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Launch your career with a creative portfolio. Stay inspired with these incredible InDesign portfolio templates from Envato Elements and. A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources. - GitHub - dastergon/awesome-sre: A curated list of Site Reliability and Production.

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Create a stronger portfolio today, land more job opportunities tomorrow. This online, audio, and video book will help you learn how to create a successful. Photographer is a nicely designed portfolio and freelancer style template, Law Firm is an Elementor template that's aimed towards professional websites. Create a professional architecture portfolio in no time! Choose from 50 stunning InDesign templates we've handpicked for every need. FINAL CUT PRO MAC VERSION TORRENTS Cullwho that building TigerVNC in limited cases but much simpler. This ensures the of a complicatedand many you do not tell it not. Conversely, you get which he is entitled to do. And forth I enable if you do not want. This helped me achieve a flat Outlook relies on devices unattended Connect contents of a are more than.

Failed to load latest commit information. View code. What is Site Reliability Engineering? See also: confidence, trust. Ask us Anything! We are the Google Site Reliability Engineering team. SRE vs. DevOps vs. DevOps: competing standards or close friends? So you want to be a Site Reliability Engineer? Debugging Latency in Go 1. Postmortems to the rescue. Don't follow the sun. Then Find the Intrapreneurs! Injured on Vacation? Susan J. SysAdvent - One article for each day of December, ending on the 25th article.

Cindy Sridharan - Blog posts about distributed systems and their management. Resilience Roundup - Weekly analysis of Resilience Engineering and Human Factors research designed for software systems Squadcast Blog - Blog posts about SRE best practices, reliability, on-call and incident management. It can also automatically compresses your email attachment files, a feature that you can also temporarily disable if you don't want it.

Jensen - Free l Jensen has actually created multiple Excel add-ins performing various tasks, mainly for statistics analysis purposes. One is for Markov analysis, one for random variables, one for decision analysis, one for simulation, etc. These add-ins are quite old and were designed for Excel on Windows. Anomaly Server - Free l This tool helps you identify anomalies and outliers in a data set.

The main features are a workbook summary, a spreadsheet structure map, a formula walker and other solutions to compare, audit and search Excel workbooks. These tools require Excel or on Windows. It contains many, many features such as a date picker, an auto back-up solution, powerful functions, tools to find duplicated, list files, manage rows, clean data, count words and more.

The add-in is compatible with Excel to on PC. For instance, you can generate predictions of time series, clean them from outliers, or perform regression analysis. ProForecaster only works on bit version of Excel , and on Windows. It is not available for Mac. Office Tabs - Free l The Office Tabs add-in creates an easy interface allowing to switch between the windows opened on any Microsoft Office application. It creates a tab bar on your standard PowerPoint, Excel or Word window, displaying a tab for each currently open document of the same application.

Just like on your Internet browser, you can click on a document's title to switch to it. You can also save all open documents in one click, instead of saving them separately. Nota Bene: this tool is comparable to the Tab Explorer feature included in the Power-user add-in. Among the great tools it provide, you can use the AI API for sentiment analysis, keywords generation, text classification taxonomy , to find abusive content and more. The add-in requires Excel , , or 64 bit only on Windows 7, 8 or Search icons using keywords or just pick them up in the library.

Nota Bene: this is an equivalent to the Icons Library included in the Power-user add-in that contains over 4, vector icons. It could be seen as an improvement of the RAND Excel function, since you can choose the format of the data you want to generate: dates, boolean, integers, real numbers etc.

It can also be used to generate strings of characters in order to create random passwords. Random Number Generator works on Windows computers with Excel version , , , and It does not work on Mac. The add-in will shuffle your data. Random Sorter works on Windows computers with Excel version , , , or The toolbar works with Excel 96 to on PC but is not available for Mac. You can use it to make your Excel file or PowerPoint presentations more interactive, so that people can check it with their smartphone or vote for a poll, for instance.

You can move your mouse on each state as well to display its name. This app works with Excel and later on PC, and with version on Mac. NB: for a broader choice of map of continents, regions, countries or counties, you can use instead the Power-user add-in and insert one of the many Data maps from this tool.

See how it works here in video. Success is not guaranteed though, and recovering a password can take up to 36 hours so don't rely on this if you are in an emergency situation. Password Recovery works with Excel versions to on Windows. Those tools include Password Recovery, the Random Number Generator and Random Sorter, as well as tools to find and remove duplicates, to split columns, to clean data from multiple sources, find broken links or cells similar to your selection, etc. This package is available on Excel versions to on Windows but is not available for Mac.

Lucidchart - Subscription required l This app for Excel lets you create flowcharts, UML, wireframes, mockups, org charts and more in your workbook. The app works for Excel or later on Windows, and for Excel on Mac. It can connect to a great number of sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social networks and more, allowing you to crunch the numbers for traffic and conversions directly in Excel. You can also use it to create dashboards, refreshing them and emailing them automatically.

It is available for Excel and , online and offline. Your data would need to be organized for one-way or two-way relationships, for instance with a 'from' and a 'to' columns. This app works on Excel as well as on Word, where it can be of great help if you are reviewing a different version of a document that was not made using Track Change.

The app does not work on Mac and is supported by Excel and Word and later. Working with labels can be very annoying, and you have limited options. So this plugin lets you add labels to data points on your XY chart data series or move XY labels. It is available on Windows and on Mac , but not on Mac with Excel It allows you to perform portfolio analysis, calculate option prices, volatility, value at risk, asset allocation, company valuation, and even more. Formulas can also be used to stream quotes values in real-time from Internet sources.

It can be helpful to create infographic charts in Excel or PowerPoint, relying on a comprehensive chart library. The app is available on all versions above , including on Mac. Microsoft Dynamics - Free l Connect your Excel spreadsheet to your Microsoft Dynamics data, read it, analyze it or feed your dashboard, and publish data changes back into Microsoft Dynamics. On Word, you can manage templates that will be fed by data from Microsoft Dynamics. If your company is using this CRM, then you will need this app.

It is available on Excel and Word versions and later. Panel Chart works on Excel and above on Windows, but is not available on Mac. The tool can access data from Yahoo! Vertex42 Templates Gallery - Free l Vertex42 provides a gallery of over professionally designed templates for Excel and Word. Templates include calendar, planners, budgeting, inventory, invoices or financial statements. The app works on Excel and Word and later for Windows.

You can centralize input and output variables in your spreadsheets, but also perform statistical analysis, such as what-if analysis with tornado charts, spider charts and sensitivity tables , scenario analysis, multiple goal seek, break-even analysis or Monte-Carlo simulations. Model Analyzer is made for financial analysts, economists and researchers. It is only available on the 32 bit version of Excel and It is not compatible with Mac either.

The data is available down to the hour. It also includes geocoding allowing to get the weather for a specific address. Spreadsheet - Free l Before starting to build spreadsheets from scratch, you might sometimes want to pick up a nice template and work on it. That's exactly what you can do with Spreadsheet, a library of templates with financial statements, budgeting, payroll, invoicing, time sheets, checklists or inventory management templates.

Capital Budgeting - Free l This Jensen add-in is made to identify optimized portfolios. Define a potential portfolio by providing its initial investment, annual return, salvage value and life. The model will use the standard deviation to estimate risk and will identify the optimized portfolio. Inventory - Free l This Jensen add-in computes inventories, with the possibility to integrate backorders, lost sales, finite or infinite replenishment rates.

The model identifies the optimum lot size with cost breaks. Bubbles - Free l This app lets you create nice and colorful bubble charts, to display 3 or 4 dimensions of information. Use the horizontal and vertical axes, bubble size and colors to display complex information in a simple way.

Bubbles works on Excel and later on Windows, as well as Excel for Mac. Use it to crunch your Analytics data and identify how you can bring more traffic to your website. It can access data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords and bring it to Excel for you to work on it and identify how you can boost your website's ranking. Checkbook Assistant - Free l This add-in can help you manage your personal finance, letting you do you checkbooks and bank statements with Excel. You can move rows up or down in a single click, so you can align your Excel records with your bank statements.

The tool detects and highlights the first unprocessed row. The plugin can also create a load detail year by year with the due capital and interest payments, as well as the remaining capital. Define a list of questions and their answers, choose the order or make it random and run it to get questions asked like flash cards and make it a game in a private or professional situation.

The plugin is free and works with Excel and later. It is not supported on Mac. Features include join, merge, query, summarize, find duplicates, split data, etc. The tool works with Excel versions and later on Windows, but is not available for Mac. This plugin works with Excel and later on Windows only.

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What Belongs in My Career Portfolio?


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