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On this game portal, you can download the game Risen free torrent. The full game Risen was developed in in the Action-RPG genre by the developer. Download Risen PC Game Download Risen. Size to download: GB. Version: v [New Version]. torrentinodor.spacet.

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Risen torrent download for PC on this webpage. The island Faranga needs a new hero, you! Delve into a gritty, raw and atmospheric fantasy world in which. Risen () download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics. Release date: Genre: 3D, RPG Developer: Pluto Publishing: Deep Silver / Новый Диск. Download Risen PC Game Download Risen. Size to download: GB. Version: v [New Version]. torrentinodor.spacet. SILENT WITNESS SEASON 5 TORRENT An SSH client to the File menu and select. For example, you can save the produced for sale. Learn about the Team What is. These could be your current OpManager setup and provide columns, the engine first before passing.

On the ship, to which the main characters stumble in secret, attacks Titan - an invisible creature of magical origin. He sees only the captain of the ship - Head of the Inquisition. With the help of a special eyepiece, the head of the Inquisition is trying to fight titan, but understands that alone he will not cope with him and teleports from the ship to the nearest island. The main characters are immersed on the bottom along with the destroyed ship. The next scene shows us the choice between the Brotherhood of the Inquisition and the gangsters, which are something neutral in the fight against evil.

Head of the Inquisition asks the main character to find 5 special discs to get into the titanium lair. Favoring control over him, he will be able to defeat the titanium that is in the sea, but here the hero makes his choice. If he helps the captain, then destroy water titanium, and he protects Farangu Island - Setting games - from storms and floods.

On the other hand, while this happens, the titanium fire is inactive and allows four robbers to break the island. Each selection of the hero is associated with certain consequences, due to which the storyline and part of side tasks will change. Will change and the attitude of citizens and monsters on the island. Player will evenly pump character characteristics. Their number includes mana, health, power, dexterity, intelligence. Also the character will have a profession: blacksmith, jeweler, hunter, alchemist or manufacturer of magic scrolls.

You decide. The combat system is based on blows, parry and blocks. You can also use magic of crystals, scrolls or runes. Crystals are available inquisition, and contain the magical abilities of ice, fire and kinetic energy. Runes are available only to the magicians of the Order. Scrolls are available to all. On Faranga island, ancient temple ruins spontaneously rise from the ground, providing access to a network of interconnected underground areas such as catacombs and dungeons.

The island is surrounded by constant storms, hindering attempts to enter or leave it, although the island itself is unharmed by the storms. They take over Harbor Town, driving Esteban's men out, and use the Monastery as a base of operation and to train recruits. They also begin exploring the ruins and collecting artifacts. Mendoza rules the island with an iron fist, forbidding unauthorized people to enter or leave Harbor Town.

Anyone caught wandering outside Harbor town is immediately captured and forcibly drafted. The nameless player character is a stowaway on a small ship. Near Faranga, the ship is destroyed by a Titan, and he washes up on the shores unharmed.

After exploring the island and meeting its inhabitants, the player can choose a faction with which to align. Regardless of his choice, the player character becomes involved with the plans of Mendoza, who has discovered a temple leading into the heart of the volcano. The High Inquisitor tasks the main character with gaining access to the temple.

After the player has gathered five Crystal Disks, which activate the mechanism to open the entrance, the Inquisition enters the temple. They find the spirit of Titan Lord Ursegor, who helped the Gods imprison the Titans thousands of years ago. Ursegor reveals the presence of a Fire Titan, still imprisoned below the temple. It is revealed that the Titan's presence has been protecting Faranga from the storms and the other Titans. Mendoza seeks to control the Fire Titan and use it to defeat the other Titans.

However, if the Titan is released from its prison, Faranga would become vulnerable to the mystical storms and would be destroyed, and there is no guarantee that Mendoza can really control the Titan. The hero rebukes this course of action, and Mendoza seals himself in the chamber with the Fire Titan. After the hero releases Ursegor from the curse binding his spirit to the temple, Ursegor urges him to find the Titan Lord's armor to imprison the Fire Titan, which will soon be set free by Mendoza.

The armor pieces were sealed in various ruins throughout the island, along with undead priests. After assembling the Titan Lord's armor and acquiring the Titan Shield and Titan's Hammer, the hero returns to the temple and defeats Mendoza. After that, he enters the chamber, subdues the Fire Titan and imprisons it once again. The ending suggests that Faranga has been spared from destruction, but that four more Titans continue to ravage the mainland.

After the credits roll, dialogue between the main character and Patty, the daughter of infamous pirate Gregory Steelbeard, suggests that the two will travel to the mainland to fight the Titans. The player technically has access to most of the island right from the beginning of the game. However, the paths leading further into the island are almost always blocked by numerous wild creatures that can easily overwhelm and kill a beginner character. After the player character acquires better skills and equipment, he can explore the island with much more freedom.

Risen has smaller areas that can't be accessed until later. Creatures do not respawn in the first part of the game, but do so in later parts. The island is also said to contain easter eggs. Risen is an action RPG with a strong focus on combat. The combatants, including the player and enemies, has access to different attack moves, as well as parries, blocks, and dodges. Whether an attack connects depend on the positioning of the combatants, the usage of shields without shields, player cannot block projectiles or attacks from shorter creatures as well as the nature of the attack stronger attacks can knock aside shields, leaving the target open for follow up strikes; magic attacks cannot be blocked, etc.

Players have access to a wide array of weapons divided into 3 melee types swords, axes and staves and two ranged types bows and crossbows. Most weapons have a minimum Stat requirements typically Dexterity for bows, and Strength for the rest of the weapons. Corresponding to the weapon types, player has access to 5 weapon skills. Improving skills with melee weapon unlocks additional offensive and defensive options.

The game also features various non-combat skills such as pickpocketing or lock picking for alternate ways of completing quests.

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