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Thursday, February 24,

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Thor the dark world 720p yify kickass torrents The aimless child of no one becomes Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal. Looking for some google drive links of GOT in p. Using an Intel i3 core CPU the maximum it could take was superfast. Enter your name in the webform below to receive a completion certificate at the end of this course. Here is the top list of subtitle download websites for a movie, anime, videos, and TV for free.
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What I like about this movie beside the action sequences: Thor protects Jane in Asgard, Jane sees Thor's home and meets his parents. I love the London sequences in Greenwich, the center of the Convergence on the end of the film: Malekith Christopher Eccleston plans to unleash the Aether to destroy the universe, Malekith plans to unleash the Aether to destroy the universe, and that he will do this in Greenwich, the center of the Convergence.

Thor battles Malekith, but a portal separates them, leaving Malekith unopposed. Thor comes back in time to help Erik, Jane, Darcy and Ian use their scientific equipment to stop Malekith before he destroy our universe. I love in which Thor and Jane are trapped in a dark dimension Svartalfheim in which they find a portal and they try to stop Malekith from destroying our world.

Darcy Kat Dennings was a good girl. Natalie Portman is a hot bad-ass babe as Jane Foster. I love the music score from Brian Tyler who replaces Patrick Doyle from the first film. Jaimie Alexander is a bad-ass babe as Sif, she is so gorgeous and sexy I love her. We see Jaimie the last time in this movie as Sif. Christopher Eccleston was a good villain as Malekith I liked him.

In they were still good decent MCU movies today they aren't anymore. Honestly, Thor was never my favorite superhero. I liked the first film, but did not make much enthusiasm, and in "Avengers" all my sympathies were given to Tony Stark.

Therefore, "Torah 2" I waited without much trembling. And if it were not for my love for the Marvel franchise and not the prerequisite on which I managed to visit, then perhaps I would not even have gone to the movie to film And I would have lost much! Unequivocally I can say that this film-sequel I liked much more than the first "Thor".

The creators of the picture made a serious work on the mistakes, took into account many shortcomings of previous films and significantly raised the level of quality. In general, I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised. And now I will try to briefly describe my impressions, to reveal the pros and cons of this film. A fascinating and rather original story.

Formally, it is the continuation of the first "Torus" and "Avengers", although the main storylines with these films are not connected in any way. Describe the story - it's a thankless task, a great chance to give undesirable details. Therefore, I will confine myself to general remarks. Firstly, it is very gratifying that the plot of the film does not develop according to the scenario of the "Renaissance of the Legend", according to which, judging by everything, practically all the fantastic films released in the last year were shot.

Secondly, it's worth to praise the writers for the fact that the action develops systematically, powerful action scenes alternate with lyrical digressions and small humorous insertions - that's why the film keeps the viewer's attention for all two hours. Thirdly, I am glad that the film will not be delayed: everything is lively, bodrenko and laconic. Well, the last moment, which I wanted to comment on is the ending. For most viewers, it turned out to be very unexpected.

As for the inconsistencies and some logical blunders, their presence seems inevitable for almost every fantastic film. Besides, in Torah 2 there are not so many of them in comparison with the first film, at least. Excellent graphics and special effects. Life in the 21st century taught me not to be surprised at anything. I do not know what special effects need to be invented so that in the current conditions they make a special impression.

Therefore, "Torah 2" I'm not going to consider from the point of view of sensationalism and some novelty. Of course, if I had seen a schedule of this level even five years ago, then it is quite possible that I would lose my speech. Today, this film is just dignified. All special effects are well worked out. From this position, this picture can be safely put on a par with the same "Man of Steel", for example. There are, of course, individual details that looked excessively computerized and slightly unnatural, although for fiction it is forgivable.

Of course, this tape is worth watching in 3D format, so as to maximize the effect of presence. What not to take away from this film, so this is a beautiful picture. And for each viewer the understanding of this beauty will be very special. For example, the male half of the hall was fascinated by the unrealistically divine views of Asgard and really spectacular mass scenes.

Their companions were much more interested in Thor himself, or even his material shell, which he actively demonstrated. Undoubtedly, all spectators, regardless of their gender and other characteristics, appreciated the beauty of the night sky, stars, incredible nature and architecture, which is abundantly presented throughout the film.

A beautiful picture is accompanied by good music, which has already become quite traditional for the genre of fiction. Friendly cast. After the "Avengers", it seemed that the actors' ensembles of the subsequent crossover movies Marvel would look bleak and insignificant. It is for this reason that the third "Iron Man" caught up with a bunch of actors who, in fact, played no special role in the development of the plot.

In "Torah 2", the main actor's skeleton was removed from the first film, and there were almost no new actors. Due to this, the screen does not create an overload in terms of unnecessary dialogues and unnecessary scenes, and the cast seems very friendly and united. Of course, the main thanks are due to Chris Hemsworth who, incidentally, after the movie "Race" has grown very much in my eyes. He easily becomes the center of the film, brilliantly copes with all the tricks, comfortably feels in the costume of Thor which is said to be terribly uncomfortable and perfectly interacts with other actors.

In this film, he makes his character more charismatic and profound - and this can not but rejoice. Natalie Portman, of course, is good. But she practically did not show her character development. Although, of course, it should be praised for her work, because in comparison with the first film, from a purely physical point of view, it was much harder for her.

Loki Tom Hiddleston continues to be one of the most disgustingly attractive villains in the fantasy world. And the rest of the actors are an excellent way to distract attention from the main characters and bring to the film a share of humor and diversity. Also worth noting that the film is full of "little joys", calculated on a fan base. For example, very pleased with a small, but very funny cameo Chris Evans in the role of Captain America. Or already become a classic cameo by Stan Lee.

They seek an elixir type essence that will cause darkness amongst the nine realms. Jane however has found a portal into one of the realms, and gets infected by the essence. Because the dark elves can trace this source, Thor rescues her and takes her back to Asgard, much to Odins dismay.

But the elves plan an attack on Asgard, and after many lives are lost, Thor realises that only one person can help him, and he's damned for the rest of his life The first movie was wonderful. Not only was it exciting and refreshing, but it was one of the funniest Marvel movies released yet. This however takes a huge step back, and really taints phase two of the Marvel releases. Hemsworth is as good as ever, as is Hiddleston, but apart from Portman, it appears that the rest of the cast have been sidelined, so Thor and Loki can carry on their war of nerves.

It's also very convoluted, narrative is lost as there is so much going on, and by the end of it all, you wondered what on earth went on, an also what happened to a few of the characters, there are plot holes aplenty. The humour what was wonderful in the first movie, feels really forced in this, and instead of causing unexpected laughter, had me rolling my eyes as to how silly it felt. Dennings is a thorn in the movies side, she is a parody of her character from the first, and ruins every scene she is in.

The best joke in the film, which was in the trailer, steals from Raiders of the Lost Ark anyway. Visuals are bland and boring, and Asgard feels like something from The Phantom Menace, combined with Flash Gordon, and the rest of the realms could have come from any Lord Of The Rings movie. Its a shame, because Marvel know they have a winning formula, but here it feels like they are just in it for the money, and all the cool references and a brilliant cameo, cannot save such a disappointment.

Many will call it Thor-some and other play on word praises. But for me, and I really hate saying this because Hemsworth is really good, it's pretty Thor-ful. The look of the film is wonderful, Asgard is just as colourful as it was in Thor yet also darker too, matching the darker, bolder tone very well. The photography and editing are stylish and the locations, especially Iceland, are stunningly vivid. The special effects are even more dazzling than in Thor and the same can be said for the stunts.

The music score by Brian Taylor is dynamic and never repetitive or pedestrian, adding to the action sequences rather than detracting. Speaking of the action sequences, they are packed with thrills with battles almost on scale of Lord of the Rings and smack-downs that are enough to crush the bones.

But Thor: The Dark World is not just about action and spectacle, it has substance too or at least it did to me , laden with humour that will genuinely make you laugh but doing so without over-powering the dark nature of the story or the tense sparring between Thor and Loki. The story is compelling with the right doses of action, humour and drama, it's bigger in scale and bolder in tone than the first Thor but also more expansive in characterisation.

The acting is top-class with most of the cast getting more to do, Anthony Hopkins is always dependable and Natalie Portman brings a touch of class and Stellan Skarsgard has some very funny moments but the acting honours do go to Chris Hemsworth, who's more robust and poised than he was in the first Thor, and especially Tom Hiddleston, who is terrific as Loki and pitches his mellifluousness and serpentine-like malevolence perfectly.

My only complaints here are Christopher Eccleston having very little to do so he gives a somewhat one-dimensional performance that exudes moody menace but not much else and Loki surrendering and Thor forgiving him too easily and quickly. All in all however, a truly excellent follow-up that improves even more over the first Thor. Yes, the plot is predictable and some of the surprise plot twists are anything but, but this is the kind of film that holds the attention through spectacle and effect alone.

Thor and his buddies once again have to team up and go into action, this time against a new menace, led by the singularly unremarkable Christopher Eccleston. Natalie Portman is back, unfortunately, as is her grating comic sidekick, but at least Stellan Skarsgard is around to add a bit of whimsy to the cast.

Fan favourite Tom Hiddleston returns, of course, but he still doesn't really appeal to me; I just can't see what all the fuss is about. Chris Hemsworth is better as the dependable hero of the hour. Login Register. Loading, please wait.

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