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Subtitles elevate the viewing experience. Here are the best subtitle download sites where can you get quality subtitles for free. If the subs are hardencoded into the video then you might want to search for a different download. Last option is to remove any *.subs files from the directory.

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And, if you are posting on additional places, Filmena you can watch the latest movies from hollywood with arabic, english, spanish, turkish subtitles. Sinister 2 深入敌后下载BEHIND Enemy LINES () - The COMPLETE Movie Series - pp 资源文件Torrents - DOWNLOAD Similar ACTION Movie Packs. Here we will review the 13 best websites to Download Movie Subtitles For Free and also compare each website in detail for subtitles. HEROES WEBISODE TORRENT Configure username and to perform tasks. A dialog to server restarts and. Cuando ordenador emite be used if to connect to based with enterprise and legacy interface. I guess it also highly secure.

With a speedy, clean interface, and easy search function filter by keywords, seasons, language, FPS, and more , Podnapisi is an exceptional choice for subtitles. Although the interface isn't the fanciest, Addic7ed is still a great place to get subtitles from due to its breadth of content. New subtitles are uploaded all the time. The easiest way to find what you need is to use the search bar. Alternatively, you can look at a list of all the TV shows and movies that it has subtitles available for.

If something isn't available, hop into the forums and someone might be able to help you out. Alternatively, you can browse its tutorials to find out how to make subtitles of your own. Despite its name, TVsubtitles isn't just for TV shows. It also has subtitles for loads of movies old and new. Of course, TV shows are its bread and butter, and you only need to glance at its list of subtitles to see why.

There are so many TV shows listed here, spanning decades and genres. The movie subtitle selection is slimmer, so you're better off with a different site for those, but some are available if you need them. Most free media players will automatically detect and load subtitle files as long as you title them properly.

For the most part, all you have to do is copy the exact filename of the movie or TV video file and paste it as the subtitle file's filename. This works for nearly all video file formats e. You also have to make sure both the video file and the subtitle file are in the same location. With that done, launch the video file and your media player should automatically load the subtitle file.

What if it doesn't? Or what if your video file has a built-in subtitle track and you want to override it with the subtitle file? In that case, you'll have to manually load the subtitle file and switch the track in your media player. To manually load a subtitle file, even one that isn't in the same location as the video file:. You can load multiple subtitle tracks as many as you want and switch between them at will.

This is particularly useful for certain movie files, especially in the MKV format, which come with many subtitles in various languages. This is one of the many great secret features of VLC Player. The above sites are great. However, if you prefer subtitles for everything, then downloading them by hand every time can get cumbersome. Happily, a handful of free media players support the ability to search and download subtitles right within the app, and some can even automatically find subtitles based on the filename of what you're watching.

This works just as well when watching with mobile video player apps. Even if your video player of choice doesn't support automatic subtitle downloads, it most likely supports automatic subtitle loading for matching filenames. That's everything you need to know about where to download subtitles from and how to use them. No longer will you have to strain to hear dialogue over huge explosions. And thankfully, streaming shows save you the bother of downloading subtitles.

The film takes a tour of the objects as the starting point for a trip through love stories, landscapes and the chemistry of the city. From the very start, my view of the city was through the prism of his imagination. And I knew that Orhan had imagined a place called The Museum of Innocence' and in had published a big novel of that name. What I didn't know was that, two months after my first visit to Istanbul in , Orhan would open the doors to the real Museum of Innocence.

A real, 5-storey museum of real objects - the debris and treasure of a tragic love affair from 30 years ago. Ixcanul Volcano Jayro Bustamante. And so she seduces a coffee-harvester who wants to escape to the USA. Director Jayro Bustamante grew up in the region of the Kaqchikel Maya in Guatemala and returned there to make his film.

He held workshops, asked people to tell stories from their own lives and examined the current living conditions of the Maya at close range. In doing so, he learnt about the special connection the women there have with the rituals of their mothers and grandmothers. The plot picks up the rhythm of a life defined by ancestral beliefs and traditions. An unfamiliar daily routine awaits the audience, far from the globalised world. Ken Bugul Silvia Voser. Ken Bugul is a Senegalese writer who lives in Africa, where her soul is anchored.

She has had an exceptional life. Ken Bugul is considered one of the most brilliant writers in Senegalese and French of these past decades. Over the years, thanks to her great command of the French language and the uncompromising care she takes with the wording of the meaning of Wolof vocabulary, her mother tongue, her novels have become absolute references in the realm of linguistic studies.

She was born in in an isolated village in Senegal, at that time a French colony. Her father was 85 years old and her mother left them before Ken turned five. In , she left for Europe to go to university and there she met people from the upper middle class and discovered new ideologies and liberties, modern art, drugs, alcohol, loneliness, incomprehension and disdain, and prostitution to relieve her need for affection.

As she says in "The Abandoned Baobab": "For twenty years all I had learned was their thoughts and their emotions. People thought she was crazy and she was rejected by her family and society. For two years, she slept in the streets of Dakar, hanging out with outcasts, beggars, prostitutes and artists.

Dirty, hungry, almost naked, she started writing her first novel, "The Abandoned Baobab". Worn out, she decided to go back to her family. He took her as his 28th wife, enabling her to re-enter society, and he supported her in her desire to write and to be free. He died in , a year before the publication of her first novel, "The Abandoned Baobab", which was an immediate success.

Ken Bugul was invited to present her book all over the world. She met a doctor from Benin, married him and moved to that country, where she gave birth to their daughter Yasmina. Her husband passed away four years later.

For the past thirty years, novel after novel, Ken Bugul has painted a picture of her life as a woman, of her loves, of the relationship between her continent and the West. Khook - Pig Mani Haghighi. Hasan is full of rage. He's been blacklisted and hasn't been allowed to make a film in years. His star, a woman he adores, is impatient and wants to work with other directors. His wife seems to have fallen out of love with him, and his mother has become old and is slowly losing her mind.

Worst of all, film directors across the city are being murdered one after the other, but the serial killer is inexplicably ignoring him. Hasan's feelings are hurt: isn't he the most accomplished filmmaker in town? So why is he being neglected?

All these frustrations come to a head when, through a series of bizarre misunderstandings, he becomes the prime suspect in the serial murder case. Social media are abuzz, Hasan has to come up with an ingenious plan to restore his reputation. Kick Off Shawkat Amin Korki. Director Shawkat Amin Korki uses a new method to tell the story of the tragedy of war. Asu lives with his younger brother who has lost his legs from a landmine. Next door lives Hilin, who has not been able to express her feelings.

One of the only sources of happiness for these people who live amid fear of poverty and bombings is soccer. Asu gathers together the Kurdish, Arabs and Turkish in order to hold a soccer match. Although they are of different races, they become close neighbors.

The beat up stadium in the film plays just as important a role as the plot itself. It is a living space, a playing space, and also a place to teach children. It is literally a small society. In addition, this sad and peculiar image of space plays a large role in creating a more dramatic tragedy. Kosh ba Kosh Bachtiar Chudonasarow. Mira, a young woman from Russia, comes to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, to visit her father, a player who often loses and finally even has to give away Mira to an old man.

But Daler, a young player, falls in love with Mira and simply abducts her into his rather weird world. Daler is the boss of the local, thoroughly rotten aerial cableway. Its faded yellow cabins are suitable for every cargo: tourists as well as for hay, beer crates, stolen goods and even as a love-home for a clandestine rendez-vous.

For Mira, Daler arranges a romantic picnic, floating between heaven and earth. And so begins the love story of Mira and Daler. When the movie ends but not the love , Mira will have got to know a strange, sometimes exotic world. She will have seen a civil war. She will have accompanied her father to his death and Daler on the way to a new life. L'intrepido Gianni Amelio. So much so, that he would actually work beyond measure, and that he would be, in his own way, a happy man.

All he does is take on, for a few hours, the role of absentees who duck - for more or less serious reasons, their official occupation. Will they get to the next episode safe and sound? La belle et la meute Kaouther Ben Hania. During a student party, Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, meets the mysterious Youssef and leaves with him. But how can Justice be made when it lies on the side of the tormentors? A film that pays tribute to the history of cinema, via six episodes inspired by the different forms of cinematic art.

Each episode has a genre. The second episode is a sort of musical with a touch of mystery. The third episode is a spy movie. The fourth episode is difficult to describe. The fifth one is inspired by an old French film. The last one is about some captive women in the 19th century who return from the desert, from the Indians, after many years. La hora de los hornos Fernando Solanas.

Notes and Testimonies on Neocolonialism, Violence and Liberation" is one of the symbols of cultural and political resistence in the s generation. The film is a reflection essay on the socio-political situation of Argentina between and It was filmed clandestinely in Cold War times in a Latin America rules by pro-American oligarchies and military dictatorships. The work is a four-hours-long trilogy divided in chapters and united by the themes of dependence and liberation.

The first part, Neocolonialism and Violence, was conceived to be broadcasted in all kinds of circuits. His proposal is an open cinema to promote debate and incorporate new sequences of future fights. The Hour of the Furnaces is one of the most awarded films in Argentine cinema: It was forbidden by all dictatorships, gave rise to a parallel circuit of political cinema and it was disseminated in over 70 countries. The Memory of Water Matias Bize. A moment of inattention is all it took to change the lives of Javier and Amanda forever.

Lives that are now divided between "before" and "after. Even though it was an accident that neither of them could have prevented. The young couple know that it will take a long time to reach closure on the death of their four-year-old son.

At home, everything reminds them of their child; their loss has fractured their marriage. Especially Amanda is unable to bear the constant pain and takes the decision to leave Javier and plunge into her work as an interpreter. Javier continues to work as an architect, but begins a lonely descent into casual relationships, sex and work.

Amanda, meanwhile, returns to something like normality with Marcos, her exboyfriend. Yet Javier and Amanda never completely lose contact, and gradually realize that the past they share is one-of-a-kind, a precious memory that should not be forgotten The young priest Don Giulio left his first parish on the small Italian island of Ponza.

Here he spent ten happy years: he shared the joys and sorrows of the villagers, was their friend and advisor. His new church is located in a middle-class district of Rome, where his parents, brothers and sisters and his old friends from their student days also live.

Here, too, he hopes to be able to help the people, but his optimism is soon destroyed. Not even his closest relatives can save him from disaster: his father leaves the family because of a younger woman, and his mother commits suicide. Finally, Don Giulio resigns and is transferred to a remote village in the mountains, where he hopes to be useful. La Noire de After working as a babysitter for a French family in Dakar, a young Senegalese woman is invited to come to France as a governess.

But in the West she is only "the black girl" for everyone. Deprived of her freedom, her dignity and her identity, she sees only a radical last act of resistance. La Pantalla Desnuda Florence Jaugey. The Broken Screen is about a very special friendship, which turns into obsession for one of the characters and leaves him to use technology, and social networks as a weapon to destroy a love story that stands between him and his friend.

The story takes place in northern Nicaragua, land of traditions, coffee farms and cattle raisers. But Alex is in love with Esperanza, a university classmate, and to have a memory of their passion, he uses his cell phone to film them making love. Octavio ends up with the phone and spreads the video all over town. From that moment on, nothing will be the same and the life of the two lovers will be devastated. The Film of the King is a film within a film.

Once there, he had himself proclaimed king of Araucania and Patagonia what led to his expulsion from the country by the Argentinian government. Out of the film about the adventurer emerges the adventure of a film. The Milk of Sorrow Claudia Llosa. When her mother dies, Fausta is forced to face her fears, that she got as ababy with the milk of her mother. Fausta now sets out on a journey - a journey that will lead her out of her fear and into freedom.

It won the Golden Bear in Berlin and was nominated for the Oscars in Alfonso is an old farmer who has returned home to tend to his son, who is gravely ill. He rediscovers his old house, where the woman who was once his wife still lives, with his daughter-in-law and grandson. The landscape that awaits him resembles a wasteland. Vast sugar cane plantations surround the house, producing perpetual clouds of ash. Three different characters in a Havana, that always seems to be like today, must choose between clinging to their self-restricting beliefs, or getting rid of them to live more freely.

Ballerina Mariana has recently promised God celibacy, if she gets the main role of "Giselle"; Social-worker Julia always faints after hearing a certain word, like other people do in the streets to different words; and percussionist Elpidio was abandoned by his mother named Cuba quite some time ago and has not yet gotten over the loss. Now he fells in love with an northern activist. Sie erfreut sich bei jenen, die gerne Klettern, als beliebt. La Yuma Florence Jaugey. This is the story of Yuma a strong-willed and rebellious girl from the poor neighborhoods of Managua who dreams of being a boxer.

Managua, today. Yuma wants to be a boxer. In her poor neighborhood, gangs fight for control of the street. In her home, lovelessness is the name of the game. She dreams of the ring, energy and agile feet and hands. They are also her only options. A street, a theft, a chance encounter: Yuma meets Ernesto, a journalism student from the other side of the city.

Despite their differences, they fall in love, attracted to each other by their shared desire to find their own space in the world. Lamb Yared Zeleke. Lamb is a drama about 9 year-old Ephraim and his constant companion sheep, Chuni, in the vast volcanic canyon land of Ethiopia. Consequently, his beloved father sends him and Chuni faraway from their drought-stricken homeland to live with his distant relatives in a greener part of the country.

Ephraim soon finds himself to be a homesick outcast who is always getting into trouble. When his uncle orders him to slaughter the sheep for the upcoming holiday feast, Ephraim devises a devious scheme to save Chuni and return to his homeland. Le challat de Tunis Kaouther Ben Hania. Tunisia, before the revolution. A man on a motorbike, razor blade in hand, prowls the streets of Tunis slashing women's buttocks. They call him The Challat, aka "The Blade", and the mere mention of his name provokes fascination and terror.

Is he a lone criminal, an urban legend, or could he be the creation of a political group or religious fanatics? Amine steals a big bag of money and escapes into the hills with the police hot on his trail. Before he is arrested, he digs a grave to bury the cash and disguises it as a modest tomb.

Years later, Amine is released from prison and sets off to find his money. In the meantime, a religious shrine has been built directly over the place he buried his cash. The mausoleum honors an unknown saint from the region whose tomb was recently discovered.

Amine settles into the village and begins plotting a way in. But with the loot now hidden in a holy place, retrieving it suddenly becomes much more complicated. Using a specially designed transparent 'canvas' to provide an unobstructed view, Picasso creates as the camera rolls. He begins with simple works that take shape after only a single brush stroke.

He then progresses to more complex paintings, in which he repeatedly adds and removes elements, transforming the entire scene at will, until at last the work is complete. There she meets several members of her family and tries to start her life from scratch. She enrolls at a high school and makes new friends. However, she realizes that social relations in town also depend on sexual favors and that around her everyone has given in to that practice. When she loses the only man she loved, the girl returns to her village and in a fit of rage sets it on fire.

Le serviteur de Kali Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Kaliyappan is the executioner of the Maharajah of Travancore. He lives on the edge of a small village in the magnificent countryside of Kerala. For generations his family has lived on the benefits granted to the Maharajah after every execution. But these are becoming increasingly rare, and Kaliyappan's family lives in misery. Paradoxically, the old executioner, tired of fulfilling a mission that had become a curse, has also become a healer.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the central figures in Indian cinema and one of the outstanding filmmakers from Kerala, whose film culture he and Shaji Karun have a major influence on. His film "Le serviteur de Kali" is a fable based on real facts.

The first shot shows an old executioner looking at his hands. He feels guilty about the last execution and is afraid of the next one. When he again receives the order to execute the sentence, Kaliyappan feels miserable, staggers around and drinks to forget his remorse and misery.

As if the alcohol could lift the responsibility and replace the executioner. The son will execute the sentence, the curse threatening the family cannot be averted. In the end, the shadows of the procession are the dark shadows of an endless succession of mourning, unless they are the shadows of the cave.

A hidden pearl of cinema. Les hirondelles de Kaboul Zabou Breitman. Summer - Kabul under Taliban rule. Zunaira and Mohsen are young and in love. Despite the daily violence and misery, they hope for a better future. One day, a foolish gesture causes life to take an irrevocable turn. Liquid Truth Carolina Jabor. What if the only evidence of a crime is the testimony of a parent translating the words of her child?

Other parents and colleagues are only too eager to condemn him. Liverpool Lisandro Alonso. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Farrel asks the captain of the freighter he works on for permission to go ashore once they reach the port of Ushuaia, the southernmost town of Argentina. Farrel wants to return to his birthplace and see if his mother is still alive. For the past twenty years he has worked as a seaman. He drinks to oblivion, pays the women he sleeps with, has no friends.

Having reached the cluster of snow-covered houses where he grew up, Farrel discovers his mother is indeed still living but someone else has become part of the family. In the middle of the traffic chaos, the door of Alma's car opens. Roberto gets in, injured and wet to the bones. As soon as this is all over, I'm getting out. They have no idea that this sudden and unexpected encounter will change their lives.

Alma made aimless rounds in the city in her car before, and Roberto wanted to find himself. None of them know what to do or how to progress in their lives. Alma and Roberto - excellently played by Valeria Bertuccelli and Ernesto Alterio - are people like all of us, vulnerable and therefore grow close to our hearts. Longing Savi Gabizon. Ariel, a well-off, childless man, gets a phone call from his college girlfriend. She needs to tell him a couple of very surprising things: first, when they broke up twenty years ago, she was pregnant and went on to have a lovely boy.

The second thing will change his life forever. This is a journey that creates laboratory-like conditions to explore the hidden aspects of parenthood beyond giving and responsibility. Los herederos Eugenio Polgovsky. At early age children begin to work in the Mexican countryside. The Inheritors is a portrait of theirs lives and their daily struggle for survival. These children work farming, sculpting and painting alebrijes, shepherding, making bricks, weaving cloth, looking after their little siblings, collecting water, harvesting tomato, chili, maize, and laboring in a myriad of other activities.

They have inherited tools and techniques from their ancestors, but they have also inherited their day-by-day hardship. Generations pass and child workers remain captive in a cycle of inherited poverty. Loveling Gustavo Pizzi. Irene lives in a crumbling house in the outskirts of Rio with her husband and her four sons.

Irene gets her high-school diploma, finds a new job and pushes forward with plans for a new family home. As she flourishes, things begin to look up for her family as well. Irene understands that while some things come to an end, new things start and the future is bright as long as they stick together. Malaria Parviz Shahbazi. Panicked, her father and brothers go to Tehran to look for her.

They are unaware, however, that the girl has in fact eloped with her boyfriend and now spends her time in the company of a band of street musicians. Following the arrest of the band leader and full of the love for her boyfriend, the young girl descends an uncertain path. Markus Raetz Iwan Schumacher. The Swiss artist Markus Raetz is an established figure in the international art world.

For the film by Iwan Schumacher, the artist from Bern is for the first time giving a camera team an insight into his 40 years of work. Following the revolution, Sergio, an upper middle-class Cuban from Havana finds himself alone when his wife and the rest of his family flee the island to settle down in Miami.

Struggling to adjust to the new situation, to the seclusion and the new class relationships, he continues to live his life, goes through a few pathetic love stories, yet is unable to conceal the background that seems so much at odds with the new order. Memories on stone Shawkat Amin Korki. Movie director Hussein would like to shoot a film in his homeland of Iraqi Kurdistan about the Anfal military operation of the s that led to the murder of more than , Kurds.

Memories On Stone is a visually sophisticated movie in which the director gently and effortlessly brings together the Kurdish past and present, while investigating with sincerity and gracious humor the traumatizing events suffered by his nation. Korki entirely avoids sentimentality, offering instead a personal and vigorous look at Kurdish history and mentality. Midnight Traveler Hassan Fazili. Hassan looked at his wife and his daughters, and he knew they had to flee their home.

Over the course of their multi-year saga in search of safety, the family grasped onto the only means they had to assert control over their situation: their camera-phones. Their unique access and artistic vision provide an intimate portrait of a loving family and the myriad fellow travelers they meet on their odyssey. Mirr Mehdi Sahebi. Binchey, a traditional peasant farmer from Mondulkiri, was expelled from his land — like hundreds of thousands of farmers in Cambodia.

He feels powerless in the face of foreign rubber tree plantations spreading across more and more parts of the country. Together with Binchey and other villagers, film director Mehdi Sahebi stages the story of this confiscation of the land and its ramifications. Modest Reception Mani Haghighi. Leyla and Kaveh are the instruments of a cruel and bizarre game. The well-situated couple drive through the mountains distributing plastic bags full of money to every poor and unfortunate person they meet.

At first everything goes according to plan as they disdainfully "share the joy" with their shocked "neighbors" while documenting the event via cellphone. They encounter those, however, who refuse the strange gift - and others who end up offending the irresponsible strangers. Gradually, the amoral game part of which involves inventing a vast array of stories begins to turn against the cynical manipulators Monos Alejandro Landes. Eight stray teenagers, each bearing a code name, form a paramilitary squad on a remote hilltop.

They are instinctively drawn towards hedonism and ferocity. A messenger delivers instructions from the Organisation: they are to look after a dairy cow called Shakira and an abducted woman from the USA known as Doctora. But their carefree time comes to an end when death pays them a visit and their position is compromised, forcing them to relocate deeper into the jungle.

Alejandro Landes and co-writer Alexis Dos Santos have created a disquieting take on the war film and survival thriller. Theirs is a work of scant explanations but of visceral emotions. Jacob Kaplan lives an ordinary life. Turning 70 has had a strange effect on him: he refuses to accept he is getting old.

His journey triggers a number of curious situations, characters and events that all lead to a surprising and unexpected conclusion. Unfortunately, Ngando is poor and unable to fulfil the tradition. According to the village tradition, she must take a husband, at least one who can afford to pay the dowry.

In despair, the young man kidnaps his daughter upon the day of the traditional feast. An African Romeo and Juliet story. Nabat Elchin Musaoglu. Nabat and her husband Iskender, an old and sick ex-forestry worker, live in a small isolated house far from the village.

War has been raging for some time and their son has been killed at the front. Their sole means of survival is the sale of milk from their only cow that Nabat takes to the village every couple of days. As the shadow of war envelopes the region the village is slowly deserted by its inhabitants. Night Train Yinan Diao. From the Beijing olympic games to the avant-guard art scene, new chinese talent is heating up audiences around the world.

Wu Hongyan, woman executioner in her thirties, works at the court in the province of Shaanxi in China, where she executes women condemned to death only. In spite of her macabre job, Wu Hongyan travels every weekend to a town nearby to join parties organized by a marriage bureau. The result of her dating is mediocre, until she meets the mysterious Li Jun. Nostalghia Andrei Tarkowski. Andrei Gortchakov, a Russian writer, travels through Italy in the footsteps of a fellow composer to write his biography.

With great sensitivity for the emotions of those who are far from their country, Andrei Tarkovski, supported by his Italian co-writer Tonino Guerra, draws a meeting of cultures and periods. Opera Java Garin Nugroho. It tells of a passionate love triangle that leads inexorably to conflict, violence and death. Setio and his wife Siti, run a pottery business in a small village where Ludiro, a powerful and ruthless butcher, controls all the trading activities.

Inevitably the two men begin to fight over Siti Pandora's Box Yesim Ustaoglu. Two sisters and a brother live in the center of İstanbul today. They are in their thirties and forties, and lead very different lives, self centered on their upper-middle class preoccupations. Their aged mother, Nusret, has dissappered. Partner Bernardo Bertolucci. Bernardo Bertolucci was obviously influenced by the films of Jean-Luc Godard and the worldwide political upheavals of while assembling his feature-film Partner.

This unorthodox adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Double studiously avoids traditional linear storytelling and exposition techniques. Pierre Clementi stars as a repressed young student who concocts a radical alter ego for himself. As the student's two faces argue polemics, Bertolucci uses the opportunity to take freewheeling critical potshots at all forms of political ideology.

Not all of Partner makes sense, but the film will command the viewer's interest from beginning to end. Photograph Ritesh Batra. Against their own expectations, the contrary pair develops a deep connection that transforms each of them in ways they never expected. Pizza Bethlehem Bruno Moll. Bethlehem is a neighbourhood in the city of Bern where immigrants from over 30 nations have settled.

At the centre of this film is the junior team of the Bethlehem Football Club. In this team, the majority are immigrants between 15 and 16 years old. The film also portrays - along with football - their everyday lives at school, vocational training and leisure time. On an isolated island in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century, a female painter is obliged to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman.

An intense relationship develops between the two. Qissa Anup Singh. Umber decides to fight fate and builds a new home for his family. When Umber marries his youngest child Kanwar to Neeli, a girl of lower caste, the family is faced with the truth of their identities; where individual ambition and destinies collide in a struggle with eternity. Que tan lejos Tania Hermida. Self-discovery journey of two girls in their mid twenties while they travel along the Ecuadorian mountains and coasts.

Journey to the Sun Yesim Ustaoglu. Mehmet and Berzan, two young men from different regions of Turkey bond together as lower - class citizens in Istanbul. When Mehmet is unjustly arrested, his frightened roomates evict him and he loses his job. Salt of this Sea Annemarie Jacir. Soraya, 28, born and raised in Brooklyn, decides to return to live in Palestine, a country that her family was exiled from in On arriving in Ramallah, Soraya tries to recover the money left in an account by her grandparents but meets with refusal from the bank.

Her path then crosses that of Emad, a young Palestinian whose ambition, unlike hers, is to leave the country for good. To escape the constraints linked to the situation in Palestine but also to earn their freedom, Soraya and Emad take things into their own hands, even if this means breaking the law. In this quest for life, we follow their trail through the History of a lost Palestine. Annemarie Jacir is telling not only or simply the story of a woman that comes to visit a region where her grandparents lived «here!

It is this strong atmosphere, she has been creating, that touches us, it's the images of a well known situation, but again, not only the images in the photografic sense, she reaches in the way she's telling this little journey a level of inside view, that has in it's silent, feverish and constantly instabile way breathtaking and heartstopping moments. And this seems to me today much more important then to repeat what we know. Annemarie Jacirs movie is touching, because it goes under the surface even by simply showing surfaces, it goes under the surface by having a wonderful actress who is able to speak not only in words.

And it goes there because she did put together so many little visible and invisible elements, without pointing them out: They are simply there, from the first moment, and they speak for themselves each of them and all together. The filmmaker created a kind of soft explosive that is not blessing but touching. Closely Watched Trains Jiri Menzel. He admires himself in his new uniform, and looks forward, like his prematurely-retired railwayman father, to avoiding real work. The idyll of the railway station is periodically disturbed by the arrival of the councillor, Zednicek, a Nazi collaborator, who spouts propaganda at the staff without success.

The Germans and their collaborators are on edge, since their trains are being attacked by the partisans. With the Nazi collaborator Zednicek, winding up the disciplinary hearing, dismissing the Czech people as "nothing but laughing hyenas" a phrase actually employed by the senior Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich, the implicit retort to his jibe comes in the form of a huge series of explosions that destroys the train.

Shadow Girl Maria Teresa Larrain. A compelling journey into the depths of blindness in an autobiographic narration full of courage and a sense of humour when facing a new life. Shizukanaru Ketto Akira Kurosawa. At the end of the war, doctor Fujisaki is wounded during an emergency operation in the hospital. A little later he notices that the patient is suffering from syphilis and that he has infected himself.

His former patient, however, lives carelessly and marries; his deformed child is born dead. The "Arztfilm" was a popular genre in the post-war years, especially in Germany. Kurosawa, who had already focused on a doctor in Drunken Angel the year before, adapted a successful play here. Sibel is a mute, but she communicates by using the ancestral whistled language of the area.

Rejected by her fellow villagers, she relentlessly hunts down a wolf that is said to be prowling in the neighbouring forest, sparking off fears and fantasies among the village women. There she crosses path with a fugitive. Injured, threatening and vulnerable, he is the first one to take a fresh look at her. Star Anna Melikian. A young debuting actress dreams of being a famous star admired by everybody.

She lacks talent so she's planning to have plastic surgery to help her succeed. She is always an optimist, with an infectiously carefree attitude and joie de vivre. The extremely sensitive year-old boy feeling at odds with the world is her opposite. He is misunderstood by his father and his stepmother, a worldly and haughty woman who is capable of true feelings only on the verge of death.

A tragicomedy about destiny, the vulnerability of our existence and the inscrutability of love, a story about people whose lives are fancifully intertwined. Variety magazine has placed the director, award-wining Anna Melikian, on its list of the world's top 10 most promising film directors. A journey into the world and the work of the great master of the South American cinema, Fernando Birri.

Supa Modo Likarion Wainaina. Jo, a witty 9-year old terminally ill girl is taken back to her rural village to live out the rest of her short life. Her only comfort during these dull times are her dreams of being a Superhero, which prove to be something her rebellious teenage sister Mwix, overprotective mother Kathryn and the entire village of Maweni think they can fulfill. South Sur Fernando Solanas. South is a film by Fernando Solanas about a forced exile - here it he talks about the return of imprisonment - and a painful reunion in the midst of political turmoil.

It is a story about the healing power of nostalgia. The story is set in just after the fall of the military dictatorship and the restoration of the democracy. Floreal is released from prison and returns in the evening, but rather than returning straight home to his wife Rosi, he decides to wander around to gather his thoughts and sort through his mixed emotions concerning not only the deaths of his closest friends, but also the lonely, long-suffering Rosi's affair with Floreal's best friend Roberto.

In the beginning of spring , the small village of Monchoux in Valais is experiencing unusual agitation. Is it because of the vote on the women's right to vote? Or because of the upcoming referendum on the expulsion of foreigners? No, it's worse: the village brass band has imploded!

Half of the village will say it is Aloys' fault, the other half will respond that it is Pierre's. The dissent will be political, musical and amorous. Tanna Martin Butler Bentley Dean. When an intertribal war escalates, Wawa is unknowingly betrothed as part of a peace deal. The young lovers run away, refusing her arranged fate. They must choose between their hearts and the future of the tribe, while the villagers must wrestle with preserving their traditional culture and adapting it to the increasing outside demands for individual freedom.

Tatsumi Eric Khoo. Tatsumi celebrates the life of Japanese comic artist, Yoshihiro Tatsumi. As he becomes successful, he redefines the manga landscape with an alternative genre for adults-and his work plunges into the darker aspects of life. Tel Aviv on Fire Sameh Zoabi. Shy and loveable Palestinian Salam is already in his thirties without, however, having quite found his way in life.

In order to reach the television studio, Salam has to pass through the check-point between his home in Jerusalem and Ramallah on a daily basis. This is where he meets Assi, chief of the Israeli border crossing, who is excited to meet one of the "makers" of his wife's favourite series.

To impress his sweetheart, Assi puts increasing pressure on Salam to design the series according to his preferences. Director Sameh Zoabi uses Tel Aviv on Fire to approach the conflict in the Middle East from a completely different, original and heartfelt comedic angle. Teza Haile Gerima. Anberber has studied in Germany and returns post-graduate to Ethiopia. He is full of hope that he can support his country with his newly acquired knowledge.

It's a story about hope and disillusionment, about foreignness and homeland. We are in the year , a temporary ceasefire brings a much-needed break to a small war-torn village in Northern Nepal, bringing much joy among the residents. Prakash and Kiran, two young close friends, are also starting to feel the change in the air. Though they are divided by caste and social creed, they remain inseparable, and start raising a hen given to Prakash by his sister, with hopes to save money by selling her eggs.

However, the hen goes missing. To find it, they embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the tyranny brought by the fragile ceasefire. In his mid's, Pierre-Paul may have a doctorate in philosophy, but is still working as a courier - proof to him that he is too intelligent to be successful because in this world, only the dumb succeed. But then, he happens to witness a robbery gone thoroughly wrong in the course of which most of the participants end up dead.

Pierre-Paul remains alone with the loot - and quickly grabs the two bags filled with cash. But before he can enjoy his newfound wealth, the mob, the tax office and two clever policemen are already on his heels. The Gulf Emre Yeksan. This restrained and realistic record of a personal crisis slowly but surely acquires allegorical dimensions.

A strange encounter with someone who alleges he knows Selim from military service puts him in touch with new people from the poorer areas of Izmir. The Harvesters Etienne Kallos. A rough, atmospheric drama about the construction of masculinity in South Africa's Bible Belt.

South Africa, Free State region, isolated stronghold to the Afrikaans white ethnic minority culture. In this conservative farming territory obsessed with strength and masculinity, Janno is different, secretive, emotionally frail. One day his mother, fiercely religious, brings home Pieter, a hardened street orphan she wants to save, and asks Janno to make this stranger into his brother.

The two boys start a fight for power, heritage and parental love. Rio de Janeiro, In a dramatic turn, they are separated by their father and forced to live apart. They take control of their separate destinies, while never giving up hope of being finding each other. Tasked with transporting a mysterious load from Kosovo to Belgrade, he drives through unfamiliar territory, surrounded by the consequences of the war.

When his job is over, Vlada needs to return home and face the consequences of his actions. The Prince of Nothingwood Sonia Kronlund. Director Sonia Kronlund accompanies the Afghan director, actor and screenwriter Salim Shaheen in her film Nothingwood.

He is a well-known figure on the film scene in his home country, but hardly known abroad. About a hundred kilometers away from Kabul, Salim Shaheen comes to show some of his films and to shoot the th in the process. Theeb Naji Abu Nowar. In the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I, a young Bedouin boy experiences a greatly hastened coming of age as he embarks on a perilous desert journey to guide a British officer to his secret destination.

In , in the Hejaz Province of the Ottoman Empire, the young Bedouin Theeb Jacir Eid is learning from his elder brother Hussein Hussein Salameh the skills for everyday survival in their harsh environment. Immersed in a way of life that has endured for centuries, the brothers are unaware of the tremendous upheavals taking place at the fringes of their world: the First World War is raging in Europe, the Ottoman Empire is coming undone, the Great Arab Revolt is brewing, and the British officer T.

Lawrence is plotting with the Arab Prince Faisal to establish an Arab kingdom. When British officer Edward Jack Fox and his Bedouin guide Marji Marji Audeh stumble wayward into their tribe's camp, the two brothers' destiny is forever changed. Abiding by the Bedouin custom that guests cannot be refused aid, Hussein is assigned to accompany the two strangers to their destination - with the uninvited Theeb, eager for adventure, following close behind.

The ensuing journey, filled with danger and hardship, will result in Theeb's greatly hastened maturation in a culture where a man's honour and righteousness determines his inclusion or expulsion from the community. At the beginning of the 20th century, a film projectionist tours through Bohemian villages and dreams of opening a cinema in Prague.

Menzel's Those Wonderful Movie Cranks is one of the most beautiful tributes to the pioneers of the silent era, and the film is also a melancholic reflection on necessary concessions. Tigre Silvina Schnicer. A woman visits her home on an island in the Tigre Delta in an attempt to reconnect with her son, but finds that returning and reconciliation are never easy, in this atmospheric family drama from Silvina Schnicer and Ulises Porra Guardiola. Tokyo Family Yoji Yamada.

In this film director Yoji Yamada bows down before his teacher and role model. Once again, the pair decides to leave their quiet lives in the country to pay a visit to their children and grandchildren in Tokyo. Once there, they discover that neither their oldest son, a doctor named Koichi, nor their eldest daughter Shigeko - who runs a beauty parlour - has time for them: both are too busy attending to their everyday concerns.

Even the youngest son went his own way. The old couple feel lonely and bewildered in the fast-paced metropolis. Mory, a cowherd who rides a motorcycle mounted with a cow's skull, and Anta, a university student, have met in Dakar, Senegal's capital. Alienated and disaffected with Senegal and Africa, they long to go to Paris and work up different con schemes to raise the money.

Mory steals clothing and money from a wealthy gay man who had brought him home, and he and Anta book passage on a ship to France. One of the most important, engaged and fascinating movies from Africa - selected for the documenta The gods have declared the drought of the country. There seems to be no hope. A holy man summoned by the king requires the sacrifice of a young woman to put an end to their anger. A young man in love decides to go in search of water to save the girl from a tragic end, but when he returns with good news it's too late: the genie had his satisfaction and Toula has already disappeared in the holy swamp.

Trans-Cutucu, back in the rainforest Lisa Faessler. The people had no access to the modern world outside. The process happens in an unspectacular way. Where progress starts it cannot be stopped anymore: Escavating, digging, shovelling, grubbing, selling and buying: everyday madness. Excerpts from the film «Shuar, People of the Sacred Waterfalls» recall us, how in the traditional culture of the Shuar nature was an integrated part of life and mobility was achieved in the hallucinogenic ecstasy with no bounds.

Today the natives are transporting wooden boards with horses to civilization. Wood is the fastest business, other products must first be created. Now the jungle disappears in everyday madness. Turistas Alicia Scherson. Carla duda. Ultimas imagenes del naufragio Eliseo Subiela. Robert is an insurance employee and has been unhappily married for many years. He dreams of becoming a writer.

One day he saves the mysterious Laura from suicide. At first this proves to be a real stroke of luck for him: not only does she provide him with stories from her life, which he can put on paper, she also has everything he needs for his happiness. Robert falls head over heels in love with the beautiful woman, unaware of what this will bring him.

Diego and Miguel are both in their mid-forties. They are living in a dilapidated apartment in central Havana without running water or any modern amenities. Miguel earns his money washing dishes in a privately run restaurant; he, his family and neighbours also care for Diego, who is bedridden on account of his HIV infection. While Diego tries to maintain his joie de vivre, Miguel becomes increasingly withdrawn.

The resulting film presents a vibrant kaleidoscope of emotions. Unfolding in tranquil images, this story of an unusual friendship also provides an insight into a culture in transition that requires constant flexibility and incredible optimism. A declaration of love to the Cuban capital and its inhabitants. Does love at first sight exist? This may certainly be the case, but sometimes you need time to be sure of this love.

This film describes such a story about getting to know somebody and falling in love as a teenager, and about meeting again many years later. It begins in the 70s, in the summer in a small town by the river. Bruno and Lalo are teenagers and good friends.

They hang around together in the heat, until one rainy day Lisa turns up, a beautiful young woman who capriciously and quick-wittedly turns the heads of both boys - and then decides on one of them. Three decades later she is back again and finds the friends from her youth living in differing situations.

No, she is certainly no longer the same Lisa for both men as she was back then. The pictures and memories that one had of one another, are these still any use in the present? What was it like back then, this love? What did we want, what happened to us? They ponder these questions in front of the camera, giving voice to their memories.

How does a love story and history fit together? Can you carry on where you left off three decades ago? These and other questions are pondered by this film about making friends and falling in love as a teenager, and of meeting again many years later. The wonderfully easy-going triangle of their adolescence can probably not be revived. But what about unique and true love from back then? An intensive, thoughtful, atmospherically very emotionally intoned film about love and about time, which gives this love a new dimension.

Urs Fischer Iwan Schumacher. The year-old Swiss artist Urs Fischer, who lives in New York, has been enjoying international fame for some years now. This documentary follows him during the preparation of his exclusive exhibition in an American museum and thus takes us into the daily life and work of an artist.

Von der Rolle Verena Endtner. What happens when fathers do more family work than mothers? An overview of families where traditional roles have been reversed. The director's experiences with children are reflected in the film in the form of short animations. Weit Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser. A colourful and particularly authentic film about the extraordinary journey of a young couple who sets off for the East to return home from the West three and a half years later - with a baby.

Without flying and with a small budget in their pockets, they explore the world, always accompanied by curiosity and spontaneity. Very successful in arthouse cinemas in Germany and Switzerland. Let us take you on an unforgettable journey.

Western Valeska Grisebach. A group of German construction workers start a tough job at a remote site in the Bulgarian countryside. The foreign land awakens the men's sense of adventure, but they are also confronted with their own prejudice and mistrust due to the language barrier and cultural differences.

The stage is quickly set for a showdown when men begin to compete for recognition and favor from the local villagers. Parents split up, a family falls apart. Two separate worlds emerge from what once was considered a unity. In constant transition, children now live between two homes.

White Sun Deepak Rauniyar. When his father dies, anti-regime partisan Chandra must travel to his remote mountain village after nearly a decade away. Chandra must face his brother Suraj, who was on the opposing side during the Nepalese civil war. The two brothers cannot put aside political feelings while carrying their father's body down the steep mountain path to the river for cremation. Suraj storms off in a rage, leaving Chandra with no other men strong enough to help. Under pressure from the village elders, Chandra must seek help from outside the village to obey the rigid caste and discriminatory gender traditions he fought to eliminate during the war.

Chandra searches for a solution in neighboring villages, among the police, guests at a local wedding, and rebel guerrillas Wolf And Sheep Shahrbanoo Sadat. Shepherd children own the mountains. Even though there are no grown ups around, they know the rules very well; the main one is that boys and girls are not allowed to be together, they have to be separated.

The boys practice with their slings to fight the wolves should they attack the flock. The girls smoke dried branches of wheat secretly and play wedding, dreaming of getting a husband soon. They gossip about every one and everything, but mostly about Sediqa, 11, an outsider among the shepherd children. They think she is cursed, as an evil ghost disguised as a snake bewitched her grandmother. She dreams of having a sling and learn to swing it like the boys and hit a wolf.

Qodrat, 11, becomes the gossip topic of everyone after his mother remarries with an old man with two wives. He prefers to be alone in the most isolated parts of the mountains. Woman in the Septic Tank Marlon N. As far as their film school final project is concerned, these three students have only one goal in mind - international fame, including Oscars and festival prizes.

They know what foreign audiences expect from Philippine cinema - prostitution, abuse, rubbish tips and slums - and apply this magic formula to develop the ultimate in misery porn. A mother, battered by life, sells her child to a sex tourist; a story as harsh and realistic as it is rousingly emotional. The only thing missing is a big-name star, but famous actresses can be such divas

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