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Four years in the making, THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON honors the into Daniel's twisted vision of the world--with drawings of devils. While he plays the music of well known and successful composers, Liszt's eldest daughter) – in Russell's twisted vision Wagner is.

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Pianist Franz Liszt is treated like a rock star by his adoring fans, many young females who willingly throw themselves at him, he, in return in his hedonism, often indulging his and their sexual proclivities in the process.

One such fan was his wife, Marie, whose, at the time of her and Liszt's meeting, wealthy husband, Count d'Agoult, hired him solely to give bored Marie piano lessons. While he plays the music of well known and successful composers, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, and purchases the music of aspiring composers, such as Richard Wagner - Liszt's bastardization of Wagner's compositions while performing in concert not sitting well with him - Liszt himself aspires to be a great composer.

It is his relationship with another of his wealthy fans, married Princess Carolyn of Russia, which tests how much Liszt is willing to give up in his life to achieve that greatness as a composer. Meanwhile, Wagner becomes a more integral part of Liszt's life out of circumstance as Wagner's life takes a more political turn. I have read two books on Liszt and one on Wagner which extensively covered their relationship. I now know less about Liszt than I did before I saw this movie.

There are lots of busty women showing off their naked torsos in this movie. Ken Russell's "Lisztomania" is such an off the wall movie that it makes "Tommy" look like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood by comparison. Russell assaults all the senses in this film that you leave it exhilarated and mesmerized.

This is a three ring cinematic circus and it makes no bones about it. Roger Daltrey stars as Liszt, or a bastardization of the composer. Russell himself has described his film as "fiction based on fact", so if you're seeing this for facts, go far far away. If you're looking for a one of a kind experience, this is the film for you. Among the more outlandish sights we see in this film are a pope Ringo Starr wearing cowboy boots and a pirate patch, a papiermache penis ravaging the countryside and Wagner being resurrected as a Frankenhitler monster.

If you think I'm providing spoilers, baby, this is nothing compared to the rest of the film, which I will leave you to discover. You've probably figured out that "Lisztomania" is not for everyone how could it be? What it is is a highly original and stunning excursion into insanity.

The Academy, naturally, skipped this film for nominations, but how could they deny this a Best Director nod? It's all about direction, anyway. If you're tuning into Lisztomania hoping to find a biographical account of this remarkable composer, you're bound to be left bewildered and probably somewhat disappointed. For this is Ken Russell at his most self-indulgent, and anyone who knows Ken Russell will know that means a film of extraordinary vulgarity, obscenity, sexual innuendo, phallic imagery, anti-Nazism and more.

Instead of telling the story in true-to-the-fact style, Russell has written and directed a film that relies upon allegory, metaphor and fantasy to point its message. Franz Liszt Roger Daltrey gives a bravura performance at a concert for his army of adoring female fans.

Part of the concert features music written by a young upcoming musician named Richard Wagner Paul Nicholas. After the concert, Liszt is confronted by his mistress Marie Fiona Lewis , who is irritated by her lover's continual unfaithfulness with other women. During his absence his mistress and two youngest children are killed in fighting in their native Hungary, so Liszt seeks love with a Russian princess, but their marriage plans are scuppered when the church refuses to grant her a divorce.

Liszt is visited by the Pope Ringo Starr , who tells him that the only way he can find meaning and value in his life is by tracking down his old acquaintance Wagner and casting out the Devil in him. Don't say you weren't warned! A brief skim through this plot synopsis shows that Lisztomania is far from your average historical bio-pic. Daltrey is unable to carry the picture as the eponymous subject, but he is at least not as embarrassing as Starr, the Liverpudlian-accented Pope, nor Nicholas, the scenery-chewing, wide-eyed Wagner these two performances are stunning in their awfulness.

Making full use of films, tapes, and recent interviews, Jeff Feuerzeig has produced a wonderful film that is as good a document of a man as modern techniques allow. And the enduring popular notions of artistic life as train wreck and artistic genius as mental derangement remain unchallenged. The first section of the film has to do with the early life of Daniel Johnston as well as his being discovered by the musical world in the s.

Most of this didn't interest me at all--especially because I hated his music. When the film tried to convince me of his genius, it completely lost me, as he sounded just awful and hurt my ears though I do acknowledge that he does have a small cult following who see him as a great genius.

It just didn't do much to compel the average viewer. However, when it talked about his descent into madness, then the film came to life and became much more compelling. This section of the film was much longer and seemed to be the most important point of this documentary. The impact on Daniel, his family and those around him was profound and very sad to watch. Because of my background, I have additional insight into the psychiatric state of Daniel Johnston during the film.

In essence, this is Bipolar Disorder along with Schizophrenia, as Daniel's behaviors and thinking always have a bizarreness that isn't classic "mania"--where you'd typically see bizarreness mostly during manic stages. He was so disorganized, occasionally hostile and had such bizarre thinking that this seems like the correct diagnosis instead of Bipolar Disorder.

His talking about demons and obsession with his own self-styled religion is just plain weird. Additionally, the hospital prescribing Haldol is indicative of a more severe thought disorder. Normally, with a Bipolar Disorder, they would prescribe antidepressants or Lithium--not a severe mind-altering drug like Haldol. Haldol is practically an elephant tranquilizer and patients on it often are somewhat zombie-like--and it's often given to violent and severely psychotic patients in emergency rooms.

Late in the film, there was an emphasis on Daniel's artwork--not just his music. Despite many declaring it to be great, I found it fascinating because it gave great insight into Daniel's twisted vision of the world--with drawings of devils, monsters and a man whose head is cut in half a representation of himself. Did I think it was "great"? No--far from it, but the insight it gave was incredible.

And, at times, the claims others made about his greatness seemed a bit like hyperbole saying he was the equal to Brian Wilson for example. A fascinating film that was well-constructed--using audio tapes, video, interviews and a few scenes of Daniel today.

Well made and worth a look. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Secure VPN. Parental Guide. Plot summary Born January 22, , the late Daniel Johnston began expressing himself through art as a child while doctors struggled to accurately diagnose his unusual behavior.

Jeff Feuerzeig. Top cast. Freddie Mercury as Himself. Tech specs p. BLU p. BLU English 2. Login to leave a comment Login to leave a comment. Home Browse Login.

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