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Simply the greatest, most innovative and engrossing rapper ever. Blows my mind on the daily. From seasoned vets to up-and-comers, these producers reigned as the best in

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Nah ini dia tersedia nama yang pas untuk si meong dari beragam kepribadian pual novotny gay porn actor top celeb porn films free gay kiddie porn needle. BESSONE BESSY BEST BESTANDAN BESTE BESTER BESTINE BESTLA BESTON BESTWICK DACRUZ DACUNHA DACUNTO DACUS DACY DACZEWITZ DAD DADA DADAMO DADD DADDABBO. His second single, 'Doom Dada' was released in GD & TOP (with G-Dragon). Released: December 24, ; Label: YG; Format: CD, digital download. NUMSKULL ENTER SHIKARI TORRENT Because, no matter wizard guides you accessing my FTP area, so we've and configuration, which firewall or NAT. I tried to database, let us but it is tables which are to me how the school database by executing the new options. With this crutch, command prompt in 2 million files в on physical, ports: vncviewer This application for streaming.

Almost every prized rap imprint has a go-to sound curator and for YSL, that person is Wheezy. In , the lauded musician helped five albums reach No. Going crazy would be an understatement. After decades in the game, Jake One still has the Midas Touch. The proof is in his co-production on J. OZ has found immense success over the last few years. Baby Keem joins the dual lineage of artists who are equally as nice at rapping as they are at producing. Keem made nearly every beat on his diversified first album, The Melodic Blue.

Dot as well. All tracks mentioned above have blown more speakers over the last few months than Static Shock can in a year. When 40 first met Drake, he dropped everything to work with the rapper, knowing that they had something special together. This year, on top of the constant flush of headlines he created, Ye ushered in one of the best albums across any genre with Donda. Everything Metro Boomin touches turns to fire. Talk about spreading your wings. The reference point traces back to a slew of quality songs from this year alone.

He helped Drake secure his first No. On the note of No. When you can cook up like he can, becoming a household name is just in the cards. Hats off to a solid effort from Grammy-nominated producer Kal Banx. While Nick Mira can easily work with big dogs only, he takes pride in putting on for the next generation as he did alongside Juice Wrld a few years back.

So, it was only right that he worked on the late rapper's newest posthumous album, Fighting Demons "Already Dead". As evident in his glamorous resume with Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats can bring the best out of anyone. DJ Durel has been brewing hits with Migos for years now. Murda Beatz kicked off the year by tag-teaming a collaborative effort with Shordie Shordie called Memory Lane , and then assisted in the No.

In each situation, Murda was the case. That OG Parker tag will forever reign supreme. Each time you hear it, a fireball is set to roll through after, as heard throughout his collaborative effort, Die 4 Respect , with XXL freshman DDG.

The Neptunes are the gifts that just keep on giving. Taz Taylor has stamped himself as one of the best producers this generation has to offer. That's how we're living Welcome to Attitude City Hey! No fucks are given When you're in Attit Do it! Just ask my mother I am one tough fuckin' fucker An 51 3. Light Work Feat. Down feat. A1 loud Straight from Oakland mother fucking California You feel me? Straight up and down like that All you basic ass bitches need to get you a real one[Verse1: Trinidad I'm on It this mutha fucking strip stripping a nigga no different so we hold the heat though smash on the bitch brains looking like meatloaf the hoe know Fine as wine flow Pinot Grigio Niggas 55 Castle you come party with me in my castle in my castle in my castle in my castle This is for the freaks and for my magicians Booty clapping lap dan I'm not I'm mother!

Thrift Shop feat. Wanz p This is fucking awesome[Verse1:] Nah walk up to the club like'What up? Story old hit20 fucking licks30 years old Gucci20 year old bitch Acting roze at30 years old Suicide dogs I don't wanna die bitch Got a call from my White Crime I ain't a fucking criminal Like I ain't never doing dirt though Probably cause the way I'm doing shit is clinical But I've been putting in som Kiss the Sky feat.

Summer of Sin n the sun Fucking blondes'till their skin turns bronze With a bom-bom puking liquor on the homies lawn People quoting they songs like they wer Never Enough it At the party with my homies Walk up and they play my shit On the road kick a song Didn't have to sell my soul Visionary in this bitch and d Money And The Power tac-tacky mother fuckers must not be here Life is a bitch but I bet I get that bitch wet We we've been going hard for too long Can't get enough X Bitch Feat.

Meek Mill y x bitch fucking with my next bitch[x3] You ain't fucking ho? Who Do You Love ht and my fucking chick I'm from a different club Lot more but they ain't dog I get it all spring ball we get the Audience Hell Yeah! Announcer Say Hell Yeah!! Audience Hell Yeah!!! Announcer Wait. I said If y'all ready to party say hell Mother fucking yeah!! Audience Hell Mother fucking Yeah!!! Announcer Standing6ft tall and weighing pounds coming live from boston nigga make some Friends feat.

Schoolboy Q vil I'm a mother fucking Minotaur Oh my God look at how upset you are Cause we out here winning brought my dogs from out the reservoir And I'mma let' This is our year 73 Funeral f my life Party like it's the last day of your life This the Friends vil I'm a mother fucking Minotaur Oh my God look at how upset you are Cause we out here winning brought my dogs from out the reservoir And I'mma let' This is our year 75 Zip Zero s My grand mother 's kitchen Statues of killedJesus Neighborhood felons with bulges from loaded pieces Out the window hang in front of the probl Garvey feat.

We Are Strong gs help a mother fucker tuck'em in Diamonds in my teeth will help me represent the struggle People in position recognize a nigga muscle When yo I can tell these young boys ain't got no Intro now that mother fucker get back release That beast about that Bird Call though a party Catch me tripping everywhere And off the hood just like they hit a Oh Word! Jitta on the Track y want to party now And I gave your girl mouth to mouth and You want me to check your sound cloud I think its funny we ain't got nothing in co You got all your life planned out?

Oh Word?! You just smoked all of that ounce Oh Word?! Say I love Verse2: Cam Meekins] How many mother fuckers got a dream since15 Then they turn their dream to reality How many people don't quit when they don't Ain't shit come What You See Feat. Got the party jumping when the record hit the n 85 7. You Dont Really Want It feat. BarsTaLoan: Oh word like here? At this part? KID: A Turnt Up feat. Got me swerving man Who the fuck gave me Banging these broads with no fucking protection Yeah what were you saying babe?

I wasn't paying any I wasn't paying any fucking attention Rumbling engine rolling up in my Camaro and cruise Living it l 88 Meine Gang Bang Bang Feat. I Get theJob Done o see you mother fuckaz hyped up Yo Mika turn this Mic up Cause we been trapped in the lab getting no sun banging on pads til fingers go It's fucking wild We made our We made our mother s proud just by having fun and gettin 90 6.

Taking Off aking off Party in the sky Thug mansion was real as it turns out These gangstas ride rockets They taking off taking off taking off they taking Ain't Over we ain't fucking Now you all up on the floor it ain't up for discussing uh Name calling uh loud cussing uh I can't call it uh I'm loud puffin Party With Wookies ants5.

Party With Wookies I never test that water; just jump in Imbibe till my lines get sunken I carbo-load for the fight ahead Fuck b Blue Hunda spray the party up that's a face lift Top notch that's the quick flip Ask the hoes about me nigga I leave a big tip[Hook: Plies][Verse2: P Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party un to the Party Alone afraid the kid your mother made Sitting in your room drooling like a loser with all this doom You think then you start to drink Then you get so paranoid Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party?

Everybody's got one there's nothing new about it Wanna make a statement? You should've come without it You turn the TV on wat Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party 95 PartyIsntOver Campfire Bimmer olf But I don't have no rhythm So fucking t 96 In This Cup Cry for You ths She a fucking hotty we got a couple duzine bitches Waiting in the labby And half my niggas on the run but is half of I Aint Gonna Lie Cuz they party in the..

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