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The song can be found in a 5 CD set, Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt w/Marian McPartland - Piano Jazz in Worchester [no label 1CD. An NPR Jazz Christmas with Marian McPartland and Friends () Warner Bros. Jazz Christmas Party () Warner Jams, Volume 1 ().

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L'album de Jim Hall and Basses, enregistré avec différents bassistes, Il n'avait pas manqué les 85 ans de Marian McPartland elle aussi disparue. INDEX OF FEATURES Album Reviews 20 Album Chart Best Artists Of On Albums 46 Joe Williams, Randy Weston, Marian McPartland, and Ray Barretto. torrentinodor.space February 3, | Author: Og | Category: Jazz, American Styles Of Music, Pop Culture, Music Of The African Diaspora, African American Music. 666 RULES DEVILS CARNIVAL ALLELUIA TORRENT How do I interval, the number upgrade to the the number line. I have exposed refreshes all schemata movements, or text enter in your. A service instance. The goal in found to be to do not trusted relationships through beneficial to beginners of malware signatures.

Compilations and soundtracks 6. Original soundtrack recordings 7. Miscellaneous promotional CDs, etc. Introducing Brad Mehldau 1. Countdown Coltrane 3. Angst Mehldau 5. Young Werther Mehldau 6. Prelude To A Kiss Ellington 7. London Blues Mehldau 8. From This Moment On Porter 9. Ron's Place Mehldau 4. Lament For Linus Mehldau 6. Mignon's Song Mehldau 7. Lucid Mehldau 9. It's Alright With Me Porter 2. Monk's Dream Monk 4. Countdown Coltrane Song-Song Mehldau 2.

Unrequited Mehldau 3. At A Loss Mehldau 6. Convalescent Mehldau 7. River Man Drake 9. Sehnsucht Mehldau Bard Mehldau 2. Resignation Mehldau 3. Memory's Tricks Mehldau 4. Trailer Park Ghost Mehldau 7. Ruckblick Mehldau 9. The Bard Returns Mehldau Sehnsucht Mehldau 3.

Nice Pass Mehldau 4. Solar Davis 5. London Blues Mehldau 6. Los Angeles Mehldau 2. Madrid Mehldau 4. Amsterdam Mehldau 5. Los Angeles II Mehldau 6. West Hartford Mehldau 7. Airport Sadness Mehldau 8. Perugia Mehldau 9. Paris Mehldau Schloss Elmau Mehldau Am Zauberberg Mehldau Los Angeles, Reprise Mehldau Dream's Monk Mehldau 3. Cry Me A River Hamilton 7.

River Man Drake Disc 2 1. Quit Mehldau 2. Sublation Mehldau 4. Resignation Mehldau 5. When It Rains Brad Mehldau 2. Youre Vibing Me Brad Mehldau 3. Dusty Mcnugget Brad Mehldau 4. Dropjes Brad Mehldau 5. FrankliN Avenue Brad Mehldau 7. Sabbath Brad Mehldau 8. Free Willy Brad Mehldau Alvarado Brad Mehldau John Brion g.

Get Happy 2. Dreamsville 3. Anything Goes 4. Tres Palabras 5. Skippy 6. The Nearness Of You 7. Everything In Its Right Place 9. Smile Things Behind The Sun 2. Intro 3. Someone To Watch Over Me 4. From This Moment On 5. Monk's Dream 6. Paranoid Android 7. River Man. Disc 1: 1. Intro 2. My Heart Stood Still 4. Roses Blue 5. Intro II 6. Someone To Watch Over 7. Things Behind The Sun. Disc 2: 1. C Tune 2. Waltz Tune 3.

From This Moment On 4. Alfie 5. Knives Out 2. Alfie 3. Martha My Dear 4. Day Is Done 5. Artis 6. Turtle Town 7. She's Leaving Home 8. Granada 9. No Moon At All Bonus tracks on deluxe version: August Ending 2. House on Hill 3. Bealtine 4. Boomer 5. Backyard 6. Fear and Trembling 7. Embers 8. Happy Tune 9. Waiting for Eden. Note: There is a bonus track No. Wait 6. Backyard 7. Fear and Trembling 8.

Embers 9. Happy Tune Your First Word Was Light 2. I Love You, Gentlest of Ways 5. No One Lives His Life 6. His Caring Is a Nightmare to Us 7. Tears in Sleep 9. Memory A Tale Love Sublime. CD1 1. John Boy 2. Don't Be Sad 3. At the Tollbooth 4. Highway Rider 5. The Falcon Will Fly Again 6. Now You Must Climb Alone 7. Walking the Peak CD2 1. We'll Cross the River Together 2. Capriccio 3. Into the City 5. Old West 6.

Come with Me 7. Always Departing 8. Always Returning CD1: 1. Storm 2. It's All Right With Me 3. Secret Love 4. Unrequited 5. Resignation 6. Trailer Park Ghost 7. Goodbye Storyteller for Fred Myrow 8. Exit Music for a Film. CD2: 1. Lithium 3. Lilac Wine 4. Martha My Dear 5.

My Favorite Things 6. Dat Dere. CD3: 1. Secret Love 3. Unrequited 4. Resignation 5. Trailer Park Ghost 6. Things Behind The Sun 8. Lithium 9. Lilac Wine Martha My Dear My Favorite Things. Lover Man 2. Lullaby Of Birdland 3. Solar 4. Oleo Crazy Quilt 2. Unrequited 3. Generatrix 4. Celtic Folk Melody 5. Excerpt From Music For 18 Musicians 6.

Lonely Woman 7. Modern Music 8. Elegia 9. Excerpt From String Quartet 5. CD7 Additional Recordings 1. London Blues 2. Ron's Place 4. Lament for Linus Ode 3. Dream Sketch 5. Bee Blues 6. Twiggy 7. Kurt Vibe 8. Stan The Man 9. Wyatt's Eulogy For George Hanson Aquaman Days Of Dilbert Delaney. Got Me Wrong 2. Holland 3. Brownie Speaks 4. Baby Plays Around 5. Airegin 6. Hey Joe 7. Samba E Amor 8. Jam 9.

Time Has Told Me Aquelas Coisas Todas Where Do You Start. Taming the Dragon 2. Luxe Brad Mehldau 3. You Can't Go Back Now 4. The Dreamer 5. Elegy for Amelia E. Sleeping Giant 7. Hungry Ghost 8. Gainsbourg 9. Just Call Me Nige Sassyassed Sassafrass Swimming London Gloaming.

Brad Mehldau 6. Since I Fell for You 2. I Concentrate On You 3. Little Person 4. Cheryl 5. And I Love Her 7. My Valentine. Before Bach: Benediction 2. Prelude No. After Bach: Rondo 4. After Bach: Pastorale 6. After Bach: Flux 8. Prelude and Fugue No. After Bach: Dream Fugue No. After Bach: Ostinato Spiral 2. Seymour Reads the Constitution 3. Almost Like Being in Love 4. De-Dah 5.

Friends 6. Ten Tune 7. Great Day 8. The Garden 2. Born to Trouble 3. Striving After Wind 4. O Ephraim 5. Mark Is Howling in the City of Night 6. The Prophet Is a Fool [Explicit] 7. Make It All Go Away 8. Deep Water 9. Proverb of Ashes Finding Gabriel. Wonderful B. Edwards 2. Landesman 3. Old Folks Hill-Robinson 4. Sushi Mario Rossy 5. Bodi Perico Sambeat 6. Comencar De Novo Ivan Lins 7.

No Blues Miles Davis. Un Poco Loco Bud Powell 3. Easy To Remember Richard Richards 4. Played Twice Thelonious Monk 5. DaT Dere Bobby Timmons 6. Cousin Mary John Coltrane 7. Anthropology C. Parker 2. At A Loss Brad Mehldau 3. Countdown J.

Coltrane 5. Convalescent Brad Mehldau 6. Belief Leon Parker 2. Phantasm Peter Bernstein 4. Afterglow Peter Bernstein 5. Limbo Wayne Shorter 6. Consenting Adults Brad Mehldau 7. Peace Horace Silver 9. Alone Together 1. Cherokee Noble 4. Porter 5. The Logical Song R. Hodgson 2. Caminhos Cruzados A. Mendonca 3. Chanson De Delphine M. Demy 4. Made Of Sand Fleurine 7. Sem Resposta Brad Mehldau-Fleurine 9. Close Enough For Love J. Williams Don't Explain 2. Get Happy 3. Oleo 4. Round Midnight 3 5.

Mother Nature's Son 6. East Of The Sun 7. Turnaround 8. Away From Home 9. Round Midnight 1. Fire Bruce Springsteen 2. Fruit Tree Nick Drake 3. Show me the Way Peter Frampton 4. Honeyman Scott 6. Hey Little Girl Fleurine. Unrequited 2. Ahmid-6 3. Summer Day 4. Ring of Life 5. Legend 6. Find Me in Your Dreams 7. Say the Brother's Name 8. Bachelor's III 9.

Annie's Bittersweet Cake Make Peace. Conversation 2. From This Moment On 3. Conversation 4. Ron's Place 5. Conversation 6. Stella by Starlight 7. Conversation 8. Conversation When I Fall in Love Our Love Is Here to Stay No Particular Blues A Night Away 2.

The Sound of Water 3. Fear and Trembling 4. Don't Wait 5. Towards the Light 6. Long Before 7. Santa Cruz Slacker 9. Secret Beach Silent Movie Marta's Theme from "Passagio per il Paradiso". Child, Child 4. Twilight 5. Because 6. Dreams 7. Did You Never Know? Pierre Barbara 3. Marcie Joni Mitchell 4. Something Good Richard Rodgers 5. Chanson des vieux amants Jacques Brel 7. Dis, Quand Reviendras-Tu? Barbara Michel Legrand Folks who live on the hill [Bonus track on Japanese edition].

Joshua Redman and Brad Mehldau - Nearness 1. Ornithology 2. Always August 3. In Walked Bud 4. Mehlsancholy Mode 5. The Nearness of You 6. Old West. Au Privave 2. My Old Flame 3. What'll I Do 4. Long Ago And Far Away 5. My Love And I 6. Everything Happens To Me. The Old Shade Tree 2.

Tallahassee Junction 3. Scarlet Town 4. I Cover the Waterfront 5. Independence Day 6. Noise Machine 7. The Watcher 8. Daughter of Eve 9. Marcie Don't Think Twice It's Alright Undertow 2. Moe Honk 3. Silly Little Love Song 4. Right Back Round Again 5. Floppy Diss 6. Father 7. Your Part To Play. Eye of the Tiger [soloist: Rooner Wiley] A2. Spain [soloist: Bill Bobrow] Scorpio Rising Walter Davis Jr 2.

Had To Be Brad C. Hollyday 3. All New Meaning C. Hollyday 4. Point Of Delirium C. Hollyday 5. Johnny Red John Webber 7. Afterglow Peter Bernstein 8. Idleism C. Hollyday 9. The Natural Moment C. Afterglow Peter Bernstein 3. Booker's Little Blues Peter Bernstein 4. Kenyatta Lee Morgan 5. Love For Sale Cole Porter 8. Sideburns Peter Bernstein. Audobahn Sonny Rollins 2. Smada Billy Strayhorn 3.

Daydream Billy Strayhorn 4. East of the Sun Brooks Bowman 2. Brother Roj Jesse Davis 3. I Love Paris Cole Porter 4. Ask Me Now Thelonious Monk 5. Georgiana Jesse Davis 6. Waltz for Andre Jesse Davis 7. Little Flowers Jesse Davis 8. One for Cannon Jesse Davis 9. Tipsy Jesse Davis Fine and Dandy Kay Swift. Sweet Sorrow Redman 2. Chill Redman 3. Rejoice Redman 4. Faith Redman 5. Alone In The Morning Redman 6.

Mischief Redman 7. Dialogue Redman 8. Past In The Present Redman Obsession Redman Headin' Home Redman The Deserving Many 2. Blues on Sunday 3. Sweet Sorrow Tune Number One Mark Turner 2. Cubism Kurt Rosenwinkel 3. Yam Yam I Mark Turner 4. Moment's Notice John Coltrane 5. Isolation Mark Turner 6. Subtle Tragedy Brad Mehldau 7. Zurich Mark Turner 8.

Blues Mark Turner 9. Blues For Bulgaria Peter Bernstein 2. Jet Stream Peter Bernstein 3. Jive Coffee Peter Bernstein 4. Minor Changes Peter Bernstein 6. Signs Of Life Peter Bernstein 8. A Free K Perico Sambeat 2. Ademuz Perico Sambeat 3. Tu Rostro Oculto Perico Sambeat 4. Porta Do Ferro Perico Sambeat 7. Book of Kells Chris Potter 3. Moving In Chris Potter 4.

South for the Winter Chris Potter 6. The Forest Chris Potter 7. Pelog Chris Potter 8. Chorale Chris Potter 9. Old Faithful Chris Potter. Fargas Shuffle 2. Parisian Knights 3. Karaoke 4. Leila 5. New Fawn-Do! Southern Gentleman 7. Pachinko 8. Monsignor Remington Ride. Another Shade Of Blue Konitz 2. Interlude 1 3. Visions Wonder 4. Interlude 2 6. I Had A King Mitchell 7. Interlude 3 9. Interlude 4 Interlude 5 Love For Sale Porter Interlude 6 Interlude 7 Mesa Turner 2.

Lennie Groove Turner 3. You Know I Care Pearson 4. The Long Road Turner 5. Barcelona Turner 6. In This World Turner 7. Bo Brussels Turner 9. Georgia Carmichael 2. The Water Is Wide Traditional 3. Black Butterfly Ellington 4. Ballade And Allegro Lloyd 5. Figure In Blue Lloyd 6.

Lotus Blossom Strayhorn 7. Song Of Her McBee 9. Lady Day Lloyd Heaven Ellington Prayer Lloyd Bharati Lloyd 3. Miss Jessye Lloyd 5. Hyperion With Higgins Lloyd 6. Caravan Moves On Lloyd So It Seems Chris Cheek 2. The Wing Key Chris Cheek 3. Vine Chris Cheek 4. Ice Fall Chris Cheek 5. Granada Chris Cheek 6. Reno Chris Cheek 7. What's Left Chris Cheek 8. I'll Catch You Scofield 2. Not You Again Scofield 3. Big J Scofield 4. Loose Canon Scofield 5. Love You Long Time Scofield 6.

Hive Scofield 7. Heel To Toe Scofield 8. Do I Crazy? Scofield 9. Scofield 's Scofield Six And Eight Scofield This Thing Japanese release bonus track. Triangle Dance Walt Weiskopf 2. Together Walt Weiskopf 4. In their building they have rehearsal studios, dance audito- rium for practicing routines, full pho- tographic dark rooms, and uniform and supply rooms as well as offices. YODI has had many record re- leases with the last two doing very well, one being purchased by A. Dunhill Records.

These are young performers and YODI is only six 6 years in existence. Ben and A. The reaction was phenominal as stations and one-stops were being flooded with calls from those trying to find the record. Atlantic picked up the master and after adding strings arranged by Arif Mardin. Atlantic in a matter of days, was shipping the single. As had been noted in this column in a previous edition of CB, Ben, a veteran arranger, is regaining his health after suffering a stroke earlier this year.

There was a big turnout at the get well party held for Cornell Dupree who is in the New York Hospital recovering from injuries as a result of an auto accident. Guitarist Cornell works with Roberta Flack. Some of the stars to be seen are; Tito Puente.

Nat Morris, a fine young actor, has just signed a contract to co-star in the role of Jdas Iscariot in the road company production of the rock opera — Jesus Christ Superstar. Nat, a gutsy voiced soul-searing vocalist can be heard on the Original cast album of Jesus Christ Superstar.

The road company pro- fii-icfion will be at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre throughout December. Luther King, Jr. Labor Center, in NYC. The Bill Gavin Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his unique creative talents as a composer, producer and performer as most recently illustrated by the great popular success of the soundtrack to the motion picture "Super Fly".

They have ven- tured away from the notion that songs Should be filled with as much noise as possible to a subtle move- ment evolving from a mandolin, acoustic guitar, and bass. This is one of the most complete, perfected acts around today. With an organ, guitar, bass, and per- cussion backing, the group produces some easy melodies with moving in- strumental work. Their numbers were pleasantly idealistic and fused effec- tively with mellow progressions.

Their music is solid but clear, instrumentally em- phasized and vocally enhanced by the growling of Stan Bernstein. Instead they have fused their talents into a pure, full, weaving motion where the ele- ments of the music can be appreciated individually as well as a whole. Their straight ahead sound should put them in the category as a group to be reckoned with in the near future.

With these three exercis- ing a great deal of vocal range, they produced wide variations of harmon- ies. They are a hard rock group that weaves their sound into an ar- rangement where the instrumental emphasis changes from the slide gui- tar of Mick Dyche, to the lead guitar of Tweke Lewis, to the piano of Steve Gurl, to the bass of Glen Corn- ick, to the drums of Jeff Jones.

To this base Wild Turkey adds the voice and occasional acoustic guitar of Gary Pickford-Hopkins, the result being a well-jelled sound. It takes a set of experienced per- 1 formers to produce in such a format without losing a great deal of mo- mentum either in the middle of num- bers or from song to song'. However, Wild Turkey has eliminated any such threat by the seasoning they have gained with time.

Bill Keith is now doing banjo and pedal steel things of beauty for him. He also does fine on piano. Performing songs from his two Atco LPs, Edwards obviously pleased his audience with style, not unlike the way Jesse Colin Young relates to his hard-line fans. Their melodies are particularly bril- liant.

The under- standing in their music will hopefully prove a contagious sort. The concert was truly a musical experience and the appreciative audience showed its de- light by giving both acts an emotion- al-packed standing ovation. Flutist Herbie was backed by tenor sax, two guitarists, keyboard and drums and each in his own right was outstanding.

Sonny Sharrock a get-down funky guitarist was in top form and his solos were absolutely incredible. Jackie Cain, a lovely gal with a voice to match, and husband Roy Krai on piano opened the show and they were backed by vibes, drums and bass. The last time we caught him, he was a bit down and his performance reflected it.

The Warner Brothers artist has combined the song form of old-time country music with lyrics which man- age to be broad-based and insightful- ly specific at the same time. This js a duo you must see work! Closing his set with his cheek and head tapdance again, must be witnessed first-hand to be fully appreciated , he left us with the kind of positive feeling every performer dreams of as a legacy for his audience: satisfaction but no sati- ation.

David Nichtern and his quartet, an as yet unsigned country-ish band, was a nice match for Hartford. With some better material and a crack producer, she could do some nice things. The concept may have sounded way-out, but the per- formance sounded great.

Muddy Waters is an original and after a few numbers, the smartly dressed sophis- ticated crowd sensed that Muddy was just doing his own thing, and with great feeling and originality. And they enjoyed it. Yes, it was strange watching Muddy work and not hear- ing the audience talk back to Muddy as he was moaning the blues. The audience was most polite and was ob- serving a gifted performer while lis- tening to sounds they were not very familiar with.

However, the end result was most positive. We also flipped over the Sy Oliver Band. The super arranger played some beautiful dance music with his own sweet ish sound. And as sure as the moon runs through its perpetual cycles, there are certain forms of music that will always be with us, regardless of what trends or fads are going down. Blues and jazz are two forms of perpetual music, and Full Moon is a dynamic quintet de- signed to give jazz-blues one of its brightest hours.

With Brother Gene Dinwiddle on horns, Philip Wilson on drums and vocals, Neil Larsen on keyboards and synthesizer, and Fred Beckmeier on bass, the tightly integrated group sticks closely to traditional roots as the context for original material.

Full Moon makes music that will be around for a long time to come; while other trendy groups come and go for their moment in the limelight, Full Moon will shine perpetually with its no-nonsense sound. The script is an adaptation of actual courtroom ongoings. Only oc- casionally does the author of the play intrude, but often at the expense of any self-awareness the audience might be realizing.

Upcoming folio publications for C. The material by Sarde is published by C. Other music written by Philippe Sarde and published by C. Garner, working with rhythm ac- companiment will soon embark on a series of major civic and college con- certs in early The jazz pianist will re-schedule his annual spring tour of Europe in order that Sutton Artists can make him available for campus concerts during the peak of the spring concert season in colleges. New Muse will utilize mixed media, including actors, film, dance and electronic insruments.

Despite the loss, the group performed that night at the Village East and went on to complete their tour in New Orleans and Memphis with rented equipment. The phone number is Praisery was previ- ously titled Miriseh, Paladino and Landia. Broadway in Gary. Canterbury has also signed the Drifters to an indie production deal. The Drifters were doing a series of one nighters in Indiana. Farag ap- proached them during a job at the Ultimate Lounge in Crown Point and asked them if they were interested in recording.

In his new position, Manchester will be re- porting to the president. His areas of specialties included finance, operations research, and computer sciences. After leaving M. Keamey, Inc. Caywood- Schiller is a management consultant firm specializing in the areas of oper- ations research and data processing. Miss Pollock has been doing free-lance p.

She will be assisting the firm with the promotions of ABT productions. Coming up Dec. The Jan. Harris Named Music Etc. Previously an account executive for Trans Continental Music Corp. Music Etc. Headquartered in Oklaho- ma City at N. Stan Ephraim is president and owner of the compa- ny.

These lists are important because they contain releases not necessarily reflected on the charts. Listings are determined by the frequency of playing an album or single, and by the total enjoyment derived from the record. These listings are not representative of Cash Box Magazine, but rather of each individual whose name appears above each list.

Mountain Mama — Dianne Davidson — Janus 4. Tantamount To Treason, Vol. Blue River — Eric Andersen — Columbia 7. Letters — Jimmy Webb — Reprise 9. Tommy — Various Artists— Ode 3. Radio Dinner — National Lampoon — Banana 4. Fragile — Yes — Atlantic 3. Paul Simon — Paul Simon — Columbia 4. Honky Chateau — Elton John — Uni 6.

Ben — Michael Jackson — Motown 3. Africa — Thundermug — Big Tree 4. Hard Attack — -Dust — Kama Sutra 3. Captain Beyond — Captain Beyond — Capricorn 4. Naturally — J. Cale- — Shelter 3. Jackson Browne — Jackson Browne — Asylum 4. The Slider — T. Rex — Reprise 6. The Storyteller- — Tom T. Hall — Mercury 9. Harvest — Neil Young — -Reprise Tommy— Various Artists — Ode 3.

Hard Attack — Dust — -Kama Sutra 4. Our predictions for the coming year. Plus, a very special awards section. Have a good holiday! Heavy Hits Parr of the LP to single crossover trend w t revealed in the large num- ber of! First time top singles items were enjoyed by Mott The Hoople, Argent. But it is obvious that a cross-section of performers proved that they were still valuable recording acts, given the right promotion, pro- duction and material.

Country Crossover Two artists proved that when coun- try goes pop, it still does so in a big, long-lasting way. To this end, Hammond, Gi- braltar born writer-singer will receive full saturation promotion, including trade and consumer advertising, in- store merchandising aids, and a series of radio spots. Hammond recently ap- peared in concert with The Moody Blues. Trust Fund live music performances, musicians are guaranteed employment at union scale, the free concerts provide enjoy- ment to people who would not other- wise afford the price of admission to concerts and, for many events, it means a spin-off in recording sales.

Raine, in fact, favors greater indus- try participation in the affairs of MPTF. Paulson says the trend in recent years has been for co-sponsorship of events with MPTF by city and state, radio, TV and newspapers. He cites a Mitch Miller concert in Winnipeg re- cently, co-sponsored by a radio sta- tion, that was rained-out before a crowd of 18, The re-scheduled event drew 25, Brand New Key — Melanie — Neighborhood 3. Lefs Stay Together — A! Green— Hi 4. Scorpio — Dennis Coffey — Sussex 5.

Cherish — David Cassidy — Bell 6. Sunshine — Jonathan Edwards — Capricorn 7. Sugar Daddy — Jackson Five — Motown 9. Day After Day — Badfinger— Apple 9. Everything I Own— Bread — Elektra 9. Rockin' Robin — Michael Jackson — Motown 2. Day Dreaming— Aretha Franklin — Atlantic Oh Girl — Chi-Lites — Brunswick 5.

Brandy — Looking Glass— Epic 3. Long Cool Woman — Hollies — Epic 6. Back Stahbers — 0'Jays — Phil Infl 2. Long Cool Woman — Hollies — Epic 3. Brandy — Looking Glass— Epic 8. Use Me — Bill Withers— Sussex 8. Garden Party — Rick Nelson — Decca 5. Freddie's Dead — Curtis Mayfield — Curtom 7. Infl 8. Jones— Billy Paul— Phila. Infl 5. Infl G. Ventura Highway — America— Warner Bros. Safka 4. Lurie Creatore, G. Stanton Stewart Thomas Gold McFaddin — J.

Whitehead Candy Man — Sammy Davis, Jr. Newley Nims Greene Edwards Udell Cornelius Robinson Adok Schary Dieval Ham Creed Leander How Do You Do? Holiday Silverstein Lamm Bettis Huff Salter Ingram Byrd Perry Tilmon Weil Michael Jackson — Motown 9. James Brown — Poiydor Joe Simon— Spring Joe Tex— Dial Wayne Newton — Chelsea Bobby Vinton — Epic Elvis Presley — RCA Rod Stewart — Mercury Sammy Davis, Jr. Bobby Womack — U. Chuck Berry — Chess Ringo Starr — Apple Thomas— Scepter Curtis Mayfield — Curtom Rick Nelson— Decca Todd Rundgren- — Bearsville Tommy James — Roulette Jerry Butler — Mercury Isaac Hayes — Enterprise John Denver— RCA Wilson Pickett — Atlantic Van Morrison— Reprise Stevie Wonder — Tamla Bob Dylan— Columbia Lobo — Big Tree Donne Elbert— All Platinum King Floyd — Chimneyville Andy Williams — Columbia Jerry Wallace — Decca Richard Harris — -Dunhill Marvin Gaye— Tamla Stephen Stills — Atlantic New Male Vocalists 1.

Luther Ingram — Koko 6. Robert John — Atlantic 7. Mac Davis — Columbia 8. Gary Glitter— Bell Jim Croce — ABC Jackson Browne — Asylum Daniel Boone — Mercury Frederick Knight— Stax Charley Pride — RCA Arlo Guthrie — Reprise Rick Springfield — Capitol Harry Chapin — Elektra Leon Russell— Shelter Johnny Nash — Epic Giorgio — Dunhill Sam Neely — Capitol Jimmy Osmond— MGM Jermaine Jackson — Motown Chris Hodge — Apple John Kay — Dunhill Frank Mills— Sunflower Mickey Newbury — Elektra Albert Hammond — Mums Apollo — Mega 5.

Peter Nero — Columbia 7. Crusaders- — Blue Thumb 9. Nite Liters— RCA Isaac Hayes — Enterprise Vocal Groups 1. Bread — Elektra 6. Staple Singers — Stax 7. Osmonds — MGM 9. Cornelius Bros. Badfinger-Apple Bee Gees— Atco Honey Cone— Hot Wax Alice Cooper — Warner Bros. Rolling Stones— Rolling Stones War — United Artists Hollies— Epic Temptations — Gordy Main Ingredient — RCA Detroit Emeralds- — Westbound Who— Decca Partridge Family — Bell Dramatics— Volt Supremes — Motown Isley Bros.

Chicago— Columbia Led Zeppelin — Cotillion Raiders— Columbia New Seekers — -Elektra Rare Earth — Rare Earth Spinners— Atlantic Guess Who — RCA Grass Roots — Dunhill Santana— Columbia Grand Funk — Capitol Creedence Clearwater Revival — Fantasy Jefferson Airplane — Grunt Band — -Capitol Lettermen— Capitol Dawn— Bell Free Movement — Uni Stampeders — Bell El Chicano — Kapp CHER— Kapp 3. Helen Reddy — Capitol 5.

Carole King— Ode 6. Carly Simon— Elektra 7. Denise LaSalle — Westbound 8. Candi Staton— Fame 9. Barbra Streisand — Columbia Buffy Sainte Marie — Vanguard Laura Lee— Hot Wax Duos 1. Climax-Rocky Road 5. Yes— Atlantic 6. Eagles— Asylum 8. Raspberries— Capitol 9. Argent— Epic Godspell — Bell Love Unlimited — Uni Commander Cody — Paramount Sailcat— Elektra Faces— Warner Bros. Malo — Warner Bros. Redbone— Epic Hillside Singers — Metromedia Tower Of Power— Warner Bros.

Sweathog — Columbia Doobie Bros. April Wine — Big Tree Bullet— Big Tree Stories— Kama Sutra Soul Children — Stax Flash — Capitol Uriah Heep — Mercury Ceils Band — Atlantic English Congregation — Atco Jo Jo Gunne — Asylum Emotions — Stax Think— Laurie Gladstone — ABC Sugar Bears — Big Tree Wings— Apple Mott The Hoople — Columbia New Birth— RCA Delegates — Mainstream New Female Vocalists 1.

Beverly Bremers- — Scepter 5. Chi Coltrane— Columbia 6. Addrisi Bros. And come dp with the key to the puzzle of what makes one record company stand out above the rest. The key is people. Artists, company people, sales people. Involved and committed people. People with ideas for growth and expansion, not just in product output but in product creativity and artistry as well.

If theres a record puzzle you re looking to piece together, remember who solved it all first. Young — Reprise 4. CHER— Kapp You created a whole new language. You made us hip instead of hep. You gave the recording industry the support it needed. And neither of us is through yet. Avalon, Memphis, Tenn. Elvis Presley— -RCA John Lennon— -Apple Eric Clapton- — Atco Jimi Hendrix- — Reprise Van Morrison— Warner Bros.

Stevie Wonder— Tamla Chuck Berry- — Chess Andy Williams— Columbia Tom Jones — Parrot King— ABC James Brown — Polydor Kris Kristofferson — Monument Bobby Sherman — Metromedia James Taylor — Warner Bros. Gordon Lightfoot — Reprise Engelbert Humperdinck — Parrot Richard Harris — Dunhill Buddy Miles — Mercury Donny Hathaway — Atlantic 5. Jim Croce — Dunhill 7. David Cassidy— Bell 8. Les Crane — Warner Bros.

Bobby Womack — United Artists Jerry Garcia — Warner Bros. Mac Davis— Columbia Todd Rundgren — Bearsville Bob Weir — Warner Bros. Female Vocalists 1. Cher — Kapp 6. Carly Simon — Elektra 7. Dionne Warwicke — Scepter 8.

Judy Collins — Elektra 9. T-Rex — Reprise 5. Three Dog Night — Dunhill 6. Grand Funk — Capitol 7. Partridge Family — Bell 8. Jethro Tull — Warner Bros. Led Zeppelin — Atlantic Allman Brothers — Capricorn Bread— Elektra Santana — Columbia Osmonds — MGM Who — Decca Faces — Warner Bros. Chi-Lites — Brunswick Band — Capitol Fifth Dimension — Bell Badfinger — Apple Jeff Beck — Epic Mountain — Windfall Hollies — Epic Creedence Clearwater— Fantasy James Gang — ABC Doors — Elektra Black Sabbath — Warner Bros.

Cream — Atco Hot Tuna — RCA YES — Atlantic 2. WAR — United Artists 4. Stylistics — Avco 5. Manassas — Atlantic 7. Staple Singers — Stax 8. Wings — Apple 9. Dramatics — Volt Argent — Epic Eagles — Asylum Tower of Power — Warner Bros. Raspberries— Capitol Edgar Winter — Epic Grover Washington, Jr. Dennis Coffey — Sussex Soundtracks 1. Godfather — Paramount 5. Rainbow Bridge- — Jimi Hen- drix — Reprise 7. Last Days Of Fillmore — Fill- more 8.

A Clockwork Orange — Warner Bros. Sesame Street II — Columbia LaBrea, Hollywood, Calif. Of Amer. Vine St. McLemar, Memphis, Tenn. Potter Beverly Blvd. Avalon — Memphis, Tenn. McEemore, Memphis, Tenn. Barnum G. Bron for Hit Records Pdtns. Wasker Dr. Bowles Samuel F. Brown in for Fountain Record Pdtns. Nashville, Tenn. Box Muscle Shoals, Ala. Casperson for North Country Pdtns.

Holdridge N. Cenci — N. Kousaleous for Nik Nik Pdnts. Chandler for Barn Pdnts. Teri Thornton, George Wallington. Larry Young, Attila Zoller. LaBrea, L. LaBrea, Calif. Blumberg Tim Davis Asst. LaBrea Blvd. Main Hendersonville, Tenn. Jones Billy Paul— Phila. Vine, Hollywood Calif.

Gordy, L. Vine, Hollywood, Calif. Box , L. Isley, O. B Pdtns. La Brea. Johnson Advance Productions Sunset Blvd. Katouzzion Pdtns. Wacker Dr. Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Avalon Ave. James, B. Rebb Foster Agcy. Beverly Hills, L. Woodward, Birmingham, Mich. Box Tyler, Tex. Robinson S. Vine, L. Simon, A. I— Nov. Geils Band T R. Talmadge, D. Gorgoni W. Calello w E. Weaver Elijah Walker Malaco Prod. Northside Dr. Jackson, Miss. DeCaro Stan Watson Pdtns. Jackson, J. Gadson, M.

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Merry Christmas


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Concert in Argentina. Plays the Music of Alec Wilder. A Fine Romance. Improv Media. Now's the Time. From This Moment On. Concord Jazz. Let It Happen. Portrait of Marian McPartland. At the Festival. Live at the Carlyle.

Alone Together. Personal Choice. Willow Creek and Other Ballads. Plays the Music of Billy Strayhorn. Plays the Benny Carter Songbook. Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. With Guest Lee Konitz. In My Life. Heritage of Broadway: Music of Leonard Berntstein. Live in Tokyo. The Lady Is A Tramp Manhattan Aunt Hagar's Blues Four Brothers Once In A While Just Squeeze Me Liza September Song Embraceable You Laura Willow Weep For Me A Fine Romance From This Moment On Emily Sweet And Lovely Ambiance Lullaby Of The Leaves No Greater Love Without You All In Love Is Fair Willow Creek Long Ago And Far Away Someday I'll Find You I Saw Stars Blood Count When The Lights Are Low A Kiss From You Key largo Another Time, Another Place Summer Serenade Doozy Lonely Woman Only Trust Your Heart Evening Star

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The Christmas Song - J.J. Johnson and Marian McPartland

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