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When the classmates at McKinley are going through a tough time, singing always makes them feel better. Schuester Matthew Morrison told the students. Each of them displayed how they were dealing with the tragedy. Burt regretted not hugging him more, Kurt remembered the safety he felt with Finn, and Carole realized that every day she would wake up and forget that her son is gone, and then remember again — her heart would break every time.

The emotional scene ended with all of them crying on the floor. She faced a battle with herself, as she struggled with how to grieve for Finn through her usual catty attitude. Santana then attacked Sue — yes, physically attacked her — she pushed her into a filing cabinet, before running out. When the club tried comforting her, she ran away screaming. Leverage season 5. Leverage season 4. Leverage season 3. Leverage season 2. Leverage season 1.

Home Falling Skies Falling Skies season 5. Falling Skies season 5. Download Falling Skies season Original Title:. Release Date:. Tags: Falling Skies. Download other seasons. Falling Skies season 4. Falling Skies season 3. Falling Skies season 2. Falling Skies season 1. View the discussion thread. Glee 1 The following 2 Glee 5 24 season 1 New girl 3 Family guy Prison break 1 Prison break 2 Prison break 3 Prison break 4.

Best seasons. Strike Back season 2. Glee season 3. The Following season 1. Game of Thrones season 2. Family Guy season The Simpsons season 6. Modern Family season 2. Person of Interest season 2. Desperate Housewives season 7. The Office season 8.

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Its fall and that means back to school for the students and faculty at McKinley High. The New Directions clan returns after a devastating loss at Nationals, so Mr. Schuester assigns a project to get them back on track. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester starts her congressional campaign. Shelby Corcoran returns to the halls of McKinley High. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester initiates a boot camp for some of the members of New Directions.

Rusty and Rose Pillsbury pay Emma a visit and we get a sneak peek into her deep rooted issues. Meanwhile, Mike Chang struggles with his grades and his parents step in to make sure he stays on track. Pierce who thinks he's a leprechaun. Meanwhile, Mercedes attempts to recruit new members to join Shelby Corcoran's newly formed Glee club and Sue's congressional campaign heats up.

Under Artie's directorial leadership, the kids prepare to perform the school musical "West Side Story. Sue starts a smear campaign to take down her biggest competitor for the Congressional seat. Meanwhile, Puck has a crush, and Will and Shelby Corcoran encourage some friendly competition.

As the race for McKinley High President comes to an end, someone is caught trying to fix the results. In an attempt to recruit a few more members, Finn tracks down former teammate Sam Evans and convinces him to come back to the glee club.

Tina comes to the defense of Mike and encourages him to pursue his dream while McKinley prepares to host the big sectionals performance. When New Directions is asked to perform at two different events - on the same day, at the same time - they have a tough decision to make. Will they choose correctly and spread Christmas cheer, or will their ambition get the best of them?

All this and more. When Will tries to plan a special surprise for Emma, he enlists the glee club to help him sweep her off her feet. Meanwhile, Becky sets her sights on Artie, and Finn makes an announcement about his life plans after high school that surprises the glee club. In a special episode celebrating the music of Michael Jackson, the rivalry between New Directions and the Warblers intensifies en route to Regionals.

Will assigns the glee club a Spanish singing assignment, and enlists the help of his musically-inclined night school teacher. Meanwhile, Rachel spills the beans to Kurt and Mercedes on Finn's marriage proposal, and Mercedes has love complications of her own. Lauren Gottlieb. Robert Roldan.

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