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Dilla's mother, Maureen, was a special guest and the night, Suite for Ma Dukes, was named in her honour. The CD and DVD recorded that night. The lover's tears become a torrent and cause the floods of the Po N6 sol intrar ne gli animanti e aveza, Ma in le cose insensate anchor si serra.

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Bubba Smith Sleepy as Sleepy. Xzibit Duncan as Duncan. Shakara Ledard Simone as Simone. Wyclef Jean Narrator as Narrator. Jerome Ro Brooks Actor as Actor. DeRay Davis Preacher as Preacher. Jennifer Echols Girlfriend 2 as Girlfriend 2.

Nichole Hiltz Shelly as Shelly. Suyun Kim Li as Li. Tom Lister Jr. Bumaye as Bumaye as Tommy 'Tiny' Lister. Masasa Moyo Girlfriend 1 as Girlfriend 1 as Masasa. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Originally, 50 Cent was considered for one of the leads.

Quotes Pope : It is about to get real serious around here! User reviews 10 Review. Top review. I might've gone blind, this was so horribly, awfully bad! Oh, man. Anyone who ever went to film school has seen footage as bad as this. During the viewing of your classmates' first film class assignments. Mink I love how he's too cool for school and doesn't want people to know his real name truly has no clue where to put the camera, or what to tell his "actors", or what directing means.

One of my favorites is a dialogue scene outside someone's apartment or store, I think, and some lady keeps sweeping with a broom all over the place while two other people exchange painfully bad dialogue. Never mind that there's no dirt on the ground to sweep 1 or that her way of sweeping would've spread the dirt all over the place had there been any 2 , or the fact that the blocking is so uninspired that most of the time you must wonder who's speaking, and more importantly, why 3.

So you succumb to the horror, which is SO painful to watch, the only way to cope with the level of badness is to laugh uncontrollably at the horrific performances by of course rappers as we all know, when you can string rhymes together, clearly you're more than qualified to act in motion pictures, too. No more training is required. My recommendation: w rap this piece of crap and put it where it belongs: in the garbage.

Germinator Mar 28, Details Edit. But still Dilla worked. He had his studio moved into his room, determined to finish his latest album, despite the pain and discomfort. His mother would massage his hands when they became swollen and painful. He released the album Donuts on his 32nd birthday, 7 February He died three days later, leaving two daughters, Ja'Mya, now nine and Paige, He also left a large unpaid tax bill and such a mess of rights issues around the use of his beats — many given out freely on CDs to friends before his death — that the executor of his estate also his accountant Arty Erk, had to take out an ad in Billboard in April requesting that people stop using his client's work.

A viper's pit of claims and counter-claims have followed, with his mother and his children all suffering. Bearing all that in mind, it's some sort of miracle that Atwood-Ferguson has brought the focus back to Dilla's music while passing on part of the proceeds from the concert and its digital offshoots to Dilla's mother and his estate,. Mrs Yancey was in tears — she was glowing with appreciation, pride and wonderment. Some of the most meaningful moments in my entire life were spent getting to enjoy that whole experience with her.

So, has the whole experience made you want to orchestrate other modern composers' music, I ask? Stevie Wonder. John Coltrane. The Beatles. James Brown. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Suite for Ma Dukes is out now on Mochilla. Details: thedoctorsorders.

Common: Heat Geffen, The aptly named Heat vibrates with a brilliantly thick, syrupy Afrobeat feel that is the perfect midpoint between the shimmering burnt-sugar funk of Fela Kuti and the hammer-fall, chicken-scratch soul power of James Brown. Dilla shows his mastery of making roughneck, properly heavy music sound beautifully planed. Absolutely sublime pop production. Dilla keeps it awesomely simple — a kick, a snare, just a tiny flash of electric piano, a Joni Mitchell sample and that's it.

Janet Jackson, the most famous woman in America at the time right , sounded fresher than ever. Dilla's revolutionary use of space and dynamics worked wonders on the radio and in clubs. Head-spinning, looped-up, circular-breathing psychedelic-rock that sounds quite unlike anything else Dilla ever recorded.

A fantastically odd sidestep, akin to a long look into a room you're not convinced really exists. Slum Village: Players Barak, The Singers Unlimited sample doesn't even say "Players", it says "Claire" — Dilla could always wrongfoot you, make you think you're hearing something that's just not there. The drums click like loose fingers, and a ghostly synth line snakes underneath the whole thing.

A remarkable recording that has the presence of mind to never break the spell. The Cyrkle were an also-ran 60s Pennsylvanian folk-rock band. Dilla turned their B-side The Visit She Was Here into a poignant, dream-like bed for a classic Tribe track that has the restrained power that is at the root of so many great Dilla productions.

There is always so much more happening than what you first make out.

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Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra - Untitled / Fantastic (A Tribute To J DILLA) ma dukes torrent


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