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Knxwledge. Sound Museum Vision Torrent Friday Supported by Eild · Bar & Dining Torrent BOYS TOWN CAFE26周年パーティー① · Boys Town Cafe. Music Cafe Bar One's [Cancelled] Torrent Saturday Supported by Tcpt · Bar & Dining Torrent Knxwledge. Sound Museum Vision.

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documenting the hypnotic and electrifying live performance of Oren Ambarchi's LP Hubris by a fifteen-strong band at London's Café Oto. Resultado de imagen para Knxwledge - SKR∆WBERRiES​ ​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​. 1. Kafe. 2. Misty. 3. Keepthup. 4. Labyrint. 5. Kºultr∆ynin. 6. ∆roundOurDoor. //05/shape-in-paris-festival-cafe-de-la-presseplaces-a-gagner/ torrentinodor.space OBEC TERCHOVA KONTAKT TORRENT Scalable way is computer with another. You can also Dynamics is making screw threads on To Do pile in turn translates it does work. Connecting to one reason why Fire click here.

The Leaves - Funny Little World Dave Berry - The Crying Game Chris Farlowe — Out Of Time 3. The Dakotas - The Cruel Sea The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Paralyzed Nico — I'm Not Sayin' Die Partei — Strahlsund 2. Moebius — Etwas bureau B Edit 5. Roedelius — Regenmacher bureau B Edit 7. Phantom Band — Pulsar Heiko Maile — Nachtspaziergang Tape 40 Faust — Vorsatz Riechmann — Weltweit bureau B Edit Cluster — Avanti bureau B Edit You — Live Line bureau B Edit Harald Grosskopf — Emphasis Disc 1: 1.

The Reverbs - Trusted Woods 2. Windbreakers - All That Stuff 5. Primitons - All My Friends 6. Bangtails - Patron Of The Arts 7. Vandykes - Breakin My Heart Salem 66 - Seven Steps Down Riff Doctors - Say Goodbye The Ferrets - She Was Unkind Downy Mildew - Purple Parlor The Strand - You And Me Absolute Grey - Remorse One Plus Two - Promise The Springfields - Sunflower Holiday - Change Pop Art - The Meeting A New Personality - Essential Things.

Sound Dimension - Real Rock 2. Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping 3. Freddy Mcgregor - Bobby Babylon 4. Horace Andy - Skylarking 5. Lennie Hibbert - Village Soul 6. Brentford All-Stars - Greedy G 7. Johnny Osbourne - Truth And Rights 8. Ernest Ranglin - Surfin 9. Dawn Penn - No, No, No The Skatalites - Phoenix City Prince Jazzbo - Crabwalking Jackie Mittoo - Hot Milk Lone Ranger - Badder Dan Dem Cedric Brooks - Ethiopia.

The Dukes — Mystery Girl 2. Marc Jordan — Generalities 6. Severin Browne — Stay 7. Alan Price — Groovy Times 9. James Felix — Open Up Hirth Martinez — Altogether Alone Stpehen Encinas — Music In Me Jimmie Spheeris — Beautiful News Theo Parrish Feat. Beard In Dust Senor Paraiso. June Chikuma The Midas Touch. Omar S Feat. Jeff Floyd Don't Leave Me. Donald Dust Living In Bondage.

Tornado Wallace Presents Dream Corner. Parkway Rhythm Be Yourself. Amerigo Gazaway A Common Wonder. The Tropical Combo Jungle Fever. The Dynamics Version Excursion. The Go! Home Boy And The C. Oliver Standing Stone - Reissue. Gianni E Donatella Amore Segreto. Laurie Anderson Bright Red. Windhand Levitation Sessions. Klubb Global Groove Vol. Miguel Migs Feat. Various Artists Himalaya Collective - Latawce. Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate. The Snuts Burn The Empire. Various Artists Ciao Italia.

Generazioni Underground Shuggie Otis Freedom Flight. Ghostface Killah Bulletproof Wallets. Your Old Droog Yod Stewart. Release date: Expected 21 Oct ' Cat Number Release date Expected 21 Oct ' Since their formation in , the Manchester quartet have had a reputation for making riff-heavy, lyrically furious music that consistently bursts out of the confines of one genre. But their first full-length project, Congregation sees them going further out of their comfort zone, and to further extremes.

Congregation captures Witch Fever at their heaviest and most challenging yet. Thompson and Yarwood in particular found themselves exploring space and experimentation rather than trying to knock out one blistering riff after another though there are plenty of those also. As a result, every track is built like a brick house — strong riffs and rhythm, but plenty of space within.

Both of her parents had joined when they were younger, after moving away from home, so Walpole was born into it. Everyone pays to help keep the church running, which makes it very hard to leave once you start paying significant amounts of money. I also relate to the expression of anger and, especially as a kid, being told to be quiet or behave nicely or sit still. I felt that a lot in my upbringing. Witch Fever is the complete opposite of that. They get this tiny ounce of power and run with it.

We were never going to end it on a quiet track. So… thanks guys! Their videos have always been vivid and playful, showing the band having as much of a laugh on set as they do at their shows or in the studio. Refusing to be confined by gender or genre, Witch Fever have always defied expectations as individuals in society.

Deluxe reissue of their Presented in a gloss laminated gatefold sleeve, which features the original LP plus a bonus disc with all the A and B sides, some compilation tracks and an outtake, plus a page booklet containing previously unpublished lyrics and tons of contemporary reviews and photos. Release date: Expected 1 Jul ' Or at least as they saw it. Well, not exactly. The privations of finding enough money to live on, a semi-permanent roof over your head and perhaps the hope of real change were all there in the lyrics along with the multitudinous shards of ideas in the music, both raging and reflective — but there was also a sense of magical realism and authentic personal circumstance imbued in it all.

This renewed attention also saw them being threatened with legal action by the food company satirically targeted by one of the singles — Happy Shopper. The dictatorship of the class system over the economy is touched on in Charterhouse, the unfairness of housing policy in Rent Act and Red Tape Red Light, the desperation of not having enough money to even seek employment in Useless Second Cousin. Translucent pink vinyl in Release date: Expected 15 Jul ' Indies exclusive white Fluro pink and silver Standard single cassette Songs created in the shadow of terror and loss, but that crackle and pop with defiance Fear Fear is a record made for agitating and dancing, for heart and soul, for here, now and tomorrow.

Their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, released in summer , was the sound of singer and songwriter Syd Minsky-Sargeant processing a teenage life in Todmorden in the Upper Calder Valley. He was 16 when he wrote some of those songs, now 20, he had to get up and out of the Valley.

Yes, there is bleakness — but there is also hope and empathy. Release date: Expected 22 Jul ' The Havoc guys have been on an enforced hibernation through the winter due to a lurgy that had been affecting the planet. They have remained in the cave throughout this time huddling up to keep warm and exploring what had become their home away from home for months on end.

One night, whilst lighting a fire, trying to find motivation for the next release basket weaving had lost its appeal they spotted a glint across the way — On further inspection, it was a small bottle and had a label of sorts — It looked to be medicine or smelling salts — Liquid Gold. Curious creatures they are they all took a long good sniff of this elixir.

And just like that, they rummaged around the records stacked in the corner put some more coal in the old computer and began their work. Soon the A-Side of the new EP was born. A1 kicks off with a Germanic Proto Throb Job, that's sure to cause errr Havoc on the dance floor. One for late-night Discos.

After a while they had stopped sweating, hearts had stopped beating quite so quick. Whilst the creative juices were flowing a few more records were dug out and a log put on the fire and a cup of fungus juice imbibed. B2 came rattling out the speakers in no time at all in all its chugging glory, the vocals take in a nod to god after the devil has done his dirty work. At this point, the sun was starting to peek through the mouth of the cave and a new day was upon them.

One last record had been found, earlier, that was decided would work at this time, actually after consideration, any damn time B2 Is like a familiar Balearic Back rub with pop-infused French vocals and beats for days So now EP2 is complete. Back out into the world our intrepid or is it tepid threesome went Let's only hope their wives haven't left them after all this time locked away.

Heavy Breathing A2. Work It B1. Dirty Devil B2. That Is The Question. Release date: Expected 8 Jul ' He eventually made his full-length debut The Genuine Article in the spring of , and followed it up with Code Red about two-and-a-half years later. The last we heard from him on his own was It All Comes Down to This but with the year anniversary of that release just gone by, he is enlisting a star-studded cast of veterans to be featured on his fourth album.

Ghostface Killah tags along for the opener Modern Day Miracles, working in an occultist loop to verbally abuse anyone who wants to challenge them, whereas Death Defying with Inspectah Deck finds the pair over an operatic instrumental talking about choosing whether to kill or be killed. Sparrow takes a more soulful route, comparing himself to the titular bird leading into Ghostface returning alongside Conway the Machine for The Pulpit incorporating some orchestral samples talking about street life.

The penultimate track Noir Story is a full-on Killah Priest solo cut with a drumless instrumental, and his lyrical skill here is something to behold. Never Again ends the album, mournfully paying tribute to those lost along the way. If you are a diehard Wu-Tang fan, then you are going to be highly impressed. Remedy is completely rejuvenated, as he pays homage to one of the most loved hip-hop groups. They are also both members of Holodrum, the band formed from the ashes of Hookworms whose debut album came out earlier this year.

This is something that is reflected in the striking artwork by long-time collaborator Jonathan Wilkinson which comes from a series of prints inspired by his time hiking around the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. One thing that has stayed the same is the influence of The Sopranos, with three of the six tracks on the album named after episodes of the classic series.

Reissue of the classic debut album from Twisting club workouts strictly for freaks and containing an encyclopedia of dance music tropes and references that just the four tracks featured here should give you enough homework to research! They don't make many records like this any more, instant cult collector status amongst true house heads! Don't sleep! Indies exclusive opaque How special it is that house music so of New York can contain storytelling cultivated so far away.

That repetition is born of people all over the world going out, and staying in, with this music as a compass; songs that define so many late night hangs for crews of friends, singalongs in DJ booths, contemplative 5am walks home from the club. What can get lost in that repetition, in the shifting canonization of these recordings as symbols of any one scene or moment, is what was behind the pair of round glasses reflecting so tirelessly outwards.

Yaeji, an exceptional friend only at the very beginning of finding her path as a cross-disciplinary artist and collaborator. Yaeji wrote this music while going out nearly every night of the week to DJ and support her own NYC community of friends at their turns behind the decks. These tracks originated from explorations in dancefloor anonymity, growing from seeds planted by sharing her first musical experiments online.

So they commandeered a Danish pressing plant and rudely shoved their way to the front of the queue, picked a new colour silver in honour of the Overload finishing second in the album charts and rushed through a repress in time for the summer. And while they were at it, they sorted out a run on the format of the future, cassette. Dark Days A2. Peanuts B1. Fixer Upper B2. The Trapper's Pelts. Release date: Expected 30 Sep ' Indies exclusive blue and The eight-track collection, bound to be a landmark in their catalog, is an expert distillation of their best gifts that impels you to move, and cry, and listen closely.

Release date: Expected 12 Aug ' Black vinyl edition. Release date: Expected 1 Jul '22 originally released 31 Jul ' Barely known outside of his home country during his lifetime, the late Japanese ambient music pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura has seen his global stature rise steadily in the past few years. The reissue of his lauded debut, Music For Nine Post Cards, along with a slow building cult internet following has helped ignite a renaissance in his acclaimed body of work, much of which has never been released outside of Japan.

Known for his sound design and environmental music, Yoshimura worked on a number of commissions following the release of Music For Nine Post Cards, including works for museums, galleries, public spaces, TV shows, video art, fashion shows, and even a cosmetics company. This edition marks the first reissue of the highly sought-after and impossible to find album. It features the original mix preferred by Yoshimura himself, previously available only on the initial Japanese vinyl release a limited edition remixed version of the album, with added sound effects, was released on CD in the US.

Only ever exclusively available on the Soul Jazz Records site and long out of print, these new 45s are pristine loud dancefloor fillers housed in a Soul Jazz recycled card house bag. An awesome Eddie Bo arrangement and production. A stone-cold classic tune. Rare New Orleans bullet.

Cat Number Release date Expected 8 Jul ' Neil Young announces the release of his near-mythical studio album, Toast. Last year, in his virtual daily newspaper, The Times Contrarian, Young wrote about the album in-depth. This was that time. Born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, Your Old Droog has become a key figure in the modern hip hop landscape.

Fresh off a series of acclaimed projects, the master author is back with the new album "Space Bar". Evoking a tavern located deep within the realms of a top secret galaxy, the collection features appearances by Lil Ugly Mane, billy woods, Tha God Fahim, and Nickelus F. Despite Droog's prolific output, each of his releases are meticulously crafted, and "Space Bar" is no exception.

Release date: Expected 29 Jul ' Your Old Droog is back with another exhilarating hip-hop opus. Fresh off a series of outstanding projects, the prolific rhyme author is now debuting the new album Yod Stewart. Yod Stewart is a conceptual endeavor set within an intriguing narrative context: a recording artist comes across a Rod Stewart wig, takes it home, falls asleep, and becomes the pop star of his dreams.

Follow the superstar on his turbulent but ultimately rewarding journey filled with musical meditations on lucid dreaming, keys to success, lost friendships, toxic relationships, teenage heartbreaks, and more. Your Old Droog does it all, again. New Maastricht-based label with a release from the mysterious J. Sentinel B1. Inflection B2. Who Killed…… The Zutons features a 3D sleeve, both front cover and back, and includes 3D glasses plus an insert with lyrics and images.

The album is available as a limited edition of individually numbered copies on yellow flame coloured vinyl. Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features female vocalists that Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound label knew from the UK or had met while travelling around the world. Many of the singers said they felt the dub and reggae arena was a bit of a male preserve and a little intimidating even, so Sherwood decided to invite artistes to perform a song of their choice, all in non-English on his rhythm tracks.

The album, which was one of the biggest ever selling editions of the Back To Mine Series, will be available on double heavyweight vinyl for the first timers well as a limited collectors edition in Pumpkin orange. This release marks the first of many reissues of iconic Back To Mine titles.

Despite the length in time since its original release, the album remains timeless with an inspired selection ranging from A Tribe Called Quest, Barry White, Tears For Fears to the compilers themselves. For nearly two decades, Groove Armada have been established as one of the planet's best loved and biggest selling dance acts.

As comfortable on the big stages as they are in sweat soaked basements, the boys cross genres and styles with ease. Collectively, the album is colorfully funky, soulful, and incredibly smooth. Double clear vinyl Double black vinyl Cat Number Release date Expected 30 Sep ' Sean is known as half of Embassy Sound Productions.

Included in this compilation of original 60's and 70's Brazilian gems are some of Greg and Sean's favourite tracks that have been flling dancefoors for years. Long-awaited repress of a classic Mr Bongo compilation. A selection of the fnest Brazilian music via Brooklyn. Next up, another banging track driven by wild sound effects.

The duo was a Detroit recording engineer Mike Mijal and a local musician Mike White tinkering with new technology with magical results. The dueling guitar solos and the way the band erratically shifts gears makes this one as valuable as liquid gold. Not exactly the Flower Power love-in one might expect given the name, but thankfully these youngsters sound like a hard rocking 13th Floor Elevators meets the MC5.

Blue Creed was never a real band. That is, the West Virginia group never performed publicly. And when it all kicks in, this Grand Funk adjacent headbanger features silky guitar leads, sweet high vocal harmonies and stomping drums to drive the point home. Yes, please! Upon completing his damaged-biker Back to Ohio Blues 5-song album in , he gave away most of the few hundred copies that were pressed and vanished from public eye.

About the Brown Acid series: Some of the best thrills of the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot of great songs have gone undiscovered for nearly half a century -- particularly in genres that lacked hifalutin arty pretense. Previously, only the most extremely dedicated and passionate record collectors had the stamina and prowess to hunt down long forgotten wonders in dusty record bins -- often hoarding them in private collections, or selling at ridiculous collector's prices.

Legendary compilations like Nuggets, Pebbles, ad nauseum, have exhausted the mines of early garage rock and proto-punk, keeping alive a large cross-section of underground ephemera. However, few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on Brown Acid.

Lance Barresi, owner of L. Partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long. Daniel and I agree that licensing all the tracks we're using for Brown Acid is best for everyone involved," rather than simply bootlegging the tracks. When all of the bands and labels haven't existed for years or more, tracking down the creators gives all of these tunes a real second chance at success.

I like the idea that Brown Acid is getting so much attention, so people might reach out to us. The forthcoming latest edition of the popular compilation series featuring long-lost vintage 60ss proto-metal and stoner rock singles, Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip will be available on Halloween Alas, Ralph and these Wright Brothers soon disappeared from terrestrial airspace. The recording is technically credited as Gary Del Vecchio with Max, though not the same band as the one that kicks off this Trip.

After relocating to Southern California a few years later, the band morphed into Fortress, an 80s melodic metal act whose Hands In The Till album of Pomp Rock on Atlantic Records still draws chatter today. Nonetheless, the stomping energy and fried-amp guitar tone make this one a charming skull thwack. Not much else is known about the one-off release on P. Records, but songwriter Mike Moats is noted to also have been a recording engineer in later years and this well produced track sounds like a labor of love.

Release date: Expected 5 Aug ' Inspired by an innate sense of freedom and experimentation and fuelled by the turmoil of the club scene and record shops, a generation of Italian DJs and producers envision the sound of the future. Going further into connecting Two Generations, distant yet neighbouring: the one that blazed the trail in the early nineties and the one that continues to follow it today. A new volume animated by the same spirit and attitude as the first one: not a nostalgic or commemorative operation, but a propulsive thrust for a possible evolution.

Artists who were often forced to use multiple aliases, a story that still sounds incredibly current and that has had the merit of breaking that stereotype of xenophilia of which our country is an undying victim. Much more than just a "scene" it can be described as a mental state, a lifestyle, marked by unifying electronic pulsations, exotic and dreamy, ecstatic and liberating. The collection, of which a second double volume is expected before the end of the year, cherry picks another selection of seminal producers of that all-Italian golden age.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Release date: Expected 24 Jun ' The writing process has always remained the same and Dave has always preferred to work face-to-face with artists whenever possible — albeit with a few enforced remote sessions due to the pandemic. Released as the lead single from the album in April, Starlight sees Lee team up with Omar: a former principal percussionist of the Kent Youth Orchestra and later a graduate of the Guildhall School Of Music who was awarded an MBE in for services to music.

Don't need to tell you how collectable this series is do I?! Indies Only. Double LP pressed on Longtime Light in the Attic-affiliated reissue producer Pat Thomas assisted Hagan in tracking down the artists and finalizing the paperwork. Various Artists Early Works, Vol. While the majority of the album is previously unreleased material several tracks have appeared on different formats.

This is a rare chance for listeners to experience the birth of the ATA's enduring concept and recording techniques from the comfort of their own home. In label founder and musician Neil Innes decided to destroy the studio he had spent years building, destroy it and rebuild it from the ground up.

Once the studio began to take shape again and Innes was finally able to take a breath he began rooting through the label's archives, pulling out reels that had been propping up tables, holding open doors and generally lurking in nooks and crannies for years.

His trip down memory uncovered a wealth of dusty musical treasures and also got him thinking about tracks from newer artists, nuggets to compliment the archive gold. Also on the comp is Joe Tatton's Bang Bang Boogaloo, previously only released on 7 inch and greatly desired by record diggers everywhere. Release date: Expected 23 Sep ' When End of the Road first began, he was determined that his festival would not make the same oversight. Before the first ever End Of The Road, Simon sat up all night with a friend, burning songs to CDs, considering every stage and every track in detail.

He has continued this approach ever since, always finishing his playlists at the eleventh hour, always spurred on by the thought of what song will you have as the first song opening the main stage. There is the sheer exuberant love for music, the sense of discovery, the delight in the unexpected rhythmic turn. Above anything, there is the feeling that Between the Music is a compilation series that could just play on forever.

Various Artists Family Affair Vol. This vinyl sampler features 4 standout tracks from the compilation, and boasts an all-original tracklist by a roster of luminaries from the RNT family - past, present, and future. Saucy Lady takes us straight to the disco with Passport to My Love, a soulful, vocal boogie-funk journey into the cosmos. A family affair since the early days, WOLF Music have been shining a light on the scenes and sounds the duo are ingrained in.

Machine music with the soul of south London. On the flip, two long time listeners, first time callers, with a double dose of debuts on the label. Deep, emotive, intricate house with a nod to the worlds of Bruk and Chicago house melded together with that NZ feel.

Full crew, through and through — this one hits different! Cat Number Release date Expected 24 Jun ' Whether you're just starting your funk collection or looking for a good summary of some of the greatest pieces to date, Wagram once again have you covered. Their compilations have proven to be a great hit in the shop thus far, and i'm sure they will continue to be. Ultra limited edition of Transparent lime coloured A thrill a minute dive into the crazy awesome world of Garage Psychedelic Rock.

From the Psych sound explosion onto the Underground club scene in the US and UK in the mid s, its discovery by a wider audience via the exceptional Nuggets and Pebbles compilation series in the s. Sit back and enjoy the ride! The album careers along at a blistering pace of Garage Psych brilliance, jammed packed full of Underground floor fillers a plenty. If it means you go down a rabbit warren of discovery to unearth more gems and brilliant bands from the Garage Psych scene then job done!

Two years after the well-received compilation "Nebula," Himalaya Collective probably the largest team of beatmakers in Poland returns with another release. This time the Himalayan section of 24 producers and some exceptional guests from outside the collective will take us on a journey into the skies. On "Latawce" which means "Kites" in English , we will hear 24 tracks with one goal in mind - to allow a maximum two-minute flight.

The premiere not accidentally will take place on the 1st day of summer. The sound of each Kite has been colored thanks to the excellent mastering done by Eprom. The album's vinyl version was made in two options and with two different covers. Eloprzemi is responsible for the design of the classic version, and the cover of the limited surprise vinyl was designed by Gbur.

The limited edition is hand-numbered copies , and the surprise is worth emphasizing the different colors of each vinyl! Crazy Action! Great album! The perfect soundtrack for the summer holidays ! Volume 1 includes 29 exclusive and unreleased tracks by the Los Angeles underground and beyond, available on a limited-edition digipak CD. We're talking beat builders, wonky-hoppers, hip hopers, down-beaters, electronica lovers and just, in the case of the Gaslamp Killer, bonkers mentalists.

Limited edition. Sitting atop a bean curd shop on grungy Geylang Road in Singapore, a room filled with vintage gear serves as the home and studio of Kribo Records, the home-grown independent label founded by the enigmatic musician and producer known simply as Maggot. This is where his madcap studio wizardry conjures up the muggy, sweaty, funky and groovy tunes that soundtrack his world within the melting pot culture of his homeland.

This is the Sound of Lecak, a regional stamp on the global retro funk and soul movement, inspired by the indigenous word that can mean moist, wet, muddy or even naughty. Double gram black Sets, sequences, of music designed to celebrate the passing of another day and welcome the pleasures of night, as the Sun makes way for Sister Moon. On this occasion, the ceremony starts with a gift from the Golden Girls - a side project of Phil Hartnoll, of Orbital fame. A slightly kosmische, serene wall of sonically shining sound.

The room-shaking riffs are reduced to echoes, while pitter-pattering percussion races. Man, I can remember the wonder, before it all went pear-shaped. Next up are NO ZU, a sadly seemingly defunct 8-membered musical monster from Melbourne, Australia, who were absolutely amazing live.

Slapping basses, car horns, electronic keys, buttons, cowbells, and anything else that came to hand and seemed to fit, while lifting beats and piano parts from Chicago house. The party-starting call and response repartee of Ui Yia UIa finds them shouting out their star signs of criss-crossing compatibility over a muscular slo-mo stomp.

Daphne Camf Rest In Peace. Bassekou Kouyate is a Malian maestro on the 6-stringed ngoni. With his group, named after this traditional griot instrument, and Zoumana Tereta on lead vocals, he delivers a dizzying display of dexterity on Bala.

Generating a super mellow, spiritual groove, his playing countered by equal virtuosity on balafon and bolon. The voices switching between the sweet and the raw, and the song showering you in savannah sunshine, no matter where you happen to be hanging. Slick, smooth, imagine Manhattan Transfer meets Wally Badarou.

A marimba doing the mambo, the reeds winding like wafts of smoke carried on warm Caribbean winds. The rhythm of a gently lapping tide. A follow-up to her highly respected solo piano work, Resonance, the album, MIOS, was a far more ambitious affair, that brought together a collective of 6 musicians and 3 vocalists. The results moving away from new age and modern classical toward pop. Riding a slowly rumbling thunder-thumbed bass-line. A snake-charming woodwind cutting through the synthetic shimmer, weaving its seductive spell.

A sophisticated arrangement of brass, jazzy keys, and acoustic strum, topped off by a smart sax solo. Describing herself as a Trans Millennium Consort, the San Francisco-based synth pioneer attempted to blur, blend, past, present, and future, with her novel new age music. Its calming, time-melting timbres creating a comforting analog bubblebath. Aching with synthesized ethereal emissions, while pinpoints of sound echo into infinity, like signals from distant stars.

A four-to-the-floor mediation subjected to devastating washes of delay, where bionic bass, Mikey Dread samples and dub sound-effects are softened by bucolic birdsong. Her piano rolling, reaching crescendos like crashing surf.

Their hot clinches politely cutting to close-ups of isolated, moonlit beaches, and untamable, tempestuous tides. Turning the gothic rock into a Laurel Canyon-esque lullaby. Singing of love in terms of fire, and flames of desire, backed by acrobatic acoustic picking and sweeping orchestral strings.

Generating a glacial glide of layer upon layer of treated guitar. Rob Ban Ban Ton Ton. Cat Number Release date Expected 1 Jul ' The Vintage Sounnds Collection is back with a new volume. This time, let's get some Mambo in your ears! Sign up for an account! EAN-Search Search over million products in our database. You were blocked from that page. Please get an account for automated mass queries. What is an EAN? It is an extension of the UPC codes and you'll find them as barcodes on most everyday products.

Which information is included in an EAN? The EAN includes the country of origin, the manufacturer and a product number. In addition to that it includes a checksum. When you only look at the barcode, you can't easily see which product it belongs to. Is this EAN database complete? Currently the database includes over You can use the API to integrate our database into your own applications.

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Kafe knxwledge torrent Sour After a while they had stopped sweating, hearts had stopped beating quite so quick. You were blocked from that page. This time, let's get some Mambo in your ears! A slightly kosmische, serene wall of sonically shining sound. J Dilla Genius.
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