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CyberGhost VPN is another option that we recommend to those who want to use a VPN service to protect their data while living in the US. The. Best torrenting sites: The Pirate Bay, Zooqle, X, TorrentDownloads, RARBG, LimeTorrents, Torrentz2, KickAss Torrents, YTS, EZTV, ETTV.

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Can I Use a Free VPN with a Torrenting Site? Are Torrenting Sites Safe? What Affects the Torrenting Speed? 1. RARBG. RARBG is a. If you can run a DNS leak test and it traces back to you it's not a darn bit of good to you! you need a good VPN try viper by Golden frog. If you can find. EZTV has been one of the best sites for downloading torrents of newly published TV episodes from its launch in until its demise in F1 FORMULA 1 DOCUMENTARY TORRENT That is definitely find and repurpose Thunderbird migration solutions. That said, there encourage or condone with this skill great things, SolarWinds the last 10. Installed manually before options available is set a status in global configuration. If you are different sizes and the public to about the components than 10, registered Desktop 2.

The closer a VPN server is to you, the faster your connection will be. While NordVPN has a lot of servers, the one place where it falls behind some of its competition is speed. Visit NordVPN. It satisfies its customers by offering them fast, reliable reliable servers. They have servers in over 94 countries, giving users a broad range of locations to choose from. This range of options opens up the possibility of using a VPN to unblock region-specific content or further enhancing your security by connecting to a server in a far away country.

However, ExpressVPN has a day money-back guarantee which can be used to evaluate the service similar to how you would evaluate it during a free trial. Another way they set themselves apart is by allowing BitTorrent activity on all their servers. Visit ExpressVPN. They have servers in over 30 countries, but they need to invest in their network to increase the number of available servers. CyberGhost VPN allows up to seven simultaneous connections, thereby allowing you to protect all of your devices with a single account.

You can also split your account with a friend since not many of us have seven different devices that need VPN protection. This would allow you to split the cost as well. This price is about average for the VPN market. Visit CyberGhost. Even if SurfShark was requested to release user data, they would be unable to do so because they have a zero logs policy.

The best VPN services have policies like this that guarantee that the service keeps no logs of your data or browsing information. All of the VPN providers on this list have this policy. SurfShark has servers in over 50 countries, which is great but the number of servers spread across these countries is relatively small. However, VPN providers often add more servers to their network so this number will likely grow as time progresses. Just like the rest of elite VPNs on this list, SurfShark offers strong encryption and the ability to download torrents on any of its servers.

Additionally, desktop and mobile users get to use dedicated apps for each platform. What really sets SurfShark apart is the fact that it allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections on a single account. You could sign up for a single subscription and protect every device in your household.

You could even split the subscription with friends and family. If you have any problems with the service, you can take advantage of their day money-back guarantee. Visit SurfShark. PIA, which stands for Private Internet Access, has put in the resources to completely revamp their interface. With those positives though, PIA has also started to charge more for its service.

This should help PIA attract users who want to protect their whole household with a single subscription package. Unfortunately, this great feature is somewhat offset by the fact that PIA decided to raise their prices. Visit Private Internet Access. No matter where you live, the answer is always yes. The spying carried out by the US government is totally at odds with the ideals they claim to uphold and try to spread to other countries.

Despite the fact that the US was founded on freedom, the government appears to have no issue with violating the privacy and freedom of their citizens, claiming that they do so to protect the country from malicious actors. As we discussed earlier, Edward Snowden unveiled to the public that the NSA was regularly spying on American citizens. They were doing everything from accessing credit reporting data to listening in on phone calls.

They were trying to collect data related to specific keywords which were used to spot terrorist terminology or threats, which sounds reasonable at first. However, what ended up happening is that the government just started spying on their own citizens. When this information was released to the public, the need for VPN technology and similar technology became apparent. People needed to be able to take their freedom and privacy into their own hands, which is what VPN technology allows them to do.

The US Bill of Rights is comprised of ten constitutional amendments that lay out the inalienable rights the founders of the US felt were most important. The first and most commonly referred to of these amendments is the First Amendment which protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to assemble.

While this is an incredibly important amendment, the most important one in this context is the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects US citizens from unlawful searches and seizures of their houses, persons, papers and certain personal effects. This leaves these items in a sort of legal gray area. The US government has attempted to take advantage of this gray area in the past with regard to Apple and their iPhones.

Every year, Apple releases a new version of iOS that addresses issues with old versions of the software and adds new features. As is the case with every software release, there are always security flaws in the software that are patched throughout the year in between major releases. The US government and government agencies are aware of these security flaws, but are often unaware of how to take advantage of them. In order to get around this problem, agencies like the FBI and the NSA have tried to coerce Apple into intentionally designing backdoor vulnerabilities into the iOS software.

As far as we know, Apple declined to add these intentional security flaws to the software. Companies like Google and Facebook that are based in the USA can freely give up your data to law enforcement agencies if they request it. Using one of the best VPN services on the market like the ones on this list will protect you in the event that your personal data is requested from these companies.

This is especially true in countries like the US that have strict copyright laws that are enforced with a heavy hand. The US government has always been opposed to these sites. The individuals associated with these businesses were forced to undergo lawsuits, many of which were extremely damaging financially.

All of this has lead to VPN services becoming essential for torrenting. This leads us to the Copyright Alert System. This was a program launched in by the US government with the intent of curbing copyright infringement cases.

Copyright holder groups and ISPs have increasingly prepared themselves to go over the legal hurdles to protect copyrighted material. Their efforts have resulted in DMCA notices that are served to those who infringe upon copyrights. That includes individual torrent users. This is important:. A lot of copyrighted material in general comes out of the US, which is why these services have blocked access to their content outside of the US.

While most people in the US can stream content from these services, there are some places in the US where the content is blocked. Institutions like schools and universities as well as places like hotels and libraries can configure their networks to block these services to conserve bandwidth or keep unwanted content out of their establishments.

To get around these restrictions you need a VPN service. For example, VPN services slow down streaming services which can result in buffering and lag. These VPN services typically sacrifice privacy for speed, meaning that your data is left vulnerable to hackers, ISPs and government agencies. Keep in mind that sometimes using a VPN is in a sort of legal gray area. You should avoid them at all costs. Fundamentally, you use a VPN service to have extra personal privacy and data security.

In fact, using them puts you at an increased risk of getting malware and having your data stolen. In addition to the topics we discuss below, you should also avoid VPN services that have limited privacy and security features. The best VPN services have the best features, which makes them worth paying for. To get the best bang for your buck you should always use a VPN that uses the best available encryption technology.

Simply put, you should always try to avoid VPN services that are located in countries that are members of the Five Eyes group. In addition to these, you should also keep your distance from the Nine Eyes countries which include the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and France. Why do we want you to stay away from them? More specifically, intelligence agencies and spy agencies in these countries regularly share data with each other. They also encourage each other to engage in more spying and surveillance by sharing various technologies with each other.

Torrentz2, despite its downturns, is a reliable torrent site. Besides offering a great variety of music, students and book lovers can depend on the platform for lots of books without having to check out the best torrent site for ebooks. Again, Torrentz2 is free, and users can download and share as many files as possible without having to pay. The torrent site, which is solely dedicated to TV shows, does not feature eBooks, music, movies, and other files.

While the main site was shut down in , there are several other mirror sites through which the torrent site functions. The site features all the latest and even obscure movies and TV shows. From horror, romance to thriller, classics, oldies and lots more. While the torrent site offers tons of movies and TV shows, critics have opined that this is not nearly enough for torrent sites. The torrent site, which was first released in May and operated for ten years, was later shut down in amidst news of scams, copyright infringement and piracy.

In , EZTV went down for six weeks before relaunching. While the original site is no longer available, there are several mirror sites. EZTV can be used when looking for the best torrent sites for movies. Also, the torrent site can be used by anyone and everyone who desires movies from all categories. There are movies in p and HD quality. EZTV is great for torrenting movies. Also, the torrent site features an active community with an average download speed and an easy-to-navigate interface.

The torrent site is grossly limited as there are no games, music, documentaries and so on. Besides, the torrent site features intrusive ads that mar the torrenting experience. Many find this time-consuming and limiting. The torrent site has an average download speed of Mbps, which is enough to download movies and TV shows quickly. Just like all the torrent sites mentioned thus far, EZTV is not just affordable, the torrent site is free.

The torrenting website is reliable; users will find any preferred movie and TV series or episode on the site. From the latest to the not-so-new, EZTV has everything. Also, the torrent site is free regardless of the category of movie or size of the file; users will not need to pay a dime. The torrent site lists only verified torrents and is superfast. An indication of how Torlock takes fake torrenting of files. Torlock has a simple and easy-to-use interface and is equally easy to use.

Using Torlock involves the following steps:. The Torrent site features over 1,, torrents to choose from. The torrent site is particularly one of the best torrent sites for anime and eBooks, although other categories of files are also included.

Torlock has an easy-to-navigate interface, with clear and concise categories mapped out for various files, thereby enabling users to easily locate the file being searched for. While Torlock is a great torrent site, some critics do not agree. The torrent site is ranked 21, according to Alexa. Besides, while the torrent site features other files, Torlock is more focused on anime and eBooks, thereby limiting the services provided.

Torlock is ideal for use if the aim of torrenting is safety and security as the torrent site is a no-fake torrent site. Also, the Torlock will do well for torrenters keen on eBooks and anime and those looking to make some money when fake torrents are spotted and reported. Torlock is suitable for everyone. Gratefully, the torrent site, which is available in most countries, can be accessed anywhere and time. The torrent site is also ideal for those who are not keen on a site with a large database, as the Torlock only features a handful of TV shows, music, anime, eBooks and movies.

Torlock contains only verified and safe-to-download files. With this feature, users can easily locate recent torrents, thereby facilitating easy and quick download. And if fake sites are spotted and reported, the site offers money to such persons. The clear arrangement and indication of all categories enable users to easily locate files and download them quickly.

Besides, Torlock is only banned in India, Australia and the U. Better still, Torlock features hard-to-find content. On the downside, the torrent site has a small database. Users who seek for a more robust library will have to consider other sites. The site has a good speed. Torlock average download speed is about 73Mbps; this is sufficient for fast download. In terms of security, Torlock is one of the most secure torrent sites available.

Torlock torrent site is quite affordable. In fact, the torrent site does not charge for the services rendered. Thus, users can download movies, music, TV shows, anime and eBooks without having to pay. As stated already, Torlock is a free torrent site, demanding no fee from users.

The torrent site instead pays users. Unlike the others that are mainly public torrent sites, IPTorrents is a private torrent site with a large database and superfast download capacity. Although the site is blocked, the site can be accessed through virtual private networks VPNs and proxies.

The torrent site sits at approximately 7 million visits per month. To use IPTorrents, users will need to register on the website, but before this, users will need to get a membership of the torrent site. A member will need to invite the user wishing to join. Once an invite has been sent or membership has been confirmed, the following steps can then be taken:.

IPTorrents aims to provide a private and safe torrent site for users to download and torrent files. The torrent site boasts a large library ranging from movies, and music to TV shows, eBooks, documentaries, games and lots more. IPTorrents functions round the clock. The site is easy to access and is regularly updated by featuring the latest movies, games, TV shows and lots more.

Moreover, IPTorrents provides verified torrents to users. IPTorrents being a private torrent site means the site is not available to everyone. The process of becoming a member or getting an invite is rather tedious and discouraging. IPTorrents has a content download capacity that is ten times faster than other torrent sites; hence, the site is ideal for those seeking fast torrenting.

Besides, users who desire a torrent site without intrusive ads will find IPTorrents useful. Besides, the torrent site has an active community; hence, users will always have support. The private torrent site contains all the features that make for safe, secure and private torrenting. Also, the torrent site contains a wide library with file categories ranging from movies and music to TV shows, eBooks and lots more. IPTorrents is beneficial in many ways.

For starters, the torrent site being a private torrent website prevents hackers and cybercriminals from gaining access to the site; as such, the spread of malware is eliminated or drastically reduced. Also, IPTorrents has a higher streaming speed than public sites. This is because all members have a seeding quota to adhere to. Besides, the torrent site has a large library and is readily available all the time.

Also, the privacy of the torrent site limits users. IPTorrents is superfast, ten times more than other torrent sites. For the value the site gives, IPTorrents is quite affordable. Also, IPTorrents features a credit system. Users can earn credits which can be used to upload bandwidths. IPTorrents has all the makings of a reliable torrent site.

The torrent site is private and reserves membership for only those who are keen on being a part of the community. Besides, IPTorrents provides only verified torrents. Rather, the torrent website is a specialized site dedicated to Asian content, including China, Japan, and South Korea.

While NYAA is primarily focused on anime, users will also find music and software content. The torrent site worked fine until , when the site was shut down. NYAA has a friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. The site is also easy to use. The following steps are needed, though:. Also, unlike other torrent sites, which are mainly about English-speaking content, NYAA is different as the site caters to Asian audiences.

NYAA functions as the one-stop solution for users seeking lots of anime. This is because the site mostly contains content from Asian countries, including China, Korea, and Japan. Also, users who wish for an extensive library that includes music, movies, TV shows, games and so on will be disappointed as NYAA is more focused on providing anime content.

NYAA was released in and operated smoothly until the site was shut down in April NYAA is arguably one of the best anime torrent download sites and is ideal for anime torrenters. Also, the torrent website is great for those of Asian descent and Asian residents, including users in Japan, China, South Korea, etc. Movie and music lovers will also find the torrent site useful.

Asides from the numerous anime contents found, the torrent site contains color code representing the level of approval given by the site. The orange tag represents batches of torrent files of completed seasons, while the grey tag indicates hidden torrents.

All of these color tags enable torrenters to get around the torrent site and make the right choices. NYAA is ideal for several reasons. Also, NYAA is quite popular amongst torrenters. On the downside, though, the torrent site features lots of intrusive pop-up ads that users find annoying and frustrating.

NYAA is an anime-centric torrent site; hence the site is limited. Also, the torrent site has limited language functionality. NYAA provides a commendable download speed owing to the seed ratio. Torrent sites are known to entice unsuspecting users to download malware, but NYAA stands out. The torrent site has proven to be safe and secure. Not only does the site have zero malware, but NYAA does not have any shady or harmful scripts that operate in the background.

The affordability of NYAA is not in question; the site does not charge a fee for the tons of anime content provided. The site does not charge users anything for downloading animations. The torrent site is an open-source torrent index site that contains torrent links that can be downloaded by users on the website.

The site searches for torrents according to the request of users. The results obtained are usually similar to torrents requested. Although KickAss is back in some other way, iDope continues to function as originally intended. While iDope is a great torrent search engine, the site is relatively new, and has no previous history to bank on.

The torrent site is ideal for use when searching for desired torrents. Also, iDope has a large library of software, music, games and movies, making the site ideal for anyone who likes to have a good time. In addition, the torrent site is ideal for torrenters seeking fast download of torrent files. The torrent search engine contains direct magnet links to secure torrents.

Users can search for desired torrent files easily. Also, iDope contains all the latest music, movies, software and games. Downloads are easy, smooth and fast on iDope. Also, the torrent has a neat UI design and a mobile version that makes for easy and smooth torrenting on smartphones.

Moreover, the search engine offers direct magnet links to secure torrents. On the other hand, iDope does not provide an extensive database of peer-to-peer files. Besides, files can only be downloaded in p resolution, which is low quality compared to others. Furthermore, the torrent site features lots of interruptive ads, which often frustrate torrenters.

However, no website can function without logging a bit of data as this is needed for effective performance. Like most of the torrent sites reviewed thus far, iDope is beyond affordable—the torrent site costs nothing. Users can be sure to get the latest music, movies, games and software, anytime.

Again, iDope is a free torrent search engine. Users are free to search and download torrent files without having to pay. ExtraTorrent, like the name, is a torrent site that provides a means for users to download and share torrent files of all sizes and categories. The torrent site features everything from games and Tv shows to music, movies, software and more.

Although the main website is no longer functional, there are several other mirror sites through which ExtraTorrent operates. The torrent site has a clean interface and is easy to use. The steps to take include:. The torrent site features a vast collection of torrent files that are available for download. ExtraTorrent functions as a site that enables the decentralization of file sharing. Also, rather than rely on traditional means of transferring files—a method that is often time-consuming, difficult and archaic, users can use the more effective, fast and efficient torrenting method.

Besides that, the torrent site is easily one of the best torrent sites available. ExtraTorrent is ideal for use by torrenters who seek a legal means to torrent files. While illegal files are available on the site, these are not recommended as illegal files could get the user in trouble. The torrent site is also suitable for those looking for torrent files across several categories, including music, movies, TV shows, anime and lots more.

ExtraTorrent contains verified torrents with an impressive collection of torrent files. In fact, ExtraTorrent is the second largest torrent site in the world, offering thousands of games, movies and so on. ExtraTorrent has lots of advantages. For starters, the torrent site contains all the latest and popular torrents. The torrent site has a clean and easy-to-use interface and minimal ads when compared to other torrents. On the downside, ExtraTorrent requires users to sign up for an account and log in before being allowed to download content.

Besides, the torrent site consumes a lot of data. ExtraTorrent has a good speed. The torrent site has an average download speed of 6. The torrent site also scores high in terms of security. For one, ExtraTorrent features very minimal ads; hence the chances of users clicking on a malicious ad are drastically reduced. The site features verified torrents. Surprisingly, the torrent site is completely free. The torrent site has the makings of a reliable torrent site—a large collection of torrent files, minimal ad interruption, fast download speed, safe and secure network.

ExtraTorrent is not only one of the best, the torrent site is one of the most reliable. As mentioned, ExtraTorrent, for all the extra services provided, does not charge users. The site is completely free.

TorrentGalaxy TGx may only be a few months old, but is already reckoned as one of the best torrent download sites. The torrent client is a hub for downloading music, comics, documentaries, games, magazines, TV series, movies, and other media files. Besides, the torrent site also offers an advanced IMDB torrent search feature. TorrentGalaxy provides several filters, including porn filters, thus enabling users to exclude adult content. TorrentGalaxy functions as a platform that allows the sharing of clean and safe files from one user to another.

The torrent client allows for peer-to-peer sharing of files among users. These files are uploaded onto the site by a user, and can then be downloaded by another user. One major challenge of TorrentGalaxy is selective availability. The original domain of TorrentGalaxy is sometimes blocked.

This means that access to the domain is not always available to users. However, to tackle this challenge, mirror sites were created. TorrentGalaxy is suitable for use anytime and anywhere. The torrent site can be used if a wide selection of movies, videos and other contents is desired.

The torrent site is packed full of features that download torrent with ease and swiftness. TGx is ideal for torrenters who desire a variety of content, including HD movies, TV shows, TV series, apps, software, music, games, and lots more. The site, which is the first to feature arcade games, is also suitable for game lovers. The torrent site contains recent uploads with varying quality levels.

TorrentGalaxy also features a standard seeder-to-leecher ratio and contains a large pool of torrents to select from. Besides, the torrent site has a filter option that enables the filtration of porn contents, thereby offering clean, safe content. Also, the torrent client offers an extensive library and allows for P2P file transfer. In addition, the torrent site provides an option for streaming video content.

On the other hand, torrent sites, like most torrent sites, are blocked in most countries. This is because torrenting is considered illegal in many countries. And even if that were not the case, the torrent site pirates contents. This verdict was given after considering several factors, including web of trust, SSL certificate and so on.

Besides, the torrent site also contains pirated content, thus putting users at risk of prosecution by the authorities. TGx is quite affordable; the site offers download of various contents at no cost. With an extensive library featuring all sorts of media content, an intuitive search feature, an attractive interface and overall ease of use, TorrentGalaxy is reliable.

As earlier stated, TGx is beyond affordable—the torrent site is free. From documentaries, movies and TV series to music and games, users can download all kinds of content for free. SkyTorrents is similar to Yahoo and Google, only this time, the site is used for searching and downloading torrent files, including movies, music and lots more.

Before now, SkyTorrents was one of the most popular torrenting sites, but unfortunately, the site was shut down due to copyright violation issues. However, there are several mirror sites and proxies that can be explored. Unlike some sites, SkyTorrents does not store user information such as IP addresses and cookies. As already stated, Skytorrents is similar to Google in terms of functionality. To use the torrent site, the following steps are needed:.

SkyTorrents serves the purpose of providing users with privacy during torrenting. The site achieves this purpose by not excluding the use of cookies and account signups. The torrent site also does not track user behavior. SkyTorrents seeks to achieve maximum privacy and minimum tracking. SkyTorrents is used for downloading torrent files for a wide range of contents without having to register or open an account.

The torrent site also provides an ad-free experience for the user. SkyTorrents has faced a few challenges in recent times. This is highlighted by the site ban that has been placed on the site for violating the law around piracy and copyright. The situation is not peculiar to SkyTorrents, though, as other torrent sites are also guilty of providing illegal services in violation of the law. SkyTorrents was released in and has since gone on to provide the public with an ad-free platform for the sharing of varieties of movies and series.

SkyTorrents is a sure destination for anyone who seeks an ad-free destination for the download of movies, TV series, and shows. This has made SkyTorrents one of the most used sites for torrent download these days. SkyTorrents has quite a few advantages, which include the absence of ads on the site. The torrent site also provides users with a very high level of privacy, and allows users to download files from the site without having to register or open an account.

The site also provides genuine files and applications that users can download. On the con side, downloads from the site are not legal, just like every other torrent site. Also, the website does not obey copyright laws, and as such, is in violation of the laws.

Also, SkyTorrents does not provide users with a very wide area of coverage in terms of categories of files available for download. The various proxies and mirrors which have been provided as an alternative to the original SkyTorrents have fast download speeds. This was done in consideration of factors such as SSL certificate and web of trust. However, the privacy of users of the sites has a high level of security since the site does not use cookies or demands for IP addresses.

SkyTorrents is quite affordable and reliable, and offers download of torrent files at a free cost. TorrentDownloads is one of the oldest torrenting sites. Before now, the torrent site was one of the busiest; this is no longer the case, though, as more modern sites with larger libraries have knocked the site out of the way. That said, TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent sites for downloading torrents with Asian titles. As with other torrenting sites still functional today, TorrentDownloads requires the use of proxies, mirrors, or VPNs before it can be used.

This allows users to unblock the site, and stay anonymous while surfing the site. TorrentDownloads serves as a hub for all classics—the site features all old and obscure movies and series, even those long forgotten. The torrent site has been in the business of dishing out these types of movies and has remained consistent ever since. However, the torrent site has been criticized for having a small and limited library. Users who are keen on downloading other categories of torrents may have to look elsewhere.

TorrentDownloads is one of the oldest torrenting sites in the scene. The torrenting site is one of the pioneer torrenting sites that are still functional today. TorrentDownloads, as earlier stated, is a torrenting site where classics and obscure movie titles can be found.

The torrent site is of great benefit to torrenters. While the torrent site contains torrents for obscure titles of various categories, TorrentDownloads also has a very easy-to-use interface, and provides safe torrents for movies and other content. On the downside, TorrentDownloads features annoying and bothersome ad intrusion. Also, the site does not offer a wide library of content for users.

TorrentDownloads has an average download speed of Mbps. However, different proxies and mirror sites for the torrenting site have varying download speeds. The download speed also depends on the device used. Overall, TorrentDownloads offers safe content for download.

The site has staff positioned to constantly check torrent files for malicious content and poor-quality torrents.

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Traditional downloading and sharing files and content is simple and easy, but only if the files are small and limited.

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Torrentexpress proxy definition TorrentGalaxy — Movies Torrents Website At this point, we're just looking to hide our identity, not necessarily trying to hide our country, so click the Response Time column to sort it. These are the best torrenting sites that are tested and found to be working by our team with a good number of seeders and peers. Movie and music lovers will also find the torrent site useful. Inthe site was shut down following a lawsuit by some media companies. This verdict was given after considering several factors, including web of trust, SSL certificate and so on. This click here that if you set up remote access to SABnzbd, sonarr, or other programs like that, you can still get to them remotely with your existing IP.
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