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symtorrent for symbian devices

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Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats 7 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. SymTorrent 1. General: BitTorrent engine: UI changes: 1.

The projects must be built in the following order: KiLogger : Project for file based debug logging. Known issues SymTorrent rarely crashes during download the application exits and needs to be restarted to continue downloading. Poor performance with large larger than 2 GByte torrents. Some downloaded files are not accessible while other parts of the associated torrent are still being downloaded. Changed UIDs back to unprotected in order to reenable self signing.

BitTorrent engine: If a peer sends a particular piece incorrectly hash check fails two times, that piece is not downloaded again from the peer. Torrent tries to connect to all trackers simultaneously not to only one Maximum number of peers allowed per torrent is raised to Maximum number of parallel TCP connections per torrent is raised to SVN version control integration BUG[SymTorrent crashes after entering endgame] fixed 1.

BUG[Green upload icon is displayed correctly only when there is an active upload in progress KiLogger is a general logging library which enables logging into multiple files with timestamps. When a torrent enters end game, an "EG" label will appear next to the download percentage in the torrent's status view.

Network address of the devices is displayed correctly in the Status panel. In the torrent status view, the total number of peers is displayed in brackets along with the number of connected peers for each torrent. The settings menu has been divided into a couple of sub-parts separate page for general, proxy, and tracker settings.

Piece hashes are checked when a new torrent is opened. If matching files are found in the target directory then those parts of torrent appears as downloaded. Settings and download status are automatically saved in every 60 seconds in previous versions the interval was 2 minutes. From now on, SymTorrent will be released in two different packages: one with and one without the built-in tracker it saves memory if you use the version which doesn't have the tracker 1.

On the protocol level, piece requests are sent in bursts it may also speed up transfer a bit. Some bugs have been fixed. The state of torrents is saved in every 2 minutes. If you want to help us in testing this version. Subscribe below! Get SymTorrent Beta v2! If you are from USA. Then enter your email below and get SymTorrent Directly to your Email. Saturday, 25 August Donate!

If You Want New Symtorrent version! Dear all, if you really want any new Symtorrent Version. Please consider donating here. I am lacking motivation to further develop it. Anyone willing to donate for its further development is greatly appreciated. Saturday, 18 August Feature Request! Today i am happy to tell you that , i am going to release new Update for SymTorrent. Before that , please tell me what more features do you need in upcoming version.

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Symtorrent - introduced by Imre Kelényi Türkçe Altyazı torrentinodor.space

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