Mule Driver. The remix has became a cult by its own. Fast forward to present time, a conversation with Legowelt about folk music led Mule Driver to dig an unreleased longer version of this techno remix.

Jun 08 5 mins. Row Records comes around with a V. Vilnius-based record label Good Skills presents a five-a-side of solid grooves with a trademark Made in Lithuania. From slow and low to high and tight, 'Sekta' is a compilation of organic textures and inviting rhythms, created by the up-and-coming local talents. The opening track delves into the 'Emotions' of Shurmin Nikita. A proper intro builds on catchy breaks with distant vocals and a slo-mo that lends a funky vibe. Up next is Zakmina, one of the most-talked-about producers from Lithuania.

Every chord in this tune is a reminder of what a remarkable friendship between electronic music and garage rock can be. Mellow and acoustic, it simply sounds tasty. A full-time medical specialist delivers a surgically accurate yet fast-and-furious heavyweight, which has the potential to become ultimate dancefloor filler.

Jun 07 60 mins. New mix comes from our friend Cornelius Doctor from unfamous Hard Fist crew and label. Lyon based, he's dj resident at local "Le Sucre" and runs bars when he's not playing or producing in the studio! Enjoy this fresh summerish breezy mix.

Jun 07 5 mins. From somewhere that is nowhere, traumgarten presents Virgin Forest — 21 sonic renditions of unadulterated beauty emerging from their cocoons for the first time. Insulated from the dogma of mass consciousness, every track is its own unique sanctuary, yielding only to the creative urges of its maker. Our second benefit compilation harvests the dreams of globally and cosmically diverse protagonists, with otherworldly sounds spanning the spectrum, from ambient meditations and percussive tribal fantasia to bass heavy club concoctions and glitched-out grooves.

An ode to parallel universes, dormant desires, and all the unexplored paths of our finite existence. Jun 07 4 mins. While we were finishing the last details of this release, we read with astonishment in the news that a group of scientists was able to take the first photograph of the black hole that exists in the heart of the milky way.

This has raised many questions that we usually find in science fiction. What are they? Are they the portal to another dimension? Are there other dimensions beyond known space-time? The truth is, we don't know shit about this. But the first thing that came to mind, as we laughed through thick clouds of smoke and listened to the final mastering of 'Sticker Shock', was: where did these guys come from?

This sound has to come from another dimension. There is no other explanation. We are more than psyched to introduce you to our reference number 'Sticker Shock' produced by Zillas On Acid. Thomas Roland and James Weissinger were born and raised in Philadelphia or so they say and in recent years have built a solid catalog with different appearances in Optimo, Les Disques de la Mort, Multi Cult and Dischi Autunno, among others.

This EP has unique assembled layers and planes. The songs are at the same time fun, psychedelic and deep, mixing slow-motion death disco, dubbed-out drum machine music, and of course ACID to get party people on all planets pumped. On the remix side, the great German Tolouse Low Trax offers us a robotic, kraut and freaky-funk reinterpretation of the song that gives the album its name.

Jun 07 6 mins. The creation of this Ep was inspired by a dream of Gabriel Lori aka Astroloop after he was playing somewhere in the desert at the sunrise. The final result is an Ep which will moves your body and mind through a delicious cocktail of house, acid and psychodelia of XXI century.

In this remix the beats per minute of the original track are accelerated, to turn it into a delicious meandering as well optimistic piece with Balearic ingredients, an organic bass line, and a winner piano line. The duo is well known for their very danceable yet sophisticated productions, being self published releases - as their CUT Edits series - or on labels such as Doom Rec and Buero.

Jun 06 6 mins. The past two years have been non-stop for Adam BFD. This release represents his fourth full-length EP of the year, with previous ones finding a home on Lobster Theremin. Innervisions is no different, constituting what might be his most candid record yet.

Although, it is left up to the listener whether this melody speaks more to feelings of ease of melancholy. An immersive soundscape leaves things on a triumphant note. Jun 06 4 mins. Jun 05 5 mins. The debut album of our new star from Berlin. Romance and passion, light and darkness, deep vocals and mechanical rhythms, authentic coldwave and modern dark disco.

Eight tracks that will set fire to the dance floors and melt your hearts. Jun 04 5 mins. Sentient State returns to Source Material following a stellar debut release via the label back in Here, the Brooklyn based artist continues his journey into the deeper regions of acid laced electro with the first in a two-part series called Sentient Machines. Buy : Bandcamp - bit.

Jun 02 5 mins. This project sees him focus on his love of EBM and techno with influences taken from new beat and Belgian legends like Front His aim is to bring the spontaneity of live music back to clubs, armed with just two synths and two drum machines. Steely textures and twitchy synths bring the twisted electro-techno track alive as the tension bubbles and boils throughout. The visceral closer is 'Body Dancer' with its sheet metal drums, yearning vocal cries and stiff bass loops all making for a macho and moody sound.

These are brilliantly muscular yet musical tracks that bring real terror to the dance floor. This tour de force of Modern House Music is full of killer cuts. Filled with deep cut samples and old school breaks, this is a floor filler with plenty of heft. Jun 02 6 mins. He comes back with a powerful high energy driven collection of tunes merging a variety of genres like Happy Hardcore, Techno, Trance and more.

Fantazia EP is an in your face, euphoric three tracker with relentless grooves and old school vibes. The record is the perfect recipe for a party and an instant classic. This EP recreates four different soundscapes to celebrate the meeting points between body and mind.

Mind controls processing, ideas and consciousness; Body comprises all the physical aspects of the brain. They exist as separate entities, but they are indissolubly linked to each other and they can find meeting points on multiple art forms. It refers to the high-energy music and it provides a real bond. Currently, he has a monthly residency on Radio Raheem in Milan, where he shares his musical taste and is often joined by various artists from around the globe.

He is also the founder and host of Radio Sugo, an independent music-broadcasting platform in Rome, since In a singular appropriation of the vast legacy of rave culture, Diogo crosses, along four tracks, a certain time span between the 90's and the 's, with all kinds of recycling and updates that the exercise entails. Syncopated rhythmic patterns, robust basses, junglist echoes, haunted voices or celestial pads make up a revivalist sound palette, here rearticulated beyond linear structures.

Tracks for the dance floor, yes, with a twist, to be rediscovered as often as you like. Jun 02 3 mins. A metal-like kalimba soul-rhythm track into an electronic journey. Since his childhood, Philippe Adam has been infatuated with everything that sounds and grooves and today, he works as a drummer, producer and teacher. The year of training and deepening in the field of "sound art" allowed a change of perspective, which gradually affected the previous artistic practice as an instrumentalist.

In fall , he generated initial interest with the release of his first solo EP "numeral". Winning the Electron Festival Geneva track competition was a first highlight. With the release of the single "Landing" in the spring of , the buzz continued in the form of radio play, a steadily increasing number of streams and concert requests.

Jun 02 7 mins. He is an audio sculptor who mixes up powerful grooves with moving melodies and has done so mostly on this label. As well as producing and DJing he also plays live and brings that impromptu innovation to his studio work. This latest release opens with a vocal edit of 'Be Quiet. The shuffling drums are cuddly, the chords drawn out so as to really resonate, and lots of tiny details keep the mind occupied and lost in the beauty of it all. It's a late night track for cosy spaces and those who appreciate the finer side of electronic music.

The instrumental strips out the vocal whispers and subtle coos to make for an even deeper trip. Deep in the forest somewhere between steep hill, rushing river and magical creations there's a hidden treasure Jump on a journey with Positiver, with his uplifting debut EP for such an occasion.

Timing is great, cuz sun is blasting. Positiver is a fresh new producer based in VIlnius, Lithuania. His love for music started in DJ duo ''Absurd'', but few years, when pandemic hit the world and rushing life had to stop, it was a time to get back to your trueself. Inspired by musicians like Sweely, Adam Pits or Liquid Earth, experimentation with sound design began. Cozy bedroom grew into studio with synthesizers and jamming abilities.

Heavily electronic and often impressively mind-altering in tone, the assembled music varies from slo-mo chuggers, and mid-tempo treats, to intergalactic club cuts and peak-time workouts in waiting. London-based synth-lover and sometime Natural Frequency Records contributor Void Complet pushes up the tempo while retaining the mind-altering hedonism that marks out the developing Bodywork Records sound.

To round things off, Bodywork has chosen two tracks from relative newcomers — producers who honed their skills during the pandemic and have bags of potential. Last to step up to the bicep curl machine is Emmet Read. Jake Childs - Love Drunk. Jun 01 6 mins. Next up is another original piece by Johnny Blackouts. Last Call! Maputo-based beat-maker Nandele is tasked with opening the release. Full of clangs, bleeps and sounds, these textural elements are propped up by staccato drum programming and a bouncy low-end.

Geneva producer Reda Saiarh then boldly steers the EP on a different course. The pace picks up as we reach the halfway mark of the release. Drawing inspiration from 90s acid electronica, the pair pit the iconic sound of the Roland against darker industrial tones, Balearic synths and a relentless, pulsating motorik beat.

Crafted by Anatolian Weapons, the Grecian master of moody electronics and mind behind projects such as Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi, the track takes cues from EBM and Industrial, matching ominous chugging bass with an intoxicating synth lead and incessant percussion. This idea is echoed in the music policy. Though it will swirl around sounds like minimal wave, acid, chugging rhythms, UK techno, EBM and post-punk, the output will primarily be driven by mood and feeling rather than genre tags.

Drum computers, crispy basslines, tingeling pads, vocoders These are the perfect words to talk about the music of Club Mayz. The Belgian artist is an incredible creative boy : dj, producer, designer And for each of its projects, he draws all his inspiration from the 80s to create crazy and sensitive new things.

We are realy honoured to have the only one Mufti to remix this one. The wellknown Mexican artist bring to the original a darker touch, but always considering the Italo way. Finally, we welcome our lovely Marcus Christiansen! Marcus proves once again that he has the sense of the dancefloor!

He will come soon on the owl label to reveal an amazing EP! Stay Tuned! May 31 4 mins. Recorded in their studio in South London, the EP draws from 90s rave culture, with the title track 'I Wanna Love You' featuring acid-inspired bass lines and elements, while bottle action features a hypnotising arpeggiated synth over a stripped back percussion track.

Follow Swung Out Records: www. May 31 10 mins. Upon realizing that it was time for me to leave, I got extremely nostalgic and everything I felt while living in that rambling old terrace with its astro-turf rooftop started bubbling out of me. The joy, the growth This song is almost like a collage of all the things I learnt while I was there, the many styles of music I absorbed in my room prone to shaking whenever a truck drove past - as my tastes spread out to trance and breakbeat.

It's a dedication to the best house parties I have ever experienced and the smorgasbord of roommates who revolved through that house's never-locked doors. I guess you could say it's also a bit of a farewell to youth - or at least a part of it. This song was a reminder to myself that life can be good, that things can go well. May 31 5 mins. Hiatus has finished, new wax is moulded and Vakum spits out their celebratory tenth release. Warped Reality EP revisits galactic and spacious backbone sounds from not so long ago infused with fresh production spices.

Take a listen to this five-tracker riddled with space blasters and hypnotic segments. Along the way, it passes through multiple sound stations and realms inviting even more passengers for this sparkling night out. Pure delicacy! Indira May Alternate Mix. May 30 6 mins. Maglia's earthy, ethereal synthesizers fused with Jazz singer Indira May's fiery vocals create an alternative Deep House breakup anthem.

The Alternate Mix takes inspiration from Parisian Electro through twisted synth lines and its manipulated vocal. May 30 5 mins. To close the EP we have a madness remix from PRZ, one of the best electro producers at the moment, and to finalise a really crazy remix by Adrian Marth the label's boss. Mycelium is the name given to the set of hyphae of multicellular fungi such as mushrooms. These hyphae expand and connect underground creating a network with all plant species allowing communication between the beings of the habitat for their development.

In the exchange of narratives on the album, the artist invites us to dance in his own time, presenting an ambience in which sounds exist with the purpose of fulfilling a macrostructural function in the development of the whole. Manifesting that, to exist as a group and remain, we need to expand the current configuration to an adjacent communication model, in which each one aware of their existence can offer ideas and nutrients to the next.

In this tangible body that we wear as Now, we feel insecure in the face of the immateriality of time and the oscillation of atoms. Therefore, amidst the noise and delicate ambiences that guide the work, we walk lost among the clouds in a dream without a script and without an outcome.

Walking aimlessly is sometimes necessary and pleasurable. If electronic music has always been aerial and liquid, Mycelium Network emerges from behind new limits with a certain anthropophagic controversy, remembering that dance is not the art of creating empty gestures. May 30 4 mins. They make a unique, transcendent strain of electronic music with an armory of synths and drum machines, laced with the powerful vocals and lyricism of their lead singer Maia Dietrich. Able to fill a club as easily as an open-air rave, they are masters of their craft and expert guides into the unknown.

May 28 4 mins. From disco to house and back. Enjoy your summertime with great soundtrack. May 28 6 mins. Starting with the skittering seance of Wetsundream - a brooding introduction sets the table for a dish of tense frozen vocal breaks. The energy builds as Timelapse of Blossoms erupts into pulses of petals floating towards the dancefloor. In Waves hones the edge of the blade, impelling you to seek your internal horizon. May 27 6 mins. Mark Du Mosch is a master of electronics.

Presence is a fiver tracker of enviable quality. Set in the canon of warm techno, Du Mosch focuses on melody and texture. Always present, but never imposed, is the techno composition that brought this dutchman to the attention of so many. May 27 4 mins. Three stellar remixes of Aussie hotshot Jerk Boy's recent collaboration with Chicago house legend Mike Dunn to cover a range of tastes, needs and urges.

Watergate resident Kristin Velvet channels Mike Dunn's tracky, heads-down roots with her stripped-back version, where old skool drum machine pressure meets throbbing bass and Dunn's moody vocals are left plenty of space to breathe. Ben Gomori channels early MJ Cole productions on his Keep It 4x4 Remix, with clipped, heavily swinging drums laced with boomy sub bass, quivvering synth chords and cute clavichord motifs.

Dutch master T. When porcelain hits the floor it is seen as a promise for a brighter time. A time in that we calm down and reconnect to a higher grace in order to find contentment in the imperfections and impermanence of our human experience.

Kinsuby reassembles fragments of legendary music from Kraut to Disco. Just like Japanese artists recompose wonky pottery with gold. This can also be seen as a metaphor for life. Our fractures are the actual gold veins and a portal to growth, creativity, knowledge and bliss. In this Album Kinsuby puts the main messages of the same-named book into music. The book is written for artistic souls, who want to base their life on their craft. To provide added value in the long term, they first must be balanced themselves.

The book is a guide for finding inner peace, which will support them to become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced. Only then can they create the impossible in collaboration with other people.

As far as Debut LPs go, this is up there. The Balek Band make full use of the Long Player format, this is a record of 9 tracks that work as a whole, each establishing themselves whilst pulling in the same direction as a whole, tapping into different ideas and musical cultures whilst working as a cohesive whole.

For the debut vinyl EP on Viscera Transmissions, Manami embarks on an interplanetary voyage to distant moons. Let her distinct, melodic style bathe you in a dreamy celestial glow. Eventide In Orbit cruises across the star-shot horizon. An era spanning blend of ambient techno and melodic trance trailing lofty astral tones, before warping into hyperspace. Evoking images of an interplanetary battle, laser synth barrages flash across the skies of this heads down techno thumper. On the flip side, Overture One prepares for docking protocols, slowly drifting on cosmic winds back towards the ambient mothership.

Pulsating synth wobbles take the helm and ride the driving baseline into the sunset. Alien booties shake to a breakbeat tip before morphing into a squelchy cosmic slugger. Heavy as! May 27 7 mins. This homage to the islands and islets of Ibiza comes with a note of melancholy, or nostalgia: waking up to find that your best years might have evaded you - and celebrating the fact. Over-the-top filter action and driving piano perforations, crashing snares and resonant howls, Almendros, Drones.

Wonky late-nite dancing music at its very best. This special mix lasers in on that exuberant piano part, then plays with percussions and dynamics to create a full-on dub version of the original track. An essential version from Das Komplex - digi only!

May 26 5 mins. First up is the title track, a deep cut disco house tune underpinned by funky guitar riffs and fat, twanging bass. It's got subtle hints of sleaze but uplifting chords that keep it catchy. Add in some lo-fi vocals and you have a grown-up disco bomb. The dub version is more hard-hitting, with crisp snares and a more direct beat overlaid with paranoid vocal muffles. Last of all comes 'Half An Hour' which utterly flips the script.

It's a full-on house cut with rugged arps, warped synths, heavy filter work and whirring machine sounds that will enliven any set. May 26 6 mins. As always they show their energy for exploring a range of sounds and influences from the jungles of Tulum to old school electro, and synth-wave for those late-night drives. Championed around the scene, heard round the block, this compilation brings the best Lipstick Shades Sleight of Hands have to offer.

Across eight magnificent tracks, he explores cross-dimensional funk, weird jazz and polyamorous house. Boblebad, real name Ulf Moen Denneche, is a genuinely original creative and all-around production dynamo based in Oslo. He is equally adept at crafting immersive sonic textures as striking imagery and is a painter and visual artist as well as a producer. He debuted on this label last spring with 'Vill Falafel', and his powerfully individual music has also come on the likes of Eskimo, Full Pupp, Paper Recordings, and Aquavit Beat.

Boblebad also plays the trombone for a cultured Afrobeat band and rousing, jazz-inspired big band. As such, he has deep musical roots and rich skills that all play out on this genre-defying new album. Kosmische-informed crescendos define opener 'Rund i Kantene' before singles 'Kald Fisk' and 'Syrebad' demonstrate Boblebad's iconoclastic yet fun-loving approach to beat-making.

The superb 'Syrebad' is a propulsive big-room bomb, locked and loaded for high climactic impact with its lively mix of laser chimes, soft tapping drums and muscular subs from the depths. Smokey, left-of-centre electronics feature on 'Bred Last' and closer 'Funky Snegle' is a wonky and elastic rhythm to send you off loose-limbed.

Boblebad breaks all the rules while serving high-class club functionality and plenty of musical charm on this exquisite debut album. Aventura EP is a little journey full of adventures, nature and musical textures. Composed in American and Aztec lands recounting from a beat in the mountains, a ritual on the beaches of a port to a dark trip that doesn't let you go. Dark paradise the dark side of the ep, inviting the devil to have a drink in the garden. In "Formula", a title in line with the alchemical world, he unrolls a red-hot metal spiral on a soft and malleable beat that melts like butter under the desert sun.

Finally, the left setting of "Creation" is followed by "Havok" which summarizes the Detroit lesson by intertwining it with vibrant and virtuous acid veins. May 26 4 mins. Slo-mo psychedelic acid reggaeton directly from Tenerife. Hot on the heels of , Tonal Oceans proudly presents 6 carefully selected tracks from Nicole Skeltys' rather extensive catalog. Compiling tracks from her Artificial alias, TNL-OCS consists of material which draws from her self-released 12"s, a long lost 7" lathe cut, as well as some CD-only material.

Being active since the 90's, Nicole has paved her way through many genres and moods, which together represent all things "Antipodean Electronica" excellently. Also features a track from close friends Dark Network. Bleiz - La Rennes Des Reines.

Third compilations released on 30th of May bringing together the Rennes electro and house music scene. All funds collected are donated to the Utopia 56 association, helping migrants and homeless people. Sosa - Floating. May 25 5 mins. Pushing boundaries into the next era of Mr. Floating is about experimentation, creating an aura that is extremely fresh and unique. Starting with the groove, it is 85bpm however can be interpreted as much faster, a sensation of floating energy.

The dreamy whispering vocals go on to sing about the emotional flow of energy in music. The catchy melodics are organic using metallic esque modular synthesis whilst the sub bass pays homage to the early UK dance scene. An extremely versatile track, perfect for dancing and home listening. May 25 4 mins. He draws his inspiration mainly from soul, jazz and disco.

May 25 6 mins. After a long process, we managed to get in touch with an Australian four-piece that went by the name of Boxcar from , producing a lot of music ahead of its time. For this edition, we have asked some of the coolest cats in the game to hand us a remix with their specific touch and an array of bangers came about. May 24 5 mins. Carte blanche has been given to the artists, allowing them to convey their own vision of experimental music.

Throughout its 45min, Lacrima features a wide range of feelings and emotions, from the intricate Taklamakan Trek to the tear-jerking Inner Hill. May 24 4 mins. The past couple of years have provided an ideal breeding ground for periods of reflection. Of rediscovery. And for the reignition of dwindling flames. Perhaps this is why the meeting of Tom Churchill and 2Sox is the perfect match at the perfect time.

Introspective and deep, yet not forgetting what a dancefloor wants. Tom started making music in the mids, inspired by the house and techno records he was buying as a teenager growing up in Cardiff. More recently, Tom has been one half of The Nuclear Family; a production, label and events project launched with Laurence Hughes in Much of what Tom has put his hand to over the years has been hot in demand.

Incredibly, this is his first physical, solo release under his real name since This reignited some creative energy that had been lying dormant for a while. May 24 6 mins. Expect groovy MPC drum programming, modular bleeps, warm pads and advanced FM synthesis from a master of groovy hardware production. Tony Lionni has played a key role in the evolution of House Music over the years and we are thrilled to have him on board with us at Analytic.

He is prolific for creating classics and his dedication to the art form has made him a name that has stayed on the tongue of the industry. He has delivered us a masterclass of an EP! Carefully placed FX blend into the mixdown to pair with the chunky bassline Tony puts forward.

The great use of short vocal chops alongside a real organic clap really gets the body grooving. May 24 7 mins. Numero cuatro in the series arrives with Touching Distance - A summertime tour de force effortlessly refined to lure you outside while cleansing you inside. One note guitar licks cozy irrestible gated voxscapes.

The Boys Shorts remix heads straight to the dancefloor with a club ready peak time rendition of Touching Distance favouring influences from Uk Garage to Acid House while adding a rude line that somehow works a treat. Driving, Dreamy and Subtle come to mind but take a listen for yourself. Just passing Through touches different styles in a culmination of this slightly romantic Art of noise esque Pop beauty. For its forthcoming episode, Espacio brings back the seasoned made-in-Belgium duo Marching Machines with their insightful and imperative 'Hymn' EP - and the lads do not come alone: The ace remixes provided by none other than master Damon Jee and the label boss himself are the icing on the cake.

Both, by the way, adopted the same 'formula' for their collaborations: Respecting the originals by keeping most of the main elements but adding their widely known characteristic sonorities. The three originals Chrome, Empire, and Holograma , in turn, present themselves as a true showcase of both the technique and the creativity of the Machines. Their heavy and dense but highly danceable atmosphere - granted by vociferous acid lines, trippy pads, and a plethora of throbbing synth layers - could be best described as 'darkness meets groove', exactly the kind of soundtrack that we expect to hear when the machines start to march.

May 23 5 mins. The Psycho Weazel duo met when compiling playlists at summer camp as teenagers. They decided to work together and have never looked back since. The Swiss pair have released on the likes of Correspondant, Sol Eterno and various other labels and now land on Argent Sale.

They use production techniques popular in the 80s such as glossy arpeggios, cowbells and snare rolls while re-claiming earworm melodies from the era all served up with a fresh and polished sound. Opener 'Disco Moon' immediately sets off on a strident retro disco groove with plenty of shiny arps and crunchy drum tumbles. The fantastic 'Polarized' is a more slow and steamy cut with breathy female vocals and a rugged bassline overlaid with off-grid percussion. Sandford features on 'Gomina' which is another dramatic and loose-limbed disco cut, this time with lashings of Italo melody and theatric drum work.

The radio edit of this will be release on 6th may, while the extended mix features on the full EP and gives even more of a thrilling dance floor workout doused in disco dazzle. The magnificent 'Lola' closes down with a fat bassline and widescreen disco sound that is packed with a charming personality. These six tracks sound like the future of hedonist club music, style. May 23 3 mins. Solo project run by Matteo Caburet since , Boreal plunges us into an undulating universe, both eclectic and analogue, influenced by electronic, minimalist and ambient music.

Four Tet, Lone or Aleksandir inspire Boreal who develops an intimate and magnetic musical atmosphere, between evanescent nature and synthetic frequencies. Gypsophila is extracted from the next EP «Sasa Palmata» which will be released in As the mothership celebrates its second year of cruising through the boundless stars towards the Unknown, it is once again time to bring on board a new batch of like-minded souls.

Collectively, we probe the myriad of cosmic layers that form the Ursa Nebulas. After delving into the darkest depths of the Aranea Nebula, the captain woke up one day feeling an irresistible attraction towards a gentler, lighter glow. Unusual in its presence and echoing rather exotic pulsations.

Chasing the chants of these galactic sirens, we set course to new and uncharted territories that dramatically expand the Ursa universe. This is a realm where ethereal atmospherics and eerie vocals casually meet trancey shoegaze, acid blends in with chic breakbeats, and alien rockstars appear to perform video game music.

But still AOW - Red Alert. May 20 5 mins. Long time friends and fellow lynchpins of the European house and techno scene, Ghenacia and Fidan started working closely together through and while sharing studio space at Boa Lab. At its heart, the project explores the natural hallucinatory effects of alpha wave projections on the eyelids, and the the rapeutic benefits of the experience. Out of this spirit of psychedelically-charged experimentation, Ghenacia and Fidan have been working beyond the confines of their typical club-oriented material, creating ambient soundtracks to artist exhibitions in Boa and auditory backdrops to Alpha Wave Experience installations.

May 20 7 mins. Now Djale, aka Alessandro Sarsano, has reshaped three YEY tracks with an extended package that show off their various sounds. The sunny and upbeat 'Stockholm' opens with a catchy groove and feel-good melodies. The bass is warm and the drums skip with a real sense of charm before the sensuous lyrics add a further layer of warmth. The drums eventually break up as an angelic vocal appears before the groove uplifts once more.

Then come three versions, with 'Stockholm' Dub Rock and Down Mix getting stripped back to languid guitar riffs and plenty of mixing board effects over dub-disco drums. This is a diverse and timeless package of real electro-pop and disco joy. May 20 6 mins. Earthy Measures 13th release sees them delving deeper with a 5 track EP from the Colombian, OKRAA - very much inspired by his native country, and his most personal release to date.

Many testimonies speak of spiritual healing and premonitions. This was also the chance to pay a nice homage to Colombian Indigenous musician and Luthier Cenen Omen, who inspired and taught music to several generations of local and indigenous people in a sadly forgotten area of Colombia.

In English - Tree: Ex-Human. The feeling of helplessness and the wish to help them but not being able to make a huge difference for the lack or shortage of money. There's many artists and musicians that have had to go through this, and they make art their way of coping with it. FTZ is out and it's a home grown affair from Emilius K. On the A side, two slices of forest-dwelling dubchug for the m25 orbital crew. Out on 21 May Dmitry Distant teams up with Norwell for a partnership of serious intent.

Following Beyond the War, Cute Heels returns to occupy the flip. May 20 3 mins. The producer Jose Manuel, already known for his releases on Optimo Records, Music for Dreams and other labels, has selected ten rare tracks from to Starting as a DJ, Jose Manuel has developed over the years a passion for vinyl collection.

This passion has also turned into work by creating the above mentioned label with the aim of bringing back the art of the past. Also in "Zena" Dub there are middle east and the first Chicago house influences. May 19 7 mins. Fascinated by the concept of time and its transformation through the prism of music, Fec delivers a versatile and superbly danceable first part of a two-part EP. Endless Misfortune is curated by a punchier bassline and tripped-out keys that get you fired and stoked for more.

As the track evolves, so do the keys. An introduction of dynamic synths that fight each other their way to dominate the track is followed by a surprise synth winner which changes the vibe in the second half of the track resulting in a delightful outrage on the dance floor. May 19 4 mins. Started in , the label has focused on releasing a variety of different styles of electronic music from local and international friends.

The initial compilation cassettes OO vol. In this series, the idea is to highlight that electronic music artists are connected not only through genres but also through something that could be summarized as ethos - something you hear subconciously. Splits is a carefully curated series, where two artists share a tape with complete artistic freedom over the music. Alexander Stuster - aka Stuster - is a producer and a DJ who is dedicated to not only making his visions come through but also helps many others in musical endeavours.

A frequent collaborator of many familiar faces from Helsinki, Stuster is also a member of Soft Assault Orchestra. Sound-wise Stuster is all about forward motion and dark energy. He combines heavy-hitting lows with tingy digital sounds, scanning the sound spectrum in a unique way.

Ofter dipping into an electro-ish style, but never stopping there. May 19 6 mins. Here we see Naajet returning to the Community Center imprint with her debut full length release, across four tracks she explores the vast array of influences taken from House music over the years. It is the on form Retromigration who steps up now following EPs on Handy and Wolf Music that deserve more attention than they seem to have so far got. He brings his sleek modern deep house style to the fore here with opener 'Secret Of A Pimp' layering up crispy boom-bap house drums with warm, whirring pads and smart vocal sample.

The don Jimpster adds his textbook musicality to a fine remix, then 'Flying Lotus' brings a more airy and melodic vibe for outdoor dancing. The Franc Spangler remix is dubby and deep as you like. Sushi Dave. Straight heavy drums, rolling basslines and atmospheric pads create a powerful foundation around the soulful vocal cuts and the scintillating brass on 'See The Light'.

The second track, 'Air', follows closely along with a classic Deep House rhythm section, a subtle bassline and nostalgic synths. A simple, yet beautiful piece to vibe with. Escape Artist - Wanna Dance? Portals to higher planes of consciousness and uncharted star systems fling open as widescreen, celestial pads make way for lysergic climax. Deploying cascading synth arps to truly mesmeric effect, it sees the Antipodean achieve sublime tension in a rare moment of introspection.

A subtle 90s rave influence sitting firmly in the roaring 20s canon. Throughout a decade Rico Casazza has developed a name with music that spans multiple genres. Diversity in music is his core. Having released about 19 EPs, 6 full albums, 15 remixes and more to come, composing music is his core force.

Ianuit with vocalist Marcos de la Fuente, who deliver a mixture of deep bass, twinkling pianos, sultry synth-strings, topped off with a spoken word. May 19 9 mins. More aggressive, and then later sludgy, pulsating, bass tones keep the energy moving, into an interestingly dubby, droning, breakdown, that would surely create some excellent mixing opportunities for any remotely creative DJ, possibly.

All around, a solid collection for fans of dark disco edits, that any sweaty, open minded dancefloor would surely embrace, assuming there is a DJ in the building who is capable of wielding such a fiery trio. A final note, for those who might only have eyes for vulgarity, where there is only music, offering their unsolicited judgment, I ask, how did you get here?

May 18 6 mins. U're Guay, Vol. This EP captures how artist imagine the secondary effects of beign poisoned by the witches, undoubtedly a rush of pain, but accompanied by hallucinations and funny moments to make death more enjoyable. Umvral is Addi de la Cruz, a dj and producer from Mexico City. Passionate about music since childhood, he has dedicated himself to collecting songs from all over the world, from the underground to the mainstream.

May 18 7 mins. Oli Stewart is Casbah American-born, Madrid-based DJ, producer, vinyl collector and selector extraordinaire with several decades of experience under his belt. Beautifully extended and ongoing, the steady backbone interplay with funky electric pianos, with the occasional synth riff popping up for a breath of fresh air. All resulting in a driving pace and attractive up-tempo moment; more than worthy of that evening beach club get-together.

With some excellent remixes on their way, keep an eye out for the upcoming limited edition vinyl release. Johannes brings his magic touch to Claptrap for this 4-track club ready release. May 18 5 mins. We are delighted to have the wonderful Pablo Bolivar, one of our favourite producers and one that needs no introduction to remix Pablo Sanchez's latest track "Ursula". Bolivar delivers a groove-heavy mix with deep moody chords and that signature production style that we all love, for an all around beauty of a remix.

Nomadic producer Frifot has a long history of productions under various pseudonyms and artist names but this is a new alias he wishes to use anonymously. His music is often energetic but calm and mixes darkness with rays of light. It comes at various tempos from hyper-speed to blissed out and lush, and here layers in psychedelic spoken words to help guide your galactic travels. It's powered by vast rubbery kicks.

The chords are smeared and warm. The alien vocals are alluring. It is a unique proposition that brings a real freshness to the floor. It's a futuristic sound with more well-treated vocals and last of all comes the quicker but equally seductive 'Put Your Soul to It.

These are dramatic and original house tracks that are as cosmic as they are deep. May 17 15 mins. Following on her contribution to the first Syrinx Music compilation two years ago, Namscha expands on her aesthetics on a longer format, which gives her music full expression: both tracks feel like they were given their own life, following unpredictable paths.

Ramage consists in live collages, with Nasmcha aiming to record a feeling of instantaneousness. The music slowly develops at its own pace, melting cold and warm atmospherics, noise and rhythm, quietness and tension, hardcore kicks and organic sounds.

Namscha brings forth sonic themes reaching for the sacred and ritual, in an homage to her meeting with crow voices. Namscha : Initially trained in the free party scene, Namscha used these roots to cross musical borders, reaching for their more extreme and experimental forms. May 17 9 mins. For this special occasion, we worked with the talented, prolific and legendary producer Joi Lau from Hong Kong. Joi Lau started his musical career in the early 90s when he got signed by a record label in Hong Kong.

His debut Canto-pop album in went gold and sold over copies. But soon after, due to personal reason, he left the music industry. With close to a hundred tracks in his back catalogue of works, fans can only wait patiently and look forward to his next album. May 17 3 mins. Since « Courreau Groove », his first release out on Plaisance - both in digital and vinyle - label co-founder and producer Tom Manzarek has reached other steps. Calling for summer time and good time under the sun, he has produce « Realize EP » during winter time, merging his - always wider - influences to bring many sounds into one project.

To close the EP, « Deep Dive » is bringing him back to his first day, bringing house and beats together. Since his debut release 'Dance Circle', Mr. Flip has been busy completing his first full length. The first single, 'Hit Different' sets the tone and introduces the foundation of the work done for the upcoming 'Next Level Shit' album. While the original Hits Different pun intended with sultry stabs, afro soca beats and Flip's cadence, the remixes open up new territory.

Kevin Reynolds delivers his transitions with some otherworldly Detroit shit, which then inspires Afefe Iku to bless us with his mix created from Kevin's remix parts. We hope you enjoy this release and appreciate your support. May 17 6 mins. Pixel82 talks about this work, which was produced during a time of forced introspection and uncertainty, as a rediscovery of the past to find the future.

He wanted to create an uplifting vibe for the songs on the album while still having a subtle dystopian feel in them. To achieve this sound, he experimented with polarities and used sounds that are personal to himself including organic sounds from nature and even from his personal life with the use of a recording of the heartbeat from his own daughter. During the nine-track expedition, the artist creates an honest tour de force, without the constraints of making dance floor shakers and the end result is a highly effective trip that electronic music lovers around the world will adore, not only for listening but also with various moments that will work wonders on the dance floor.

Each track is carefully crafted to play off the other with lively alluring synths, eclectic beats, and clever use of vocals throughout the album that seals each track together cohesively. May 13 4 mins. Unsurprisingly for an artist with experience playing the violin, the album leads both in tracklist and concept with cinematic strings, which then soar into groovy basslines and slouchy kicks. Mastered in Paris by engineer Marine Benabou, the result is an interesting balance between play and perfection: though many of the tracks hint at J Dilla or Moodyman with their suggestions of tape loops and sampling, the orchestration uses hyperreal acoustics to bring echoes of Daft Punk, millennial Chemical Brothers and French touch back into the mix.

Each track turns a different face of the prism toward the listener, weaving an album that is cinematic and wistful without losing sight of its groove. May 13 5 mins. These European artists have done a lot for the electronic scene and are gathered under the auspices of the Bravers in this debut.

They have been welcome guests at their parties and have opened up boundaries to new sounds. The track was written upon his arrival to the US and was designed to be a relentless funk of machine abuse and futurist analog arpeggios. May 12 5 mins. Bristolian DJ and producer Gallegos is fast becoming known in the underground for his truly unique blend of hard-hitting house and rough and ready sampling.

May 12 6 mins. Our VA series Oddness arrives once again with Vol II, with a bunch of new artists to bring you delightful music, from the strangest to the most psychedelic and experimental stuff. The music is built around an analogue recording technique called Rhythm Printing, a TB with the infamous Australian Devilfish modification has been processed multiple times using the Rhythm Printing technique. Trippy and obscure experimental vibes Slow and dark if you want to add something else you can do.

Not only sound, not only spirit. The body seizes both and becomes their lord, temple, space, nature. A journey between shadows and lights. This ride continues with "Fly Inside" is the final result of the sound fusion between the Mexican producer Armendariz and Argentinian Live performer Cali Burton. Psychedelic synthesizers and guitars with a lot of character, inviting us to explore within ourselves, they take us on an introspective musical journey.

Enjoy the trippiness! The notorious Glasgow producer, Fear-E is back on Hilltown Disco, after originally appearing on the Dundee imprint in , this time with 4 tracks of techno-infused electro, plus a dance-floor geared remix on the A-side from one of the original Hilltown Disco collectives, J Wax. Fear-E runs wild, broadcasting apocalyptical electro sounds, creating a seriously heavy-duty record to soundtrack the end of society in worlds not too dissimilar to earth.

Punchy kicks, disturbing vocals from the mystical Mike James, and venomous sirens create a fresh take on the sound. No nonsense electro. It's all in the game yo! Dam Swindle are back on Heist and coming in hot with a series of 3 releases in to celebrate a decade of Dam Swindle. A tight garage groove smothered in congas forms the basis for this track along with its deep repetitive bassline.

The track now gets a full make over courtesy of the amazingly talented Emma-Jean Thackray, who has been playing the original in her sets for a long time. Her version is loaded with newly recorded parts — vocals and horns included - and gives the original an amazing live jazz twist. This remix gave us some serious goosebumps when we first heard it. None other than Mayer Hawthorne -a serious house-head himself- came over to Amsterdam to record the track and it was an instant hit.

Now, with some new engineering done, the guys have dusted off their old project to great effect. The mix makes this track sound warm, powerful and well rounded, giving new life to this DS classic. A year that will be filled with curated events, headline shows, fan specials and most importantly, a lot of new music. As always, enjoy the music and we hope to see you on the dancefloor.

Keep on Swindling! May 11 4 mins. May 11 5 mins. Hard Ton. May 10 4 mins. May 10 5 mins. On this five-track EP, Elle Ove takes you on a ride navigating through electronic music by exploring it through his own way. May 10 62 mins. New mix comes by Riotvan co-founder Panthera Krause! Panthera Krause is a four armed music producer, DJ, illustrator and grafic designer from Leipzig, Germany. Enjoy the mix! May 09 3 mins. From the top of his North-east Parisian control tower, he ironically fantasized about a life in business class disastrous carbon footprint to boot , going from one retro-futuristic air terminal to the next.

He soothes his jet-lag with his faithful Juno , and his Vermona drum machine. He breaks out the base for the most epic moments of this espionage-laced thriller: Think subtle glances on long-distance flights, check-ins and check-outs last name first, airline seats covered in moleskin, microfilm concealed in hidden compartments, one-night stands through veils of cigarette smoke.

May 09 6 mins. Joined by fellow Aussie artists Sam Alfred and Personal Growth on remix duties, Harley shows his love for dance music and quantum mechanics with an attention to detail few producers can replicate. Witness the machine move to full throttle on Energie 1 as bongos syncopate with sonic futurism to create a patently undeniable groove. Andy Toth. Interdimensional Transmissions US. Fabric Worldwide. Top Cat. Ruffest Gunark EP.

Live The Life. Harvey Mckay. Black Spider. Cocoon Recordings. Low End Activist. Hostile Utopia. Sneaker Social Club. Fred Everything. The Time Is Now. Lazy Days US. Dan Goul. Matter Distribution. Bondage Germany. Mike Storm. JOY Remixed. Dark Matter EP. ThirtyOne Recordings. Fuzzy Logic. Hessle Audio. Intact EP. CLR Germany. Worm Hole. Jungle Cakes. Holiday In Beta Centauri. Neptune EP. Invicta Audio. Moon Light 10th Anniversary Mixes. Local Talk. Secret Weapons Part Undercover EP.

Printa Remixes. Liondub International. Crosstown Rebels present Spirits V. Crosstown Rebels. Gigi Testa. Rush Hour. Why Should I. Huele Que Huele. Agogo Austria. Mani Festo. Cream City. Chocolate Milk Edits Early Tapes 1. Peppermint Jam Germany. The Swarm. Disco Fruit. Come Back Home. Solid Grooves. Roman Flugel. Yes People. Dam Swindle.

View all top singles. Dave Lee Zr. Spiros Kaloumenos. Angelo Ferreri. View all top albums. View all. Fire in the hole! Master Error gets a few of his mates together for a session that's rowdy and heavy enough to wake the dead. Skore's on side from the off with 'Dead Creatures', a furious piece laced with a staccato bassline and a beautiful rave breakdown while Warhead joins in the scrap with the wonky bleeped out swagger jam 'Circulator' and Metal Work gets involved in remix form on the ugly tear-up 'Balance Of Terror'.

Elsehwere 'XMNV' is pure laser grot while 'Ready' could soundtrack you joyriding into the shop window of a deluxe robot shop. Dead good. Read more. Dave Lee's first Produced With Love album was not only a celebration of his production credentials, but also a celebration of the music that has inspired and shaped his career over the years, namely soul, disco, boogie, jazz-funk and house. This follow-up, which lands 5 years after its predecessor, continues in a similar vein, with Lee offering up 12 new songs and a wealth of remixes of tracks by other artists.

Elsewhere, jazz starlet Emma Jean Thackray delivers an incredible, dancefloor-focused soul-jazz take on early DS single 'The Break Up', while 'All I Want' is a driving, tooled-up, riff-sporting 21st century take on mids NYC proto-house with a 21st century twist. More dark and foreboding dancefloor drama courtesy of the ever reliable Senso Sounds, on which label chief Oliver Huntemann joins forces with the inimitable Dubfire for the fifth installment of the Elements Series.

Finally, the hypnotic Rechazo mix is perfect for those heads-down moments on the dancefloor.

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Jul 09 6 mins.

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World of warcraft lich king torrent The don Jimpster adds his textbook musicality to a fine remix, then 'Flying Lotus' brings link more airy and melodic vibe for outdoor dancing. The first release of Ransel is a guaranteed groover on the dance floor. This EP recreates four different soundscapes to celebrate the meeting points between body and mind. Harvey Mckay. Awlies, hidden in his Parisian studio in the middle of his tower of analog instruments, between a mpc and a cassette recorder, wants to produce a music without rules. Apr 29 5 mins.
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Csi 13x03 online legendado torrent Next, whirring sound design kicks source Bound In Twisted Geometry. As the mothership celebrates its second year of cruising through the boundless stars towards the Unknown, it is once again time to bring on board a new batch of like-minded souls. May 05 8 mins. Carte blanche has been given to the artists, allowing them to convey their own vision of experimental music. The mix makes this track sound warm, powerful and well rounded, giving new life to this DS classic.
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Rue de plaisance beatport torrent From slow and low to high and tight, 'Sekta' is a compilation of organic textures and inviting rhythms, created by the up-and-coming local talents. May 24 5 mins. The Franc Spangler remix is dubby and deep as you like. Design by Dementira. They have been welcome guests at their parties and have opened up boundaries to new sounds. Jun 12 6 mins. Jun 21 6 mins.


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Scan 7 - Toxicity Agustin Empathy - Res Cogitans Revenes - Odissey The Avalanches - Summer Crane Vitalic - Carbonized Eleven Of July - Cassandra Krust - Deep Fields Of Liars Cadee - Happiness Elektro Guzzi - Bogota Sebastian Haas - Glass Jaw Tronik Youth - Inhuman Nature Sinitsin - In The Lab Alphawave - The Last Mission Auraember - Kindred Black Spuma - Data Life Flowaver - Ripe Federico Geckard - Confidential Krissky - Straw Bale Jadu - Todesstreifen Maksim Dark - Bounce Bass Stiven Rivic, Michael - Extraordinary Nature Ihf - In My Skin Erta Ale - Cosmic Jazz Ucha - Piece Of Me Alexander Alar - Mayate The Force Dimension - Tension Lns, DJ Sotofett - Ziggurat Andreas Henneberg - Delos Adventure Tale - Memories Gaston Ponte - Global Around Us - Hold It Setsquare - Cloakwheel Lucho Barrios - Music Speaks Deep Inside - Soul Scape Johnnyv - So Afraid Borneo - April Mike Sulu - Planet X2 Deviu - Forever With Us Khaled Abdrabo - Tabla Rostislav Melangeur - Matador Holger Zilske - On Repeat Theus Mago - Shalom D-Rhapsody - Mad Spirals Sinan Arsan - Locus Misantrop - Residue Marbod - Carlxyii1x Juan Erbin - Better Days Ramxes - Mobile Suit Biscits - Locco Joel Corry - What I Need Argy - Tataki Space 92 - The Door Bart Skils - House of Lords Joshwa - My Humps Dombresky - Bubblin Innellea - Loss Of Hope Low Steppa - Your Dreams Chris Lorenzo - California Dreamin' Diplo - Don't Forget My Love Visages - Lunar Eclipse Late Replies - No Mixer Artbat - Horizon Nonameleft - The Second Law of Thermodynamics Malone - Muy Bien DJ Fresh - Dancing in the Dark Andrea Oliva - Alley Rave Honey Dijon - Work feat.

Dave Giles II, Cor. Jammez - Falling Down Phibes Remix Teddy Killerz - Night Train Jaded - Welcome To The People Martin Ikin - Feel The Vibe Sorley - Little Secrets Jansons Remix Fred again.. Bart Skils - Shades of Summer Alcemist - Stan Smith Cid - How We Do Space 92 - Cyberspace Space Motion - Run Again Veerus - Yard

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