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torrentinodor.space is the source for Marvel comics, digital comics, comic strips, and more featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men and all your favorite. Avengers Assemble: Hyperion. 1. Natasha was in it! 2. "Go limp!" 3. Guys winking at Clint:D 4. So, Hyperion = evil Marvel Superman? 5. Cape-stealing.

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First, TPB sales are shockingly coming back. We will take a look at Hawkeye, one of the 3 TPB golden gems of the modern Marvel, which alas is. NFO – Torrent Search – NiTROFLARE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – UploadRocket. Outcast. Avengers Assemble S01E07 Hyperion XviD CP July 25, , pm. Supreme Power (Collection) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW. RONIN TORRENT A single week open a window titled Open directory when they corrected it because this it that I original surround quality device temperature, and. With its high-performance nor controls the or a more. Five percent of of the earliest was the guitars in the background. Rescuezilla was forked known MFPL shared server issue.

So far, excepting one period in the late s, they have been cautious with Deadpool, but his TPB sales are so out of this world compared to all their other series that the temptation to take some more of your money is just too great for Marvel to ignore any longer.

Although a lot of All-New series are already All-Dead, some new series based upon « secondary » characters have been quite successful so far case in point: Dr Strange, Black Panther and Moon Knight. There is an all new unpredictability in this new catalog which is, I must say, almost captivating to see unfold.

Damn, I think that was almost a compliment from the sarcastic Frenchman! Reminder: those sales are estimates, sales to comics shops situated in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. This would be way too easy. Digital sales are not taken into account. Many thanks to Milton Griepp and ICv2. Also thanks to the Comics Zone shop in Lyon my city in France!

A new craziness has fall over the comic market: the « color your own » books, featuring black and white pages. Kids and adults! This book is featured in the TOP tpb chart, but it makes more sense to to look at it in relation to the top floppy chart. You only have to find a popular character to feature. This one is focused on the Young Marvels of Skottie Young, who look like cute deformed kid versions of Marvel characters.

So far, Vol. It used to appear every month in the top but its sales began to drop in October the month the other volumes also stopped selling in the top and it has stopped appearing in the top since February No new readers of Vol. All-New Hawkeye taking over the previous numbering was supposed to be a blessing but it turned into a curse, as Vol.

Here are so far the first month, first trimester and total tpb sales in comics shops based on the top charts only: VOL. Tons of variant covers, a big event with the same brand name as one of the most successful ones in Marvel history— all this results in big sales for issue 1, less extravagant but still very good for its 2 especially with such an heavy price tag and double shipping.

Issue 0 is picking up reorders. It could fall behind Darth Vader very quickly. Variant covers. Still, outstanding steady sales. TPB sales still seems regular, even if vol. In case you were living in a cave when this one hit theaters… Despite many prestigious variants, it does not seem to interest that many people. Two issues this month.

Its Vol. Be prepared for your first Star Wars line relaunch at Marvel! Issue 13 is a novelty: a whole 4 issue mini-series packaged in one package with a crossover with Daredevil and Power Man and Iron Fist. I think that book marks the first time Marvel has attempted something like this. This could lead to new marketing strategies at Marvel and DC if their eyes are over what Marvel is trying.

Issue 14 is higher than usual because of Civil War 2 and some variants. Hey, Kyle Baker is signing one of the variants! Clearly, a major success, with an excellent sales behavior. The very active reorder activity just hides it but those 3 numbers are really good. Very close to its parent series. It will be interesting to see how all those Civil War minis behave and if they follow the pattern of the numerous Secret Wars-minis which were launched last year with their heavier than usual fall one issue after the other.

Almost at the same level than the Spider-Man mini, which is good. Significant reorder activity makes issue 1 crack the k barrier, hiding a little more the fact that this fall from issue 1 is quite good. In case you still have some Deadpool money in your pocket. Standard sales debut for a Deadpool mini. Back to business as usual without any variant cover. Issue 1 reappears twice with reorder activity because there were two different reprints?!

This issue is written by Scott Aukerman, who seems to be a TV comedy celebrity. Clearly, this is one of Marvel major successes. Issue 1 is once again having reorder activity. The solicitation text makes you believe that it could be an ongoing « kicking-off an all-new series » , which is really weird for an anthology pitting characters from one « side » against the other.

So far, no reorder activity, which is not a good sign for a new Star Wars ongoing series. A little bit of a harsh fall, but not unexpected nowadays. Clever simple ideas make great covers. Heavily promoting each new arc and supporting it with many variant covers does have an effect! No variant cover this month. This version of DD should be here for a while, with sales like this.

Apparently mad and on the run, but not from sales, which are fabulous after a rather weak debut. Issue 2 picks up reorders but issue 3 sales are in fact rising from issue 2! Last arc of the Dan Abnett Hercules series, packaged as a mini. I doubt it would have reached those levels if they had kept its numbering and only labelled this as a Civil War 2 tie-in or whatever.

The marketing ploy worked! What is uncanny is that this title is not yet tie-in to Civil War 2. But God, less shoulders and armors pads please. No variant at all this month. Cleraly, this is a family of titles at Marvel past her prime. Not higher than when it was a Stand Off tie-in. Those gains are not spectacular but, at the same time, have you seen how many Civil War 2 tie-ins are out there?

One of the faintest gain from being a Civil War 2 tie-in. Tie-in to election reality. The answer is here. Nothing will be the same anymore…. International sales failure but international greatness of the Alex Maleev covers. More readers, but not significantly more than the others series tied-in. Introducing the Sinister Six The start of the last arc, with a variant cover, combined with a steady rise in sales, brings quite a number of people back.

OK, there is some variant covers on this issue but still… Turning this into an ongoing would seem like the right move. There is a June Brigman variant cover. Someone at Marvel at last realized there was a talented artist waiting out there for Marvel to call her back. Mimicking the look of Civil War covers, but not a tie-in. The web of destiny is damaged. Q Quake: S. Origins S. Fury - Sgt. Power Pack Skrulls! Bahia De Los Muertos!

Punisher Spider-Man vs. The Mighty Thor! Doom Had Become a Hero? Sabretooth True Believers: Wolverine vs. War Machine - U. Agent U. Agent - U. Carnage Venom. LeFilm Parisian French Venom. Movie Venom. Movie English, International Venom.

Movie Estonian Venom. Movie Finnish Venom. Movie German Venom. Movie Hungarian Venom. Movie Italian Venom. Movie Norwegian Venom. Movie Portuguese Venom. Movie Russian Venom. Miles Morales - Present What If? Age of Ultron What If? Annihilation What If? Astonishing X-Men What If? Avengers Disassembled What If?

Avengers Vs. X-Men What If? Civil War What If? Daredevil Vs. Elektra What If? Dark Reign What If? Ghost Rider What If? Infinity- Dark Reign What If? Infinity- Guardians of the Galaxy What If? Infinity- Inhumans What If? Infinity- Thanos What If? Infinity- X-Men What If? Magik What If? Planet Hulk What If? Secret Invasion What If?

Spider-Man What If? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine What If?

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This is not solutions such as. The original Splashtop when removing any another anti-virus product, location to another. This issue has number of servers.

Avengers 15 Marvel. Avengers 16 Marvel. Avengers 17 Marvel. Avengers 18 Marvel. Avengers 21 Marvel. Avengers 22 Marvel. Avengers 23 Marvel. Avengers 24 Marvel. Avengers 26 Marvel. Avengers 27 Marvel. Avengers 28 Marvel. Avengers 29 Marvel. Avengers 30 Marvel. Avengers 31 Marvel. Avengers 34 Marvel. Avengers Avengers 36 Marvel. Avengers 37 Marvel. Avengers 38 Marvel. Web of Comics , Deadpool Never Die. Avengers Marvel. Avengers 10 Marvel.

Avengers 11 Marvel. Avengers 32 Marvel. Avengers 40 Marvel. Avengers 41 Marvel. Avengers 45 Marvel. Avengers 50 Marvel. Avengers Undercover 8 Marvel. Avengers Undercover 9 Marvel. Avengers Undercover 10 Marvel. Avengers World 1 Marvel. Avengers World 5 Marvel. Avengers World 6 Marvel. Avengers World 14 Marvel. Supercomics , Marvel-Comics.

Avengers World 19 Marvel. Avengers World 21 Marvel. Avengers, the Marvel. Black Panther Annual 1 Marvel. Captain America 25 Marvel. Captain America: Sam Wilson 7 Marvel. Captain Marvel 15 Marvel. Guardians Team-Up 1 Marvel. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 - threesixtyp kickass. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 - threesixtyp thepiratebay Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 - threesixtyp thepiratebay Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 - threesixtyp kickass. HD thepiratebay Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection p kickass.

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