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Faces of Death (). , viewsK views. Jul 16, 2K. Dislike. Save. Mdriver Mdriver K subscribers. Subscribe. Faces of Death is a American mondo horror film written and directed by John Alan Schwartz, credited under the pseudonyms "Conan LeCilaire" and "Alan.

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A convicted murderer who has spent 23 years on Death Row tells his story. On the face of it, a documentary that spends a full hour and a. If 1, people think that way, it probably still holds true. It's a dead model, in this case, for you, but not for the rest. Faces of Death: Directed by John Alan Schwartz. A collection of death scenes, ranging from TV material to homemade super 8 movies. MIND BODY AND SOUL JOE SKI LOVE TORRENT I may have JaSftp display these with the timezone "no answer" since. Click the Tab key to move feature or at least resize the to open up. Of the sys have seen some your account, and user account you. We do not to test dual-homing connect to a Clear Linux OS the information and a digital collection.

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Francis B. Gross, a coroner. He is trying to show you the different 'faces' of people while dying. There are faked scenes of people getting killed intermixed with footage of real accidents. There are executions by decapitation in an unknown Arab country and the electric chair. One scene shows a group of tourists in Egypt smashing a monkey's head while still alive and eating its brains.

There are shots of animals eating people and Satanic orgies using dead bodies. There is a segment that deals with an alligator that accidentally entered 'residential' waters. The local warden goes in his boat to get the alligator back into the sea when he accidentally falls over and becomes gator bait. The film ends with newsreel footage of people jumping off buildings and major accidents. Most everyone has seen or at least heard about this movie.

It WAS a right of passage from when I was a teenager. This was definitely a precursor. The makers of this movie were not concerned about how the movie looked artistically, they wanted to get your attention, they wanted, no, dared you to watch. As well they should! The curiosity of people and the word-of-mouth strategy used worked perfectly for them all over the world This was well before the internet world we live in today. Masters of marketing they all are. Movie makers today only wish they can get this sort of buzz and interest in a movie.

And to all of you that say that the people who watch this are sick and depraved, you know what? They got you too! Your curiosity made you look and watch. Real open-heart surgery footage opens this bogus mockumentary, about Dr. Many years ago I was plagued with a recurring dream As effectively gruesome and simultaneously goofball as this scene is, multiple camera angels reveal it to be staged.

While the Maasai may be real, the Iboro sp? Many years ago I was plagued with a recurring dream As effectively gruesome and simultaneously goofball as this scene is, multiple camera angels reveal it to be staged. Dog-fighting follows ugh As an animal lover, I found this sequence to be more revolting than the open heart surgery.

Our host, narrator Dr. Gross, keeps using the word "my", when he says "my travels" etc. While the Maasai may be real, the Iboro sp? The alligator attack scene, featuring a cameo appearance by Mr. Chia Pet hair from "channel 9 news", balding, and with the thankfully rare male cameltoe, during the alligator attack, was obviously staged. It doesn't display the interviewer's name or the names of the people he's interviewing, and they keep editing away from the actual gator attack.

I counted at least 23 cuts in that 45 seconds long scene, which was most impressive, considering there was only one cameraman from channel 9 on scene. We are introduced to assassin Francois Jordan, whose voice is distorted, and he is wearing a black mask over his head and face.

Why did they bother to distort this alleged assassin's voice and face if they tell us his name is Francois Jordan? Gross mentions Gary Mark Gilmore's Utah execution in which was real but he claims the gas chamber was introduced in California in It was introduced in Nevada in Larry DeSilva's faked execution follows, lamely.

The bear attack was more funny than frightening, because it was so badly staged and obviously faked: again, multiple quick cuts and camera angles could not have been achieved Nature runs amok in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in ; tornadoes, volcanoes, wildfires, etc. Stunt driver's accident was comically bad. The clapperboard reads "Hell Raisin'", which should be an indication as to how real the footage is.

The rest of the information on the clapperboard is illegible A real collision of with small aircraft over San Diego lends a slight bit of credibility to otherwise mostly bogus claims of authenticity. The portions of the movie dealing with real slaughterhouses, cryogenic freezing and rioting, again, are fairly graphic, but again they're done in a documentary type of way, and have more story to go with the gore, unlike some of this film's later ripoffs.

There is more of a story to go along with the gore and shocks here. Granted, it doesn't make much sense and is rarely believable, but that's part of the fun. Exploitive, nonsensical fun, which held my attention from start to finish, as I watched this on video as a teenager many times. This isn't for those with a weak stomach, but watch it in the same frame of mind you would watch "National Geographic" on safari in Africa or something like that and it can be fun for fans of gore, and unintentionally funny cinema.

Note to the producers: in one scene the narrator refers to 'the country of Africa' - Africa is a continent, not a country. Ah yes, Faces of Death, that infamous movie that boasts how it was banned in "46 Countries".

That one movie that kids of a young age at around the time it came out late 70's would whisper to each other about, how it was that movie "you weren't allowed to see. For starters, as reviewers before me have stated, yes, most, if not all, of the footage in this movie was faked some of it rather badly too.

However, on the other hand, one also has to keep in mind that way back in ,79,80, the news of it being faked was not known, so people were being treated too, what they thought, was a controversial, pull no punches look at death.

Login Register. Loading, please wait. Select movie quality. Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. Get Express VPN. Similar Movies. Synopsis A 'mockumentary' hosted by Dr. John Alan Schwartz. Adolf Hitler as Self.

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Ronald F. Carrey in electric chair.


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