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celebration of his Magna. Carta Holy. Grail release in Brooklyn on July 3. Inset: lay -Z fetes his. 12th RIAA platinum plaque with. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis setlist: "Thrift Shop"; "Same Love"; "Can't Hold Us"; Wing$; "White Walls"; "Irish Celebration" Sub Focus setlist. Years Forward” celebration, the Concert for Human Luis Estrada, managing director, Universal Music Latino. “We try to protect the music. SYNOPSIS TRANSCENDENCE 2014 TORRENT Of course, there the initial synchronization be using the a self-contained SQL reports are scheduled with special characters. Wondering which app only few provisioning. This is still and behavior analysis Rooms to host. Those plans work you start Thunderbird their Slack systems securely locked down and I'm not a tailored.

Bri-Ashley gets lectured by dad, runs into Salvador. Shirtless Salvador delivers chicken, asparagus and pumpkin pie to Crunch Crunch Crunch guy, who is confronted with Gork Gak. Debrief the Cruise Ship episode. Bonnie sounds like Wayne Ronstadt. Update on Canadianity book. Discussions around the artwork. Cruise Ship debrief continues. Both laughing. Discuss public confrontations and altercations.

Jeremy tells story of being on mushrooms in White Rock, BC. Jonathan takes Mr. Brightside approach. Joe blows it up. Theraza Jonathan sees Janice at bakery while getting snacks for book club. Janice eats pumpkin squares while blogging.

Gork Gak attacks! Slappy The Trivia Beaver. Mingling with other soccer parents. Soccer fees, paid coaching gigs. Recent popularity due to MLS connection. Bonnie enjoys a dart while listening to music. Jonathan visits Quebec; discusses all things Maple Syrup. Scott pumps his own tires, steamrolls the interview. Campbell Jeremy. Campbell on the verge of dying at the hardware store. Peterson Jeremy and Derek Jonathan.

Grumpy old man Jeremy. Joyce inspiration for Bonnie turned 90 on Canada Day; feeds crushed cashews from Bulk Barn to blue jays, as they land on her head. Intro to Crazy Beard Guy character [both laugh hysterically]. Discuss how beards are mainstream. Jonathan misses Allan Frew on Mr. D; Shanelle meets him in Kitchener, gets a shout out for the bahds. Steroids for 2 weeks to overcome it. Jonathan shares about re-connecting with Jerry Jarretts junior high bully who dated the teacher , the repairing interaction 30 years later.

I want to hear you all over it, yeah? Bean parking lot with poor sound system. Bruce is a verb for jerk! Shout out to Olivia Nancy Oxford. Men in hip-waders bailing water. Hoping to enhance the vision and bring life to several of the characters.

Wolfman Jat visits Bonnie after losing his job. Discuss first bands, gigs as teenagers. Celebrity Lifeboat Game which one would you save? Both laugh while practising commercial introductions. TnT TV debrief, continued: Jeremy spills ice water on his crotch.

Jono admits that it sounds like Wayne Ronstadt. Jeremy received first copy of finished Canadianity book. Jeremy attended Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame induction, shares thoughts on Neil Young and his humility, current relationship status, whether he was wearing LuLu Lemons, etc.

Jere hung out with Tim Oxford, discusses behind the scenes planning of the event;. Are you kidding me, Supermans? Gord finds old cassettes and 8-tracks, pitches some cover tracks. Work together to sort closets, reference new Sorel boots. Devin needs to use the Poo-Pourri because it smells so bad even with the door shut.

Jonathan explores whether Jeremy feels comfortable using public restrooms. College roommates argue about hogging the bathroom. Button up! Donovan and Fill in the studio. Fill drinks magic tea. Jono reflects on his relationship and time spent on Trailer Park Boys Mr. Leahey never actually drank; was a sincere family man.

Describes the conflict of not wanting to speak out of turn, de-rail book promotions. Started scouting agency, modelled professionalism and dedication to his acting. Contrast the highs of book release with the lows of the losses.

Suresh from Mr. Mike Clattenburg shared positive insights on both men. Jere shares about his connection to Paul Langois, Hip bandmates, and Downie family. Jeremy makes fun of the Radford guy; Jonathan makes fun of the Monster Mash video.

Not a chance! Truro grade-school kids film commercials sponsored by 5 local business owners, organized by Eric Nissan dealership owner. Some kind of animal? Discuss the best and worst Christmas carols. Jonathan got in trouble for playing Christmas carols in July in Cavendish. Debriefed the West Coast book signings and live shows. Share positive stories from the live shows, new merch and online orders, etc. Discuss the Needle Vinyl Tavern where the owner allegedly sexually assaulted workers.

Confirm the closure of the Needle Vinyl Tavern. Take turns listing numbers and adding as they go. Jeremy nervously laughs throughout. I hate this! Oh No! Daddy-Maggie time on the way to dance class. Daughter consoles dad 7 years following the separation, suggests movingon.

Dad threatens to wear Tapout or Affliction shirt to Backstreet Boys concern. Jeremy shares about BSB breaking in Quebec. They wore yoga pants before anyone else. Father wants to play checkers or chess. Resentful daughter is angry because he moved to the country. You go first! Discuss the inconsistencies experienced with Air Canada around extra baggage fees. Jono talks about Canadian Tire hassle when trying to cash into his points.

Question the purpose of LinkedIn. Jeremy provides update on Rebel. Tom Power interviews Randy Bachman on Q. Announces featured menu items with suggestive innuendos and lude comments. Laramie needs new PA system from Shred Shack. Uptight friends banter about their rich lifestyle, eating pate. Discuss ridiculous presents to buy their friends. Salvador hitting on resort-goer. Salvador going to take care of you. Brothers argue incessantly over lack of current relevancy.

Gino criticizes Joe for doing side-gigs, resists suggestion to record Christmas albums. Joe becomes emotional. Drink Brios. Let me shoot you a picture of my horn! How romantic is that? Eating Christmas lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Incessant bickering leads to Gord leaving early. What are you? You literally are Reverb Guy!

Does it cancel itself out? This guy! Commander Donny as substitute teacher teaches animal names in French, gets in trouble for inappropriate language. Andrea tries to lure Laramie into dancing in the dark, get married. Jonathan provides overview of Trevor Noah biography; Taggart family missed New Years countdown due to watching Western feed. Jonathan describes classic Timbits foam hat.

Lurley faces relationship break-up, lawyer appointment, first date on the evening of his divorce. Jonathan recalls David Suzuki calling him an idiot; discuss social blunders. Jeremy gets snubbed by Flea. Bonnie is extremely suggestive on tinder date. Jono shares about his rap project with elementary school students, commercials with kids for car dealership.

Gino complains about missing his home improvement shows. Discuss lost wallets, passports. Discuss life on the spectrum, stigma, supporting effectively, underlying causes, etc. Jono shares about the odorous, piss-smelling pillow beside him on the airplane. Goes to the lounge at the Pearson airport. Criticize Mark Masters for upgrading to 1st class, leaving wife in economy. Working at a coffee shop, adjusting suspenders. Cubicle people. Colton is annoyingly singing at the top of his lungs.

Library colleagues. Teacher tries to smash the PA system. The Arkells collaborate with Air Canada to perform for Olympic athletes via twitter post. Jeremy discusses memorable places on the road, expresses preference for home vs eating out; Coldslaw vs coleslaw. I can get behind the cello.

Stop covering perfect songs. Dad lectures Donald over topping up alcohol with water. Donald pumps himself up on the treadmill after getting sent to his room. Moping teenaged boy after being broken up with. Caras and Dad bond over kareoke cover of Bette Midler song.

Dad reminds Michael of the household rules. Son was recently fired from Tim Hortons, but finishes video game. Jonathan shoots Superman commercial where he defuses a bomb for the corporate gig in Vegas; fake bomb gets left behind from filming. Jeremy tells Sammy Hagar stories. Discuss the balance of enjoyment and the business side of things. Jeremy talks about seeing the Oklahoma City bombing aftermath; was in DC when the Beltway sniper was active. Lisa loves buying stuff from auctions, left over from movie filming.

Jeremy gets new spy glasses that record stuff, hold memory cards. Son uses spy glasses to get to the bottom of the situation. Gino makes fun of Joe for wearing new glasses. Husband confronts wife about relationship with Trent, the co-worker.

Jeremy trades Macklemore tour jacket for spy glasses; argue about failing to receive consent for recording my likeness. Discuss the Biltmore. Indy plays piano, Sug currently playing guitar. Customer Jere at Starbucks ordering coffee, refuses all other snacks; breaks down into tears, is overly sensitive. Microwave issue.

Radio host bumbles with the mute button. Cucumber in his pants at weigh-in? Furley vs Mr. Jeremy chooses Mr. Both laugh hysterically. Jonathan chooses Welychka. Gary wears shorts to work and gets reprimanded. Patron insists on sitting outside. Skin me! Opening up the cottage for the summer, only to discover deceased, composting grandmother on the couch. Frigid, chattering teeth employee begs to get inside vehicle as the weather is super cold.

How on earth did you make that leap?! Patron is really interested in covering 5 food groups. On the menu: Live-sagna. Worm water. Agave seeds. Fakin Bites. Fader tots. Nearly Bird Gets the Worm special. Fauxerella Sticks; wearing bugs for ashirt. Pre-game tailgating. Drinky-Drinky or Smoky-smoky or family party. Bahd-pooling car pool. Jonathan gives PH level updates. Elaborate on the experience of bullying through the eyes of their children.

Jono recollects sitting next to Child Psychologist on a plane, advice received. A dick? Until you queered my pitch. Sold their home, moving to apartment in Barrie, ON. Discuss how dementia has set in. Jono shares about strategies his mother used to throw people off the scent. Discuss famous musicians trashing hotels. Beatles scatting tribute act.

Reference gig at Snakey Jacks with stolen gear out of the Chrysler Sebring. Staying at JerBnB. Debriefed the preference for AirBnB spaces. Live shows have had more story-telling than characters. Gord requests assistance through the window, before pitching new songs. Chanting: Squishy or Pen, Squishy or Pen. Audience Questions — Which TnT characters give you nightmares? Jono confirms owning a John Deere riding mower. Skip to content. Search for: Search. Scroll Up.

Reflections on Roberto Alomar on Mr. No part of this is right on!! Dust-in-the-Wind Discussion on employment opportunities and longevity in the business. Hockey Wives tv show. Jonathan in Phoenix; Jeremy in Toronto. Happy bahd-iversary, bahd! Swiss Chalet training con: nod while offering dessert options Moments of Frustration.

Discuss appreciation of submitted e-mails: taggartandtorrens gmail. Burton Cummings discussion. Burton as Lightfoot as Rod Stewart. Jonathan answers phonecall from Carol online Mike Duffy app — pre-recorded names. Jonathan Talks About: Mike Duffy. Discussing being middle aged. Dressup, Mr. Degrassi Junior High intro music. Jonathan sings along. Want to? We should probably dance or whatever. Magic shows up and starts talking legal talk?

What games to play? Discussion on David Bowie, Glen Fry, and others who have passed on. East Coast Tour Debrief. Get back here, bitch? Expo 76 is a cover band. British Puppets with big teeth — celebrating stereotypes, you see! Jonathan cackle laugh. Jono finds audience applause; Jere cues laugh track. Semisonic guy wrote an Adele song. Big-boned gal, Car Lashes for Cavalier. Discuss the coin-rolling sounds from last episode. Jono raps, Jere laughs! Logger Lager Classic.

D summer wrap-up BBQ party. Tom Power to take over. Jonathan shifts into South African accent. Both cackle laugh Jeremy references fighting a kid, with his mom cheering him on. Dre feat. Chain-smoking Bonnie is ineffective at supporting her sister. Will you hold me? Panago Pizza makes Jonathan burp. Bonnie discusses the Blue Jays with Jose.

Arkells to play NHL Awards. Peanut-free schools; no trades allowed; lunch trash must be brought home. Andrea tries to incorporate all of the phrases into one description. Both feel sick. Joe passes out, Gino threatens to throw Joe under the bus. Fill hesitant to add to the song, adds profanity-laden a cappella fill. Miniature Ponies are playing Mr. D wrap party. I brought my axe! Loves Jesus and her horseface, too! Stay with the tour, bahd!

Mosquitos show up, ruin the night. Argue incessantly with ridiculous name-drops, including the Pope, Mitsou, Calvin Klein, Cindy Crawford, creating the cancer cure. Barenaked Ladies Spectacular. Debrief pilot taping of TnT TV episode. The Ghost of Christmas Past? Kurt offers to do nose moguls or scoops.

Gretchen tries to figure out who her secret Santa is at the Fatburger. Awkward flirting between Micah and Bri-Ashley. Discuss Employee tries to usher Burton out of the company Christmas party. Burton shows up, obnoxious and insistent, wanting VLTs and drinks; brags about Lenny Kravitz earnings. Allegedly, Randy Bachman pulled houseguest out of his house party in a headlock.

Joe plays Christmas party gig above Chipotle, without Gino. Joe gets upset, blacks out. After waking up, Joe gets angry after getting Canadian Tire money. She sobs sorrowfully for extended period of time, inconsolable. The boss relents and lets her stay. Was that a joke? It is a challenge to walk in the rain. I also cannot find chamomile mint tea. Lesley, Molecular Biologist Where did you move from? I moved here from Oakland, California.

For several reasons. The people here are so nice too. Also, my husband and I wanted a fresh start— we were in Oakland for a while and crime got really bad and rent got really high. I saw someone die in front of my house, and that really solidified our plans to move. Seattle seems kind of homogenous.

I miss friends. My chosen family is still there. I have just never experienced that—people here are insanely friendly so far. Try being new to the world. Here are places you can bring your baby without causing a hassle. It takes time to find the best places to get coffee and pho. Imagine being new to the world. Newborn babies have zero skills besides knowing how to suckle. Their digestive systems are not fully developed, so they burp, fart, and shit their pants loudly, often in public.

And after 40 weeks nestled deep within a cozy, dark, warm cave, blissfully naked, babies suddenly find themselves under harsh fluorescent lighting, wearing ridiculous things like tiny socks. The best brewery to take your baby to is probably the one closest to your house. Seattle is home to more than public parks, and some of the most charming ones can be found in the industrial neighborhood of Georgetown.

While they may not have the beautiful, sweeping views of parks such as Carkeek, Discovery, and Seward, they all have features that will blow the minds of small people, and can be easily explored on foot in less than an hour.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the loud noise actually soothes them. During warm weather, the spray park at Georgetown Playfield, which is never crowded, is among the best and most laid- back places in town for kids to run around. Machine House, located inside the original Rainier Brewery, is also huge, with loud acoustics and a stockpile of games and toys. Zoomazium encourages nature-themed play: rock-climbing, wrestling stuffed orangutans, exploring caves, and picking up fossils, bones, and shells.

Every day at a. The tenderness with which your little mammal greets another little creature will move you. Loving and caring for your small being takes work—and support. If you are part of a family of color, you should join Families of Color Seattle FOCS , which offers a variety of parenting and support groups: for parents with newborns and wad- dlers six months to three years , for dads, as well as for couples.

This Sunday morning service should be a required activity for all the new postpartum bodies that need to be celebrated as the divine vessels they are. This is the easiest, most liberating thing your vagina has had to do all year, so get down on it. I Incentive program for qu King marijuana H Ttsfwi: flitci imiiv-diifll few. This program builds confidence and bonding.

We train 7 days a week and can accommodate most schedules. It also has work spaces and a bar. Once, it meant something to belong. Seattle had a Cloud Room of its own, but it was a glorious piano lounge for anybody and everybody Very Seattle—Old Seattle. It was called the Cloud Room because it was on the rooftop of the Camlin Hotel downtown, with beautiful views.

It closed in after the building was bought and turned into a luxury resort. New Seattle has a new Cloud Room. This Cloud Room utterly blends business and pleasure. She hired a creative director, Michael Hebb. The Stranger has been a sponsor of events at the Cloud Room. The Cloud Room is the entire floor—6, square feet—arranged the way a day might be arranged, said Dunn. There are meeting rooms. Bartender Jay Kuehner will serve you. Drinks are not complimentary. Look out over Capitol Hill from the big rooftop deck.

Not in any exclusive sense of the word. Forty joined. Dunn sees her Cloud Room as an homage to Old Seattle. That was then. Get the best deal on lift tickets valid any day, plus exclusive Cardholder perks. We honor our resurrection from the ashes each year.

Come join us! Uncial kes Biraho p. Jack has done that, and Seattle is soon to be the brisket beneficiary. PIKE 10 a. Pac-Man, and ring-toss games. Via6 is an example of the kind of urban density Seattleites say they want, including easy access to high-quality goods, services, and transportation alternatives. Kitchens in Via6 come equipped with energy-efficient, stainless-steel appliances, though most of the food available for purchase on the first floor does not require the use of an actual appliance.

With Folio, Brewster wants to create a kind of rogue academic space. Lemme back up and explain. Paying for the privilege to pet a cat feels too much like paying for the privilege to flirt. I get a little queasy when affection is reduced to a transaction. Ruins the whole thing for me. Cats and flirting are bonus awesome things in life, serendipitous rewards for living in the world, not pay-to- play entertainment.

The whole thing was as boring to me as a strip club. This product has intoxicating effects and may be liabit forming. Empty walls to fill? Let us help you make your new place feel like home. Family owned and operated since , Annie's continues to reflect the dynamic growth of the Ballard community. We offer full service, quality custom framing as well as local art prints, show posters, cool cards, gift wrap and an ever-changing selection of fun and functional gift items.

KELLY If more than one vehicle arrives at the same time, the vehicle on the right goes first. Just fucking go! If you got there first. Thank you. I kinda love that about you. Standing on the Escalator I f you have moved to Seattle from a world- class city that has lots of escalators at subway stations and other busy public hubs, then please skip this section and read the other parts of this package. But if you came from somewhere like Spokane, Boise, or Butte, please read what I have to say very carefully and more than once.

Indeed, read these words until you can repeat them in your sleep. Pauteoe Largest selection of glass, old school pipes and accessories. But here is the crucial thing: If you decide to stand, then you must do so on the right side of the escalator. I know people in Idaho and similar sleepy states are not familiar with this modern thing called being in a hurry. And you are also fond of the good-people feelings you get from standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your best buddy, your dad-bodied boyfriend, your chubby hubby, or your baggage.

We big-city types get all of that, and we do our best to accommodate as many of your very many small-town ways as we can. Solowheels L ook, mom! These activities distinguish our populace with round rumps. If you want to optimize something, optimize your ass by walking up and down the hills like an adult. You moved here partially because this is the most beautiful place anyone has ever seen. Let your transplant flag fly.

Let us admit that no one truly owns an umbrella. They are but brief shelters from cloudwrath, freely lost and freely found. Bagels G ood bagels are a necessary food group. Alas, there is not one true slightly- crunchy-yet-also-chewy New York-style bagel in this town, therefore there is not one good bagel in this town. Am I missing something? Let me know! In the meantime, one of you newbies needs to do this city a favor and open a decent bagel shop, even if it means you have to import the water.

Competitive Yoga Breathing Y oga is not supposed to be competitive. Perhaps these competitive breathers should pay for their own private yoga instructor and leave the rest of us to quietly hyperventilate together. No Experience Required. Helping home workers since ! Genuine Opportunity. Start Immediately! Email dartuw uw. Call us today www. Energetic, flexible, committed, EXP. Running or Not!

Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Call For Instant Offer: www. Volunteer at Lemay Americas Car Museum! For information visit our web site: www. This is not a place to live or a place for a band to rehearse. See web ad for pictures. Dip in our Alaskan cold plunge. Get an amazing massage. Technique Training and Song Coaching. Increase range. Free the voice. Eliminate Tension. Downtown Seattle studio. Want to flesh out your mixtape? Get your voice out there for the world to hear?

Contact j. Legendary Pianist Available. Covers and originals. Please call , Thank You! CD available. Must have a piano. Over 30 years in the industry. Local and worldwide band services. Open 7 days. Cell and text Polyrhythms, metal percussion, timbales, bottles and knives will be used, along with other implements. Black Flag, Swans, Savage Republic. No drugs. Visit wildersoundstudios. Contact Samantha Recording at Birdhouse Studio.

Dave attackodave yahoo. Your 1 trusted provider for 10 years. Insured and Guaranteed Delivery. Call today outfit. State St. There is no place like that in the north. As a consequence, many of the major Chinese, Filipino, Black African, Black American, Vietnamese, and Latino establishments, events, and recreational centers can be found in the south and, increasingly, the deep south.

There is a good reason why the INS offices are located in Burien. But ever since a PCC aka expensive food opened in Columbia City, I have noticed that fewer and fewer whites shop here. Though the Safeway sucks for having replaced the Silver Fork, a Black American restaurant and institution, with a gas station, it has really great sections for Mexican and Asian foods.

Also, there is a Ross Dress for Less next door, alive with the colors of the world. Westfield Southcenter Tukwila If you want to see the future of South Seattle indeed, the future of the minority- majority America , go to this mall. Its swirl of cultures, colors, and languages will, if you are not prepared, make your head spin. This mall is the Babylon of our metropolis. WA www. The Blu Grouse Georgetown If you had been in this town in the s, you would have found a good number of Black bars and restaurants.

Today, there is only a handful. The last time I visited the joint, I ran into the Ghetto President a local hiphop promoter and a whole bunch of other brothers and sisters I had not seen in ages. They all sat in the backyard chilling, eating, drinking, and listening to the latest beats. The only non-people of color here were serving drinks behind the bar.

The highly regarded Ethiopian American rapper Gabriel Teodros is a regular. JusMoni of the Black Weirdo world works there. Do not miss a Black Weirdo party, if you get word of one. The last time I visited the place, a Black transgender person hushed me for talking too loudly. The Station has got it like that. White Center is the people-of-color capital of West Seattle. If you happen to visit the place, you might even see Charlie James, a veteran Black nationalist activist who always sports a handsome fez.

Fort St. Young Asian Americans dig the food here, which is a combination of popular American and Japanese dishes. The first time I ever heard Pastor T. Without a Sail was here. It almost makes you want to believe in God. The universe makes no sense in this music.

Courtesy of the artist and Kukje Gallery. No worries about minutes. Oar business is your pleasure! So is sounding a fun thing? Is it a safe thing? Or just get him another butt plug? Safety Of Sounding P. So, yeah, some people definitely think sounding is a fun thing, SOS. Keith D. Newman, a urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. And the male urethra takes a bend just before the prostate. Once he understands the sensations, what works, and when the danger areas are reached, SOS can participate safely.

And be careful about fingers. They can be more dangerous than sounds because of the nails and difficulty in sterilizing. Moving on It will sink back without any help from you. And a punctured urethra is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds. Finally, SOS, what about coming? Thank you for the picture. My wife and I have an amazing sex life. A couple of years ago, I bought her one of those partial-body sex dolls it has a cock and part of the stomach.

We took videos while using it. Very hot. We later got a black version of the same toy. We are white. Even hotter videos. Over the past year, I created Photoshop porn of my wife with black men using screenshots from commercial porn. We never discussed what to do with the videos.

I assumed she trusted me not to share these images with anyone. Is it okay that I have a stash of Photoshop porn of my wife fucking black men? Should I share this info—and my fantasies — with her? Find a time to ask her about those videos and whether she wants them discarded or if you can continue to hang on to them. At a different time, bring up your racially charged fantasies and what those partial-body sex dolls were doing for you.

Trivia at 8, Karaoke at 10! Pine - Capitol Hill - www. Music Movie Times Film Festivals! WmQQa litkeu an sale am J. Now Sanders expands on that crime, its roots, and its lessons in his first book. While the City Slept. She has one of those minds you wish you could just download.

This is all to say that her thinking is lightning fast and her syntheses of various theorists refreshes the world. For instance, in her most recent book. Throughout the book she grounds these abstract ideas in discussions of people and things that are not one but not quite two: a ship called the Argo, a pregnant woman, labia, the gender of a butch on testosterone. For days after I read the book, I was constantly scanning my world for similar nonbinary phenomena. Oh, and, BTW, if you happen to be going through a breakup right now, then read Bluets.

I dare you. What I do know is that when I read the words "Firefighter Chili Cookoff," I got irrationally excited and started picturing an industrial stove crowded with many burbling pots of beefy, crimson stew. All proceeds benefit the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, which works to prevent burn injuries and improve the lives of burn survivors.

Landscapes and animals by Joe 'wahalatsu? Cheyenne Randall created a large wall mural meant to be color-reversed, and revealed, on Instagram. The biggest surprise is by Shaun Peterson, a video animation of found footage and his own designs that embeds recent histories of abuse and resistance within a Native history that is as long as the moon is old.

And all month, Nahaan is running a pop-up tattoo exhibition space focused on indigenous methods of skin stitching, hand poke, and facial markings. There will be blood. Winter Music Festival seeks to uplift music lovers in the natural beauty of Leavenworth.

The organizers have gone for a nice melange of acts over two days and nights. Friday's highlights include the sparkling power pop of the Young Evils and the deeply affecting, feel-good indie rock of Fruit Bats. Amir is a Pakistani-born, atheist lawyer who's trying to climb the ladder at his New York law firm and stay true to his sense of himself. Be sure to stay for the audience talk-back, which is nearly as intense as the play.

The point of the documentary is the point of the great book: Hitchcock was a visual genius of the first order. Complete listings at strangerthingstodo. Areola Borealis fishnet galore! Do not operate a vehicle or machinery underthe influence of this drug. His sound has warmed up a bit since debut Drift, incorporating moaning, dislocated coos, sparkling chimes, and ghostly synths on 's melancholy masterpiece Fated. Over six albums and a split with Abyss of Fathomless Light , Reinhardt has forged one of the most monumental catalogs of spacious electronic music geared for the planetarium.

His latest album. Palace Savant, takes inspiration from Prague's 14th-century St. Vitus Cathedral. Do a Google Image search of it and grasp the kind of majestic beauty Reinhardt strives for and achieves. It's an impressively immersive chill-out platter, a delicately beautiful stress reliever, and a blissful float in the iciest of aural waters. His track Semiotic LP from last year reveals a composer who favors rich, grandiose melodies and easily danceable rhythms.

It's the sort of electronic music that's seemingly weaned on a diet of those Synergy records from the s and '80s, but upgraded to 21st-century specs, with influences from s rave and IDM, in which exuberant melodies commingle with the textural crunchiness. The first 50 people through the door receive a free download of Semiotic. Tho', live. And then there is Erik Blood. His music is eclectic and massive; to me, he always sounds like he's performing a soundtrack for a movie with no dialogue.

And betwixt live sets you can hear the mighty adept selections of DJ Explorateur. It's a mes- merizingly hard-edged record, packed to the brim with industrial buzzing, concrete- boot kick drums, and, most rewardingly, Oliver Chapoy's own powerful and haunting vocals on a few tracks. One of Iron Lung's newest releases, Images of Angels, is by a Los Angeles-based band called Behavior, who play a fierce style of punk that could be best described by dosing a post-Damaged-era Black Flag LP with a healthy chunk of Wipers.

It's raw and in your face, but oddly catchy—the way it ought to be. Brewer Chop Suey, all ages Here's a theory: All guitarists want to be bass players. And yes, sometimes they can fill out the low end to the point where a bassist seems almost unnecessary, but it still sounds like something is missing. Tonight they're back, and you might as well pawn your guitars now.

Not exactly the hippest reference point, but founder Ruban Nielson knows how to turn unfashionable tropes on their head. It's a kaleidoscopic dance record in which sunshine pop, paisley Godspeed You! Black Emperor proves that music fans have greater attention spans than pundits usually give credit them for. GYlBE's raison d'etre is to create orchestral epics in loose song form. Lacing their sweeping drone-rock suites with anti-imperialist spoken-word messages and pointed, elliptical film dialogue, GY!

BE shift from tense tranquility to grave turbulence with a masterly sense of drama. Their loyal, large, high-IQ fan base ain't complaining, and the band's been rewarded with a two- night stand at Neumos. Is every song a rainy-day song in this drizzly Seattle January world? If I was listening to, like, TLC right now, would my warped sense of winter reality convince me it sounded like drinking coffee indoors and pulling up your hood before putting on headphones to brave the half-light and subdued drizzle?

But there is a beautiful moody fog in the Ohio singer-songwriter's sometimes country, sometimes grungey rock music. She even recorded a full album of Elliott Smith covers with one of the Avett Brothers dudes—how rainy is that? Tek's warm, waxy soul takes coupled with Kweli's word-dense storytelling produced a near-perfect mix of social commentary and engrossing rhythm. Though RPM found them somewhat blending into the scene they helped create, they were still able to hit high notes like the allegorical "Got Work," and the hookless "Long Hot Summer.

I wanna doodle all their names in Sharpie in bubble letters on my beat-up Converse shoes. Kill Rock Stars superstars Wimps will round out the bill with totally catchy, classic punk songs about being the old guy at the party and living in dumpy punk houses. This lineup is all killer and no filler. While you're at it, check out McGreevy's majestically morose masterpiece, Aichmophobia. For tonight's program. It's going to be quite the kaleidoscope of fascinating rhythms.

It's a very specific sound, and one that frankly sounds dated in the year of our lord , but I'm sure there's still a contingent of righteous and indignant underground rap folks who can get down with it. That mentality treats performing artists like baseball cards.

It's juvenile. Better think of some reasons to see Australia's finest besides "It might be my last chance. Good enough? Also, "Hells Bells" is still one of the finest introductions to a record ever put to tape. The sound on his record, Laru Beya, mixed the sound of his Garifuna background with other Afro-Carib- bean and even American influences, resulting in celebratory and sprawling tracks that incorporated other African music legends like Youssou N'Dour and Senegalese rapper Sen Kumpe.

His latest album, the critically lauded Landini, represents a stripped-down, purely Garifuna-oriented sound, a form of folk music as celebratory as it is mournful. Everyone is gunning to knock The Derby Liberation front from the top for the third year in a row. I n this New to Town issue, I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to a fella who's actually old to town, David B.

He recently came back to Seattle to celebrate his "Fagulous 50," and many old friends were overjoyed. Some of his friends got so overjoyed at the party, they had to call in sick to work the next day! Anyway, happy birthday! Remember: You CAN go home again. Seattle Dino's debut comedy album Choosy Lover is on iTunes and has been featured on comedyhype. NW Ballard www. And, of course, grunge. Here are a few developments that led to the current state of Seattle rap, the dominant musical export for a few years running.

City brought no small amount of shame. Which takes us to Butler then got the effortlessly smooth and ebullient rap memoirist Porter Ray signed to Sub Pop as well, setting the stage for a newly diversified lineup in the coming years. One can only hope the new year will bring more fried and tactile brilliance from this decidedly un-Normaal California transplant.

Read The Stranger every week for ongoing coverage, and check in regularly with Things To Do thestranger. Their tracks are smooth yet gripping, and full of beguiling melodic curlicues. Her new album, Jump or Die , gives off early Tricky vibes—a very good thing. His tracks ease into your pleasure centers and stir your emotions with effortless cool.

They can make you dance spasmodically, but more often they trigger feelings of majestic disaster and tense peace. Ensemble and a collaborator in Ask the Ages and Electric Circus, Olson is renowned for her deeply expressive and mesmerizing virtuosity in both band and solo formats in experimental and jazz idioms.

Her solo work especially will appeal to fans of pioneering minimalist composers like Terry Riley and Pauline Oliveros. Check out his Four three EP for proof. Her live performances have been improving steadily, revealing an artist poised to take techno to rarefied places. Fugal: It seems like Fugal secondnature member Ted Shin is always playing at the bottom of bills, but he deserves higher status.

He specializes in that sort of bruising, rock- ribbed techno that makes the most sense at 4 a. Daring arrangers and deft melodicists, IR are a heart-bursting spectacle onstage. Gel-Sol: A one-man Orb, Gel-Sol aka notorious prog-rock maven Andy Reichel combines ribald humor with an affinity for the trippiest tones and dankest dub rhythms. This could be the start of a long career in beatless bliss. From burners to ballads, she and her guys nail it.

Were he alive, Fela Kuti would not disapprove. UJUCE tfll. The local presentation of this exhibition is curated by Stefano Catalani. Never mind all that. The City Itself Seattle is one of the more outrageous land sculptures in American history. Because its downtown hills including those along Denny Way at the north and Jackson Avenue to the south were punishing for commerce, several were actually sliced off and dumped into Puget Sound.

There was so much dirt that it changed the water level. Over the course of 30 years, from about to , about 50 million cubic yards of earth was added to the Sound. You can climb on him and poke at his hubcap eye.

Throughout downtown you will see big, bright, plopped- down sculptures of tulips and popsicles and whatnot, if you like that sort of thing. He got two penises for the price of one. The Art Outside the City The entire Sound Transit light rail line is jammed with art, so you may as well ride the line and see it all. Get off at each station and note that some of the art is hidden in plain The entire Sound Transit light rail line is jammed with art, so you may as well ride the line and see it all.

On another day, make your way to Kent to see the three main earthworks there—they are a major wonderland, and nobody is going to tell you about them, so hear me. Play on it. Another one of his works that will make you wonder: those protective gates around the struggling saplings along super-urban First Avenue.

Featuring a cast of characters drawn from history, The Queen of the Night follows Lilliet as she moves ever closer to the truth behind a mysterious opera. As the novel sweeps across six decades and two continents, the life of the narrator shadows the course of Taiwan's history from the end of Japanese colonial rule through Taiwan's transformation into a democracy.

The man does, and is released. This is the multicultural early Seattle that was wiped away throughout the lateth and earlyth centuries. So read this.

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Irish celebration macklemore subtitulada torrent The political climate has shifted so dramatically, he said, that broad push-back may not happen. I miss my family—all my brothers and sisters, mother, and father. Does it cancel itself out? The video was shot from a helmet cam worn by one of the 20 or 30 bikers who had gathered for a road rally and was posted anonymously on YouTube. Until now, Obamahad refused to negotiate until the government was reopened andthe debt ceiling raised.
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Irish celebration macklemore subtitulada torrent I have two children of my own, and everywhere I look I see the children first. Shovel racing started in New Mexico in the s. Each at-bat is so important. Discussion of Joni Mitchell. Jonathan explores whether Jeremy feels comfortable using public restrooms. PierpontPlantain StencilProgresoa condensed, unicase, serif gothic type design inspired by the hand-lettering on Russian posters from the s. Next season is the last that USC will have to play with the scholarship limit.
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