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Here we compiled a list of it using WiFi.

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CodeKit Basics - How to Setup a Project \u0026 Pre Process CSS jointswp codekit torrent

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Software, data, and great solution for. If no firewall is enabled, you accessible during sessions. Copywriter: This role in bytes, optionally the Privacy Policy, M or G.

A blank WordPress theme built with Foundation 6, giving you all the power and flexibility you need to build complex, mobile friendly websites without having to start from scratch. JointsWP requires Node. This doesn't mean you need to understand Node or even Gulp - it's just the steps we need to take to make sure all of our development tools are installed.

At this point, JointsWP should be installed and fully running on your local machine. This will watch the same files as npm run watch , but utilizes browsersync for live reloading and style injection. Be sure to update the URL variable in the gulpfile. I'm not sure if it is considered to be a JointsWP issue, but as a long time Foundation user I'm quite sure it's not a problem with Foundation. Gulp is great but it is not updating the css map files under the folder "maps".

It looks like it's missing some configuration in the gulpfile. Also, please bring back the header image function every website needs a logo, not just text. The CLI update function for Foundation is real nice too. Can that work within JointsWP, as well? Demo site homepage has empty title. I love this theme and it's the basis for most of the sites I create. Thank you so much for putting it together!

I just downloaded it again for a site I'm starting and was really happy to see the new version. I can already see a lot of cool stuff to work with. It goes on, but I think you get the gist. Any idea what's going on, maybe you can help me get it fixed? I enabled the latest version of jointswp on a fresh wp 4. The prerendered css looks great. Haven't modified any of the code in the jointswp folder.

I'm attempting to use a webfont kit on my site using font-face. I got the kit from font-squirrel and includes. I placed the included font-face kit code into style. What comes out on the screen is something similar to Times New Roman. All of my other css styles on style. My folder structure for my theme is as follows.

I perhaps may be using the urls within the font-face incorrectly? Library css style. Any help is appreciated. I know that Foundation 5 comes built in with Open Sans, could their be mixin preventing other fonts from being utilized? My goal is to use Lato throughout the site in various weights and styles. You must fix this before compiling can continue. Note that the loop may be indirect. For example: A imports B imports C imports A. I tweeted you a little earlier to let you know the nav-offcanvas wasn't working when updating through codekit to the latest version of Foundation 5.

The button simply wasn't activating the slide out panel at the side. I'm not sure if it's site specific to the site i'm working on but i've managed to fix it and I thought I would share it with you just in case anybody else runs into the same problem I have.

If this helps anyone or if you would like to put it in your pull requests that would be great. I love your theme, I've used it many times and the new version is amazing. Yay gulp! However, when I started to build a section where I need to wrap anchors around some divs, the anchor doesn't stay wrapped around them once I put it through wordpress's editor.

It also was adding a different class to a nested anchor in one of those divs. I tried it with span tag and that seemed to help, however, the anchor wouldn't stayed wrapped around another anchor. This is my html:. And this is what wordpress spits out:. Any ideas? Also, is there a minimum version of WordPress I need to use?

I'm stuck with using WordPress 3. I don't know why, but the small off canvas navigation isn't working anymore. I noticed the bug last week when I updated the bower components manually to 5. After updating the tab-bar off-canvas-menu didn't work. I'm not sure what's happening, but after I re-complie the style. This is on a clean download of the latest JointsWp code. Has anyone had luck changing the text color in the main nav menu for the active link?

Meaning, if on Sample Page, then the Sample Page link in the menu should be a different color from the other menu items. So I did copy the full content of "settings. I imported that into style. In the settings. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or not, but I was stuck for a while trying to figure out why things weren't aligning properly. See my video to better illustrate my points.

The images in the loop and the content are marked as attachement, not figure and figcaptions? Once NextGen gallery is installed and activated, the foundation call in the footer fails. This causes the small version of topbar not to respond to clicks on the small menu icon.

Looking at the console in FF with Firebug I see this:. When I try and compile I get errors on importing base. If I comment out base I get an error on the container mixin. I don't see screen. I think I'm having some dependency issues that I've been trying to solve with Bundler but so far not so good. Very confused, please advise. I've noticed that the post query on the "archive-grid" does not behave as expected. I have set my archive.

I have also set to the same on my index. What is the correct way to run bower to update the packages; is it set up to do so? From the theme folder I did a bower list, then a bower update, and now there are "extraneous" versions of the libraries.

Excuse me if I'm a little new to using Bower. I'm noticing a major display issue with Foundation's top-bar that I'm hoping an update will fix. When I click on the demo link on for jointswp in safari or chrome for ios, the browser crashes. However, if the theme basically depends on using Bower, as far as package managers go, the dependencies have no need to be included in the repository. WordPress by default already adds a class called.

If you don't renew, any version of CodeKit released before your license expired keeps working forever. Rolls Libsass back to 3. I don't officially support macOS betas, but folks tell me CodeKit is working fine on This update is fully notarized and should be ready for Catalina. CodeKit is 8 years old. It's seen 95 updates. I work on it constantly and will keep doing so for years and years to come. But I need your help. Rather than hold back features like JS-Bundling for a big 4.

If you bought in or earlier, you get one year starting from the same date. Negative, Ghostrider. Subscriptions mean that if you don't keep paying, the app stops working. That's bullshit. Less has been updated to 3. If you use Less, double-check the options on your files after updating. A few things came up after 3. I've set a crazy goal to take CodeKit open source and make it free.

More people will use it, other developers can help me improve it faster, etc. But I still have to pay bills, so I'll need help before I can do that. If you like me or my work, please see patreon. If you saw a bouncing Dock icon during the last update, that was due to data migration. When I add new options, the app has to apply them to existing items before it can run. A little window was supposed to pop up with a message. It didn't.

It does now. It is now literally impossible for an issue in Libsass to crash CodeKit. Malformed Sass files that previously crashed the app will now show correct error messages. Libsass now runs as a completely separate process codekit-libsass-service in Activity Monitor. The first Sass file you compile will take about one second longer while this process launches.

All Sass files after that will compile without delay. The built-in version of Neat has been upgraded to 2. You'll need to tweak a few things in your Sass files to use it. See this page for 1. Jeet is being maintained again! This release includes Jeet 7, which has a few breaking changes. Read the migration guide. Ignore the crap about updating import statements though. You use CodeKit, so just write import 'jeet'; and go. Apple and I released new stuff together.

There were a couple bugs in CodeKit, so that's a point for Apple. So that's a point for CodeKit. This update adds a few things that will enable a seamless migration to CodeKit 3, which is launching next week. Skipping or procrastinating on this update is a poor life decision. My thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this episode of my release notes. I have no idea why they decided to be a sponsor—you guys build stunning websites by hand; seems like you don't need Squarespace.

Maybe their ad department was drunk? Anyway, Squarespace: build it beautiful. CodeKit uses the open-source Sparkle framework to manage updates. Last week, a large man-in-the-middle vulnerability was found in Sparkle. Nevertheless, this release includes a new, fixed version of Sparkle 1. The original CodeKit 2. Version 2.

Ask me how many emails I've gotten in the last 5 hours. If you're not using Libsass at this point, you're doing it wrong. Most of the old options are gone and only a few remain. This release includes the new JSLint and you might actually like it because it will no longer find 4, errors in a line file.

I've spent five days discussing this with Apple Engineering. They've given me a fix, but they're not completely sure it's going to work. This update has the fix in it. If you still find a folder that's not responding to file-changes, quit and relaunch CodeKit. If that doesn't fix it, please contact me so I can berate tell Apple.

This update includes Libsass 3. See you in 15 hours. I'm re-releasing 2.

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